台湾采购网 分类 A 编号 问题 解答 56 AUTHORITY 授权 - The right granted to an agent to act (engage in legally binding transactions) on behalf of a principal. #114: Obtain legal review and approval of a contract when required.; C.P.M. Module: 1 给予代理人的权利,使其代 表委托人(本人)来行使在法律之下具约束力的交易. A 55 ATTACHMENT 扣押 - A legal proceeding accompanying an action in court by
which a plaintiff may acquire a lien on a defendant's property as a security for the payment of any judgment which the plaintiff may obtain. 一种诉讼程序附带的法 庭措施,藉此原告可以要求留置被告财产作为官司定案后,取得任何判决赔偿的担保. A 54 ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN NATIONS (ASEAN) 东 南 亚 国 协 -
Organization established in 1967 to promote economic growth, social progress, cultural development, and peace in Southeast Asia. Current member countries in ASEAN are Bruneu Daarussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. #115: Administer contracts/purchase orders from award to completion.; C.P.M. Module:
  1. 组织成立於 1967 年,宗旨乃在促进东南亚各 国的合作,共同加速经济发展,技术与文化交流等,以平等,互惠的精神致力於东南亚地区 的和平安定.目前加入东南亚国协的会员有汶莱,柬埔寨,寮国,马来西亚,缅甸,菲律宾, 新加坡,泰国与越南等九国. A 53 ASSIGNMENT 转让 - A transfer of a right (such as a contract or a purchase
order) or title to another party. In shipping, it is commonly used with a bill of lading which involves transfer of rights, title, and interest by means of endorsement. Such endorsement gives, to the party named, the title to the property covered by the bill of lading. 一种将所有权(例如合约或采购订单)转换给另一方的行为.在运输上 通常与提单一起使用,其中载明权利,所有权,及权益等相关事项的转让以为背书.这样的 背书给予被指定人提单上所列述财物的所有权. A 52 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The ability of a computer to perform actions that
人人工智慧 - would be perceived as intelligent if performed by human beings. 电
脑有能力如人类一般的来执行具有智慧判断的行为. A 51 ARBITRATION 仲裁 - A means of settling disputes between parties in which
an objective outside party acts as a fact finder and a primary decision maker. By prior agreement between the parties, the rulings of an arbitrator or arbitration panel are binding and cannot be appealed. #117: Resolve contract/purchase order differences with suppliers.; C.P.M. Module: 1 一种由一位客观中立的第三者来解决纠 纷的方法,其中第三者担任证据搜寻及主要决议的角色. A 50 ARBITRAGE 套利 - A financial term meaning the buying of a security,
commodity, or currency in one market while simultaneously selling it in another market with the intent of financial gain. In international currency transactions, one can use arbitrage to make a profit from simultaneous buy/sell transactions for one currency or by simultaneous transactions in more than one currency. The key to arbitrage is taking advantage of temporary aberrations in the market. 一种财务上 的用语,意指利用在不同市场同时买卖相同项目的债券,商品,或外汇来获取利益的行为. 在国际货币交易,人们利用套利同时买/卖交易一种货币或透过一种以上货币交易以获取利 益.套利最主要系利用市场短暂混乱之际从中买卖交易获利. A 49 APPROVED SUPPLIERS 合格供应商 - Suppliers who meet an organization's
selection criteria and have been added to the approved list. #109: Manage and develop lists of recommended sources.; C.P.M. Module: 1 符合公司供应商选择标准,而且被加 入合格供应商名单之供应商. A 48 APPROVED LIST 合格供应商名单 - An organization's list of suppliers that
have been evaluated and approved for purchases. 一份正式合格供应商名单,其上列举 业经审查并认可将能提供满意绩效服务的厂商资料. A 47 APPLICATIONS PACKAGE 应用套装软体 - A system of programs designed to
assist in specific applications. 用来协助特定应用而设计的程式.
分类 A
46 APPLICATION SERVICE PROVIDER (ASP) 应用软体服务供应商 - An organization
that provides software applications over the Internet. 在网际网路上提供应用软体 的公司.
45 APPARENT AUTHORITY 当 然 授 权 - The impression that is created when a
principal permits an individual to operate in a fashion that allows persons dealing with him/her to believe that he/she is an authorized agent of the principal. It represents unauthorized purchasing or bypassing of the purchasing function by other functions within an organization. #114: Obtain legal review and approval of a contract when required.; C.P.M. Module: 1 当一委托人(本人)允许一个个人和第三方交 易时,让第三方造成认知,认为这个个人是被委托人(本人)授权的代理人时,当然授权就已 成立.当公司其他部门进行非授权采购,或绕过正常采购程序时,也代表当然授权. A 44 APICS 美国生产与存货管制协会 - The Educational Society for Resource
Management; founded in 1957 as the American Production & Inventory Control Society. http://www.apics-chicago.org 成立於 1957 年,为一资源管理的教育协会. A 43 APEC 亚 太 经 济 合 作 会 议 - Abbreviation for Asian Pacific Economic
Cooperation http://www.apecsec.org.sg Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation 的简称. 鉴於欧洲共同市场及美,加,墨自由贸易协定之成立,亚太地区的国家体认到有必要成立一 类似之区域组织, 决定共同关切之经贸课题. 澳洲总理霍克乃於一九八九年提议在亚太地区 创立一经济论坛,目的在於希望经由部长间之谘商会议,寻求亚太地区经贸政策之协调,促 进亚太地区之贸易自由化与区域合作, 以维持区域之成长与发展. 是年在霍克的积极奔走下, 亚太经济合作组织正式成立,创始成员包括汶莱,印尼,马来西亚,菲律宾,新加坡,泰国, 日本,韩国,美国,加拿大,澳洲及纽西兰等十二国.尔后,我国,香港及中国大陆(一九 九一年),墨西哥与巴布亚新几内亚(一九九三年),智利(一九九四年)纷纷加入,截至目前 共有十八个正式会员体.今(一九九八)年年底召开领袖会议时,俄罗斯,越南及秘鲁将加入 成为新会员,届时 APEC 将有二十一个成员.(资料来源:中华民国经济部) A 42 ANTITRUST LAWS 反托拉斯法案 - Federal laws intended to ensure free and
fair competition by prohibiting monopolies and contracts or conspiracies in restraint of trade in interstate and foreign commerce. Some states have enacted their own antitrust laws. #108: Prepare and solicit competitive bids, quotations, and proposals with pertinent specifications, terms, and conditions.; C.P.M. Module: 1 一种专为保证自由公平竞争而制定的商业法案, 它禁止在国内或国外有垄断或同谋的商业行 为.在美国,甚至有些州政府都有通过属於当地的反托拉斯法案. A 41 ANTICIPATION INVENTORIES 预期存货 - Those stocks that are accumulated
for a well-defined future need. They differ from buffer (safety) stocks in that they are committed to specific future plans. 预期存货是在未来需求被很明确界定的情况下, 所预期的累计存货水准. 它与缓冲(安全)存货不同之处, 在预期存货是为了确定的未来需求 所准备的. A 40 ANSI X.12 美国国家标准局 X12 标准 - A set of standards promulgated by the
American National Standards Institute for use in formatting and handling purchasing-related documents transmitted by electronic data interchange (EDI). 一 套由美国国家标准局所公布的标准,用於规范采购相关之文件,藉由电子资料交换(EDI)传 输所需具备之格式与处理.1978 年,美国信用研究基金会(American Credit Research Foundation, 简 称 ACRF) 与 运 输 资 料 协 调 委 员 会 (Transportation Data Coordinating Committee,简称 TDCC)一起,组成 ANSI X.12,致力於 EDI 的报文和资料交换的标准研究. A 39 ANNUAL WORK PLAN (AWP) 年 度 工 作 计 划 - A document used in Contract
Administration that provides the initial definition of tasks to be performed in the budget year and a schedule for their accomplishment. 用於合约管理中的一份文件, 提供在预算年度内需要进行之工作的初始定义,以及完成的时间表. A 38 ANNUAL BUYING PLAN 年度采购计划 - See definition for Purchase Plan 参见
「采购计划」 .. A 37 AMERICAN TRUCKING ASSOCIATIONS (ATA) 美国货运协会 - Trade association
that represents the trucking industry. http://www.truckline.com 代表货运工业的同 业工会.
分类 A
解答 美 国 残 障 法 案 - A federal law
passed in 1990 that requires organizations with at least 25 employees to make reasonable accommodations for qualified workers and applicants with disabilities and to avoid discriminating against them. Compliance includes removing physical workplace barriers. 一个於 1990 年通过的联邦法律, 要求人数在 25 人以上的公司要为残 障的合格工人与应徵者,提供一个合理的环境,以避免对残障者的歧视.包括从工作场所中 移除实体的障碍. A 35 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS (ASTM) 美国材料试验学会标
准 - A not-for-profit, worldwide organization, founded in 1898, that develops standards, test methods, specifications, classifications, and terminology for materials, products, systems, and services. http://www.astm.org 成立於 1898 年的 非营利的世界性组织,建立材料,产品,系统及服务的标准,测试方法,规范,分类以及专 业术语. A 34 AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE (ANSI) 美国国家标准协会 -
Umbrella organization that issues national standards based on consensus by all stakeholder organizations. http://www.ansi.org 依据所有权责单位组织的共识,发出 国家标准的一个伞式组织. A 33 AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION (AAA) 美 国 仲 裁 协 会 - Not-for-profit
public service organization founded in 1926 that provides resources for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Its services include rules and procedures, education and training, and a roster of impartial experts to hear and resolve cases. http://www.adr.org 成立於 1926 年的非营利的公共服务性组织,提供选择争议解决方式 (ADR)的资源.其服务项目包括规则与程序,教育与训练,以及一个公正客观专家名册来协 助案件的听证与裁决. A 32 ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) 选择争议解决方式 - Methods for
resolving contractual disputes that include facilitated negotiation, mediation, fact-finding, partnering, non-binding arbitration, and binding arbitration. 一种 解决合约争议的方式,包含谈判协助,调停,事实发现,合作,非约束性仲裁,以及约束性 仲裁. A A 31 ALLIANCE 结盟 - See definition for Partnership. 参见「夥伴关系」 .
30 AIR WAYBILL 空运舱单 - A document used for the shipment of air freight by
national and international air carriers that states the commodities shipped, shipping instruction, shipping costs. 国内及国际空运运输业者在空运货物时,所使用 的文件,以载明货运的商品别,交货指示,货运成本等资料. A 29 AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (ATA) 美 国 航 空 运 输 协 会 - Trade founded in 1936 to serve the principal U.S. airlines.
http://www.air-transport.org 於 1936 年成立的同业工会,其主旨在服务美国航空公司. A 28 AGGREGATOR 目录集聚者 - A Web site that contains product catalogs from
many suppliers in one place as a convenience to purchasing organizations.一个网 站将许多供应商的目录包含在内,以方便采购单位的作业. A 27 AGGREGATOR 目录集聚者 - A Web site that contains product catalogs from
many suppliers in one place as a convenience to purchasing organizations. 一个网 站将许多供应商的目录包含在内,以方便采购单位的作业.
分类 A
代理人(商) - A person or an organization authorized to act for
another person or organization (the principal) in prescribed dealings with a third party. All purchasers are agents. #114: Obtain legal review and approval of a contract when required.; C.P.M. Module: 1 法律上,代理人(商)是被某一人或组织授权, 去与第三者交涉特定事务的一个人员或组织.所有的采购都是代理人. A 25 AGENCY 代理 - The legal relationship that exists between two parties by
which one is authorized to perform or transact specified business activities for the other. #114: Obtain legal review and approval of a contract when required.; C.P.M. Module: 1 存在於两造之间,定义合法关系的一种术语,其中一方被授权去为另一方执行某 项特定的商业行为. A 24 AFTER-THE-FACT-CONTROLS 事 后 控 制 - Reviews designed to compare actual
performance with planned results. #403: Plan/develop/provide operating policies, guidelines, and procedures.; C.P.M. Module: 4 比较



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