ine that such a famous electrical shop like yours provides such kind of bad camera. ⑥Now I just want to return the camera, and your manager must make an apology to me. Yours sincerely, Li Ming
辞职信 (quit one’s job) )
自我介绍,提出辞呈 理由 表达感谢,提供一个工作机会 表示歉意
辞职信 (quit one’s job)的基本表达 )
Para 1: Self-introduction and Resignation I am and I am writing this letter to quit my position.
辞职信 (quit one’s job)的基本表达 )
Para 2: Reasons
Para 3: Apology【因辞职会给对方带来不便】 I regret to make this decision which, I hope, will not cause much inconvenience to your work. I regret that I may have caused any inconvenience to your work due to my resignation now
Para 4: Thanks【感谢对方给予的机会】 I am grateful for the opportunity I could be working with all of you. I‘m grateful for the opportunity you have offered me of being able to work here.
求职信(application) 求职信( )

  1.先简单说明消息来源,包含于工作有关的 恰当信息,并提出申请
求职信( 求职信(application)的基本表达 )
Para 1: Intention (陈述意图)
  1.I have read your advertisement in…(刊物、地点 名称)of(时间) ,and should be grateful if you consider me as a candidate for the position.
  2.I am responding to your advertisement in China Daily on January 10th, 2003, which invites applications for interpreters. Enclosed with this letter is my resume which details my background.
求职信( 求职信(application)的基本表达 )
Para 2:做过哪些事情【跟我有关】 I shall be pleased to furnish you with any further information concerning my education and work experience.
求职信( 求职信(application)的基本表达 )
Para 3:现在打算做哪些事情【跟你有关】
求职信( 求职信(application)的基本表达 )
Para 4: Thanks 【参考Inquiry】 I should be very happy if you would arrange an interview with me. I shall be much obliged if you will afford me an opportunity for an interview, and I appreciate a response from at your earliest convenience.
You have got your MA degree and apply for the job advertised in the local newspaper. Write a letter to the director of the personnel department including: (
  1) a brief introduction of yourself and educational qualification; (
  2) the reasons why you want to get this job; (
  3) an enquiry into what is required to take up this position. You should write about 100 words. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “Li Ming” instead. You don’t need to write the address.
Dear Sir or Madam, ①I am responding to your advertisement in the December 10 issued in China Daily inviting applications for the post of sales manager. ②This July,I have got my MA degree from Beijing University with excellent performance in both my academic and my after school work as the Chairman of the Students’ Union. ③I am fluent in not only English but French,and skilled in computer operation. ④Last year,I was working as an international manager for the sales department of the Beijing office of GE (China) as part of my fieldwork required by the degree. ⑤I started to develop my skills in the real situation. ⑥Also I saw a great improvement in my skills in coordinating, leading and keeping calm in times of urgency. ⑦The experience reinforced my understanding of the importance and magic of nurturing an esprit de corps in the department. ⑧It would be appreciated if you could tell me what else is required to take up this position. ⑨Thank you for your consideration! Sincerely yours, Li Ming
致谢信模版 (thanks) )
向对方表示诚挚的谢意。 简要说明感谢的原因。 再次表明感谢之情 I am thankful to you for your unselfish assistance during… My appreciation to you for your generous help is beyond my words. I wish I could repay someday.
摘 要
汉语1500字 Different Invisible
English 100 words
汉语的谓语 没有人称、时态、和数的变 化 少用被动句 常常是动词作谓语 名词、数量词、形容词等可 以作谓语 英语的谓语 有人称、时态、和数的变化 多用被动句 只有动词作谓语 无
选择谓语要注意时态、人称和 数的变化 过去的五十年并不是发明创新的黄金时期。
The past fifty years was not really a golden age for inventions and creations. 说明:在这个例子中,原文虽然有明显的 时间词提示我们,所选择的谓语需要用过 去时态,但是,大多数人忽略了谓语动词 需要用单数的问题,所以必须加以注意。
实行改革开放以来改变了过去封闭半封闭 状态,提高了我国经济水平。 Since China started to implement the policy of opening up to the outside, its total or semi-closure has been changed and the level of its economy and technology has been raised. 说明:在这个例子中,有“以来”这个汉 语词提示我们,在译文中要用跟过去相关 的时态。同时汉语原文的谓语“改变了” 和“提高了”中的“了”也给我们提示, 译文需要用完成时态。
中国的饮食方式正在发生许多变化。 Many changes are taking place in China's diet style.
此外,对于那些刚刚脱贫的人们,他们目 前的生活状况必须改善。 Furthermore, the present living conditions must be improved for those who have just freed themselves from poverty. 说明:这个例子中,汉语原文虽然没有明 显的被动句的标志词,但是,我们知道 “生活状况必须改善”这个主干结构中, 逻辑上应该是“生活状况必须被改善”。 所以,我们需要选择“改善”这个词来翻 译为英语的被动结构。
美国的经济体制主要是围绕着私人企业和以市 场为导向而建立起来的。 The economic system of U.S.A. is mainly set up centering on the private enterprises and market 他们的生产和生活状况没有从根本上被改变。 Their production and living conditions have not been changed fundamentally.
各国的人权问题主要由各国政府和人民 自己来解决,世界的人权问题要由世界 各国政府和人民共同参与来解决。 Each country's human rights problem should be solved mainly by its own government and people, while that of the world by governments and people from all over the world together.
投资规模偏大。 The investment scale is too large 很多道路太窄。 Many of the roads are too narrow.
一, 确定汉语原文的主语为英语译文的主语
  1. 把汉语原文中的主语直接翻译成英语充当 译文的主语,这是一种最简单、最可靠的对 应方法,也是我们做汉英翻译“定主语”的 时候首先应该考虑的方法。 当前,国际形势正经历着自冷战结束以后最 复杂、最深刻的变化。 At present, the international situation is experiencing the most complicated and profound changes since the end of Cold War.
和平与发展仍然是摆在世界各国人民面前 的两大课题。 Peace and development are still the two subjects confronted with people all over the world. 注:以上两个例子中,汉语句子的主语是名 词,由于名词在英语句子中可以直接充当 主语,所以在翻译的时候可以直接对应下 来,确定这个名词为译文的主语。
我们正努力教育公民不要像西方国家那样 过度消费,比如使用过多的空调、私人汽 车、以及随意处理的产品. We are managing to educate citizens to avoid the behavior of over-consumption, such as the excessive use of air conditioners, private cars and disposable products at will.
如今我们有许多不同的选择:除传统的家常 菜以外,还有营养保健配餐和方便可口的快 餐食品. Nowadays we have many varieties of choices: nutrition-balanced and healthy food, convenient and delicious fast food in addition to traditional homemade meal.

  3.英语中的动名词或者动词不 定式形式则可以充当主语。
帮助真正的穷人,要比仅仅缩小贫富差距 更有价值。帮助下层社会的人重新回到社 会主流中来,符合所有人的利益。 Helping the truly poor is much worthier than merely narrowing inequalities. And helping the lower class rejoin mainstream of society is in the interests of all.
推进现代化建设、完成祖国统一、维护 世界和平与促进共同发展,是中国人民 在新世纪的三大历史任务。 To continue to propel the modernization drive, to achieve reunification of the motherland, and to safeguard world peace and promote common development are the three historical tasks of the Chinese people in the new century.

  3.增加there be… 还将有一些生活极端贫困的人们,他们还需 要政府的资助。 There will still be some people living in extreme poverty, who are still in need of the government's financial support.
迄今为止,教育工作还没有找到比考试更有 效、更可靠的方法。 So far, there has been no way which is more effective and reliable than exams in education.



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