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  1) .其中★高概率考点词▲为重点考点词●●其他考点词×为永赔词 汇
  1. AS a actor, he can perform, sing, dance and play several kinds of musical instruments. A. flexible 灵活的,柔韧的 n. flexibility (灵活性,柔韧性.考过2 次) ★B. versatile 形容人多才多艺的,形容工具用途广泛的 vers 代 表随时可以变换的 n. versatility DVD = Diaital Versatile Disc ★C. sophisticated 特定领域成就着著的学识渊博的女性事故的 老练的 naive 女性单纯的纯真的 naivety n. simple simplicity 单纯 ×D. productive 具有创造力的 produce answer:B
  2. There are not many teachers who are strong of traditional methods in English teaching. A. sponsors 赞助商 ×(阅读会考) B. contributors 捐款人捐助人投稿人 contribution 贡献 ★C. advocates V 鼓吹提倡 n.拥护者提倡者(希腊神话, 辩护士, 古罗马的辩护场滔滔不绝的人)
×D. performers 表演者 answer:C
  3. We managed to reach the top of the mountain, and half an hour later we began to . ★A. ascend ⒈上升,攀登⒉轻薄的东西升起(烟雾,声音) ★B. descend 下降下山 ★C. decline 衰退拒绝下降(数字及时间的下降) D. plunge plunge into 忽然坠落或移动 a 前缀表示上升 ad 前缀也代表上升 由 C.得 depression 经济萧条 DEPRESSION (大写专有名词) jerk 猝然移动(反映) jerk response 快速反映 jerk response 快速反映部队 ex-sport 极限运动 ex 代表 extreme plunge into in air 扑向空气 maximum 最大限度 M:代表至高无上得荣耀地位 constant:永久的,永恒的 minimum answer:B ★
  4. Competition, they believe, the national character rather than corrupt
A. enforces force 强迫监督实施强迫执行 B. confirms affirm 确实确定 C. intensifies 程度的增强压力的增大 intensive 强化的集中的深 入的 D. strengthens (strong strength n) v 增强实力信念 competition 竞争 n competitive adj rather than 句型前面的动词嘘后面动词的反义词,极端反意句 型 corrupt:消弱崩溃 collapse:解体 corruption:腐败 bribery:行贿受贿 airfoeces 空军 intensice reading 精读 intensive training course 强化课程 answer:C
  5. The accident him of his sight and the use of his legs. A. excluded include 包括 clude=shut (关门)包括包含(关在里 面) exclude 排除排斥拒绝 exclusive n exclusive interview 独家访 问 B. disabled disable: make sb. unable to do sth.从身心两方
面伤害某人 ★C. deprived deprive sb. of sth.剥夺抢夺 ×D. gripped 紧紧抓住 the disalbled 残疾人(只有六级用) the disadvantaged 弱势群体(美国表示残疾人) the advantaged 强势群体 accident 交通事故 incident 蓄谋事件 answer:C
  6. On weekends my grandma usually a glass of wi ne. ★A. subscribes to 同意支付款项★submit to (六级)提交上交 递交 describe 描述★ascribe to 归因于归咎于(无名词) B. engages in engage 订婚 engage in 忙于做某事参加某项 活动 C. hangs on 坚韧坚持(on 漂浮在空中) D. indulges in 沉溺于纵情于享受于 葡萄酒只能对酌不能独饮 变成名词时,后缀为 - scription ▲prescribe 开药方 ▲prescription 药方 answer:D

  7. The people living in these apartments have free to that swimming pool. ★A. access 中性词 have access to 自由进出的权利 accessio n to WTO accession to = have access to (进入某地的权利, 美国越长的词越有文化) ×B. excess 多余过剩 excessive adj exceed 超越 A match B. A 跟 B 一样的水平 A exceed. B. A 超越 B. ×C. excursion 短途旅行 D. recreations create 娱乐休闲(重新创造) entertainment 娱乐 amusement 娱乐 answer:A ★
  8. At the party we found that shy girl her m other all the time. A. depending on (depend on 不能用于进行时态) indepen dent 独立的不依赖的 ★B. coinciding with (coincide 两个以上物体面积轮廓相似, 事件同时发生意见一致巧合) ★C. adhering to adhere to 粘住;终于坚持;遵守法律法规(ad here to ,comply with ,conform to <符合需要及标准>) D. clinging to 抱紧掌握
answer:D P169 20
  00.06 66题 When you put up wallpaper, should you the e dges or put them next to each other? A. coincide (两边对齐,墙纸有重叠) B. extend (拉伸以后贴上去) C. overlap (over 盖住 lap 贴一张) D. collide (碰撞,2个物体相碰撞) answer:C
  9. When a psychologist does a general experiment ab out the human mind, he selects people and ask t hem questions. A. at length (at last finally (六级) 【完整地, 全部地(四级)】 B. at random = randomly 随意地,偶然地【第50题 deliber ately 存心地故意地】 C. in essence 本质上地,实质上地(essential 实质的本质的) ×D. in bulk 散装地 psychologist 心理学家 psycho - 有关心理地前缀 therapy - 疗法 psychotherapy - 精神疗法 obesity, anxiety, insomnia, hypotension 心理紧张(tension
紧张) answer:B
  10. I think she hurt my feelings rather than b y accidents as she claimed. A. virtually B. deliberately 存心地故意地 ▲C. literally 逐字逐句地毫不夸张地 liter = language literat ure 文学 illiteracy 文盲 exaggerate 夸张 ★D. appropriately 适当地适合地(approximately 大约地) rather than 句型 by accidents = at random answer:B 2010年6月大学英语六级考试高频词汇大辩析(
  1. Even though he was guilty, the judge did not send him to prison. A. merciful 使人摆脱惩罚和痛苦地使人获得心灵安慰的人道主 意的(mercy 仁慈 grace 恩典) ★B. impartial 不徇私情的公正的 part 部分 partial 片面的 impart 传授教授 C. conscientious 良心有责任心的认真的(con sci en tious) ×D. conspicuous 明显的显著的一人注目的不择手段让人出名 guilty 罪过罪孽
sin 罪恶 original sin 原罪 even though 转折 answer:A
  2. The education for the coming year is about $4 billion, which is much more than what people expected. ×A. allowance 皇帝给宠臣的零花钱, 政府颁发的津贴, 经费(享 受国务院津贴的教授)【subsidy 补助费】 ▲B. reservation 预定(酒店)(六级每次都是开会酒店满了……) C. budget 预算 D. finance 金融(banking 银行 security 保险 insurance 证券 foundation 基金) 教育预算 answer:C
  3. They had a fierce as to whether their company should restore the trade relationship which was broken years ago. A. debate 辩论【(正方,反方)对等力量】 B. clash 冲突(民族冲突,巴伊冲突)(和某人吵架把杯子【摔了】) crash 坠毁(飞机) ×C. disagreement 不一致分歧 D. contest 斗争竞争(斗牛士与牛之间,校际比赛,学院内部的
比赛) Cambridge and Oxford fierce 激烈的 severe 严重的严肃的 as to 为了 restore (store 存储) the relationship 恢复关系 recover 恢复(身体,力量恢复) answer:A
  4. They tossed your thoughts back and forth over an hour, but still could not make of them. A. impression 感染力 impressed 被某类事务所感染 B. comprehension (adj. comprehensive 广泛的统一的全面 的) C. meaning D. sense ×tossed 抛,扔 ▲bounce 弹跳反弹 bounce shot 篮球从地上反弹到空中的扣篮 rebound 篮板球 ▲make sense of 理解弄懂 could you make sense?你理解了么? make full sense of?充分理解 answer:D

  5. The politician says the will the welfare of the people.(短语题) A. prey on 掠夺折磨 B. take on 开始从事某件事情 C. get at = that means 意思是 D. see to = pay attention to ,look after 强者照顾弱者 farewell 再见 tata (音)最时髦的再见用语(西班牙语)(沉默羔羊
  2) toll 鸣响(教堂的钟声) arms 武器 the sun also rises 太阳照样升起 welfare 福利 pray 祈祷 prey 动物世界的弱者 predatior 强食者 over predatior 灭掉你响灭掉的人 pray ;prayer 祈祷者 answer:D ★
  6. If you the bottle and cigarettes, you'll be much healthier.(短语题) A. take off (take 取得拿到) B. keep off 远离不接近
C. get off 下车离开…… get on 上车登上…… D. set off 激起引起动身启程 根据句子逻辑意思判断 不同动词+同一介词看动作指向 同一动词+不同介词看介词指向 off 远离 (55 题 B. take on 穿衣服 take off 脱衣服脱下卸下 answer:B
  7. He was to steal the money when he saw it lying on the table. ×A. dragged (drag 拽拉拖) B. tempted 诱惑某人做坏事 ★C. elicited 引起激起 D. attracted 被善良美好的东西所吸引 ★ignite 点燃引起(阶级仇,民族恨) resist the temptation 拒绝诱惑 中性词 tempting 吸引人的有趣的 tempter 诱惑者 (褒义) attracting 有吸引力 (中性) lure 引诱 (贬义) induce 引诱某人做坏事
terrific stunning 极好的 fantastic (美好的)英国表示好 gorgeous 华丽的绚烂的(美) answer:B
  8. Being somewhat short-sighted, she had the habit of at people. A. glancing (glance 短暂的一瞥) B. peering (peer n 朋友同事同志) C. gazing gaze at 带感情色彩的凝视 D. scaning 浏览扫描搜索 at first glance 一见钟情 instant love、quick love、glance love 一见钟情的爱 immediate love (美)一见钟情的爱 peer at = look carefully with difficult private =男性大兵 GI = Government Issue 女大兵 ▲landmine 地雷 ▲undermine 损坏 whether it be landmines or abyss 无论是地雷还是万丈深渊 narcissus 自恋 answer:C

  9. Of the thousand of known volcanoes in the world, the majority are inactive. A. tremendous 巨大的高速的(▲enormous) ×B. demanding 耗费时间精力的需要引起注意的麻烦的(四级 考,六级不考) C. intensive 深入的仔细的(intesity 地震的强度浓烈程度) D. overwhelming 占绝对优势的压倒多数的 ★ volcanoe 火山 macaco monkey 猕猴 kiwi 猕猴桃(鸡尾果) ★majority 多数多数派 minor 少数 minority 少数民族少数派 ●●in terms of ●●reservation wax 蜡 waxy 光亮的(头发光光的) spiky style (头发一根根分离向上) spike 钉子 intensive reading 精读 answer:D
  10. In general, matter which lie entirely within state
borders are the concern of state goverments. ★A. extinct (n ▲extinction 动物的种群灭绝, 必然出现选项为 ⑴species 种群⑵panda 熊猫六级用 giant【巨人】panda) B. excluding ×C. excessive 极端的超越的 D. exclusive 独有的独家的专享的 主语:matter 定语从句:which lie entirely within state borders 谓语 are (需要填独有的独家的) ex ⑴代表 out ⑵超越超过 exceed 超过 succeed 成功 give me spicy post modern 后现代 post industry 后工业社会 answer:D
  1. The peotry of Ezra Pound is sometimes difficult to understand because it contains so many references. A. obscure (重音第二个) B. acute (cute 聪明伶俐 boney 多骨的 bony 美丽的可爱的)
C. notable 重要的显著的(★odour 气味) D. objective 客观的真实的 peotry 诗 references :参考书典故推荐信 reference letter (推荐信)= recommendation letter (推荐信) ★absurd 荒谬的可笑的(男人爱女人爱不死) ★obscure 晦涩的(才华横溢的人饿不死) ★ambiguous 模棱两可的晦涩难懂的(我辈中人,吃安毕圭) instant dictionary 快速字典(文曲星) answer:A
  2. The major was asked to his speech in order to allow his audience to raise questions. ×A. constrain (只要在选项中就不选) ×B. conduct 指挥(过于简单的词) ★C. condense 浓缩使简介(density 密度) ★D. converge 豫东物体的集聚和汇合思想和思潮的荟萃(verge 线条【罗马时】) con:前缀代表 together 自己判断太简单的单词一定不会考 answer:C ★
  3. The morning news says a school bus with a train at the junction and a group of policemen were sent there
immediately. A. bumped 【bumped against/on 运动物体撞静止物体 (bump car)】 ★B. collided 【collide with 两个运动的物体相撞两国冲突】 C. crashed 飞机失事砸碎打碎崩溃【关于崩溃的词:crumple、 collapse (倒塌)】 D. struck【strick 打击、stikingly 令人惊讶地】 boost you up a bundle of pundits 一捆牛人 fist 拳头 two-fisted sportsman 全能运动员【two-fisted 左右开弓】 bite 咬着 morphine 麻醉剂 hypnosis 催眠 bite the bullets 咬住子弹(忍受无端痛



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   必修1 必修 Unit TWO English around the world 阳新县英才高中:程凌云 1.不止一种 more than one kind 不止一种 2.在某些方面 in some ways 在某些方面 3.与……不同 be different from 与 不同 4.即使 even if /though 即使 5.靠近 接近 come up 靠近/接近 靠近 6.与其说 倒不如说 与其说……倒不如说 与其说 倒不如说…… more……than…… 7.以……为根据 基础 ...


   九年级下英语复习 Unit5 Topic 1 学习目标: 词汇要点: 吸引 (去)取(物)来 介绍 极好的 传说 岛屿 各种各样的 敌人 平的 屋顶 在……下面 结冰 厚的 暖和的 阳光 小 麦 平原 执照 长颈鹿 脖子 短语要点: 名胜古迹 数以百万计的 遍及全世界 例如 许多 详细地 位于 曾经去过某地 在……的东南 值得做某事 水平面 听说 实现 据说 国内外 三面环山 旅游胜地 沉浸于 如此……以致于 不仅……而且 与……相连 因……而著名 视……为 被认为是 由……制成 被……覆盖 ...


   爱考机构北京地区考研专业课辅导班 考研政治 英语 数学保过班 考研政治英语数学一对一 VIP 辅导 报 名电话 010-51283340 考研英语强化翻译 翻译电子讲义 2011 考研英语强化翻译电子讲义 主讲: 主讲:唐 静 欢迎使用新东方在线电子教材 教材说明: 教材说明: 本电子教材讲义为唐静老师主讲的考研强化翻译课程讲义 word 文档下面 1 至 38 页的 讲义为唐静老师主讲的考研强化翻译课程讲义, 本电子教材讲义为唐静老师主讲的考研强化翻译课程讲义, 页码跟教材一致 学员只需根 ...