bearing bush is chapped.
  12.核查 check .
用桥规核查主轴承 Check the main bearing with bridge gauge. 修理前后要核查拐档差 Check the crankshaft deflection before and after repair.
Disconnect the starting air pipe. 将发电机与原动机脱开。 51 Disconnect the generator from the prime mover.
  28.讨论 discuss . 我要和你讨论一下关于主轴承的问题 。 I want to discuss with you something about the main bearing.
  29.脱开 disengage . 把联动装置脱开。 Disengage the linkage. 盘车机在完成修理工作时需脱开。 The turning gear should be disengaged on completion of repair work.
  30.拆卸 dismantle . 拆卸填料函。 Dismantle the stuffing box. 拆卸压缩机。 Dismantle the compressor. 拆卸一号主轴承上轴瓦。 Dismantle the upper bush of No.1 main bearing.
  31.卸下 dismount . 卸下气缸盖 Dismount the cylinder cover.

  13.清洁 clean . 49 装前须清洁 Clean it before fit back.
  14.阻塞 clog . 燃油滤器阻塞了 The fuel filter is clogged.
  15.涂漆 coat . 用红丹涂管子 Coat the pipe with red lead. 泵壳里涂防护漆 The pump casing is to be coated with anti-fouling.
  16.完成 complete finish . 你什么时候能完成修理工作? When can you complete (finish) the repair job?
  17.连接 connect . 把电动机和淡水泵连接起来 Connect the motor with the fresh water pump
  18.腐蚀 corrode . 泵壳和叶轮均有腐蚀 The pump casing and impeller are corroded.
  19.盖 cover . 请把所有卸下的部件盖起来 Please cover all the removed parts.

  20.裂 . 50 二号缸头裂开穿透至冷却水空间 No.2 cylinder head is cracked.
  21.吊 crane . 把液压马达吊上岸去修理 Crane the hydraulic motor ashore for repair.
  22.割 cut . 把底座割掉 Cut off the bedplate.
  23.损坏 damage . 滚动轴承严重损坏 The ball bearings are seriously damaged.
  24.脱落 detach . 白合金部分脱落了 The white metal is partly detached.
  25.查看 detect . 查看氟里昂系统有无泄漏 Detect the Freon system for leakage.
  26.解体 disassemble . 解体,清洁并检查高压油泵 Disassemble, clean and check the H.P. fuel pump.
  27.脱开 disconnect . 把起动空气管脱开

  32.做 . do 52 你得重新再做 (返工)。 You have to do it all over again.
  33.拉 (拔出) draw . 将缸套拉出。 Draw out the cylinder liner. 柱塞应从导套里拉出。 The plunger has to be drawn out from the sleeve.
  34.修饰 dress up . 把轴瓦油路修饰一下。 Dress up the oil way of the bush.
  35.钻 drill . 用手摇钻来钻孔。 Drill it with a hand drill
  36.啮合 engage . 啮合盘车机和飞轮。 Engage the turning gear with flywheel.
  37.仔细检查 examine . 把气缸盖送车间检查。 Send the cylinder cover to the workshop for examination
检查水封,看看是否在橡皮圈有泄漏。 53 Examine the water seal to see if there is any
leakage around the rubber rings. 检查燃油管。 Examine the fuel oil pipe.
  38.制作 fabricate . 制作十个活塞销。 Fabricate ten gudgeon pins.
  39.平顺 fair up . 将轴在车床上平顺一下。 Fair up the spindle on the lathe.
  40.锉 file . 原地锉去雷治。 File off the ridges on the lathe.
  41.发现 find . 管子发现泄漏。 The pipe is found leaking.
  42.刮研 fit and scrape . 刮研主轴承轴瓦。 Fit and scrape the main bearing bushes.
  43.回装 fit back . 所有拆卸的部件修理后装复。 Fit back all the removed parts after repair.
  44.安装 fix . 请在这里安装一盏行灯。 Please fix up a portable light here. 54 喷油器修好后装入气缸盖。 Fix the injector into the cylinder cover after repair.
  45.锻造 forge . 按原样锻造一个。 Forge one piece according to the sample. 按草图锻造一把专用扳手。 Forge a new spanner according to the sketch.
  46.折断 fracture . 锚机右舷机架折断了。 The starboard side frame of the windlass is fracture.
  47.给 give . 请给我一把板手。 Please give me a spanner.
  48.加大黄油 grease . 用油脂枪给滚子轴承加大黄油。 Grease the roller bearing with grease gun.
  49.研磨 grind . 研磨阀与筏座。 Grind the valve to the seat.
  50.敲 . hammer 55 请不要这样敲。 Please don’t hammer it this way.
  51.交给 hand over . 测量数据交给轮机长。 Please hand over the measuring report to the chief engineer.

  52.倾斜 . incline 活塞有一点倾斜。 The piston is a little bit inclined.
  53.通知 inform . 当你进行试车时,请通知我。 Please inform me when you carry out the engine trial.
  54.轧住、咬住 jam . 一个活塞咬住在气缸套里。 One of the pistons jams in the cylinder.
  55.保持 keep . 保持通道干净。 Keep the passage clean. 保持机舱干净。 Keep the engine clean.
  56.泄漏 leak . 管子因腐蚀而漏了 The pipe leaks due to corrosion.
  57.离开 leave . 56 我们将在本月离开 We are leaving this port by the end of this month.
  58.借(出) lend . 借一个手电筒给我。 Lend me a flash light.
  59.吊 lift out . 吊一号缸(吊一号活塞) Lift out No.1 piston. 活塞可以用链条葫芦吊出 The piston can be lifted out by a clean block.
  60.闷住 blind . 把燃油管闷住进行修理。 Blind the fuel pipe for repair. 61 借(出) lend 借一个手电筒给我 Lend me a flash light.
  62.找 look for . 你找谁? Who are you looking for?
  63.旋松 loosen . 将螺丝旋松。 Loosen the screw.

  64.加滑油 lubricate 57 . 请给轴承加滑油。 Remember to lubricate the pawls twice every watch.
  65.车 (光车) machine . 把消防泵叶轮耐磨环部位车一下。 Machine the remetall bushes.
  66.熔化 melt . 白合金已完全熔化了。 The white metal has been melted away.

  67.用金属扣和法修(打波浪键) metalock . 裂缝可用金属扣和法修理。 The crack can be metalocked. move . 不要移动那个电动机。 Don’t move that motor.
  69.测量 measure . 测量活塞环塔口间隙。 Measure the thickness by means of an ultrasonic instrument.
  70.加滑油 oil . 请给轴承加滑油。Oil the bearing, please.
  71.打开 open (up) . 58 把气缸盖打开检查。 Open up the cylinder cover for inspection.
  72.解体检修 overhaul . 解体检修主机调速器。 Overhaul the main engine governor.
  73.漆 paint . 阀体内需涂漆。 The valve body inside is to be painted.
  74.传给、递给 pass . 把板手递给我。 Pass me the spanner.
  75.补、焊补 patch up . 焊补腐蚀部分。 Patch up the corroded parts by welding.
  76.抛光 polish . 把主轴颈抛光至镜面。 Polish the crosshead pin to mirror surface.
  77.准备 prepare . 清洁轴颈,准备检验。 Clean the journals and prepare for survey.
  78.泵 pump . 59 请把污水泵出去。 Pump out the bilge water, please.
  79.记录 record . 请把所有数据记录下来。 Record all the readings, please.
  80.校正 rectify . 活塞应上床校正。 The piston should be rectified on the lathe.
  81.调节 regulate . 把空调器的温度调节一下。 Regulate the temperature of the air-conditioner.
  82.修补 remedy . 用波浪键修补裂纹。 Remedy the cracks by means of metalock.
  83.移开 remove .
把活塞杆移开 。 Remove the piston rod.
  84.修补 remedy . 用波浪键修补裂纹。 Remedy the cracks by means of metalock.
  85.移开 remove . 把活塞杆移开。Remove the piston rod.
  86.换新 renew . 60 损坏的部件用船上的备件换新。 Renew the defective parts with ship’s spares.
  87.修理 repair . 我们有一些东西要修理。 We’ve got something to repair. 三号辅机去年修过。 No.3 auxiliary engine was repaired last year.
  88.更换、放置 replace . 用船上的备件更换磨损部件。 Replace the worn out parts with ship’s spare. 修理后,备件应放置原处。 The spare parts should be replaced to the original place after repair. 把专用工具放回原处。 Replace the special tools to the original place.
  89.上升 rise . 冷却水温度突然上升到摄氏 30 度。 The temperature of cooling water suddenly rises up to 30℃.

  90.转出 roll out . 61 把主轴承下轴瓦滚出来。 Roll out the lower half of the main bearing.
  91.运转 run . 增压器运转噪声太大 The supercharger runs with a terrible noise.
  92.拉毛 scuff . 气缸套下部拉毛了 The lower part of the cylinder liner is scuffed.
  93.咬住 seize . 拄塞在导套中咬住了。 The plunger is seized in its guide (sleeve).
  94.送 send . 把缸头送到车间去修理。 Send the condenser to the workshop for repair. 95 给…看、出示 show 请让我看看如何操作这台机器。 Please show me haw to operate the machine.
  96.光滑 smooth . 按要求把曲柄销弄光滑。 Smooth the crankpin as required.

  97.准备 stand-by . 请备车。Stand-by engine, please.
  98.起动、开始 start . 62 在起动主机前,我们必须暖缸。 We have to warm the main engine before we start it. 开泵。Start pumping.
  99.停止 stop . 停车。Stop the engine. 停止泵油。Stop pumping. 1
  00.开、关 switch (on , off) . 请开灯。 Switch on the light, please. 在你离开以前,把灯关掉。 Switch off the light before you leave. 1
  01.告诉 tell . 请尽快把结果告诉我。 Tell me the result as soon as possible. 1
  02.取(测取) take . 把活塞环取出。Take out the piston ring. 测取主轴承压铅丝读数。 Take the wire readings of all the main bearings. 1
  03.上紧 tighten . 把气缸盖上的螺母上紧。 Tighten up the nuts on the cylinder cover. 1
  04.拧开 unscrew . 63 拧开油管接头。 Unscrew the oil pipe connection. 1
  05.使用 use . 你可以用扳手来松这个螺母。 You can use a spanner to loosen the nut. 1
  06.磨损 wear . 海水泵叶轮严重单边磨损。 The impeller of the sea water pump is unevenly worn out. 1
  07.焊 weld . 在增压器焊上一根支撑。 Weld up one support for the turbocharger. 1
  08.工作 work . 发动机不工作了 The engine doesn’t work. 请抓紧工作。 Please work against time. (seized the time please.) 1
  09.调整 adjust . 必需用压铅丝方法调整间隙。 Clearance must be adjusted by means of lead wire. 把安全阀调整在
  0.6 兆帕。 64 Adjust the safety valve to open at
  0.6 Mpa. 把间隙调整在
  0.3 毫米至
  0.5 毫米之间。
Adjust the play between
  0.3mm. and
  0.5mm. 1
  10.同意 agree . 我同意你的意见。 I quite agree with you. 我很难同意你的建议。 I can hardly agree to your suggestion. 1
  11.找中 align . 缸套装复后找中气缸(校缸) Align up the cylinder after refitting the liner. 原动机和机器对中不良 The prime mover and the machine are not well aligned. 1
  12.确认 ascertain . 确认所有轴承内滑油供应正常 Ascertain the lube oil provision in all bearing. 确认无泄漏 No leakage is ascertained. 1
  13.叫 & 问 ask . 我可以问你一个问题吗? May I ask you a question? 1
  14.组装 & 装配 assemble . 65 备用排气阀应装配好放在安全的地方。 The spare exhaust valve should be assembled and kept in a safe place. 把倒车机构上的液压伺服器组装好。 Assemble the hydraulic servomotor of the reversing gear. 1
  15. 1
  15.变成 become 十子头销变成椭圆了。 The crosshead pin becomes oval. 这东西(变成)无用了。 It become useless 1
  16. 1
  16.弯曲 bend 这根阀杆有点弯曲。 This spindle is found a bit bent. 用加热方法来弯管子。 Bend the pipe by heating it.
二十二、 二十二、问候和常用表达语 66
(Greeting and common expression)

  1.您好! How are you!
  2.见到你很高兴! I’m glad to meet you!
  3.欢迎您到我们船厂来! Welcome to our shipyard!
  4.请坐! Sit down please!

  5.好的,谢谢! Thank you!
  6.早上好,先生! Good morning sir!
  7.没问题! No problem!
  8.好的! Ok!
  9.请进。 Yes please.
  10.明天见。 See you tomorrow.
  11.我是钳工(电工、工程师) I’m a fitter(electrician , engineer).
  12.没关系。 Never mind.
  13.打扰了。 Excuse me.
  14.请多帮忙。 Do me a favour.
  15.现在几点钟? What time is it?
  16.七点钟。 It ’s seven o’clock.
The tensional force of M.E
  16.主机旁撑 M.E.side support.
  17.主机尾撑 M.E. stern support.
  18.主机拉撑 M.E. fastening support.
  19.启动主机 Start main engine
  20.启动反向。 Start M.E. reversely
  21.启动往复式内燃机。 69 Start reciprocating internal combustion engine.
  22.柴油机找中不好。 The alignment of diesel engine is incorrect
  23.二冲程柴油机。 The-cycle internal combustion engine.
  24.多种燃料内燃机。 Multi-fuel internal combustion engine.
  25.汽缸工作容积。 Piston displacement.
  26. 供油提前角太大。 The injection advance angle is too large.
  27.进行扫气泵扫气。 Have a blower scavenging.
  28.排气温度太高。 Exhaust temperature is too high.
  29.启动空气压力低。 The pressure of starting air is too low.
  30.增压器转速低。 The rpm of turbocharger is too low.
  31.调整凸轮间隙。 Adjust cam clearance.



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