07 广东高考英语语法填空专项 一) 广东高考英语语法填空专项(一
仔细阅读下面短文,短文中有 10 格空格,请按照语境及括号里的具体要求完成语法填空、 词形变化等,答案填写在答题卡上标号为
  1-10 的对应位置。
一、 Many rules govern drivers on American streets and highways. 1 common one is the speed limit. The speed limit controls 2 streets in the city, the speed limit is usually 3 highways between cities, the speed limit is 4 pieces of paper which people call traffic 5 money they must pay. 6 most fast a car may go. On
5 and 35 miles per hour. On the (usual) 55 miles per hour. When . They tell the drivers how much
people drive faster than the speed limit, a policeman can stop them. He gives them drivers receive too many of them, they probably 7 8 cars on the streets and traffic 10 they have to drive 5 10
not drive for a while. The rush hour is when people are going to work or going home from work. At the rush hour there are moves very slowly. 9 slowly. 1 6 二、 Although English is not as old as Chinese, it is spoken by many people around the world every day. English speakers are always s making new words and we should be able to know 1 most words come from. word comes form. (especial) Sometimes, however, no one may really know where 2 when they are not made 4 2 7 3 8 4 9 (Near) all American cities have rush hours. Drivers do
not break the rule for speeding during the rush hours
Did you ever think about why hamburgers are called hamburgers, 3
ham? About a hundred years ago, some men went to 5 they ate good food. Some Americans they seen such ad strange way.
America from Europe. They came from a big city in Germany called Hamburg. They did not speak good English, They couldn’t help 7 saw the eating round pieces of beef. Never 6
(ask) the Germans what it was. The Germans did not 8 his mind to do
understand the question and answered, “we came from Hamburg.” One of these Americans owned a restaurant, and had an idea. He Hamburg ate and sold it quite a few Whether this story is true or not, 9 something new. He cooked some round pieces of the beef like what the men from (country) around the world. (interest). it certainly is 10
1 6 三、
2 7
3 8
4 9
5 10
Though my father has passed 1
for several months. I still think he is alive old. I understood my father better.
at least in my heart. As a middle-aged man, I already have got a son of 19 2 It is because of having my own son to bring up 3 Things date back 4
the year of 1978, when I studied in Jingxi High School, 5
is 62 kilometers from my village. Of course we had no computers at that time, let alone the Internet. So we corresponded with each other by letter. He always 6 me into 7 (value) the time. As I always relied on him, I did everything in his (grant). Later I succeeded in going to him. 5 10 famous writer and got a lot of reward from the 3 8 4 9 own way and never took anything for 8 university and became 9 1 6 四、 Jim is a 1 man as 2 (talent) man who can do quite a lot of things. He is an honest as a kind man., but he is never at 3 mercy of anybody. In to control the tiger by day, he and I went to the zoo together. When 2 7
government. What I have gained today should owe 10
a way, it’s his shortcoming. The 4 attempting 6 he 8
he saw the tiger in the distance, he thought of a foolish 5 escaped from the jaws of 7 following him. I 9 in the afternoon 10 1 6 2 7
(ride) it! If the adults had not come in time, he wouldn’t have (die). Another time I went surfing with him. When next to him at the beginning, but he surfed so fast that I he returned to the shore. 3 8 4 9 5 10
loose, he surfed in the direction of the middle of the sea without anybody
couldn’t keep up with him. Gradually, we couldn’t see him at all. It was not until late
Keys: 一、
  9. Nobody
  10.because 二、
  4. of
  5. but
  6. had
  7. asking
  8. made up
  9. countries
  10. interesting 三、 away
  2. years
  3. that
  4. to
  5. which
  7. valuing
  8. granted
  9. a
  10. to
  1、 四、 talented
  2. well
  3. the
  4. other
  5. idea
  6. to ride
  7. death
  9. was
  10. that
07 广东高考英语语法填空专项 二) 广东高考英语语法填空专项(二
五、 As soon as I returned from the USA, I called 1 dialed several times, but I still could not get 2 3 or 4 when I was in need of her. She is a kind lady, 5 hard. 7 Lily, one of my neighbours. I
it. “Is it her telephone out of is thought highly of by others. wind was blowing
she changed the number?” I thought. “She used to help me greatly
Anyway , I must go to see her this time.” The next morning, 6
(Regard) of the bad weather, I went to the shop, buying some presents.
Then I took a taxi and drove to her home. I arrived ten minutes later. I knocked at the door. Out came an old lady. “Is Lily’s home here?” I asked her. “Oh, you are Tony!” The lady cried 8 9 amazement. “I myself am Lily!” “Is she Lily? She is much can one person change so much?” than Lily!” It’s my turn to be shocked this time. I starred at her for several
minutes. “My God! She is Lily, 10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 六、 An idea to cycle to Tibet occurred 1 practical in economical 2 another, it is bound 3 me one year ago. I know it’s quite fresh air on the way
. For one thing, I can’t have too much money. For
(do) me good because I can take 4
there. I called Tom, who had borrowed me a sum of money, telling him my idea. He was excited at my words and promised to 5 also offered to team 6 bodied 8 with me. 7 off his debt as soon as possible. He (Apparent), he also showed great interest in
this trip. Five months before our trip, we kept taking exercise and built up our strong we knew it would be impossible to realize or dream without being lack devote their lives to their dream! But the cost is too much. So healthy. I used to hear that some people making a trip there died from 9 oxygen?they 10 both of us insisted on running in the morning from time to time. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 七、 I went to the seaside to spend my holiday last summer holiday with my family. One day, I was swimming in the river 1 someone shouted, “Look out. There is a because I was well shark not far away!” on hearing the shout, I was scared to 2



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