Unit1 Dream Homes
Comic strip Welcome to the unit
Free talk:
? Did you have fun during the winter holiday?
? How did you spend your holiday? ? Where did you go ? ? Did you go to some places of interest(名胜)? 名胜) Do you know any countries?
Beijing the capital of China
Countries and capitals Mount Fuji Japan
What’s the capital of …? Tokyo
The Statue of Liberty The USA New York
What’s the capital of …? Washington D.C.
The Eiffel Tower (埃菲尔铁塔 埃菲尔铁塔) 埃菲尔铁塔 France What’s the capital of …? Paris
Phra Pathom Chedi(佛统佛塔 佛统佛塔) 佛统佛塔
What’s the capital of …? Bangkok
Big Ben The UK/England/Britain The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland London
Saint Basil’s Cathedral
(圣巴索大教堂 圣巴索大教堂) 圣巴索大教堂
What’s the capital of …? Moscow

  1.The capital of the USA is . Washington DC
  2.The capital of the UK is . London
  3.The capital of France is . Paris
  4.The capital of Japan is . Tokyo
  5.The capital of Russia is .

  6.The capital of Thailand is . Bangkok
  7.The capital of Italy is . Rome
  8.The capital of Australia is . Canberra
Revision: Useful words
? ? ? ? ? ? America Britain France Japan Russia Thailand
capital Washington DC London Paris Tokyo Moscow Bangkok
American British French Japanese Russian Thai
Speak Up
? Make a dialogue: Which city would you like to live in?/Where would you like to live? I’d like to live in Qingdao, … … because I like to live near the sea and have the seafood. Which is your favorite city? I like Hangzhou best, because … … it’s very beautiful.

  1. The most famous clock in the world is Big Ben called . It is in London/ England/Britain . Russia
  2. Saint Basil’s Cathedral is in . Thailand
  3. The traveling business in is very developed. Many visitors come to see Phra Pathom Chedi every year. New York
  4. The city of was famous for the World Trade Center which was destroyed in 20
  5. Look at this lovely koala ,it only lives in Australia .

  6. Have you ever been to Paris, the
France capital of ?

  7. Many women are good Japanese at the art of making tea.
  9. Washington DC is the capital of . America
  10. The first three largest countries
Canada China are , , and . Russia
Listen &Answer

  1. Where would Eddie like to live? He would like to live next to a restaurant.
  2. Which restaurant does he like best? He likes the biggest one best.
  3. Why would Eddie like to live there? Because he likes eating very much.
Talk about Eddie’s Eddie’ dream home
to live ? Eddie would like restaurant next to a . He the biggest thinks one the is best. He likes it likes eating because he .

  1.The capital of the USA is . Washington DC
  2.The capital of the UK is . London
  3.The capital of France is . Paris
  4.The capital of Japan is . Tokyo
  5.The capital of Russia is .

  6.The capital of Thailand is . Bangkok
  7.The capital of Italy is . Rome
  8.The capital of Australia is . Canberra
dream adj. dream homes / jobs
n. have a dream v. dream of/about sth/doing sth
  1. 昨天晚上我做了个梦 昨天晚上我做了个梦. I had a dream last night.
  2. 这就是她梦想中的地方 这就是她梦想中的地方. This is her dream place.
  3. 他经常梦到他的校园生活 他经常梦到他的校园生活. He often dreams of/about his school life.
  4. Eddie 梦想成为超人 梦想成为超人. Eddie dreams of/about being a superman.

  1. palace n. 宫殿 place the Summer Palace 颐和园 the Palace Museum 故宫 a place of interest 名胜古迹
something 用委婉的语气提
  2. would like 出建议或发出邀 to do … 他想住在哪个首都? 他想住在哪个首都? 请.
Which capital would he like 肯定回答: Sure/Yes, I’d love to. to live in ? 再来些茶怎么样? 否定回答: I’d love to, but… Would you like some Thank you, but I’m afraid …. more tea?
The shopping mall is next to my school. He sat next to me just now.
next to =beside 在 …旁边/隔壁 旁边/ 旁边 购物中心在我学校隔壁 他刚才坐在我旁边

  1. There is/are… doing is/are…
There is a dog lying on the floor lazily.

  3. one, it具有指代作用 指代上文所提到的名词 具有指代作用: 具有指代作用

  2. Which is your favourite?
one 同一类事物 it同一个事物 同一类事物; 同一个事物. 同一个事物
复数用ones/ they. 复数用
Which do you like best?
The biggest matches my suit very well. I don’t think this tieone.
Would you please show me another one ?
big bigger bigg biggest bigg
very, quite, too, so + 原级 两者比较, 两者比较 than, 用much修饰 修饰 (fat, hot, thin, red, sad )
三者或三者以上, 三者或三者以上, the + 最高级 + in/of Bill 是我们班最高的学生. 是我们班最高的学生. Bill is the tallest in our class. 在我们之中, 是最胖的. 在我们之中,Peter是最胖的 是最胖的 Peter is the fattest of us.

  1. bedside table
  2. lamp
  3. coffee table

  4. sofa
  5. cupboard
  6. armchair
Find the mistakes:
  1.kitchen: cupboard bookcase fridge
  2.Sitting room: sofa shower armchair
  3.Bedroom: bed lamp sink
  4.Bathroom: computer toilet bath
1037 nd India Brazil Philippines Germany Spain Canada Greece Egypt Japan Russia Korea
Berlin New Delhi Seoul Amsterdam Ottawa Tokyo Moscow Brasilia Madrid Athens Manila Cairo
Places of interest in Beijing
large China is a country in the east of the world. It’s an country with a long old history. It has billion
  1.3 Beijing people now. is the capital of China.
There’re many places of interest in the Great Wall China, like , the Summer Palace and so on. Many people from different visit countries come to China every year.
Chinese traditional food is very delicious and Chinese people are very friendly . Now, our country is more and more beautiful becoming . I love it.
The White House
Bukingham House Triumphal Arch
Toronto Broadcasting Tower
the Palace Museum
Canberra Sydney Australia Manila Bay Philippines
? 1Fill in the blanks with the words. ? 1 There are many r in Beijing. You can have a nice meal there. ? 2 Jay Chou is my f because of his songs. ? 3 The c of Russia is Moscow. ? 4 This apple is the smallest while that one is the b.
How much do you know about Eddie? ? Eddie likes very much. So he prefers living a restaurant to(介词)living in . You see, there are many in Beijing. ? Can you guess one is Eddie’s ? Yes, you are right. He likes one! ? How do you think about Eddie? He likes eating better than any other things. He is a dog,of course!Hobo believes that Eddie would not like to go to and climb the Great Wall because it’s a job for him.


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