口松 seam open 缝口松开 cover with small holes 袋皮有小洞 hook holes 手钩破洞 bags leaky 袋子漏 bags torn 袋子破 bags empty 袋子空 bags covers dirty (dirtstained) 袋子有脏渍 bags cover torn 袋皮破 bags stained by contents 袋子被内货渍污 bags stained by syrup 袋子被糖汁渍污 bags stained by sweat 袋子被汗渍水渍污 oil-stained 油渍 dry oil stains 干油渍 water-stained 水渍 dry water stains 干水渍 wet-stained 湿渍 wet with (by) water 水湿 wet with (by) rain 雨湿
wet with moisture (damp) 潮湿渍 soaked, saturated 浸湿 damp amd mouldy 潮湿发霉 mouldy, moulded, mildewy, mildewed 霉,霉点 rotten 霉烂 melted 融化 tainted 腐烂 damaged by insects 虫损 worm-eaten 虫咬(玉米) damaged by rats 鼠咬 damaged by fire 烧损 contents exposed 内货外露 contents running out 内货脱出 contents sprouting 内货发芽 contents becoming molasses 内货变糖浆 contents melted 内货融化 second-hand bags (used bags) 旧袋 repaired (mended) bags 修补袋 re-seamed (bags) 重缝袋 empty spare bags 备用空袋 (
  3)Bales 包装货 bales slack 松包 bales off 散包 hoops off 箍脱落 cover torn 包皮破 cover torn by hand hooks 手钩扯破包皮 hook holes 手钩破洞 cover dirty 包皮脏渍 oil-stained (stained by oil) 油渍 dirt-stained 脏渍 wet-stained 湿渍 wet with sweat 汗湿渍 wet with moisture 潮湿渍 water-stained 水渍 dry water stains 干水渍 mildew-stained 霉渍点 mould- stained 霉渍 bales burst 炸包 scorched 烧焦 (
  4)Bundles 捆装货 bundles off 散捆 hoops off 箍脱落
hoops missing 箍失落 rings off 圆箍脱落 rings missing 圆箍失落 screws damaged 螺丝口损坏 bundles slack (loose) 松捆 bundles deformed 捆变形 joint off 接头失落 metal-envelope rusty 金属包皮锈 cover rusty 包皮锈 cover off 包皮脱落 cover missing 包皮失落 edge folded 卷边 corner folded 卷角 pipes (tubes) bent 管子弯曲 pipes (tubes) split 管子裂 pipe ends split 管子口裂 pipe dented on both ends 管子两头凹进 screwing threads damaged 螺丝口残损 chafes 擦损 frayed 磨损 scratched 划损 chipped 切损 hole by forklift hands (fork arms) 叉式装卸车齿洞 (
  5) Barrels and Drums 桶装货 cap (top, head ) off 桶盖脱落 staves off 桶板脱落 bungs off 桶塞脱落 hoops off (bands off) 桶箍脱落 hoops rusty 桶箍锈 drums leaky (leaking) 桶漏 drums oozing 桶渗漏 contents leaking out 内货漏出 rusty and leaky 锈和漏损 rusty and dented 锈和瘪损 drum lib loose 桶盖松 drum lid missing 桶盖脱落 bottom off 脱底 drums empty 空桶 drums rusty 锈桶 drums dented 瘪桶 drums bulged 凸桶 drums re-soldered (re-welded) 重焊桶
  6)Cans and jars 罐坛货 oozing 渗漏 leaking 漏 slightly leaking 微漏 sprung out (内容物)涌出 cracked 撞裂 broken 打破 tops off 无盖;脱盖 bottoms off 脱底 bungs off 塞子脱落 heads broken 罐顶打破 (
  7) Rubber bales 包装橡胶 water-stained 水渍 dry water stains 干水渍 oil-stained 油渍 dry oil stains 干油渍 dirt-stained 脏渍 mould-stained 霉渍 sticky 发粘 two bales sticking together 两包粘在一起 corroded by oil 受油腐蚀 cover torn 包皮破 marking indistinct 标志不清
第三部份:海员社交用语 (一)邀请
  1)你想在我们船上看一部中国电影吗? Would you like to see a Chinese movie on board our ship?
  2)请你来尝一尝我们的中国菜好吗? Won't you come over and try some of our Chinese dishes?
  3)你想下一盘象棋吗? Would you care for a game of chess?
Will you go to dance with us tonight?
  5)跟我们一起去海员俱乐部痛痛快快玩一玩怎么样? How would you like to go to the Seamen's Club with me and enjoy ourselves?
  6)今天去看京剧怎么样? How about going to see a Beijing opera today?
  7)你想玩玩台球来轻松一下吗? Do you feel like playing billiards to relax ourselves a little bit?
  8)你愿不愿意到甲板上散散步? Do you fancy taking a walk on deck?
  9)不知道你是否想喝一杯咖啡? I wonder if you would like a cup of coffee?
  10)我想请你这个周末去野餐,我可是不准你不去啊。 I'd invite you to a picnic this weekend, but I simply won't take “No” for an answer.
  11)我船定于星期日晚上举行宴会,如能请到你作为我们的贵宾,我们将不行荣幸。 There is going to be a banquet on board on Sunday evening. May we have the honour of having you as our guest of honour?
  12)我们已向你们发出请贴,欢迎你们船所有船员及其夫人光临。 We've sent you invitation cards. All the crew members of your ship and their wives are welcome.
  13)我们敬请贵公司总经理今天晚上光临,不知是否能赏光? I wonder if we could have the pleasure of having your general director with us this evening?
  14)你和你的夫人如能光临我们的国庆庆祝会,我们将不胜荣幸。 We'd be greatly honoured if you and your wife could come to our National Day celebration.
  15、招待会定于圣诞节前夕七点钟在我船大台举行,欢迎各位来我船。 The rception is scheduled for Christmas Eve at 7 o'clock at our saloon.Welcome aboard.
  1)我看,你是史密斯代理行的布鲁斯先生吧? You are Mr. Bruce from Smith Agency, I suppose
  2)对不起,你是不是理货班长? Excuse me, but are you the Chief Tally?
  3)请问你想见谁?轮机长呢,还是大管轮? Who do you want to see, may I ask, the Chife Engineer or the Second Engineer?
  4)先生们,欢迎光临我船。 Welcome aboard, gentlemen!
  5)我是值班水手,我们的船长让我在舷梯口接你。 I am the sailor on duty, our captain has asked me to meet you here at the gangway.
  6)让我给你带路。 Let me show you the way.
  7)请你先走。 After you, please.
  8)要不要我带你去大台? Shall I take you to the saloon?
Mind your steps, the deck is slippery.
  10)请这边走,那里的过道给甲板货堵死了。 Please go this way, the passage over there is blocked by deck cargo.
  11)咱们离吊杆远一点走。 Let's keep away from the derricks.
  12)请你在我们大台先休息一下好吗? Would you like to have a rest in our saloon first?
  13)要不要把你的大衣脱掉,我来替你挂上。 Would you like totake off your overcoat? I'll hang for you.
  14)你总算来了,我接到你的电话后一直在等你来。 Here you are at last. I've been expecting you ever since I got your phone call.
  15)请你坐下,随便一点好吗? Won't you take a seat and make yourself at home?
  16)让你久等了实在抱歉。 Sorry to have kept you waiting such a long tine.
  17)我能为你做点什么? Could you please tell me what I can do for you?
  18)我们的大副不在,你有没有口信要留给他。 Our chief officer isn't in. Have you got any messege for him?
  19)我们现在就开始谈正经事好吗? Shall we get down to business now?
  20)我想你是来讨论配载图的吧。 You've come to talk about the cargo plan, I suppose.
  21)坦白地告诉你,这是不可能的。 To be frank with you, it's out of the question.
  22)这恐怕是违反我们的规章制度的。 I am afraid it's against our rule.
  23)没有我们水手长的同意,什么事也办不成。 Without our bosun's permission, nothing can be done.
  24)我无权给你直接答复,我得和我们船长商量。 It's beyond my power to give you a straight answer, I'll have to consult with our captain.
  25)我会好好考虑这件事,而且在下星期告诉你我们的决定。 I'll take the matter into consideration and let you know our decision sometime next week.
  26)咱们一起尽力在我船离港前找到一个解决问题的办法。 Let's do our best to find a solution to the problem before our ship leaves.
  27)不要着急说不行,咱们双方都再把这件事考虑一下。 There is no hurry to say“no”. Let's both give the matter a second thought.
  28)我们为什么不妥协一下而一定要坚持自己的立场不肯让步呢? Why don't we make a comprise instead of sticking to each ground?
  29)我很高兴我们双方对所有的问题取得了一致的意见。 I am glad we've seen everything eye to eye.
  30)等一下,我让值班水手送你到舷梯口。 Wait a moment! I'll ask the sailor on duty to see you to the gangway.
  1)我看我们以前没有见过面,让我来介绍一下自己。 I don't think we've met before. Let me introduce myself to you.
  2)我得先介绍一下我自己,我叫王林,在中国远洋运输公司工作。 I've got to introduce myself first. My name is Wang Lin from the China Ocean Shipping Company.
  3)斯赛塞先生,我想请你认识一下我的新相识,装卸公司的威廉先生。 Mr.Spencer, I'd like you to meet one of my new acquaintance, Mr. Williams from the Stevedoring Company.
  4)认识你很高兴。 Glad to meet you.
  5)认真你是我莫大的荣幸。 It's my great pleasure to know you.
  6)不用介绍了,我们已经认识了。 No introduction is necessary, we already know each other.
  7)你怎么认识他的? How did you come to know him?
  8)我们是偶然在一艘中国船上相互认识的。 We got to know each other on a Chinese ship by accident.
  9)请你给我引见一下港监的负责人好吗? Will you be so kind as to present me to the head of the harbour superintendence?
  10)我是否有此荣幸认识一下你们的港务局局长吗? May I have the honour of getting acquainted with your harbour master?
  11)我一直非常想认识你,可是没有想到今天在这里认识你。 I've been eager to know you, but I didn't expect to meet you here today.
  12)我知道你这个人,但一直没有荣幸认识你。 I know of you, but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you.
  13)你的同事一直给我讲有关你的事,但我没想到那么快而且在这个场合认识你。 Your colleagues have been telling me about you, but I didn't dream of meeting you so soon and on this occasion.
  14)我刚才把你错当作海关的格林先生了。请问尊姓大名? I took you for Mr Green from the Customs just now. May I know your name?
  15)如果我的眼睛没有期骗你,你是领班马丁先生。 If my eyes don't deceive me, you are Mr. Martin, the forman.
  16)如果我没有搞错的话,你是卡特先生的兄弟。 If I am not mistaken, you are Mr. Carter's brother.
  17)原来你是福特先生的公子,怪不得长得那么象他。 It turns out that you are Mr. Ford's son. No wonder you are the very image of him.
  18)既然我们今天相识了,希望今后互相赠进了解。 Now that we know each other today I hope we'll get to know each other better.
  19)从今天开始,我肯定我们能指望得到你更多的指导和帮助。 From now on, I am sure we could count on your for more advice and help.
  1)我能不能约你星期一早晨见面呢? Could I make an appointment with you for Monday morning?
  2)不知道你们经理今天下午是否能见我?我有点急事。 I wonder if your director could see me this afternoon. I've got something urgent.
  3)我明天早晨十点左右到你办公室找你行吗? Is it all right for me to call at your office at around ten o'clock tomorrow morning?
  4)为什么不定在下星期某一个时间呢? Why not make it sometime next week?
  5)我能不能占用你几分钟来讨论一下如何来处理残损货? Could I take up a few minutes of yours to talk about what to do with the damaged cargo?
  6)我今天是否有可能见到港务局局长本人? Is it possible for me to see the harbour master in person today?
  7)你得提前三天预约。 You've got to make an appointment three days in advance.
  8)我知道他这个星期全部排满了,你能不能给安排下星期什么时间? I know he is all filled up this week. Could you fix up sometime next week?
  9)下星期五早晨你方便吗? Will next Friday morning be convenient to you?
  10)什么时间对你最合适? When do you think suit you most?
  11)今天任何时间对我都合适。 Any time today will suit me.
  12)我真希望你们轮机长星期五早晨能见我。 I do hope your chief engineer could see me on Friday morning.
  13)如果有什么变动,我会在星期四之前通知你的。 If there is any change, I'll let you know before Thursday.
  14)我来落实一下你们船长是否能在下星期一见我。 I've come to make sure if your captain will be able to see me next Monday.
  15)轮机长留下了口信,他将很乐于见你。 The chief engineer has left a message for you. He'll be glad to see you.
  16)我想知道是否能把我与轮机长会面时间从星期二早晨九点改成星期三下午三点。 I'd like to know if I could change my appointment with your chief engineer from nine o'clock Tuesday morning to three o'clock Wednesday afternoon.
  17)哈里森先生打电话来问大副是否可以在这个星期什么时候重新订一个会面时间。 Mr. Harrison has called to ask if the Chief Officer could make a new appointment with him sometime this week.



   船舶英语实用手册 前 言 《船舶英语实用手册》在处党,政的关心,指导下,在相关编写人员的共同努力下,终 于将和大家见面了.这本小册子是在公司为应对"三江管道"的冲击,实施大油运发展战略, 全面推进"二次创业"的背景下编写的,是船处为适应公司创业发展形势的要求,推进"学习 年"活动的深入开展,并根据广大青年职工的学习需求而编写的英语自学教材.本书共分六 个部份.第一部份:学习方法与技巧,主要介绍学习英语的一些经验及技巧;第二部份:海 ...


   目 录 第一部分:学习方法与技巧…………… 第二部份:海员专业英语基础知识…… 16 第三部份:海员社交用语……………… 77 第四部份:日常口语对话………………107 第五部份:英语相关基础知识…………209 第六部份:英文阅读作品………………223 1 Practical English manual for ships 第一部分 学习方法与技巧 一、如何避免英语学习中的 10 个误区 语法当先:说话、写作之前先想语法,惟恐语法有错,这是学校死板的英语教学给学生留下 的最严重的后遗症之一 ...


   八、英语会话 1、早上好 good morning 7、接着我们一个一个地做报警/安全保护装置的功 能试验 Now we will do the function test about alarm and safety device 8、设备交接基本结束 Now the test is over 9、请部有何修改意见? Do you have any question ? 49 17、这里增加一只落水斗 Add a drain plug here 18、请用空气压缩空气吹干 Please d ...


   船舶英语 来源: 林会岩的日志 1.基本,简单的词汇: AM 上午 PM下午 Notification of inspection 检查验收通知单 Application 申请,申请单 Inspection 检验,报验 Technical discussion 技术讨论 On board 在船上 In the workshop 在车间 On the slipway 在船台上 At pier(wharf) 在码头 Fair 尚好的 The performance is merely fai ...


   救助打捞船 salvage vessel 潜水器 submersible 破冰船 ice-breaker 渔业船 fishery vessel 拖网鱼船 trawler 围网鱼船 seine netter 港务船 harbour boat 供应船 supply ship 游艇 pleasure yacht 水翼船 hydrofoil craft 气垫船 air-cashion vehicle 全垫升气垫船 hovercraft 双体船 catamaran 水泥船 concrete ship ...


   1402 分段换板处 UT UT inspection for changing plate of block 1402 FR49 纵舱壁上工艺孔 butt welding seams of technical opening in the long.bulkhead for Fr49 工艺孔(1#油渣舱)补板 工艺孔( 油渣舱) 油渣舱 CLosing plate for technical opening in SL Tk 1 2728 主甲板与角隅板角焊缝 Fillet welding ...


   实用短英语 Absolutely! 绝对正确! Adorable! 可爱极了! Amazing! 太神了! Anytime! 随时吩咐! Almost! 差不多了! - Finished? - Almost! Awful! 好可怕呀! After you. 您先。 About when? 大约何时? All set? 一切妥当? Allow me! 让我来! Baloney! 胡扯!荒谬! Behave! 放尊重点! Bingo! 中了! Boring! 真无聊! Bravo! 太棒了! B ...


   1. I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不是三岁小孩) 2. How do I address you?(我怎么称呼你) 3. She turns me off.(她使我厌烦。) 4. So far so good.(目前为止,一切都好。) 5. Be my guest.(请便、别客气) 6. That was a close call.(太危险了/千钧一发) 7. Far from it.(一点也不。) 8. It's a pain in the neck[麻烦的事(人 ...


   1、 以 a 为中心词 a bottle of \ 一瓶 a cup of \ 一茶杯 a glass of \ 一玻璃杯 a few \ 一些;少数几个 a lot of \ 许多;大量 a little \ 一点儿 a piece of 一张;片;块… a bit of \ 一点儿 a pair of \ 一对;一双 a kind of \一种 a moment later \ 片刻之后 a great many \ 很多的; 非常多的 a type of \ 一类 a good man ...


   英语实用妙语 1.I’m an office worker. 我是上班族。 2.I work for the government. 我在政府机关做事。 3.I’m happy to meet you. 很高兴见到你。 4.I like your sense of humor. 我喜欢你的幽默感。 5.I’m glad to see you again. 很高兴再次见到你。 6.I’ll call you. 我会打电话给你。 7.I feel like sleeping/ taking a ...



   英语课堂游戏 Game 1: 上车 目的:用"Hi\Hello.I'm..."向别人问好,并介绍自己。 方法:将学生分散在教室的各个角落,及车站站点,等待上车。老师做司机,到各个 站点接学生上车。学生上车前必须向司机问好。(还可再加一个学生当固定售票员) 知识点:T:Bus stop! Hello! I'm David. Li Lei, here's your ticket. S1: Thank you. 2:下车 Game 2:下车 目的:练习用"Goodby ...


   请有经验的朋友谈谈英语专业考研该如何准备 194 次 我是英语专业的本科生, 为了进一步充实自己打算考研, 但由于了解到的信息比较有限所以 很茫然,有些问题比较困惑: 1、英语专业考研大纲是学校自己出的还是教育部考试中心统一出的,该去哪里购买? 2、考研都需要了解些什么信息,如果选定了学校及专业,如何了解更多相关的考研信息, 是去学校了解还是怎么样? 3、政治是应该一开始就看还是到后阶段再看? 4、如果平时成绩只是一般,英语专业考研应该怎么入手准备,需要注意哪些问题? 请有经验的朋友多多指导 ...


   新高一英语 Unit 6 GOOD MANNERS 说课稿 浙江省温岭中学 一.教学内容分析 本单元的中心话题是 Good manners,这是一个亘古及今且永恒的话题。但在我们这一 单元中,Good manners 都有些什么内容呢?中外文化中对 Good manners 的理解、体现有 什么异同?我们该怎么做、做什么才能成为一个受人欢迎、具有 Good manners 的人呢?单 元中十一个板块的相关话题的设计及语言材料的选编无不紧紧扣着这个中心。 从日常生活中 看似虽小但能触及心灵的情 ...


   听力课堂,开放式外语学习平台! 听力课堂,开放式外语学习平台!TingClass.com 1. I don't mind your(你延期做出决定) the decision as long as it is not too late. 2. I have had great deal of trouble. (跟得上班 上的其他同学) 3. In the Chinese household, grandparents and other relatives(起 着不可缺少的作用) in r ...


   定义 动词以一定的词形变化形式来表达事物之动作或状态的时间性者称为时态(Tense)。 词形变化的形式共有如下四种: 1.一般式(Simple Form) 3.完成式(Perfect Form) 2.进行式(Progressive Form) 4.完成进行式(Perfect Progressive Form) 动作或状态的时间性则可分为如下三个时段: 1.现在(Present) 2.过去(Past) 3.将来(Future) 这四种词形形式和三个时段可以配合成如下的十二种动词的时态。 这十二 ...