he Wangjialing coal mine
从矿井里往外抽水 pumping water out of the mine
尽管遭受痛苦,身体虚弱,但头脑清晰,能说话,能告诉医生他们的名字 were weak but lucid and able to speak despite the ordeal, identifying themselves to doctors
靠...而生存 subsist on ...
survived underground by subsisting on sawdust, tree bark and turbid water
每日鲜活英语10年4月2日:清明节(死后如何葬?)每日鲜活英语 2010-04-02 23:30:21 阅读20 评论1 字号:大中小
清明节 the Qingming Festival, Tomb Sweeping Festival,
纪念亡人传统的节日 a traditional occasion for commemorating the dead in China
四月五日 falls on April 5 this year.
葬礼 interment
火葬 Cremation,
Cremation has been encouraged since the 1950s, currently accounts for nearly half of the interments in China, according to the green book
提倡绿色安葬 'Green burial' encouraged
环保型的丧葬 environmentally-friendly types of funeral and interment
海葬 sea burial
树葬 tree burial
树葬和花葬 bury their loved ones under trees or flower beds
土葬 inhumation
逝者入土为安 the deceased can rest in peace only by inhumation
"The traditional concept that the deceased can rest in peace only by inhumation is the most difficult aspect in the promotion of green burials, which have already become a trend globally," he said.
墓园 墓地 cemeteries
烧香 burn incense sticks
烧冥币 burn imitation paper money
给逝者献祭品 offer sacrifices to the deceased
扫墓 sweep their tombs
纪念去世的家庭成员 commemorate deceased family members
可用作墓地的空间在减少 space for cemeteries is dwindling
墓地的费用已飙升 the price of a burial plot has soared
每平米墓地的价格20000多元,是每平米阳宅的五倍 the average price for a square-meter plot in one of the city's six cemeteries is more than 20,000 yuan ($2,9
  32), almost five times the price of a square meter of housing.
gave her a simple but solemn burial, spreading her ashes on the water
哀悼者 mourners
将花瓣撒到海里,纪念深爱的逝者 spread flower petals on the sea to commemorate their loved ones
殡仪馆 funeral homes
每日鲜活英语10年4月1日:轻松的“愚”他一下每日鲜活英语 2010-04-01 19:28:44 阅读16 评论0 字号:大中小
April Fool's day is a light-hearted day when you can play a joke on your roommates and friends, but please make sure that it is carried out in good taste, becasue well-intentioned humor help reduce your opressure and create a positive learning environment while inappropriate pranks may potentially alienate or hurt some's feelings.

谋划捉弄同事的愚人节玩笑 plan the best April Fool's Day joke to play on your co-workers
恶作剧 pranks are unsuitable for the office
恶作剧弄得不得体,会疏远或伤害他人的感情 pranks can also potentially alienate or hurt someone's feelings if not carried out in good taste.
团队里善意的幽默可以创造积极的工作氛围 well-intentioned humour shared amongst teams can create a positive work environment, especially when business is demanding.
轻松的睿智可以提高士气和工作动力。light-hearted wit can increase morale and motivation.
搞点恶作剧可以提高创造力,增强团队合作 Playing a practical joke on a colleague could encourage creativity and improve team-working
一年中最轻松地日子 April Fool's Day is the most light-hearted day of the year
这一天,怎么都行,严格的规定都靠边站 It's a day when anything goes and strict protocol takes a back seat.
玩笑开得过火会对职业生涯有坏处 pranks taken too far can damage careers
If a prank ends up costing the company in terms of money, injuries or a staff member's dismissal then it has gone too far.
每日鲜活英语10年3月30日:俄罗斯地铁连环爆炸每日鲜活英语 2010-03-30 11:27:29 阅读80 评论0 字号:大中小
急救和消防人员照顾遇难者 Rescue services and firefighters attend to victims
地铁站metro station
连环爆炸 Twin explosions
自杀炸弹袭击a suicide bomb attack
女“肉蛋”female suicide bombers
引爆自己blew themselves up
拥挤的地铁 packed metro trains
初次爆炸发生在7:28 The first explosion struck at 7:28 am
二次爆炸发生在月台a second explosion went off aboard a train on the platform
召开紧急会议 convened an emergency meeting
爆炸看起来和北高加索的武装分子有关 the blasts appeared linked to militant groups in the Northern Caucasus
残杀 carnage
没有人立即对此宣布负责 There was no immediate claim of responsibility
加强金属探测仪的使用 the enhanced use of metal detectors
加强对乘客的安检 increased screening of passengers
每日鲜活英语10年3月28日:你看得起病吗?每日鲜活英语 2010-03-28 11:16:32 阅读22 评论0 字号:大中小
花费攀升,服务降低 spiraling costs and poor service
进行了20年 be ongoing for two decades
深受现今医疗制度之害 feel victimized by the system.
Healthcare reforms in China have been ongoing for more than two decades, but they have done little to stem the flow of complaints from patients upset about spiraling costs and poor service, and from doctors who feel victimized by the system.
开处方获利的臭名 reputation for profiting from prescriptions
有中度到重度的抑郁 suffers moderate to severe depression
焦虑感比多数市民高些have a much higher degree of anxiety and depression than most citizens
医疗事故 malpractice
损坏了他们的形象 dented their image
getting public hospitals to rely less on drugs costs and more on service charges and government subsidies
科室 section
收入目标 revenue target
The pressure on doctors comes partly from the way their performance is evaluated
Each section of a hospital has a different revenue target, and a doctor's performance is evaluated monthly according to how much he helps to meet that target."
Medics generate revenue through checkups and prescriptions they make out
医院的药房 the hospital's pharmacy.
挂号费 fee for an appointment
呼吸科的医生 a doctor specializing in respiratory medicine
开高价药 make out prescriptions for expensive medicines
缺少提高技术水平的动力 lose any incentive to improve their skill levels
doctors tend to automatically make out prescriptions for expensive medicines and, in most cases, lose any incentive to improve their skill levels.
检查和化验 checkups and tests
抗生素 antibiotics
被实际诊断为感冒 was actually diagnosed with a cold.
颁布了基本药物名单 issued an "essential drugs list"
医生对病人的态度 bedside manner
处于次要地位 take a back seat.
As long as money is the main driving force behind healthcare, however, "bedside manner" will always take a back seat.
滥用专业知识赚钱 abusing their profession to make money.
Sadly, the space for creativity is very much limited and many doctors are abusing their profession to make money."
看病贵,医生不负责任 Expensive treatments and irresponsible doctors
医疗纠纷 medical disputes
对医院和医疗专家的起诉 lawsuits against hospitals and healthcare professionals
医患关系 doctor-patient relations
The existing evaluation system, which increases a doctor's incentive to sell expensive medicine and reduces their willingness to take care of patients, began in the early 1990s when hospitals became part of the market economy, said Dr Zheng. "The emphasis on revenue has grown stronger than ever in the last several years," he said.
Hospitals were fully funded by the government until the early 1990s, when medical reforms started. They then had to earn the majority of the money that they need, while still getting some subsidies from the government.
In 2005 the government admitted that the medical reform was a failure
"Public hospitals have lots of administrators, so many that they usually account for more than one-third of a hospital's staff. These administrators have far more access to resources than doctors and, because they are often unfairly distributed, this has led to most doctors developing a passive mood,"
每日鲜活英语10年3月26日:西南抗旱再续每日鲜活英语 2010-03-26 14:10:29 阅读21 评论0 字号:大中小
旱情挑战粮食收成 Drought challenges grain harvest
实现今年粮食5000亿公斤的目标会受到考验 meeting this year's grain output goal of 500 billion kilograms would be "a test for sure"
西南严重干旱有可能持续 severe drought in the southwest is likely to continue
持续干旱 the persistent drought
直接经济损失 23660亿元 a direct economic loss of
  23.66 billion yuan
导致1800万当地居民饮用水短缺 left more than 18 million locals short of drinking water
不利条件 adverse conditions
优先安排春耕准备priority should be given to the preparations for spring farming,
预防作物疾病 prevent plant diseases
保障充足供应化肥,农药和种子 ensure a good supply of fertilizer, pesticide and seeds
鼓励农民扩大春耕面积 encourage farmers to expand the area of spring farming.
打新井 drills more wells
人工降雨 seed (vt.) clouds; cloud seeding
促使降雨 induce rainfall
部署工人挖井 deploy workers to dig wells
减少收成 reduce the yield
高粱收成会受影响 the output of sorghum will be affected
白酒价格会攀升 the liquor prices are likely to soar in the future,
导致中国甘蔗总产量降低13% cause China's total sugar cane production to drop 13 percent
烟草的产量可能降低A possible slump in tobacco
设法取得了粮食大丰收 managed to yield a bumper grain harvest
每日鲜活英语10年3月26日:警惕一次性餐具含致癌物质每日鲜活英语 2010-03-26 13:31:51 阅读20 评论0 字号:大中小
一次性饭盒盒中藏癌Disposable containers are 'cancer in boxes'
一次性饭盒disposable food boxes
用泡沫、塑料或纸浆做成 either made of foam, plastic or paper pulp
我国半数一次性饭盒存在安全问题,内含过量的致癌化学物质 half of the disposable dishware used in the country are unsafe, with excessive amounts of chemicals that can cause cancer.
滑石粉 talcum powder
地蜡 ceresin wax, which contains a substance that can cause cancer.
不达标 is substandard.
食品包装 food packaging
有生命威胁的疾病 a life-threatening disease
国家最高质检部门 country's top quality watchdog --the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.
起诉两家餐馆 filed a lawsuit against the two restaurants
控告其销售有毒食品 accusing them of selling poisonous foods.
新颁布的食品安全法将生效 the newly issued Food Safety Law will come into play
消费者不愿意为不到1元钱的事打官司 Consumers might not be willing to go to court for something cheaper than 1 yuan
生产商的法律意识淡薄 the manufacturers' weak legal consciousness
法律制度不如在大城市执行的严格 laws and regulations are not as well implemented as they are in bigger cities.
不到10%的一次性饭盒由纸浆造成,一般较为安全,但也贵点 less than 10 percent of the disposable dishware sold in the market is made of paper pulp, which is generally safer but more expensive
小厂没有生产许可证 small plants do not have production licenses.
高额的利润驱动非法生产 The high profit margin drives the illegal business,
  5,质量差的7分5 the wholesale price for an ordinary disposable food box is at least
  0.15 yuan, whereas a low-quality one costs half that
质检部分负责监督一次性餐具的生产 the production of disposable dishware is the responsibility of quality control authorities,
工商局在产品流入市场后,接管监督 but when the products enter the market, the industry and commerce authority takes over.
卫生局负责监管餐馆 health department's responsibility to supervise restaurants
每日鲜活英语10年3月25日:福建男子校门砍杀小学生每日鲜活英语 2010-03-25 16:13:38 阅读34 评论0 字号:大中小
先前行医汉砍杀八儿童 Ex-doctor stabs eight children to death
在学校门口 at the entrance of the school
南平实验小学 Nanping City Experimental Elementary School
八名儿童被先前行医的医生刺死 Eight children have been stabbed to death by a former doctor
先前的社区医生 the former community medic
袭击者身份是 The attacker was identified as Zheng Minsheng
有精神疾病史 have a history of mental health problems
辞职 resigned from his post
社区医院 a community clinic
默哀 stand in silence
悼念遇难的八位学生 mourn the deaths of eight students.
The attacker was identified a



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