1.However, grammar holds no terror for a tree-year old children his native language because he masters it unconsciously。 然而对于一个正常学习母语的三岁小孩子来说,语法一点也不可怕,因为他能在不知不觉中掌握它。
  2.But the other group,having to depend on the rules, had to figure out each sentence with care。 但是另外一组,必须要依靠规则认真的分析每个句子。
  3.It convinced them that oral practice can be a good alternative to grammar,at least for some students。 这是我们相信,至少对一些学生来说,除了讲了语法之外,口头练习也是一种不错的选择。
  4.It’s funny how our attitudes change about our parents as we get old。 有趣的是我们对父母的态度会随年龄的增长而变化。
  5.They were the ones who made us eat our vegetable, to bed earlier then we wanted to, go fussed over our grades, lectured us…all because they loved us。 他们逼我们吃蔬菜,我们还不想睡觉就逼我们上床,对我们的成绩大惊小怪,教训我们这一切都是因为他们真的 爱我们。
  6.As soon as I rounded the corner to go past the house,I saw this figure standing out in the cold rain with a sack in his hand。 当我转弯要开过他的房子时,我看到一个身影站在寒冷的雨中,手里拿着一个袋子。
  7.It’s time to be thankful,thanks for parental love,thanks for the purest love of all。 是表达感激之情的时候了,感谢父母的爱,感谢这世界上最纯真的爱。
  8.I will miss seeing how you eyes sparkle when you are excited about something and want to share with me。 当你为某事兴奋不已并希望和我分享这事的时候,你的眼睛里就闪烁着喜悦的光芒,我会怀念你这样的表情。
  9.It all came to a dead stop the night the car crashed into the wall。 在汽车撞上墙壁的那个夜晚,一切都戛然而止。
  10.Just an empty shell where our beautiful baby girl used to live。 我们美丽的宝贝如今只剩下一个失去了灵魂的躯壳。
  11.Wisdom is learning to face those temptations, think about what God and your parents would have you do, just say and “no” 。 智慧就是学会面对这些诱惑,想想上帝和父母会让你怎样做,然后说“不” 。
  12.I don’t know any successful person who has not been able to assess and then take a risk and then live with the consequence-success or failure。 我知道的成功人士,都能够评估并承担风险,并且接受由此而引发的后果,不管是成功还是失败。
  13.Passion is what fires any creative person。 激情是一种能激发有创造力的人的东西。
  14.Persistence takes discipline,discipline is simply doing what you know you need to do,even though you don’t feel doing it。 坚持需要自律,自律就是去做你知道的事情,即使你不想做它。
  15.This tool can also be used to explorer life as you search your soul for the reasons of you existence。 这个工具还可以用来探索人生,在你灵魂深处寻求你活在这个世界的理由。 课上翻译未记部分
  16.I want to a concert last week,It was the best one,I have been to。 上周我看了一场音乐会,这事我看过的最好的一场。
  17.I did not leave school until all the students handed in their paper yesterday afternoon。 昨天下午直到每个学生都交了试卷我才离开学校。
  18.This medicine should be taken after a meal。 这种药饭后服用。
带格式的: 字体: 小五 格式的 带格式的: 右
  2.57 字符 格式的 带格式的: 左侧:
  2.86 厘米, 右 格式的 侧:
  2.59 厘米

  19.What do you do in your leisure time? 你业余时间都做什么?
  20.The First World War broke out in 19
  14。 第一次世界大战爆发于 1914 年。
  21.Some people have forgotten their own tradition history and culture。 一些人已经忘记了自己的传统历史和文化。
  22.That problem should be taken care of seriously。 我们应该严肃对待这个问题。
  23.Advertisements provide us with much useful information。 广告给我们提供了大量的有用信息。
  24.The film began before we had found our eats。 我们还没有找到座位电影就开始了。
  25.We had hardly left the party when it began to rain。 我们刚刚离开晚会就开始下雨了。
  26.Alice said that she was going to spend the weekends in the countryside。 爱丽丝说她准备去乡下做周末。
  27.I have bought a Chinese-English dictionary。 我买了本汉英词典。
  28.It started raining as soon as I left the party。 我刚离开晚会就开始下雨了。
  29.The kitchen is filled with smog。 厨房里到处都是烟雾。
  30.I heard him say goodbye to his friends。 我听到他跟朋友道别。
  31.Most of us have love-hate relationships with our cell phones。 我们大部分人都对手机又爱又恨。
  32.Passing through the airport。I caught one of those trains that take travelers from the terminal to their boarding gate。 经过机场时,我看见一辆专门将旅客由住航站运往登机口的列车。
  33.On the first day of high school,we had a fight about whether it’s appropriate to wear makeup。 上大学的第一天,我们就关于化妆是否合适吵了一架。
  34.There were a small,plump woman,all dressed up-huge hat,long white gloves。 有一个身材矮小,盛装打扮的肥胖的女人,带着巨大的帽子,长长的白手套。
  35.The summer before college can be a leisurely one after the entrance exam。 高考后上大学之前的那个夏天是一段让人感觉悠闲的日子。
  1.To our surprise the stranger turned out to be an old friend of my mother’s。 让我们惊讶的是那个陌生人竟然是我母亲的老朋友。
  2.Failure is the mother of success。 失败乃成功之母。
  3.The couple pulled their car into the parking lot。 这对夫妇把车停在了停车场上。
  4.Killing a human being just for money is wrong, according to the writer。 根据作者的观点,谋财害命是不对的。
  5.Even though you disagree with her, she’s worth listening to。 她的观点即使你不同意,也值得听听。

  6. You have to believe in yourself. That’s the secret of success。 你应该相信自己,这是成功的秘诀。
  7. Nothing is more important than independence and freedom。 没有什么比独立和自由更重要了。
  8.He’s not in the office; he’s now on his way to London for a meeting。 他不在办公室,他在去伦敦开会的路上。 9 .Working experience is as important as ability。 工作经验和能力同等重要。
  10. We should apply theory to practice。 我们应该把理论运用到实践中。
  11.Employees are supposed to be here at eight every day。? 所有员工应该八点准时上班。
  12. Advertisements provide us with much useful information。 广告给我们提供了大量的有用信息。
  13.There were years of useless worrying about what people were thinking about me。 数年来,我都因为在意别人对我看法而无谓担忧。
  14.It would be a great benefit to those who wan to be polite。 那些想要表现得礼貌的人会从中受益。
  15. It’s not a good time to talk, would you like to text message instead? 现在不方便说话,你能发个短信吗?
  16.I know we’re supposed to avoid making racial distinctions。. 我知道我们应该避免种族区分。
  17.I reluctantly got in the truck and started the engine, sweating。 我满身是汗,不情愿地做到卡车里启动引擎。
  18.There were a woman who was always wishing away(希望…离开) the present and dreaming of the future。 有个女人总是逃避现实,梦想未来。
  19.You care for nothing but shooting dogs and catching rats and you will be a disgrace to yourself and your family。 你什么都不关心,每天无所事事,这对你跟你家人蒙羞。
  20.The?boy,?about?five?years?old,?made?sounds?of?pure?delight。 那个大概五岁的男孩发出由衷的笑声。
  21.I want to add to my looks and bring out my eyes。 我想使我的眼睛更迷人。
  22.He waved between music and church until he was
  30。 直到三十岁时他才决定是学习音乐还是做牧师。
  23.It’s officially summer and for most teens that means no more school and lots of free time?for a job。 大多数青少年通常会在夏天找工作,此时他们都不用上课,有充足的时间。
  24.I take anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of each paycheck and put it aside for savings。 我总会把工资的 10%到 50%存起来。
  25.Research has shown that teens have higher wages and job stability if they have early work experience。 研究表明,如果青少年早期有工作经验的话会得到收入较高,更为稳定的工作。
  26.The tips include knowing your possible employer’s expectations, getting good grades, and learning to fill out employment application。 建议有:了解老板的期望,拿到好的成绩,学会填写工作申请表。

  27. It is so hot. Basically I have been sweating all day long. 天太热了,我基本上一整天都在流汗。
  28. They made an intensive study of the 在他们拿定主意前认真研究了形势。 29 .People in ChengDu take pride in their leisurely life。 成都人总以他们的悠闲生活为荣。
  30.They made an intensive study of the situation before reaching the decision。 他们在下决心之前对这个情况做了集中研究。
  31.Don’t turn off the engine while you are in gear。 车挂着挡时不要关掉引擎。
  32.Cash management is important for both businesses and individuals。 现金管理对于公司及个人都是很重要的。
  33.Don’t be taken in by products claiming to help you lose weight in a week。 不要被那些宣称一周就能帮你减肥的产品所吸引。
  34.That’s what your must learn to do again when you are learning a foreign language。 这是你在学习一门外语时必须要重新学会做的。
  35.It’s a sign that the language is starting to sink into your mind。 这就标志着你开始真正学会这种语言了。
  36.I had a marvelous time and that my feet were sore from dance。 我玩得很开心,跳舞跳得脚都疼了。
  37.Once he tried attending college, but failed in freshman English and quit。 有一次他尝试上大学,但是大一时因为英语不及格而退学了。
  38.You need to learn to associate sounds with objects, and to think in a new way。 你应该学会把发音和物体联系起来,用一种新的方法去思维。
  39.Great writers are supposed to be born, not made。 伟大的作家应该是与生俱来的,而不是后天培养的。
  40.Don’t think that the challenge of new thinking will be limited only to the area of new words。 不要以为这种新思想的挑战只局限于新单词这个领域。
  41.I work for a newspaper and so get to a lot of places I would otherwise never see。 我在一家报社工作,所以去过很多做其它工作不能去的地方。
  42.I am a foot taller than Nike, and twice weight of Henry。 我比迈克高一英尺,体重是亨利的两倍。
  43.Once, after a heated discussion we’d had about why she couldn’t buy a pair of clogs。 有一次,在我们一次激烈讨论她为什么不能买木屐之后。
  44. At that moment, I realized that my whole 20 years had been spent running a useless race. 那一刻,我意识到整整二十年的时间我都在做无谓的努力。 二.汉译英
  1.自从杰克的老板拒绝了他请长假的要求,他一直在考虑辞职。 Even since his boss turned down his request for a long vocation,Jake had been thinking about quitting his job。
  2.我不喜欢足球,今天也不例外,我不想和你去看球赛。 I don’t care for soccer,and today’s no exception,so I don’t like going to watch the game with you。
  3.我购物时一般付现金,避免使用信用卡。 When I shop,I usually pay by cash and avoid using credit cards。
  4.卸货时要小心,别把这些电视机给砸了。 situation before reaching the decision。
Unload with care,Don’t smash those TV sets。
  5.你提水的时候,至少应该做到不要把水泼出来。 You should at least try not to spill the water when carrying it。
  6.无论你遇到什么困难,大家都会帮你渡过难关。 No matter what difficulties you may come across,we will pull you through。
  7.我指指墙上的钟,女儿心领神会加快了穿衣速度。 I pointed at the clock on the wall,My daughter took the hint and sped up dressing herself。
  8.开会时请关闭手机或者调成震动。 Please switch off you cell phone or set it to vibrate made during the meeting。
  9.移动通信会取代固定电话成为人们最常用的通信方式吗? Will mobile communication edge out fixed lines as the most frequently used means of communication?
  10.当鲍勃被指控撒谎时他勃然大怒。 Bob flew into a rage when he was accused of lying。
  11.布鲁斯先生对他不尊重当地传统的行为表示歉意。 Mr. Brace made an apology for his disrespect for the local traditions。
  12.在会议上,双方就两国关系方面交换了各自的观点。 At the meeting,the two parties exchanged their opinions on the relationship between the two countries。
  13.他目前的心情很糟糕,不适合在公共场合露面。 He is in such a bad mood



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英语听力入门 book4

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