Unit 4
Comprehensive Questions
? What did the author do three years ago and what is she doing now? ? How does the author work nowadays? ? How does the author manage her daily life? ? What are the symptoms shared by people who live a virtual life? ? How does the author behave when she is suddenly confronted with real live human? ? How does the author behave on line? Why? ? How does virtual life affect her relationship with her boyfriend? ? What does the author do to restore balance to her life? ? Does the author feel happy when she returns to the real world? Why or why not? ? What does she do then?
Language Points
? virtual (title)
created and existing only in a computer
e.g. He has fell in love with a girl in the virtual world, and wanted to merry her. virtual pet virtual community
辨析: Virtue & Virtual
? My boyfriend’s Liverpool accent suddenly becomes impossible to interpret after his easily understood words on screen: a secretary’s clipped tone seems more rejecting than I’d imagined it would be.(para.
What does the sentence imply? I have become more familiar with the virtual world than the real world.
a secretary’s short clear tone seems more harsh/rigid/stiff than I’d imagined it would be.
? interpret (L.
1 ) understand (sth, said, ordered, or done)
e.g. The pupils interpreted their teacher’s smile to be/as an agreement.

  2) give or provide the meaning of , explain
e.g. This dream different ways. can be interpreted in several
interpretation Interpreter 扩展: misinterpret Translator
? 诗有助于阐述人生的意义。
Poetry helps to interpret life.
? fluid (Para.
a. instable; graceful, smooth and flowing
e.g. He is inclined to hold ~ ideas. He is amazed at the ~ motion of the dancer.
n. liquid
? highlight (Para.
n. the most prominent or the prime part of…
e.g. The reporter gave a concise account of the ~s of the week’s events.
v. to make prominent or emphasize
e.g. The issue of the migrant workers’ housing is ~ed at the council.
? submit (Para.

  1) give(sth.)to sb. So that it may be formally considered (followed by to )
submit your reports to the
e.g. You should committee.

  2) 2 to allow another person or group to have power or authority over you, or to accept something unwillingly (yield, surrender, give in)
e.g. She decided to resign from the party rather than submit to the new rules.
Translate: 他已将报告呈交校长。 他已将报告呈交校长。 He has submitted this report to the headmaster. (submit… to) 他将服从校长的命令。 他将服从校长的命令。 He will submit to the orders of the headmaster. (submit (oneself) to)
submit willingly
心悦诚服 扩展: 扩展: submission submissive 辨析: summit/transmit
? edit (Para.
revise or correct
e.g. Jack is busy editing Shakespeare's plays for use in schools.
扩展: edition, editor, editorial An is an article in a newspaper which gives editorial the opinion of the on a topic or an item of editor news.
? at times (Para.
e.g. She has been away from her home for about a year. At times she wishes she had never left.
? take in (Para.

  1. receive, admit
  2. include
  3. make (clothes) narrower
  4. understand
  5. deceive
  6. see at a glance; see at once
3 The dress was too big, so I took it in. 4 I didn’t take in what you were saying. 6
She took in every details of the other woman’s clothes.
1 Do you mean we should get rid of the stale and take in the fresh? 5 Don’t be taken in by her promises. 2 This is the total cost of the trip, taking in everything.
? spit (Para.
send (liquid, food, etc.) out from etc. the mouth (used in the pattern: pattern: spit sth. (out) (at/on/onto sth. sb./sth.)) sb. sth.
e.g. The baby spat its food out on the table.
他气呼呼地作了答复。 他气呼呼地作了答复。 He angrily spat out her answer.
? I start to feel as though I’ve become one with my machines, taking data in, spitting them back out, just another link in the Net. (Para.
我开始觉得自己似乎与机器融为一体了,我接受信 我开始觉得自己似乎与机器融为一体了 我接受信 再发送出去,就如同互联网的一个连接点 就如同互联网的一个连接点。 息, 再发送出去 就如同互联网的一个连接点。
? We start to feel an aversion to outside forms of socializing. (para.
We start to dislike forms of communicating with others without being on line.
? What first seemed like a luxury, crawling from bed to computer, not worrying about hair, and clothes and face, has become a form of escape, a lack of discipline. (Para.
一下床就上机,不再为发型、服饰、 一下床就上机,不再为发型、服饰、面部化妆烦 心,起初看似高级的享受如今却成为一种对生活 的逃避,一种缺乏自律的表现。 的逃避,一种缺乏自律的表现。
? And once you start replacing real human contact with cyber-interaction, coming back out of the cave can be quite difficult. (Para.
What does “cave” here refer to? “Cave” here refers figuratively to the isolated life of the virtual world.
? conversely (Para.
in an opposite way.
e.g. $1 will buy 100 yen worth of Japanese goods. Conversely, 100 yen will buy $1 worth of American goods.
Translate: Translate: 你可以把流质加进粉末或反过来把粉末加入流质。 你可以把流质加进粉末或反过来把粉末加入流质。 You can add the fluid to the powder or, conversely, the powder to the fluid. 扩展: 扩展:Vice versa
? but then (Para.
but at the same time; meanwhile
e.g. The failure of China’s soccer team looks inevitable. But then, anything can happen in football. 这个马戏团并不出色,不过观众的要求也并不高。 这个马戏团并不出色,不过观众的要求也并不高。 The circus was not a very good one, but then, the audience was not demanding.
? be jarred by (L.
have a harsh or an unpleasant effect (used in the pattern: jar sth., jar on sb./sth.)
e.g. The loud bang jarred my nerves. Her squeaky voice jarred on me.
? suck in (Para.
involve… in; absorb…in
e.g. Sucked in the rain, the crops grow prosperously. 我不想卷入有关学校改革的辩论。 我不想卷入有关学校改革的辩论。 I don’t want to get sucked into the debate about school reform.
“Dateline,” “Frontline,” “Nightline,” CNN, New York1, every possible angle of every story over and over and over, even when they are of no possible use to me. (Para.
Give the Chinese equivalents for “Dateline”, “Frontline”, “Nightline”, “CNN”, “New York1”.
“每日新闻”、“一线新闻”、“夜间新闻”、“有线新 每日新闻” 一线新闻” 夜间新闻” 闻电视网” 纽约一套” 闻电视网”、“纽约一套”。
? Work moves into the background . (L.
Work becomes secondary/less important to me.
? in sight (Para.
哪儿也见不到他。 哪儿也见不到他。 He is nowhere in sight.

  1) visible

  2) likely to come soon
Peace was in sight at last after four years of war.
? at/on sight Mary disliked him on sight. ? Out of sight We waved until the train was out of sight. ? eyesight/ foresight/ insight/ oversight(oversee)/ sightseeing
? remark v./n. (Para.
remark (on) sth. = comment (on) sth. make remarks/comments on /about sth. e.g. His rude remark about my acting in the play jarred on me.
? project n./v. (Para.

  1) to cause (an image) appear on a surface
e.g. The teacher projected the slide onto a screen.

  2) To externalize and attribute (an emotion, for example) to someone or something else. to imagine that someone else is feeling the same emotions as you 将 (自己的感情, 通常为不愉快者)投射给某人; 以为 , ; (尤指潜意识地)某人也存在(与自己同样的? 通 常 为 不 愉 快 的 感 情 )
e.g. You mustn't project your guilt onto me, = assume that I feel as guilty as you do You're projecting your insecurity onto me.
? I don’t realize that I’m projecting until after I’ve been embarrassed by someone who politely points out that I’ve attacked her for agreeing with me. (Para.
直到有人礼貌地指出, 直到有人礼貌地指出,她同意我的观点却遭到我 的抨击时,我才意识到,自己是在以己度人,不 的抨击时,我才意识到,自己是在以己度人, 由得深感尴尬。 由得深感尴尬。
? ? ? ?
reliant reliable ? I’m on him because he is . relies/ has reliance
rely (Para.
  10) reliance n. reliable adj. reliant adj.
? He on his parents.
I relied so much on co-workers for the purse of having them as my companions/partners.
company n. accompany vt.
? I relied so much on co-workers for company. (Para.
Why don’t you stay here and keep Emma company? Why don’t you stay here to accompany Emma? He accompanied her on/at the piano. Company Companion Companionship 总称,不可数 (陪伴,伙伴) 单称,可数 (伙伴) [U] n. 友谊,友情
? restore (Para.
vt. bring back to a former condition (used in the pattern: restore sth.;restore sb. to sth.)
  1. Law and order will be quickly restored after
the incident.
  2. The deposed king was restored to power.
? set apart… from (Para.
separate… from
e.g. If you isolate yourself, you set apart yourself from socializing.
? intolerable (Para.
too difficult, bad, annoying etc for you to accept or deal with

  1) that you can do something to washable (=it can be washed) unbreakable (=it cannot be broken) loveable (=easy to love)
  2) having a particular quality or condition knowledgeable (=knowing a lot) comfortable
Summary True or False
  1. The author tries to at least get to the gym in order to keep fit. The author tries to at least get to the gym, so that she may set apart the weekend from the rest of her week. F

  2. The author can get used to the real world very well. She finds that sometimes being face to face is too much.
  3. The author can’t bear her friend’s laughter and the noise in the restaurant.
  4. The author can’t make a choice between the real world and the virtual one. She finally chooses the virtual world.



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