Going the Distance
Unit Ten
? Lead In ? Read In ? New words & Phrases ? Text Presentation & Language Points ? Summary of the Text ? Translation
? Topic: Criminal Rehabilitation ? Grammar Tips: Preposition ? Reading Skills: Focusing Your Reading ? Practical Reading: Reading a Concert Schedule ? Practical Writing: Poster ? Fun Time
Lead In
Talk about different ways and effects of punishment in dealing with criminals.
Read In
. A professional boxer is trained to fight. He makes a comfortable living so long as he keeps beating others up. But is it possible for an ex-boxer to live a meaningful life by exhelping others not to fight?
Text Presentation & Language Points
Lines 1-5 1Gloria Okoh was so against her son taking up boxing but he would tell her he was off to a friend’s house or the local youth center when, aged 13, he joined the Westram boxing club, south London. Even when he won the Commonwealth cruiserweight title in 1995, some 13 years later, she still had her reservations.
take up: become up:
interested in some subject and spend time doing it Example: John took up journalism after graduation.
Lines 6-9 6Today, though, Chris Okoh has swapped the ring for the challenge of rehabilitating offenders, and his mum couldn’t be prouder. “She’s a nurse, so she’s really pleased that I’m finally going into a caring job,” says Okoh, 33, who is studying to become a probation officer.
something that tests strength, skill, or ability; a demanding or difficult task
Example: To swim
across the channel in such bad weather was a real challenge. challenge.
Lines 10-17 10-
It is not the most conventional career route, but the former boxing champion has always taken a keen interest in youth ②Keen: eager; fond of development. Just before winning the Commonwealth title, he spent the Example: He has a keen summer as a volunteer with Camp interest in making model America, coaching boys in soccer skills. planes. “They came from difficult backgrounds ③Recall: bring back to the and it was a very demanding role, but I loved it,” he recalls. On his return from the recalls. mind; remember US, he decided to dedicate his Sunday Example: I recall meeting afternoons to organizing outings and him somewhere. games for a youth club in Croydon, south London, where he grew up. ④Dedicate to: devote
①Conventional: traditional Example: He began to take a great interest in conventional medicine.
oneself to a special task or purpose Example: He dedicated all his life to scientific research.
Lines 18-22 18When Okoh lost his title in 1997, in an unexpected thirdthird-round knock-out, he knocktook some time out from the ring and worked with a drugs project, dispensing methadone to heroin addicts. He sympathized with the clients, many of whom were on probation orders for crimes committed to feed their habits. ①Dispensing: give out to a number of people Example: He was busy dispensing leaflets to the crowd. ②Commit: do a crime, sin, etc. Example: The accused man denied having committed the murder.
Lines 23-27 23“Just because they are criminals, they are not bad people,” says Okoh. “There are reasons why they have done these things. They trusted me and poured out their life history. Several clients told me over and over again that I’d make a good probation officer. They told me theirs weren’t so good.”
Lines 28-31 28Encouraged by clients and work colleagues, he gave it a shot. An initial application was turned down, but, not down, easily deterred, he visited two probation open days, where he was able to speak to an officer about what the job involved and whether his skills were transferable.
①Initial: occurring at the beginning Example: The initial talks formed the basis of the later agreement. ②Turn down: refuse a request or offer or the person that makes it Example: He tried to join the bridge club but was turned down. ③Deter: discourage or prevent Example: Failure did not deter him from trying again
Lines 32-38 32He is now six months from completing a two-year course in twocommunity justice, combining university study with on-the-job on-thetraining, and is guaranteed a probation officer post at the end. For someone who left school at 16, with a handful of CSEs, he does not pretend that it has been easy. Of the 60 students in his course, five have left. “ At the beginning, I thought I might be the one that dropped out,” Okoh says, “ but I was really determined to see it through.” through.”
①Guarantee: promise Example: He guaranteed that he would do it today. ②Pretend: claim something is true when you know that it is not Example: She pretended to be calm when she learned the news. ③Determine: form a firm intention or decision Example: He is determined to prove his friend’s friend’ innocence. ④See something through: persist with it until it is completed Example: We are prepared to see the work through.
Summary of the Text
? Chris Okoh was a very successful boxer, winning the Commonwealth cruiserweight title in 19
  95. But now he wants to change his career to rehabilitating offenders, which, unlike his former choice, has greatly pleased his mother. His new career is by no means going to be easy, but Okoh’s long interest and work experiences in youth development would help him in more than one way. He worked with a drugs project and was trusted by drug addicts on probation. Encouraged by these clients and his work colleagues, Okoh has successfully applied to be a probation officer, and will hopefully get the post in six months’ time, after he completes a twoyear course in community justice.
拳手接受训练是为了斗拳. 只要不断 地打败对手, 他就能过上安逸舒适的生活. 但一个退出了拳击场的拳击手, 能否通过 帮助他人停止斗殴而过上有意义的生活 呢?
第一 段
格劳丽亚?奥科非常反对她儿子从事拳击,因 此,13岁的克里西?奥科在加入伦敦南部的威士 拳击俱乐部后,外出时往往说是去朋友家了,或 是到当地的青年活动中心去. 即使大约13年后, 也就是在1995年,克里斯获得英联邦轻重量级 桂冠时,其母亲仍不以为然.
然而,当今天克里西?奥科退出拳坛转 而从事富有挑战性的改造罪犯的工作时, 他母亲则感到莫大的自豪. “她是一名护 士,所以当我最终从事付出关爱的一份工 作时,她真是高兴极了.”33岁的奥科说道. 他现在正在学习, 为了当一名监督缓刑犯 的官员.
这并不太象一条传统的求职路线,但是这位 过去的拳击冠军一直对青少年的成长情有独钟. 就在他获得英联邦拳击冠军前夕,克里西作为 一名志愿者参加过美国夏令营,辅导孩子们踢 , 足球.”他们来自于贫穷人家,教练工作极具挑战 性,但我很乐意.”他回忆道.从美国回来后,他决 定腾出周日下午的时间来,为伦敦南部克劳尔 登的一个青年俱乐部组织郊游和赛事,那里是 他长大的地方.
1997年,奥科在一场拳赛的第三回合 中意外失手被击倒,失去了冠军称号.过了 段时间后,他才退出拳坛,加入到一个戒毒 项目中,为那些海洛因瘾君子分发美沙酮 止痛片.他很同情这些人,他们中有不少是 为了满足毒瘾而犯罪的缓刑犯.
“他们犯了罪,但不一定是坏人.”奥科 这样说. “他们犯罪是有原因的.他们信任 我,向我倾诉他们的生活经历.好几个戒毒 对象一遍又一遍地告诉我,说我会成为一 名很好的管教人员.他们还告诉我,他们的 管教官不太好.”
在戒毒对象个同事的鼓励下,奥科决 定不妨试一试.第一份报告被退了下来.但 他并不泄气,两次在接待日走访了管教处, 同一位官员谈了工作的内容,以及他的特 长能否发挥等等.
日前,他还差六个月就要读完两年制 的社区司法课程了,该课程把大学学习月 在职进修联系在一起,并肯定在毕业以后 能成为一名管教人员.作为16岁就离开学 校,手里仅有几张中等教育证书的他,并不 认为就能轻松读完整个课程.在选修这门 课程的60人中,有5人已经离开了. “开始 时我认为自己可能是被淘汰的人,”奥科说, “但是我是铁了心要完成这门学业的.”
New words & phrases
Train or teach 辅导,指导 ? combine v. join together 结合 ? criminal n. 罪犯 ? cruiserweight n. 轻重量级(拳击手) ? demanding a. 有挑战性的 ? sympathize v. 同情 ? heroin n. 海洛因 ? addict n. 吸毒者,入迷的人
? coach
n. 罪犯; 冒犯者 ? outing n. 体育比赛 ? probation n. 缓刑 ? rehabilitate v. 改造 ? reservation n. 保留意见 ? ring n. 职业拳击赛 ? swap v. exchange 交换 ? transferable a. 可转换的 ? unexpected a. 意外的;突如其来的 ? volunteer n. 自愿者
? offender
handful of ? be off to somewhere ? on one’s return from one’ ? be against sb. Doing sth. ? offer a course on ? swap sth. for sth. ? take a courser in ? pour out ? give it a shot ? go the distance ? feed one’s habits
少数, 少数, 少量 外出去某地 从某地返回时 反对某人做某事 开???课 ???课 以???交换??? ???交换??? 上???课 ???课 倾诉 尝试一下 赛足回合;坚持到底 满足毒瘾
Fun Time



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