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2011年全国大学生英语竞赛 级冲刺模拟试题一及详解 年全国大学生英语竞赛D级冲刺模拟试题一及详解 年全国大学生英语竞赛 Part I Listening Comprehension (25 minutes, 30 marks) (略) Part II Vocabulary and Structure (10 minutes, 15 marks) There are 15 incomplete sentences in this part. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the centre.
  31. This is , she wrote her name on the first page. A. a Sherry’s book B. a book of Sherry C. a book of Sherry’s D. Sherry’s a book
  32. One of the serious of meteorology is that natural weather patterns cannot be in the laboratory for investigation. A. successes ... achieved B. weaknesses ... recreated C. advantages ... analyzed D. premises ... acknowledged
  33. He constantly his proposal that of the budget surplus be used to offer a voluntary prescription drug benefit to seniors. A. views; many B. reiterates; a part C. complains; a great amount D. thinks; lots
  34. I object as he is still too young. A. my son to smoke B. my son smoking C. to my son to smoke D. to my son’s smoking
  35. At that time we thought the story not be true. A. could B. was able C. is able D. must
  36. Not only difficult to light, but it smelled of oil. A. was it B. it made C. did it made D. it was
  37. us everything right now,we could try to solve his problem. A. Would he tell B. If he tells C. Were he to tell D. If he had told
  38. The age of the students in this class from eighteen to twenty.? A. changes B. alters C. ranges D. limits
  39. Hospital doctors don’t go out very soon as their work all their time. A. takes away B. takes in C. takes over D. takes up
  40. Americans eat as they actually need every day. A. twice as much protein B. twice protein as much twice C. twice protein as much D. protein as twice much
  41. Attendance at basketball matches have since the coming of television. A. dropped in B. dropped down C. dropped off D. dropped out
  42. While we were in London that year, the London Bridge . A. is being repaired B. was being repaired C. has been repaired D. had been repaired us an answer.
  43. Because of the unexpected changes, they postponed 中华英语学习网 www.100yingyu.com 1 / 10 官方总站: 官方总站:圣才学习网 www.100xuexi.com
官方总站: 圣才学习网 www.100xuexi.com 中华英语学习网 www.100yingyu.com 官方总站: A. giving B. have given C. to give D. to have given
  44. Man: I suggest that you don’t eat such junk food too often. Don’t you know that French fries contain 450 calories? Woman: Really! I know that an adult woman like me needs only 1,600 calories per day. Man: French fries contains a lot of fat too, about 22 grams of fat for one portion. Woman: ___ A. That’s really too much. B. I meant it. C. Are you out of your mind? D. I don’t trust you.
  45. A: Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to the subway station? B: I’m sorry.___ A: Thank you anyway. A. I don’t know when the train will leave. B. I’m afraid you’ve got lost. C. Take the subway at the nearest station. D. I’m also a stranger around here.
Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension (20 minutes, 35 marks) Section A (5 marks) There is one passage in this section with five questions. For each of them, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice. Then mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the center. Questions 46-50 are based on the following passage. Education promotion a tough task The task of educating a huge population can be challenging to any country. Though China has shown great concern and done much in education and eliminating illiteracy, the country still has 153 million illiterate and semi-literate citizens, according to the Ministry of Education. Raising the nation’s education level, according to many, depends on greater educational achievement in China’s vast western region, which has a high level of illiteracy. According to data from the 1998 sample survey on population changes from the National Bureau of Statistics, illiteracy nationwide among those 6 and older was 14 per cent. In the west, however, it is much higher. In Tibet, it is 49 per cent; in Qinghai, 40 per cent. In Guizhou, Gansu, Ningxia and Yunnan, it is more than 20 percent. In the past decade, China moved to combat illiteracy and promote nine years of compulsory schooling, especially in poor areas and areas inhabited by minorities. It is still a difficult task in regions where educational opportunities are limited. A national report submitted by the Education Ministry’s Development and Planning Department at the end of last year sets a target that, by 2010, nine-year compulsory schooling will be universal and 95 per cent of the illiteracy among young and middle-age adults will be eliminated.
  46. In order to raise the nation’s education level, many people think the Chinese government should . A. slow down its birth rate B. reinforce its educational system C. show greater concern for its western region D. set a target to eliminate 95 per cent of the illiteracy
  47. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? . A. The education level in west China is much lower than the country’s average level. 中华英语学习网 www.100yingyu.com 2 / 10 官方总站: 官方总站:圣才学习网 www.100xuexi.com
官方总站: 圣才学习网 www.100xuexi.com 中华英语学习网 www.100yingyu.com 官方总站: B. China tried to fight illiteracy in the past decade, but with little success. C. The illiteracy rate for China’s whole population is 14 per cent. D. It is very difficult for any populous country to educate its people.
  48. In , the illiteracy rate among those 6 and older was 35 per cent higher than China’s average level. A. Tibet B. Qinghai C. Guizhou D. Ningxia
  49. In the western region of China, which province’s population with college and higher level education is higher than 5 per cent? A. Chongqing. B. Guizhou. C. Ningxia. D. Xinjiang.
  50. In order to get the target of eliminating 95 percent of the illiteracy among young people, the Chinese government should. A. effectively carry out the nine-year compulsory schooling project B. decrease the birth rate by 2010 C. better the living conditions of the minorities in the western region D. encourage the young to go to college to receive higher education Section B (10 marks) In this section, there is one passage followed by five questions. Read the passage carefully, and then answer the questions in a maximum of 10 words. Remember to write the answers on the answer sheet. Questions 51-55 are based on the following passage. This Wednesday, Gordon Brown will replace Tony Blair as the new head of Britain’s Labor Party. This long-serving chancellor is a man of substance. However, even after more than a decade of scrutiny, his name remains a mystery and is not fully understood. Brown was born in Glasgow, Scotland in February 1951 and entered university at
  16. After graduating with a history degree from Edinburgh University, he went on to earn a PhD. Brown’s destiny, though, was politics. He joined Blair in entering the parliament in 19
  83. They even shared offices, where they became friends?with a slight bit of competitiveness. When the Labor leader John Smith died unexpectedly in May 1994, many believed Brown was the most likely to succeed him. But Blair emerged from the sidelines. But, Brown has many achievements, including giving independence to the Bank of England. His commitments to child poverty and helping Africa have impressed many. In 2000, Brown wed public relations executive Sara Macaulay after a four-year courtship. Many people close to him say his wife has softened him. In January 2002, their 10-day-old daughter died after birth. At her funeral Brown declared that Jennifer had transformed his and Sarah’s lives twice. “Once by entering our lives, then by leaving.” He later told an interviewer that he could not listen to music for a year afterwards because his sorrow. The couple’s second son, James Fraser, was born in 2006 and diagnosed with muscular and respiratory problems. But Brown has said he is optimistic about his son’s future. On the BBC Radio 4 Today program, Brown described himself as a “family man who has two young children”, who had changed as a result of his family experiences. But the straightforward personal details on his treasury website biography give the impression of a man totally committed to politics. This week, Blair gave Brown his long-sought public approval as the successor. “He’s got what it takes,” Blair said, “He’s an extraordinary talent...perhaps the most successful chancellor in our history.” But Blair’s conviction somehow sounded less than full, as if all those years of competition had drained something from their relationship. With Blair so unpopular over Iraq, Brown may benefit from the distance between them. However, opposition parties have already begun hammering the “Blair-Brown government” in recent months. Brown is sometimes described as a silent prince caught up in the longest gloomy period in history. But Brown has said he believes people have tired of “personality politics”.
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  51. What degree did Brown finally get from university?
  52. How did Blair become the leader of Labor Party?
  53. What is the contrast of Brown’s image between his family life and political life?
  54. What was Brown’s position in the government before he became the Prime Minister?
  55. In what political issue is Brown different from Blair? Section C (10 marks) Read the passage carefully to find the answers for Questions 56 to
  60. Complete each question in no more than five words. Remember to write the answers on the answer sheet. In the United States also there were great changes, though the causes here were due only in part to the war; they sprang mainly from technical progress, and the development of mass-production, in which the United States henceforth was to lead the world. The cheap automobile, pioneered by Henry Ford, is a good example. In 1915 the United States contained
  2.5 million cars; in 1920, 9 million. Only the new mass-production techniques made it possible to build all these cars and only the growing practice of “easy-payments” made it possible to sell them. By 1925 three out of four cars, new and old, were sold in this way. About the same proportion was covered against the weather; ten years earlier, forty-nine cars out of fifty were open ones. The last fact is important. The car had not only become cheap; it had become a comfortable room on wheels not just a means of transport. First in the United States, then in Britain and other countries, the car began to revolutionize everyday life. People no longer had to live near their work or close to a railway station. So began, in earnest, the problem which is still with us. The town centers, once full of life and sociability, began to wither; evening found them dead and deserted, nothing but bright shop windows and locked doors. The car brought many far-reaching consequences and it was blamed, rightly or wrongly, for the decline in churchgoing and the increase in immorality. More recently, it meant the virtual end of horse drawn transport and a growing threat to the supremacy of the railroad.
  56. The great changes in the U.S. is mainly caused by . .
  57. In the United States, 20 million cars could be sold in 1925 because of
  58. “the last fact” in the second paragraph refers to the fact that most cars by 1925 .
  59. The main idea of this passage is the brought about by the car in the U.S. whether the car should be responsible for the decline in churchgoing and
  60. According to the writer, it is the increase in immorality. Section D (10 marks) In this section, there is one passage followed by a summary. For questions 61 to 65, please read the passage carefully and complete each space in the summery, using a maximum of three words from the passage. Remember to write the answers on the answer sheet. Before getting into the car, make sure that nothing is in its path. Clear the windows, if necessary. Enter your car from the curb side. If you must enter the car from the street side, approach the door from the front of the car. From this position, you can see and avoid approaching traffic. When it is safe to do so, open the door and get into the car. Once inside the car you can put the key in the ignition while you make the remaining pre-driving checks. Clear all objects from the front and rear window ledges. These items can block your view and also become hazards if they slide off during a sudden stop. Seat yourself comfortably with your back against the seat and your arms and legs slightly bent. Rest your left foot on the floor beside the brake pedal and the ball of your foot on the gas pedal. Grasp the steering wheel with both hands. To position your hands properly, think of the steering w



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