《船舶轮机英语》 船舶轮机英语》
日常用语:Daily English Ⅰ:问候、介绍、告别( Greetings、introductions and farewells)
  1、I’m a fitter (electrician、piper ). 钳工、电工、管子工
  2、He is an inspector(QC). 检验员
  3、Welcome to our shipyard. 欢迎到我们船厂。 Ⅱ:致谢、道歉(Gratitude and Apologies)
  1、Do me a favour, please. 请多帮忙
  2、When shall we deliver it?提交
  3、Please wait a moment.
  4、Will this way take me to the foreign(affair)office? 外事办
  5、Right-about-face 向后转 Ⅲ Life in the yard
  1、Have you got used to the life here?
  2、Please hold the handrails well.请抓好扶手
  3、Please use your intercom.(walkie-talkie)对讲机
  4、How about quality? 质量怎么样?
  5、There’s something wrong with the drawing.
  6、Sorry, It’s my fault. 是我的过错
  7、Don’t worry. That’s easy to deal with.
  8、Let’s start to check some items. 开始验收吧
  9、Are you satisfied with it?
  10、The vibration (temperature、pressure、speed) is normal.振动(温度、压力、速度)是正常
  11、Sorry, it has not been finished yet.
  12、Submission (Delivery) is Okay. 提交(验收)成功 常用句型 Common Patterns
  1、That is an exhaust valve. 排气阀
  2、These are blowers. 鼓风机
  3、There are ten workers in our group.
  4、He is a technician. 技术员
  5、I am a fitter. 钳工
  6、When shall we have a check?我们什么时候检查?
  7、Will you please give me a hand? 可以帮我一下吗?
第二部分 管子部分
Ⅰ.管子加工后提交用语:Delivery expressions after pipe processing
  1、Which system is this pipe for?

  2、How many pipes are there altogether?
  3、What’s the designed test pressure ? It is 12 kilograms/cm2 设计规定的试验压力是多少? 12 公斤/厘米
  4、How about the accuracy of this pressure gauge? When did you calibrate it? 这压力表准不准确?什么时候校验的?
  5、Is the owner’s representative here now? 船东代表来了没有?
  6、When will the surveyors be here?验船师什么时候来?
  7、Have your inspectors checked it? Any problems? 你们的检验员看过没有?有什么问题?
  8、The welding is uneven and needs some remedy.焊角尺寸不均匀,需要修补。
  9、There is an air hole here. Please scrape it and have a repair. 这里有气孔,需挖掉后再修补。
  10、There is a seizing here. Reweld it please. 这里有咬口,需焊补。

  11、The inside of the pipe needs grinding.管子内部需打磨。
  12、The inside of the pipe needs welding and grinding. 管子内部需补焊打磨。
  13、The inside of the branch pipe needs welding and grinding. 支管内部需补焊打磨。
  14、Please grind it once more.打磨不够,再磨以下。
  15、The seam of the pipe seat is not welded thoroughly and needs welding and grinding. 管座焊缝未焊透,需补焊打磨。
  16、The seam of the reducer connection is not welded thoroughly and needs welding and grinding. 异径接头缝未焊透,需补焊打磨。
  17、The seam of the bend is not welded thoroughly and requires welding and grinding. 定型弯缝未焊透,需补焊打磨。
  18、The welding part is too thin and needs rewelding. 电焊太薄,需补加电焊。
  19、Now I’ll have to go on board. I will have a check this afternoon. 现在我有事需上船,下午再来检验。
  20、The pressure test is over. Now decrease the pressure, dismantle the pipe and check the inside of the pipe. 压力试验通过了,把压力放掉,拆开管子,检查管子内部。
  21、 What’s to be done after water hydraulic) pressure test? Acid flushing or galvanizing? ( 水压试验后怎么处理,是酸洗还是镀锌?
  22、These pipes need photoing and inspecting.这些管子需拍片和探伤(radiation)。
  23、I’ll check the material certificate of the pipe. 我要这管子的材质证书。
  24、I’d like to see the material certificate of the flange. 我要看这法兰的材质证书。
  25、These pipes have been checked and can be stamped.
  26、Is there any leaking here? 这里是否漏水?
Ⅱ. 船舶管系提交一般用语 for the delivery of the piping system
  1、先生,麻烦给我看一下缺陷可以吗?Sir, could you show me the defect?
  2、现在可以启动泵吗?May I start the pump now?
  4、这个系统没问题吧? Let’s begin the test. Is there any trouble for this system?

  5、压力太低(高) The pressure is too low (high).
  6、温度太低(高) The temperature is too low (high).

  7、流量太小(大) The flow is too little (much).
  8、真空度太小 The pressure in the vacuum is too low.

  9、旁通阀关闭 The by-pass valve is closed.
  10、我们到上面(下面、前面、后面)去看看。 Let’s go upward (downward、forward、backward) to have a check.
  11、能否让我叫个翻译来解释一下 Shall I ask an interpreter to explain it to you?
  12、你要看一下图纸吗? Would you like to have a look at the drawing?
  13、这根管子的通径是 1500mm。 The diameter of this pipe is 1500mm.
  14、这个系统的原理没有问题。 The principle of this system is okay.
  15、安装的位置是可以的,便于操作。 The installation position is proper and easy for operation.
  16、我们会按照你的意思改一下 We’ll make a change according to your request.
  17、让我们到隔壁舱室去看一下。 Let’s go to the next hold (space, room, cabin) to have a look.
  18、垫片换新 Renew the washers. ( gasket)

  19、法兰平面贴合不好。The surface of flanges don’t fit well.
  22、螺丝扳紧 Galvanize the pipes. Paint the pipes Tighten the screw.

  23、消防管(压载管 / 日用空气管 / 日用淡水管)密性试验 The tightness test for fire pipes (ballast pipes / service air pipes / service F.W. pipes).
  24、喷淋装置试验。 The test of spraying and flushing equipment.
Ⅲ. 船舶管系各系统完整性、密性提交用语 piping system.
for the completeness and tightness of the

Please clear the rubbish.

  2、请保持良好通风,并且要做气爆测试 Please keep good ventilation and do the gas explosion test.
  3、请把系统的完工图提供给我们 Please provide us with the finished plan of this system.
  4、请把这个穿舱件改成水密的 Please change this penetrating piece into water tight construction.
  5、把这个阀件拆下检查其是否为截止(止回)阀 Please disconnect this valve to see is it is a non-return valve.
  6、这个阀(设备、附件)没有船级社检验钢印,需要补做。 This valve (equipment、accessory) hasn’t been affirmed or stamped by the classification society.
  7、这一支管通径(开的位置,外部涂装)不对,一定要按照图纸施工。 The diameter (opening position ,outer painting) of this branch pipe is not correct. It must be fabricated in accordance with the drawing.
  8、这路管子不应该穿过油舱(水密舱、人形通道、电缆管)的上方,必须改正以防止事故 发生。 This pipe must not pass through from above oil tanks (water-tight compartments、 passageways or cables) to prevent any accidents from occurring.
  9、焊接(打磨)太糟糕了 The welding (grinding) is too bad (too poor).
  10、压力表在哪里?安装的位置不合理。 Where’s the pressure gauge? The installation position is not reasonable.
  11、这个箱柜居然没有安装泄放阀。 Why didn’t you fit a drain valve on this tank?
  12、这样布置,对今后操作和维修带来不便。 Such an arrangement is inconvenient to the future operation and maintenance.
  13、 设备上的好多附件、 接口和控制箱怎么都没有铭牌?一定要补做。 There are not any
nameplates on so many accessories, connections and control boxes. I want to know why.
  14、 请把压力表拆下来检验“O”位。 Please remove the pressure gauge to calibrate its “zero” position.
  15、检查期间请停掉泵浦,拆掉升压管。 Please stop the pumps and disconnect the booster pipes during the inspection.
  16、这个阀件关不死,请修理或调换。 This valve cannot be closed tightly. Please repair it or have it changed.
  17、管路末端要拆下来并且用水把里面的垃圾冲干净。 Please disconnect the pipe ends and flush it with water.
  18、这个问题我们将同设计所商议,并争取尽快给予答复。 We’ll contact with the technology research institute in respect of the technical problem and reply to you as soon
as possible.
  19、 我们不能按照你的要求将压力泵进该管路, 以防止内部的仪表等元件损坏。 We are not allowed to pump the air into this piping, otherwise the inside meters and components will be damaged.
  20、请你继续检验下去,将所有的问题尽量全部提出。 Please go on checking.
And we hope you will give us a complete list of defects as soon as possible.
Ⅳ.船舶管系各系统效用提交用语:for the effectiveness of the piping system.
  1、 我们要重新检查以下有关设备、 管路、 电缆等安装方面的缺陷。 We’ll examine again
the defects in the installation of the following related equipment、pipe lines and cables.
  2、与本设备有关的系统缺陷必须要验收之前全部消除,否则拒绝验收。 All the defects related to this equipment must be eliminated before delivery, or we’ll refuse to accept it.
  3、这些数据与试验大纲(设备说明书)不符,请给予解释 。 These data don’t agree with the test outline (instruction book), please make a reasonable explanation.
  4、铭牌内容的表达不准确,必须表明流向和功用等。 The content of the nameplate is inaccurate and it must indicate clearly direction and function.
  5、 对不起, 我可以借一下你的手电筒用一用吗? Excuse me, but may I borrow your torch?
  6、请使用我们自己校验过的仪表。Please use the apparatus we have calibrated.
  7、 (接头) 法兰 有泄漏, 请紧固。 The flange (connection) is leaking. Please have it tightened.
  8、阀件开关太困难,请清除阀杆上的油漆并加润滑剂。 The valve is switched on or off
with difficulty. Please clear the paint on the valve stem and add some lubricant.
  9、很抱歉,你们的要求超出了合理的范围,我们不能接受。 Sorry, we can’t accept your unreasonable requests.
  10、 管路的安装、 完整性和密性已经检验过了, 这是报告单。 The installation completeness and tightness of the piping have been inspected already. Here’s the survey report.
  11、我们会按照你方要求尽快修改这些缺陷。 We’ll remedy these defects as soon as possible to satisfy your requirement.
  12、我们会尽力将这些压力表的单位改成“Kgf/cm2”的。 We’ll try to change the measurement unit of the pressure gauge into Kgf/cm
  13、今天就到此为止,明天继续。 So much for today. Let’s go on tomorrow.
  14、谢谢你的合作,下次再见。 Thank you for your nice cooperation. See you later.
第三部分 轮机部分
Ⅰ.主机提交过程用语:(for Main Engine)
  1、请验收轴系找中。 Please check the alignment of the shafting.
  2、请验收主机对中。 Please check the alignment of M/E.
  3、请验收主机曲轴拐档(甩档) Please check and accept the crankshaft deflection.
  4、主机联结(贯穿)螺栓测力验收 Approval of force measurement of M.E. through bolts.
  5、紧拂螺栓安装验收。 Approval of the installation of fitted bolts.
  6、紧拂螺栓孔验收。 Approval of the fitted bolt holes.
  7、中间轴测力验收 Approval of force measurement of intermediate shaft.
  8、中间轴承间隙验收 Approval of intermediate bearing clearance.
  9、主机找中不好 The alignment of M/E is incorrect.
  11、曲轴拐档超差 The alignment of shafting is incorrect. The crankshaft deflection is over the allowance.

  12、请调整到范围内 Please make an adjustment.
  13、主机爆压 Explosive Pressure on M/E.

  14、主机轴马力 The BHP( brake horse power ) of M/E
  20、起动反向 The torsional force of M/E. M.E. side support. M.E. stern support M.E. fastening support Start main engine Start M/E reversely Exhaust temperature is too high (low).


  22、爆压高(低) Explosive pressure on M/E is too high(low).
  23、冷却水温度高(低) The temperature of the cooling water is too high (low).
  24、启动空气压力低 The pressure of starting air is too low.

  25、滑油压力低 The pressure of lub oil is too low.
  26、扫气压力低 The pressure o scanvage air is too low.
  27、增压器转速低 The rpm of turbocharger is too low.
  32、主机暖机 Start (Stop) the main starting valve. Start (Stop) the main L.O. pump.
Start the auxiliary (aux.) blower. Start the main sea water cooling pump.
Preheat the M/E cylinder. Preheat the L.O. circulating pump.





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