第二册 UNTH 1 TEXT It is humorous essay. But after reading it you will surely find that the author is most serious in writing it. Ts There Life on Earth? There was great excitement on the planet of Venus this week. For the first time Venusian scientists managed to land a satellite on the plant Earth, and is has been sending back signals as well as photographs ever since. The satellite was directed into an area know as Manhattan (named after the great Venusian astronomer Prof. Manhattan, who first discovered it with his telescope 20,000 light years ago). Because of excellent weather conditions and extremely strong signals, Venusian scientists were able to get valuable information as to the feasibility of a manned flying saucer landing on Earth. A press conference was held at the Venus Institute of Technology. "We have come to the conclusion, based on last week's satellite landing," Prof. Zog said, "that there is no life on Earth." "How do you know this?" the science reporter of the Venus Evening Star asked. "For one thing, Earth's surface in the area of Manhattan is composed of solid concrete and nothing can grow there. For another, the atmosphere is filled with carbon monoxide and other deadly gases and nobody could possibly breather this air and survive." "What does this mean as far as our flying sauce program is concerned?" "We shall have to take our own oxygen with us, which means a much heavier flying saucer than we originally planned." "Are there any other hazards that you discovered in your studier?" "Take a look at this photo. You see this dark black cloud hovering over the surface of Earth? We call this the Consolidated Edison Belt. We don't know what it is made of, but it could give us a lot of trouble and we shall have to make further tests before we send a Venus Being there." "Over here you will notice what seems to be a river, but the satellite findings indicate it is polluted and the water is unfit to drink. This means we shall have to carry our own water, which will add even greater weight to the saucer." "Sir, what are all those tiny black spots on the photographs?" "We're not certain. They seem to be metal particles that move along certain paths. They emit gases, make noise and keep crashing into each other. There are so many of these paths and so many metal particles that it is impossible to land a flying saucer without its being smashed by one." "What are those stalagmite projections sticking up?" "They're some type of granite formations that give off light at night.
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Prof. Glom has named them skyscrapers since they seem to be scraping the skies." "If all you say is true, won't this set back the flying saucer program several years?" "Yes, but we shall proceed as soon as the Grubstart gives us the added funds." "Prof. Zog, why are we spending billions and billions of zilches to land a flying saucer on Earth when there is no life there? "Because if we Venusians can learn to breathe in an Earth atmosphere, then we can live anywhere." NEW WORDS humorous a. funny; that makers people laugh 幽默的 humor n. essay n. 散文,随笔 excitement n. the state or quality of being excited planet n. large body in space that moves round a star esp. round the sun 行星 Venusian a. of or having to do with the plant Venus 金星的 n. supposed Venus being 金星人 satellite n. spacecraft that goes round the planet earth and sends back radio and television signals; heavenly body that goes round a plant (人 造)卫星 signal n. 信号;暗号 astronomer n. person who studies the science of the sun, moon, stars and planets 天文学家 telescope n. instrument with special glasses used for seeing distant things extremely ad. very 极端,非常 extreme a. feasibility ad. possibility of being carried or done 可行性 feasible a. manned a. occupied by one or more persons 载人的 saucer
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n. 浅碟;茶托 flying saucer n. 飞碟 conference n. meeting press conference n. meeting arranged by an important person to which news reporters are invited to listen to a statement or ask questions 记者招待 会 technology n. 技术 conclusion n. decision of opinion reached by reasoning 结论 conclude v. reporter v. person who gathers news for a newspaper, magazine, or radio or TV station 记者 compose vt. make up, form 组成,构成 concrete n. building material made by mixing cement with sand, small stones and water 混凝土 atmosphere n. all the gasses round the earth; air in a place 大气;空气 carbon n. 碳 monoxide n. 一氧化物 deadly a. causing death; likely to cause death 致命的 gas n. 气体 survive vi. remain alive; continue to live or exist 活下来;幸存 vt. remain alive after; live longer than 经历...后还活着;比...活得长 survival n. program n. plan of what it to be done 计划 concern vt. be of importance or interest to; have an effect on 涉及,关系到 oxygen n. 氧,氧气 originally ad. formerly 起初,原来 original a.
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hazard n. danger hover vi. stay in or near one place in the air 盘旋 consolidated a. untied; combined 联合的 consolidate vt. belt n. area that has some special quality; zone (地)带 indicate vt. show indication n. pollute vt. make (air, water, soil, etc.) dirty with manmade waste 污染 pollution n. unfit a. not good enough; not suitable particle n. 粒子;微粒 emit vt. send out 散发,射出 emission n. crash v. (cause to) break into pieces violently 坠落;猛撞 smash v. (cause to) break into pieces violently (使)碎裂 stalagmite n. 石笋 projection n. sth. that stands out from a surface 凸出物 type n. a particular kind, class or group 类型,种类 granite n. hard grey stone used for building 花岗岩 formation n. sth. that is formed; way in which sth. is formed 形成(物) skyscraper n. very tall building 摩天大楼 scrape vt. rub with sth. rough or sharp 刮,擦 proceed vi. continue after having stopped (停顿后)继续进行 fund n. sum of money set apart or available for a special purpose 资金;
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billion n. one thousand million zilch n. zero; nothing at all PHRASES & EXPRESSIONS (be) known as also publicly called; named 以...闻名,通常名叫 name after give the same name as 以...名字命名 as to about, concerning 关于 base on / upon use as a basis or foundation for 以...为基础,把...基于 for one thing ... (for another) in the first place... (in the second place) be composed of have as members or parts 由...组成 as far as ... be concerned to the degree that it matters to 就...而言 stick up stand upright; project 直立;突出 give off emit; send out 发出;散发出 set back delay the advance of development of 耽搁;阻碍 PEOPER NAMES Art Buchwald 阿特.布奇沃德 Venus 金星 Manhattan 曼哈顿(纽约市中心) Zog 佐格(姓氏) Edison 爱迪生(姓氏) Glom 格洛姆(姓氏)
UNIT 2 TEXT A heated discussion about whether men are braver than women is settled in a rather unexpected way. The Dinner Party I first heard this tale in India, where is told as if true -- though any naturalist would know it couldn't be. Later someone told me that the story appeared in a magazine shortly before the First World War. That
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magazine story, and the person who wrote it, I have never been able to track down. The country is India. A colonial official and his wife are giving a large dinner party. They are seated with their guests -- officers and their wives, and a visiting American naturalist -- in their spacious dining room, which has a bare marble floor, open rafters and wide glass doors opening onto a veranda. A spirited discussion springs up between a young girl who says that women have outgrown the jumping-on-a-chair-at-the-sight-of-a-mouse era and a major who says that they haven't. "A woman's reaction in any crisis," the major says, "is to scream. And while a man may feel like it, he has that ounce more of control than a woman has. And that last ounce is what really counts." The American does not join in the argument but watches the other guests. As he looks, he sees a strange expression come over the face of the hostess. She is staring straight ahead, her muscles contracting slightly. She motions to the native boy standing behind her chair and whispers something to him. The boy's eyes widen: he quickly leaves the room. Of the guests, none except the American notices this or sees the boy place a bowl of milk on the veranda just outside the open doors. The American comes to with a start. In India, milk in a bowl means only one thing -- bait for a snake. He realizes there must be a cobra in the room. He looks up at the rafters -- the likeliest place -- but they are bare. Three corners of the room are empty, and in the fourth the servants are waiting to serve the next course. There is only one place left -- under the table. His first impulse is to jump back and warn the others, but he knows the commotion would frighten the cobra into striking. He speaks quickly, the tone of his voice so commanding that it silences everyone. "I want to know just what control everyone at this table has. I will count three hundred -- that's five minutes -- and not one of you is to move a muscle. Those who move will forfeit 50 rupees. Ready?" The 20 people sit like stone images while he counts. He is saying "...two hundred and eighty..." when, out of the corner of his eye, he sees the cobra emerge and make for the bowl of milk. Screams ring out as he jumps to slam the veranda doors safely shut. "You were right, Major!" the host exclaims. "A man has just shown us an example of perfect self-control." "Just a minute," the American says, turning to his hostess. "Mrs. Wynnes, how did you know that cobra was in the room?" A faint smile lights up the woman's face as she replies: "Because it was crawling across my foot." NEW WORDS heated a. with strong, excited, and often angry feelings 热烈的;激烈的 unexpected
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a. not expected 意外的 naturalist n. one who makes a special study of plants or animals outdoors 博物学家(尤指直接观察动植物者) shortly ad. Soon; (in) a little time 不久,马上 colonial] a. of or related to a colony or colonies 殖民地的 spacious a. big; having much space 广阔的;宽阔的 dining n. 餐厅 bare a. not covered (with a carpet); empty 不铺地毯的;赤裸的;光秃的 marble n. 大理石 rafter n. one of the sloping beams that support 椽 onto prep. to a position or point on 到...之上; 向...之上 veranda n. 阳台 spirited a. full of spirit; lively outgrow vt. leave behind, as one grows older or more mature 长大得使...不再 适用; 成长得不再要 mouse n. 鼠 era n. 时代,年代 major n. 少校 crisis n. time of difficulty, danger, etc. 危机 ounce n. 盎司;少量 argument n. discussion by persons who disagree; dispute 争论;辩论 hostess n. 女主人 muscle n. 肌肉 contract vi. become shorter or smaller 收缩 contraction n. slightly
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ad. a little 稍微地 slight a. motion vi. give a signal by moving the hand or head 打手势;点(或摇)头示意 widen v. make or become wider bait n. food used to attract fish, animals, or birds so that they may be caught 诱饵 cobra n. poisonous snake found in India and Africa 眼镜蛇 likely a. probable 可能的 impulse n. sudden wish to do sth. 冲动 commotion n. noisy confusion or excitement 混乱;骚动 tone n. quality of voice or music 语气;音调 commanding a. authoritative 威严的 forfeit vt. suffer the loss of (sth.) as a punishment (作为惩罚而)失去 rupee n. monetary unit of India, Pakistan, etc. 卢比 image n. statue 雕像 emerge vi. come or appear (from somewhere) emergence n. slam vt. shut loudly and with force 砰地关上 host n. man who receives guests 男主人 faint a. weak, indistinct 微弱的;不明显的 crawl vi move slowly by pulling the body along the ground 爬行 UNIT 3 TEXT Jefferson died long ago, but may of his ideas still of great interest to us. Lessons from Jefferson Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, may be less famous than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but most
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people remember at last one fact about him: he wrote the Declaration of Independence. Although Jefferson lived more than 200 years ago, there is much that we learn from him today. Many of his ideas are especially interesting to modern youth. Here are some of the things he said and wrote: Go and see. Jefferson believed that a free man obtains knowledge from many sources besides books and that personal investigation is important. When still a young man, he was appointed to a committee to find out whether the South Branch of the James River was deep enough to be used by large boats. While the other members of the committee sat in the state capitol and studied papers on the subject, Jefferson got into a canoe and made on-the-spot-observations. You can learn from everyone. By birth and by education Jefferson belonged to the highest social class. Yet, in a day when few noble persons ever spoke to those of humble origins except to give an order, Jefferson went out of his way to talk with gardeners, servants, and waiters. Jefferson once said to the French nobleman, Lafayette, "You must go into the people's homes as I have done, look into their cooking pots and eat their bread. If you will only do this, you may find out why people are dissatisfied and understand the revolution th



   大学英语精读第二册课文翻译 (全) UNIT 2-2 莫娜.加德纳 一场关于男人是否比女人勇敢的激烈的讨论以一个意外的方式。晚宴 我最初听到这个故事是在印度, 那儿的人们今天讲起它来仍好像实有其事似 的??尽管任何一位博物学家都知道这不可能是真的。后来有人告诉我,在第一 次世界大战之后不久就出现在一本杂志上。 但登在杂志上的那篇故事, 以及写那 篇故事的人,我却一直未能找到。故事发生在印度。某殖民官员和他的夫人举行 盛行的晚宴。跟他们一起就座的客人有??军官和他人的夫人,另外还有一位来 访的 ...


   第二册 UNTH 1 TEXT It is humorous essay. But after reading it you will surely find that the author is most serious in writing it. Ts There Life on Earth? There was great excitement on the planet of Venus this week. For the first time Venusian scientis ...


   大学英语精读第二册(第三版)book2Unit1 答案 一) 1. bare 2. empty 3. empty 4. bare 5. empty 6.empty 二) 1. shortly 2.track down 3.faint 4.motioned 5.at the sight of 6.feel like 7.slamming 8.rang out 9.contract 10.made for 11.heated 12.emerged 三) 1. host 2. sprang up/ ...


   大学英语精读第二册(第三版)book2Unit1答案 上海外语教育出版社 一) 1. bare 2. empty 3. empty 4. bare 5. empty 6.empty 二) 1. shortly 2.track down 3.faint 4.motioned 5.at the sight of 6.feel like 7.slamming 8.rang out 9.contract 10.made for 11.heated 12.emerged 三) 1. host 2. s ...


   Lesson 7 The Greatest Invention By Salomé & Flora Author Lord Dunsany (July 24, 1878?October 25, 1957) was an Irish writer and dramatist. His full name was Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron Dunsany. Lord Dunsany was educated at Eton ...


   Lesson Three More Crime and Less Punishment 答案: Key to the Exercises II. Vocabulary 1. Practice using the rules of word formation 1)Examine how the words “approval”and “nontraffic”are formed. Find out the meaning of the suffix "-al" and p ...


   第一课 1/They said that they would see to it that(务使) no more trees are cut from now on(see to it that 努力使) 2/When he retired adj. 退休的; 退职的; 退后的),he felt very uncomfortable ( (不舒服的) did not know what to do with all .He his time. (do with 利用 忍受 需要 乐意做 ...

大学英语精读第三版(董亚芬主编)第二册 Unit1~Unit10 翻译答案

   Unit1 翻译 1.她砰地关上门,一声不吭地走了,他们之间那场争执就此结束。 Their argument ended when she slammed the door and left without a word. 2. 出席晚宴的客人对那个美国人威严的语气感到有点意外。 The guests at the dinner party were slightly surprised at the commanding tone of the American. 3. 约翰尼已长大成熟, ...


   《大学英语精读》(第二册) - 上一课 第 1 课 1 humorous 2 humor 3 essay 4 excitement 5 planet 6 Venusian 7 satellite 8 signal 9 astronomer 10 telescope 11 extremely 12 extreme 13 feasibility 14 feasible 15 manned 16 saucer 17 flying saucer 18 conference ['hju:m ['hju ...


   humorous['hju:mOrOs]a.幽默的 humor['hju:mO]n.幽默 essay[e'sei]n.散文,随笔 excitement[ik'saitmOnt]n.刺激,兴奋,激动 planet['plDnit]n.行星 Venusian[]n.金星的 n.金星人 satellite['sDtOlait]n.(人造)卫星 signal['signOl]n.信号;暗号 astronomer[O'strCnOmO]n.天文学家 telescope['teliskOup]n.望远镜 ...



   高考英语书面表达学情分析及写作策略 高考英语书面表达学情分析及写作策略 英语书面表达学情分析及写作 株洲市第十三中学 英语老师 柳芳 摘要: 本人针对学生的写作情况 摘要: 高考英语书面表达一直以来是学生应试的心腹大患, 进行分析, 总结出一些英语写作的基本技巧及平时英语学习中的英语书面表达中的培 养方法。 关键词: 关键词: 高考英语 书面表达 教师 高中英语课程的总目标之一是培养学生的综合语言运用能力; 语言技能和语言知 识是综合语言运用能力的基础。 而高考英语书面表达正是对高中英语课程 ...


   第一讲: 第一讲:英语单词记忆法入门知识 (2010-01-27 10:54:24) 转载 关于单词记忆法: 首先,我们了解一下英语单词的记忆方法。如果朋友们在网上搜索一下就会 发现,英语单词的记忆方法有很多种,但概括来说可以分为三大类,分别是死记 硬背法、联想记忆法和构词记忆法。 对于死记硬背我们不用多说,这是所有方法中效率最低、效果最差的。当然,这 也是多数朋友最不喜欢却又正在使用的方法。 联想记忆法就好很多,效率有所提高,效果也很明显。但联想法有个最大的 缺点,就是应用的范围太小,一条 ...


   (上接第3版) 对较高。故B项正确。 73. A。第二段for many rural places in Africa don’t even have electricity说明非洲的 农村地区还未通电。因此选择A。 74. C。根据第三段第一、二句可推知,作者建议建立一个互联网亭,里面所有 的配件都用太阳能电池提供动力,故C项正确。 75. B。作者主要分析了为什么互联网在非洲难以推广的原因,并提出自己的设 想:在没有电力的非洲乡村设立以太阳能电池为动力的上网亭。故B项最符 合文意,为最佳 ...


   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! 泰兴市 济川实验初中 初二英语期末试题 2010.6 (考试时间:100 分钟 满分:100 分) 考试时间: 满分: 考试时间 请注意:1、本试卷分第一部分选择题和第二部分非选择题。 注意: 、本试卷分第一部分选择题和第二部分非选择题。 2、考生答题前,必须将自己的姓名、考试证号、座位号用黑色或蓝色钢笔或圆珠笔 、考生答题前,必须将自己的姓名、考试证号、 填写在试卷和答题卡的相应位置, ...


   谈如何将英语口语测试溶入课堂 单 位:广州市天河区体育西路小学 英语科 作 者:谭 华 1 谈如何将英语口语测试溶入课堂 内容提要: 小学英语口语测试日趋完善,口语测试的进行已经成为了英语学习当中必不可少的一个环节。 口语测试的开展已经成为了孩子们学习英语的其中一种检测学习能力及效果的手段,同时也为实现 “新课标”所提出的要求迈出了坚实的一步。学生因此也从被动学习转为主动学习,从根本上调动 了学生学习的积极性。培养“说”的能力已成为英语学习初始阶段的主要教学目标之一,而学生说 的过程又是语言 ...