单项选择(20 分)
  1. “He to draw horses already”. --“When he ?”-- “ Last year “ A . learned…has B. learned…didC. has learned…has D. has learned…did
  2. Tom up into the tree. Look, he high up there ! A. has got…is B. has climbed…was C. got …was D. climbed…is
  3. -- you the text yet ? -- Yes, we it two hours ago. A. Did, copy, did B. Have, copied, have C. Have, copied, did D, Did , copy, had
  4. --“Why she angry?”-- “Because he at her just now. ” A. did, get, shouted B. has, got, shouted C.did, get, has, shouted D. has, got, has shouted
  5. you the film before? Where you it ? A. Have. . seen…did…see B. Did …see…did…watch C. Have…seen…have…seen D. Did …see…have…seen
  6. You me waiting for two hours. I for you since five. A. kept…waited B. have kept…waited C. kept…have waited D. have kept…have waited
  7. --Where John ? --To the library. He there for an hour. A. has, been, has gone B. has, gone, has been C. did, go, went D . did, be,went 8 . -- the baby still ? --No, it crying. A. Has, cried, has stopped B. Is, crying, stopped C.Did, cry, stopped D.Is, crying, has stopped
  9. I the way. I here for quite many years. A. knew, have lived B. knew, live C. know, have lived D. know, live
  10. -- you ever America ? --Yes, I have. A. Have, gone to B. Have, gone in C. Have, been to D. Have , been in
  11. What are you going to do this weekend? I yet. A. haven’t decided B. won’t decide C. have decided D. didn’t decide
  12. -Bob, it’s getting cold. __ take a jacket with you? All right, Daddy. A. Why not B. What about C. Would you like D. You’d better
  13. Where is your father? He to Australia on business. A. has been B. has gone C. went D. will go
  14. We each other since the year of 19
  48. A. have got to know B. have known C. got to know D. knew
  15. has your friend studied English? Since 20
  01. A. How long B. When C. Why D. What time 16 Mary likes bananas very much, she dosen’t like apples. A. and B. or C. but D. that
  17. My mother made me at home the whole day yesterday. A. stay B. stayed C. to stay D. stays
  18. China is a beautiful country , tourists come here every day. A. Thousand of B. Thousand C. Thousands of D. Two thousands
  19. Mr Wang has in America for a week. A. been B. got C. reached D. arrived
  20. How much did you for the pen? Ten yuan. A. take B. pay C. spend D. cost
  1. I to Canada twice. It’s so beautiful. A. won’t go B. have gone C. don’t go D. have been
  2. The life we were used to greatly since 19
  92. A. change B. has changed C. changing D. have changed
  3. ?How long has Eliza been a nurse? -. A. Since 2004 B. Four years ago C. In 2004 D. Since four years
  4. The doctor a boy yesterday. A. had saved, dying B. saved, dead C. has saved, dead D. saved, dying
  5. ?Where’s the cake I made this morning? ?We it, mum. Can you make another one? A. ate B. eat C. will eat D. were eating
  6. ?I suppose we’ll go to plant trees next week. - Great! Planting trees is a lot of fun. I’d like to you. A. visit B. join C. follow D. meet
  7. ?I’ve the story. ?Me, too. It funny. A. heard, looks B. heard of, sounds C. listened, feels D. listened to, is sounded
  8. ?How long the film Hero ? -For just several minutes.
A. did, begin B. has, begun C. has, been on D. does, began
  9. ?How much did you for the dictionary? -$ 12 A. buy B. spend cost D. pay
  10. sports you have, you will feel. A. Much, healthy B. The more, the healthier C. More, healthier D. The more, the more
  11. We should from Zhe Zhigang. A. study B. learn C. teach D. know
  12. He teaches us in the river. A. swim B. swimming C. how swim D. how to swim
  13. Do you get well your friends? A. on, to B. along, with C. on, and D. along, to
  14. She in the sports meeting and won the first medal. A. took part B. joined C. attended D. entered
  15. My little brother was , and I must look after the baby. A. sick, ill B. ill, sick C. ill, ill D. sick, sicking
  16. I am excited to see Yang Liwei, a astronaut. A. 38-year-old B. 38-years-old C. 38 years old D. 38 year old
  17. We are tired. Let’s stop to . A. walk, rest B. walking, rest C. to walk, resting D. walks, resting
  18. They could go to school the help from Project Hope. A. because B. because of C. so D. since
  19. ?Have you finished your homework? ?Yes. I it just now. A. finish B. finished C. have finished D. will finish
  20. Though the young man this factory for four weeks, few workers know him. A. have come to B. has arrived at C. has been in D. has gone to
  21. Don’t worry. We have time to do the job. A. enough B. few C. many D. little
  22. ?How do you like Tai’an? ?It’s great! And I have learned in Tai’an. A. many B. some C. a lot D. a lot of
  23. In the last five years eth workers millions of trees. A. have planted B. planted C. has planted D. plants
  24. the money, Thomas Edison built a lab for himself. A. Use B. For C. With D. About
  25. - can we do for Project Hope? ?We can give some money. A. How B. Why C. Which D. What 1 . I at this school for two years. A. am studying B. study C. have studied 2 They in the city since last summer. A. live B. . live C. have lived
  3. ? Where is Mr. Liu? He the library. A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been in 4 Mrs. Wang has lived in Haikou 19
  92. A. since B. from C. after
  5. He his homework and is now listening to music. A.. finishes B. has finished C. finish 6 I like Hainan. I there for three times. A. went B. have been C . have gone 7 Have you ever a competition? A enter B entered C entering 8“ you the film yet?” “Yes, I it last Saturday.” A. .Did …see/saw B. Have…seen/ have seen C. Have…seen/ saw 9 Miss Brown to the Great Wall twice. A. have been B. has been C. has gone 10 He has a computer of his own. He it two days ago A. bought B. buy C. has bough
  11.My parents Shandong for ten years. A. have been in B. have been to C. have gone to 12 The film for half an hour. A. has been on B. has begun C. began 13 We the latest news already. A hear B heard C hearing 14 His father for years. A. has died B. has been dead C. died 15 -- Would you like some more food --Thank you. I enough. A. will have B. have had C. have 16 He tells me heChina for over five years. A. has gone to B. has been in C. has been to 17 I this book for a week .I have to return it now. A. borrowed B. have borrowed C. . have kept 18 . --What a nice bike! How lone you it --Just five weeks. A. will; buy B. did; buy C. have; had



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   1.I must be off now;or itwill be too late to see John. ? Do you really want to see that dull boy? A. For what B. For him C.Why so D. So what 2.IsMike a diligent student? No, but he is a lazy one, if . A. something B. anything C.little D. much 3. I ...


   世纪金榜 圆您梦想 www.jb1000.com 届高考英语单项选择题题库(660 2010 届高考英语单项选择题题库(660 题) 1 1. Unfortunately, when I dropped in, Doctor Li for Beijing to join in the fight again SARS, so we only had time for a few words. A. just left C. is just leaving B. has just left D ...


   中考英语单项选择分析 单项填空这个题型容量大,涉及到语音,词汇,语法,习语, 日常用语和习惯表达法等语言知识,范围广,是对学生掌握英语 基本知识和基本技能功底即语言运用能力的检测,一般分值为20 分,所占比例为13%,较为重要. 要做好单项选择的基本条件是: 1.从考生本人来说,应有扎实的英语基础知识功底,要有丰富 的词汇,习惯用语和句型知识. 2.从做题来说,一方面要有认真仔细的态度,另一方面要注意 积累解题技巧,做到从语义和语法两个方面来考虑,要善于寻找 信息词,对题目进行分析,理解,从 ...


   高考试题分类解析指导 专题一 单项填空篇 ※把握高考考点,夯实基础 把握高考考点, 单项填空部分共15题 满分 分 单项填空部分共 题,满分15分 此部分注重考查学生在特定的语言环境 下进行语言交际的能力, 下进行语言交际的能力,以及运用词汇 和语法知识的能力。 和语法知识的能力。 辽宁省高考考试说明 试题知识点覆盖面广, 试题知识点覆盖面广,注重语言知识的 理解和运用,语句表述简洁, 理解和运用,语句表述简洁,试题难易 程度适中。 程度适中。 高考热点透视 热点一: 热点一:冠词的用法 主 ...


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   英语单词的记忆六法 学习英语最常遇到的问题,便是词汇不足.词汇不足的人在英文听,说,读,写各方面的能力都会受 到严 重限制.所以词汇量的多少在英语学习中占有重要地位.一般认为背单词是件既吃力,又往往成效不彰的 苦差事. 实际上, 若能采用适当的方法, 是可以缩短 扩大词汇量所需的时间, 并且提高记忆单词的质量的. 下面将介绍六种单词记忆法. 第一部分 谐音法 谐音法就是利用英语单词的发音的谐音进行记忆的方法.由于英语是拼音文字,看到一个单词可以很 容易地猜到它的发音;听到一个单词的发音也可以 ...


   强化英语听力的八项步骤 正确的方法是成功的一半,在训练听力的过程中找到合适的方法也十分的重要。以下是几种比较有效的听 力训练方法,分别适用于不同水平的同学,希望对大家有益。 一、强力提高法 A:先听一段材料 (难或较难 100200 字)停下来想一想大概意思。 B:再听一遍,把每句话写下来。 C:最后核对一遍。 此方法适用于听力水平中等以上者,时间以一月为一个阶段,每天一次,每次一个小时。 二、反复练习法: 反复练习法: 一段文字(中或难,100 字左右) ,反复听侮辱到六遍,每遍听后想一想 ...


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