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The first period
Section A
Unit10 Can you play the guitar ?
? Can you /he/she …. ? ? Yes, I/He/She can. ? No, I/He/She can’t.
play chess
play the guitar
What can these people do? Match the words and the people.
? ? ? ?
  1.dance ?
  5.paint d
  2.swim ?
  6.speak English e c g
  3.sing f ?
  7.play the guitar . b
  4.play chess
Look at the chart and make some dialogues.
names Tony Mary can swim paint play chess sing dance speak English can’t play the guitar dance swim play chess
A : Can Tony/Mary ……? B :Yes,he/she can. No,he/she can’t.
Art club
Swimming club English club
Chess club
Music club
A : What club do you want to jonn ? B : I want to join …… club. A : Can you ….. ?
Summary :

Can you/he/she ……? Yes,I/we /he /she can. No, I/we /he /she can’t.
What club do you want to join ?

  2.{ I want to join …… club.
The second period
Section B
?Can you /he/she …. ? ?Yes, I/He/She can. ?No, I/He/She can’t.
Art club Music club Chess club Swimming club English club
A : What club do you want to join ? B : I want to join …… club. A : Can you ….. ?
mahch the words with the pictures.
drums piano guitar trumpet violin 3 1 4 5 2 1b
Practice in pairs A :Can you /he /she play the drums? B : Yes, I /he /she can. No, I /he /she can’t.
2a Listen and circle
the words you hear.
dance trumpet paint
drums piano
2 b Listen and fill in the chart with the words in the box.
play the guitar play the drums play the piano sing or dance
can’t sing
play the guitar
Jenneifer sing, play the guitar play the piano Victor
play the piano dance,sing
  1. piano trumpet drum violin
  2. A: Can you /he /she play the …? B: Yes ,I /he /she can No , I /he /she can’t.
  3. What club do you want to join ? I want to jion the music club.
The third period
Revision Clubs
T: What club do you nwant to join ? S : Sorry, I don’t know. T : What can you do ? S : I can play the piano. T : Well, you can jion the music club.
Activity 1 Groupwork Name Likes Can Club(wantde tojoin)

  1. What do you like ?
  2. What can you do ?
  3. What club do you want to join ?
Complete the following poster with the words in the box. Can We want two good musicians for our rock band. you play guitar Can sing Can the ? you ? you play drums the ? Please call Bill at 790-42
violin , sing ,dance Guiter, paint ,piano Can, play, drums
You are clever !
  1. What do you like ? ?
  2.What can you do ? ?
  3. What club do you want to join ?
The fourth period
1 Add some new words.
Chinese Kung Fu club jazz club
Singing club
Read the conversation and fill in the card.
Cindy Jones Name : 12 Age : E-mail adress : Cindyj @pep.com.cn What can you do ? I can draw a little. . Why do you want to join the club ? Because I want to learn about art. .
Activity 1
Practise in pairs : A : Here are all the clubs .What club do you want to join? B : I want to join the basketball club ?I like playing basketball and I want tyo be a baskeballplayer.How about you? A :Well,I like art. B : Can you draw ? A : Yes, but a little.So I want to join the art club.I want to be an artist.
Activity 2
Interview and fill in the form. Name : Age : Teltphone number : E-mail address : What can you do ? What club do you want to join ? Why do you want to join the club ?
Languages for the tast Interviewer :
  1.Hi, can I help you ? Interviewee:
  1. I want to join the art club.

  2.May I know your name ?
  2. My telephone number is …
  3.What’s your first name ?
  4.How old are you ?
  5.What’s your telephone number ?
  6.Can you draw ?
  7. Here is a card .Please fill it out.
  3. My e-mail address is …
Thank you
Good -bye
Mouse love rice



   英语学习基础 语音部分 写 在前面 语音是语言学习的重要内容.掌握好 语音是学好一门语言的关键,是学习单词, 记忆单词,朗读句子,进行听说的基础. 因此,每一个想学好外语的人,应该在起 始阶段扎扎实实地打好语音基础,并在一 定时间内有意识地进行强化,以保证在今 后大量的英语单词记忆中和英语的听说读 写训练中熟练运用. 语 音 知 识 音素, 音素,读音的最小单位 (共48个). 个 音标,音标是音素的书写形式. 音标,音标是音素的书写形式. 元音, 元音,发音时声带振动而气流在通道上不受阻碍 ...


   小学英语语法 小学英语语法 名词复数规则 况 , 加-s, :book-books, bagbags, cat-cats, bed-beds 2. s. x. sh. ch结 ,加-es, :bus-buses, box-boxes, brush-brushes, watch-watches 3. “辅 y”结 ,变y为i, 加-es, :family-families, strawberry-strawberries 1. 小学英语语法 4.以“f或fe”结尾,变f或fe为v, 再加-e ...


   英语句子成分及基本结构 (一)句子成分的定义 构成句子的各个部分叫做句子成分。句子 构成句子的各个部分叫做句子成分。 成分有主要成分和次要成分; 成分有主要成分和次要成分; 主要成分有主语和谓语; 主要成分有主语和谓语; 主语和谓语 次要成分有表语、宾语、定语、状语、 次要成分有表语、宾语、定语、状语、补 表语 足语和同位语。 足语和同位语。 (二)句子的具体成分 " 主语(subject):主语是一个句子所叙述的 主语( : 主体,一般位于句首。主语可由名词 名词、 主体,一般位于句首。 ...


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   Keep Reading to the Bottom of the Page Don't Stop at the Feet You'll See Things are not Always What They Seem 一定要阅读到最后,不要停下来,你将会看到 你将会看到有些事并不象它看上去那样 Top.Feng April 23,2001 Two travelling angels stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy fa ...


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   常用英语口语佳句 1.I'm an office worker.我是上班族.2.I wor k forthegovernment.我在政府机关做事.3.I'm ha ppy to meet you.很高兴见到你.4.I likeyourse nse of humor.我喜欢你的幽默感.5.I'm glad to se e youagain.很高兴再次见到你.6.I'llcall you.我 会打电话给你.7.I feel like sleeping/taking a walk.我想睡/散步. ...


   北京名校小升初真题 一、选出下列单词中划线部分读音不同的选项,将其序号填入题前括号 内。(1×5 分) ( ( ( ( ( for )1. A. forget these )2. A. these )3. A. any boo ook )4. A. book pens )5. A. pens her B. her fath ther B. father ca B. catch goo ood B. good teachers B. teachers wor C. work think C. ...

巧记大学英语六级单词 Lesson 45

   Lesson 45 assimilate v. 吸收,消化; (使)同化 The U.S. has assimilated people from many European countries. 美国同化了许多来自欧洲国家的移民。 We assimilate some kinds of food more easily than others. 我们对某些种类的食物比别的食物更容易吸收。 authoritative 权威(性)的,可信的; 专断的,命令式的 That the moon m ...


   Part I Writing (30minutes) 注意:此部分试题在答题卡 1 上。 Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)(15 minutes) Directions: In this part, you will have 15 minutes to go over the passage quickly and answer the questions on Answer Sheet 1.For question ...