(一).Part I Vocabulary and Structure(30 points) Directions:choose the one that best completes the following sentences:
  1.It is reported that none of the passengers survived the plan yesterday. A.crash B.crush C.crack D.smash
  2.My mother are always??一 her past memories. A.dwelling B.dwelling in C.dwelling D.dwelling over
  3.The building of the nuclear power station has be because of the local citizen’S protest toagainst it. A.set Off B.set down C.set back D.set up
  4.The old lady found herself lying in a hospital when she A.came over B.came down C.came up D.came tO
  5.The police seemed to have lost all hope of the criminals A.turning out B.trailing off C.tracking down D.tracking back. from
  2.5 million t0 4 million pounds
  6.The cost ofthe improvements would A.range B:compose C.expend D.include
  7.What a fine day it is!Do you feel like along the East Lake? A.tO take a walk B.taking a walk C.it to take a walk D.it taking a walk
  8.The police were within a few minutes on hearing about the crime. A.atthe spot B.in the spot C.on the spot D.to the spot
  9.They set off by car and the nearest town. A.made for B.made out C.made after D.made to 1
  0.It is reported that this tree is one of the oldest treeS??. A.in living B.in existing C.in existence D.in life 1
  1.The boys in this group have little except that they share the same interest in football A.as common B.as acommon C.irl common D.on common
  12.What is in the bag? it terrible A.smells B.smells of C.is smelling D.smells off 1 3-??what you have said,I assume you don’t agree with me A.Judged by B.Judging by C.Finding out D.Looking at 1
  4。The old man lived after his retirement. A.with ease B.at ease C.easily D.ofease 1
  5.The librarian tried to get the book on the top of the shelf,but it was Ills reach. A.behind B.beneath C.beyond D.out
  16.It took Jack a long time to the fact that he could never become a famous writer.
A.come up with B.come to terms with C.come up to D.come through three to send to your parents. 1
  7.Hi,I have some pictures here.You can A.single out B.pick out C.make out D.take out 1
  8.It’s impossible to know~what will happen. A.in retum B.in front C.in ahead D.in advance 1
  9.Do you think Jack should.take sole??for the failure in the experiment'? A.responsibility B.duty C.charge D.rights
  20.The speaker that minor point when he gave a lecture to the students. A?agreed with B.passed on C.dwelt on D.given off 2
  1.Happiness serving the people heart and soul. A.consists of B.consists in C.due to D.exists
  22.Ifyou continue to be so careless,you will failing in the experiment A.finish B.complete C.end up D.pull out
  23.A good guard must be to every sound around him. A.owed B.alert C.informed D.chary
  24.He longed to go to college, .he often dreamed about it. A.so much that B.such that C.so much so that D.so much as
  25.It was at Christmas we took some toys to the Children’s Home. A.when B.which C.as D.that
  26.Dishonesty carl be contagious, A.norcan trust B.so can trust C.so trust catl D.nor trust can 27 you are the right person to cooperate with us. A.By my guess B.By my consideration C.By my estimate D.By myjudgement
  28.It’s hi29h time that the govemment a campaign to wipe out thefts. A.1anded B.1aunched C.shot D.moved
  29.As far as the grammatical knowledge of the students concerned,they have good command of it. A.is B.are C.was D.being 3 0 th e chance to take that exam again,1 would surely pass it. A.Giving B.Given C.Give D.To Give (二).Part II Reading Comprehension(30 points) Directions:There are 3 reading passages in this part.Each passage is followed by some questionsor unfinished statements.Each of them is given four suggested answers A), C)and D). B), Youshould choose the ONE best answer and blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet. Passage One
Animals seem to have the sense to eat when they are hungry and they do not eat more than their bodies need.It has been demonstrated that rats will,when given a choice over a period of time.prefer water with vitamins to water without vitamins even though there is no difference intaste or smell between the two water bottles.When a fragrant flavor was added to thevitamin.enriched fluid,the rats did seem to develop a taste for it and kept drinking it,even after the vitamins were switched to the clear water.In time,however,they broke the habit and wentback to where the necessary vitamins were. In a classic experiment,babies of 6 t0 1 2 months old were placed in a cafeteria feedingarrangement,with a wide selection of baby food before them.They were given whatever food they pointed to or appeared interested in.we are told that at first they showed some unusual eating patterns,but that over a period of time they managed to select well-balanced diet. S
  0.in selecting food.rats and babies do seem to know and act on what’s best for them.Apparently,there is a kind of”body wisdom,”which humans soon lose.Most of us do not eat as wisely as we could.Many of our food preferences are cultural ly determ ined and influenced bylon9?established habits.Some people eat fox, dog and blackbirds,while we eat cows and pigs.Sowhat people eat and how much they eat seems to be greatly influenced by what is going on aroundthem. 3
  1.In the experiment on rats,a fragrant flavor was added to the rat's drinking water t0 A.encourage rats to drink vitamin?enriched water B.find out rats preference in flavor C.test whether rats know which drink is good for them D.demonstrate that vitami ns are tasteless 32 . The expression”the habit”(para . 1 , sentence
  4)refers to drinking water which . A.has no smell B.is tasteless C.has vitamins D.is flavored 3
  3. According to the passage, adults eating habits differ from those of babies because A.adults know better than babies what kind of food are good for their health B.adults usually cannot resist the temptation of various delicious foods C.adults’eating habits are closely related to the social and cultural customs D.adults have more choices of food than babies in eating patterns 3
  4.The author implied in the passage that most of us A.eat a balanced diet B.have the habits influenced by the surroundings C.choose the food that is of nutrition D.1ike to eat the food with a fragrant flavor 3
  5.As far as their eating habits are concerned,babies and rats are similar in that
A.both have the wisdom to choose a balanced diet B.both prefer flavored food and drink C.both have the same eating patterns D.both develop a taste for the same kinds of flavors Passage Two The market investigation is indispensable to sales promotion.They are closely related as thelips and teeth, to speak. so What you produce is for sale on the market. It would be impossible to succeed in selling a product without first investigating the market. In the international market.goods on sale coming from different countries and suppliers are always facing keen competition.Under such circumstances,they will try everything possible to tamlllarlze themselves with the market conditions.In making investigations,we ought to get mformatlon about w.hat similar items the competitors are offering on the market,what prices they are quoting(报价),what features their products have,who are their regular customers,etc.Then.how Call we obtain such inlbnnation?There are many channels that we can make use of in doing this sort of work.I he commercial counselor’s offices of our embassies stationed abroad can help us in making market lnVestigations?Nowadays , our import and export corporations send their trade groups abroad every now and then.One of their purposes is to make market surveys on the sDot. Certalnly ,face to-face talks with foreign businessmen are also important channels to get market lnformation?The Chinese Export Commodities Fairs and some other fairs of similar narture a3 well as visits of foreign businessmen provide us with such opportunities.Of course.there are some other ways of making market investigations. 36-In making market investigation,one should A-get enough information concerned B.advertise his products C.produce high quality goods D.none of the above
  37.一 I he word”indispensable”in the first line mealls A-1mpossible B?essential C.advisable D.aVailable
  38.Which ofthe following statements is not true? A?Th¨elationship between market investigation and sales promotion is iust aS that of the B-It is impossible t
  0.succeed in selling a product without market investigation. C?There are various ways of making market investigation. D.Production goes before market investigation.
  39.Making market investigation is very important becadse A.in market,goods on sale are numerous B?every producer is facing keen competition C.it can greatly promote sales D.alJ ofthe above
  40.All the following are channels to get market information except A to have commercial counselor’s office of our embassies stationed abroad
B to promote the quality of our own products C to send trade groups abroad every now and then D to have face?t0?face talks with foreign businessmen passage three On NoVember l
  9,1 8
  63,Abraham Lincoln went to GeRysburg in Pennsylvania to speak at theNational Soldiers Cemetery.The Civil War was still going on.There waS much criticismofPresident Llncoln at the time.He was not at all popular.He had been invited to speak atUettysbur9 0nly out of politeness.The principal speaker was to be Edward Everett.a f.amousstatesman and speaker of the day.Everett was a hmadsome mall and very popular everywhere. 1t ls sald that Lmcoin prepared his speech oll the train while goin9?to Gettysbur
  9.Late thatnIght,alone ln hls hotel room and tired out,he again worked briefly on the speech.The next dav EVerett spoke first?He spoke for all hour and 57 minutes.His speech was a perfect examDle of the rich oratory of the day.Then Lincoln rose.The crowd of l
  5,000 people at first paid little attention to him.He spoke for only nine minutes.At the end there was little applause.LincoIn turned to a friend and remarked,”I have failed again.”0n the train back to Washington,he said sadly,”That speech was a flat failure,and the people are disappointed.” Some newspapers at first criticized the speech.But little by little as people read the speech they began jo understand better.’fhey began to appreciate its simplicity and its deep meanin
  9.It was a speech which only Abraham Lincoln could have made. Today,every American school child learns Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address by heart. everyone thinks of it as one of the greatest speeches ever given in American Now history. 4
  1.In l 8
  63.Abraham Lincoln was A.very critical B.unpopular C.very popular D.very courteous
  42.I。incoln was invited to speak at the National Soldiers Cemetery because he was A.a famous speaker B.a very handsome man C.President of the country D.a popular statesman
  43.It can be inferred from the text that A.Lincoln prepared his speech very carefully belbre he went to Gettysburg B.Lincoln was very busy at the time and didn’t have much time to prepare his speech C.L incoln’s speech was full of rich words l D.Lincoln’s speech was very long
  44.It was a fact that Lincoln’s speech was A?all immediate succ。ess B。warmly applauded C.a totaI failure D.not well,received at first
  45.Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage?
A.Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address has deep meanin
  9. B.Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is simple in style. C.Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is memorized by every American school child. D.Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is the greatest speech ever delivered in the United States (三).Part III Cloze(20 points) Direction:There are 20 blanks in the following passage.For each blank there are four choices A,B,C,D,you should choose the answer that best fits into the passage. It’s strange46 chary we are about praisin
  9.Perhaps it's because few of us know how to 47 compliments gracefully.Instead,we are embarrassed and shru9 48 the words we are really so glad to hear.Because of this49 reaction,direct compliments are surprisingly difficult to give.That is why some of the most 50 pats on the back are those51 come to us indirectly,in a letter or52 0n by a friend.When one thinks of the speed with remarks 53 it seems a pity that there isn’t 54 effort to relay pleasing and flattering55 .
  46.A.how B.why C.that D.when
  47.A.receive B.accept C.obtain D.acquire
  48.A.out B.aside C.off D.beside
  49.A.defendable B.defensive D.defence
  50.A.valueless B.value C.worth D.valued
  51.A.whose B.which C.what D.when
  52.A.pass B.passed C.passing D.to pass
  53.A.conveyed B.conveying C.are conveyed D.being conveyed
  54.A.more B.1ess C.1ittle D.man



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