2011 年中考英语作文预测

  1.How to learn English well?如何学好英语? English is one of the most important languages in the world. It’s necessary to learn it well .How do you study? Everyone learns English in different ways. The best way to improve your English is to improve your English skills. They are listening , speaking , reading and writing. We should practice them every day. It’s very good for you if you are interested in English . You will find studying English is interesting and helpful. One more thing, remember“Practice makes perfect”!
  2、怎样保持健康的身体(How to Keep Healthy) As we know, keeping healthy is important to us. But what should we do to keep healthy? First,we should get up early. we should eat healthy food, drink a lot of water and do more exercise . Food can give us energy. Doing exercise can make us strong. Second,we should change clothes often, wash hands often, keep the air fresh and clean and do house cleaning often to stop germs from getting into our bodies. You shouldn’t keep long fingernails. At last, we should go to see a doctor at once if we don’t feel well.
  3、回忆初中生活(Four years' school life) I've been in my middle school for four years. Four years' school life plays an important role in my life. I enjoy making friends, getting knowledge and having interesting time in my school. I have also made friendship with lots of classmates, and I have also been taught different lessons by lots of different patient teachers. I have grown up a lot in the past four years. I will never forget my four years' school life.
  4、校园生活,学习(My School Life) My school life is very interesting. I usually get up at a quarter past six. After washing face, I read English about half an hour. I think it’s a good habit. I always go to school by bike,eat lunch at school and have a short sleep in the classroom. The classes always end at about 5 o’clock. After school, we often play basketball or do some sports on the playground happily.I go home at about five forty. After supper, I watch TV for a while, Then I finish my homework . I go to bed at about 9:
  5、梦想(Dreams) Everyone has his dream. As a middle school student, I also have my dream. I wish to be an astronaut like Yang Liwei when I grow up. Now I am working hard at my lessons, and have sports every day to keep healthy. I often take classes about space and try to learn things about space on the Internet. I am sure my dream will come true.
  6、写人 我们的班长(Our Monitor) Li Min is our monitor. She is tall, healthy and lively. She does well in all subjects. She is fond of sports and is good at singing and dancing.
Li Min works hard at English. When she came to the school, she had quite a lot of difficulties with the language. But she was not afraid of them and always tried hard to overcome them. She was active in class and did a lot of practice after class. No pains, no gains.With great efforts she made much progress in English study. Li Min is modest and always ready to help others. She is very strict with herself in her work and daily life. She sets us all a fine example.
  7、我的故乡(MY hometown) My hometown is XXX. We have settled down here since my grandfather was a child. In other words, my family has lived here for more than one hundred years. It is a small village. there are about one thousand inhabitants. Most of them are farmers. The mode of their living is very simple. However, they have already possessed television sets and refrigerators. They made up their minds to live a modern life.
  8、同学们即将初中毕业,迎接大家的将会是一段美好的假期。有的同学可能会在家里好好 的休息一下,有的同学可能要走亲访友,每个人都有不同的计划。而此时正值上海世博会召 开之时,所以有的同学要去世博会大开眼界。假设你也有此想法,请谈谈你对去上海世博会 的计划和要做的事情。词数在 80 左右。 提示词:The World Expo(世博会), exhibition, Expo City(世博城), look forward to, make friends. We are going to graduate from the junior school. So we are facing a wonderful holiday. Different people have different plans,Some just want to stay at home to relax themselves. Some plan to visit their relatives. But I am going to go to Shanghai for The World Expo,because a number of people will be visiting Shanghai at that time. I will go to see The Exhibitions that will be held every part of Shanghai, Expo City, as soon as I arrive. As a student, I will be glad to welcome people, especially children from all over the world to our country and wish to have a chance to talk with them and make friends with them. I’m very looking forward to that.
  9、地球是我们的家园。目前,人类的活动严重破坏了地球上的生态平衡。为了保护地球, 我们已经做出很大努力。在此我们要对此话题进行分析和学习。 The earth is our only home, but what we have done makes it worse and worse. We cut down so many trees that a lot of farmland has changed into sand. The more we get from the earth, the more trouble we will face in the future. If animals and plants are gone, it will be time for man to come to his end. It is everyone’s duty to protect our home. We must do everything we can do to make the earth a better place to live in. We are sure the earth will become more and more beautiful.
  10、介绍你的兴趣爱好 My Hobby I am a 15-year-old student in junior Grade
  3. Though I am occupied with my study(被…占满了时间,…很忙), I would like to spend time on my hobbies, such as playing the piano, surfing the Internet.
One of my favourite hobby is reading. Reading has been in my life for many years, since I began to learn characters. It can not only kill the time(打发时间), but also, more importantly, help improve my comprehension ability. When reading, I can learn a lot. Reading Shakespear’s works, I know how Hamlet looks like. Reading Socrates, I can see how great ancient Greek philosophers are. Reading Lu Xu, I come back to the old time of China. Reading really affect my life.
  11、关于中学生使用手机 赞成意见:
  4.只要正确使用好手机,紧跟时间并无过错,追求时尚可以理解,但学习是首要任务。 反对意见:
  1.学校已提供了公共电话, 因此手机并不能带来更多的方便, 而且花费较多。
  3.学生玩手机游戏或接发短信,将无法集中精力学习。 Dear Editor, Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school students. In my opinion, we can bring mobile phones to school. As we know, the 21st century is a modern age and full of information. A mobile phone is one of the quickest tools for us to exchange information. The mobile phone is a fashionable and useful invention, so we ought to(应该) make the best use of it. Suppose(试设想) there’s a sudden accident, it is more convenient for us to dial for help immediately. There’re also some games in the mobile phone. We can relax ourselves by playing them when we’re tired of our studies. In my opinion, it’s not wrong to follow the fashion, but the most important thing is how to use the mobile phone in a right way.
  12、为了保护地球有限的资源,我们应该采取什么措施呢?请根据下面提示写一篇约 80 词 的短文, Although the world develops much faster and better, the resources on the earth get fewer and fewer. In order to protect them, something must be done. Save water. Water is the source of life.(水是生命之源) No water, no life.(没有水,就没 有生命) So it’s very important for us to do so. Not only should we(我们不仅应该…)protect drinking-water(饮用水) and stop polluting it, but also make full use of(充分利用) it.
附:经典的十大连词,以及他们的替换用法。 经典的十大连词,以及他们的替换用法。
一、并列关系 in addition / and // besides / furthermore / also / too / not only ……but / 二、顺序、出现的时候表示列举 first / second / next / then /finally 三、结果 as a result / thus / so / therefore 四、转折 however / on the other hand / in spite of /though / although / but // instead 五、确定 obviously / certainly / plainly / of course 六、条件/ 因为 if / unless / so that / whether / depending on 七、时间 before / since / as / until / meanwhile / at the moment / when 八、总结 In conclusion/ in summary / lastly / finally / in short / in a word 九、举例 for example / just as / such as / namely 十、原因 since / as/ so / because of / the reason why / in other words /
2011 年中考英语满分作文七大类必背句型

  1. 重点句型
  1). It is said that + 句子 据说…
  3). It goes without saying that + 句子 不言而喻,毫无疑问
  4). There is no need to do sth 没必要做…
  6. as is known to all, +句子 众所周知
  7). It’s adj for sb to do 做…对某人来说…
  8). … so … that … 如此… 以至于… … too … to do 太… 而不能… such … that … 如此… 以至于…
  9). not…until… 直到…才… 例: I didn’t go to bed until my mother came back。
  10).The reason why + 句子 is that + 句子 … 的原因是… The reason why he got angry was that she told him a lie.
  11). That is why + 句子 那是…的原因
  12). That is because + 句子 那是因为… as we all know, +句子 据我们所知 it is generally/ publicly known / considered that…, 众所周知
  2. 提建议 2011 年中考英语满分作文七大类必背句型 I suggest / advice that you should do 我建议你做… If I were you, I would do… 我要是你的话,我会做… It’s best to do 最好做… had better (not) do 最好(不)做
how about / what about doing …怎么样? I think you should do 我认为你应该… Why not do / why don’t you do…? 为什么不…
  3. 。努力做 努力做… try to do 努力做… try one’s best to do = do one’s best to do 竭尽全力做… make efforts to do = make every effort to do 尽力做… do what sb can (do ) to do 尽力做…
  4. 表示喜欢和感兴趣 like / love doing enjoy doing be fond of doing 喜欢做… be keen on n/doing 喜欢做… prefer to do A rather than do B 宁愿做 A 也不愿做 B be interested in doing = show/ take great interest in n / doing
  5. 表示想 希望 表示想/希望 want to do = would like to do 想做… hope to do 希望做… expect to do 期待着做… wish to do 希望做… consider doing 考虑做…
  6. 打算做 / 计划做 打算做… 计划做… intend / plan to do 打算做… be going to do 打算做… decide to do 决定做… make up one’s mind to do 下定决心做…
  7. 只加 doing 作宾语的动词 2011 年中考英语满分作文七大类必背句型 finish / practice / suggest / consider / mind / enjoy + doing sth 固定句型 look forward to doing 盼望做… keep on doing 坚持做… dream of doing 梦想做… can’t help doing 情不自禁地做… keep / stop / prevent sb. from doing 阻止某人做… be busy (in ) doing be busy with + 名词 忙于做… spend time / money (in )doing spend time / money on + 名词 花费时间做… have fun / have a good time / enjoy oneself doing 玩得开心 have trouble / have problem / have difficulty (in) doing 或 with + 名词 做…有困难



   2011 年高考英语作文题目预测之一:环境保护 假如你是李华,现任你们学校的学生会主席。你将代表学生会起草一份倡议书,号召全 校同学行动起来,为环保运动做出自己的努力。同时下周六学校将组织同学 在全市进行环保宣 传活动,征召志愿者到校学生会报名。 注意:(1)短文应该包括以上所提供的主要信息,可适当发挥;(2)词数:120 左右; (3)倡议书格式以提供,不计入总词数;(4)参考词汇:征召(新人) recruit。 15 May, 2010 Dear brothers and sisters ...


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