1、他这次考试失败使他意识到定期复习功课是多么重要。 His failure in the exam has made him aware of how important it is to review his lessons regularly.
  2、请一定不要忘记离家前你父母对你说的话。 Be sure not to forget what your parents said to you before you left home.
  3、我确信她的英语知识对这项工作来说是足够的。 I am sure her knowledge of English is adequate for her job.
  4、在当今时代,人们越来越多地依靠计算机来解决各种各样的难题。 Nowadays ,people depend more and more on computer to solve various kinds of difficult problems.
  5、即使智力一般的学生也可以通过改进学习习惯而成为优等生。 Even students of average intelligent can be the top students by improve study habits.
27:3 4 5 6
  6、他决心继续他的实验,不过这次他将用另一种办法来做。 He determined to continue his experiments, but this time he will do it another way.
  7、她读这部小说时,不禁想起了她在农村度过的那五年。 When she has reading the novel, she could not help thinking of the five years she has spent in the countryside.
  8、玛丽觉得单靠自己的力量执行她的计划是困难的。 Mary thought it difficult to carry out her plan all by herself.
  9、我们认为他不能再一刻钟内走完那段距离,但他却成功做到了这一点。 We did not think he could cover the distance in quarter of an hour. But he succeeded in a prior consideration. 43:
  10、那位名演员似乎很乐意在剧中扮演一个次要角色。 The famous actor seemed content to play a minor part in the play.
  11、国庆节要到了,咱们把寝室彻底打扫一下吧。 National Day is round the corner. Let's give our bedroom a thorough clean
  12、他们已安排好让我们明天去游览长城,我相信我们在那儿一定玩得很开心。 They have arranged for us to visit the Great Wall tomorrow, I'm sure we will have a ball there.
  13、 老两口为他们的孙子感到骄傲, 因为他在第二十六届奥运会上获得了两块金牌和一块铜 牌。 The old couple were proud of their grandson , who won two gold medals and a bronze at the 26th Olympic Games. 64:
  14、接收这份工作就是得经常在周末上班,但约翰并不在意。 To take this job would involve working on weekends frequently, but John didn't mind.
  15、众所周知,肺癌至少部分的地是由吸烟过多引起的。 It's well know that lung cancer is caused at least in part by smoking too much.
I do hope that you can come up with a better solution than this one. 83:1 2 3 8
  17、史密斯医生从窗口望出去,突然看见一个年轻人正向他的诊所奔来。 Looking out of the window, Dr Smith caught sight of a young man running touch his clinic.
  18、艾米过去除了咖啡什么都不喝。 Amy used to drink nothing but coffee.
  19、迈拉得知丈夫在事故中受了伤便哭了起来。 Myra broke into tears when she learned that her husband had been injured in an accident.
  20、对护士来说,坚持这项规定是很重要的。 It's very important for nurse to stick to the rule.
96:1 2 3 4 5 尽管困难重重,我们仍决心执行我们的计划。 In spite of all the difficulties, we are determined to carry out our plan. 我把那些书寄给他已有一个多星期了,现在他应该已经收到了。 It has been (is)more than a week since I sent him the books. He ought to have received them by now. 约翰尼宣称在他找到一份满意的工作之前绝不结婚。 Johnnie declared that he would never get married until he had found a satisfactory job. 每天一定要留出至少一个小时来参加体育活动,这将会使你身体健康、精力充沛。 Be sure to set aside at least one hour a day for sports. It will make you healthy and energetic. 众所周知,我们的许多问题至少部分地是由于没能交流思想而引起的。 It is well known that many of our problems are caused at least in part by failure to communicate.
108:1 8 据报道,那条铁路曾因洪水而停止修建。 It was reported that the building of the railway had been hold up by a flood. 作者认为,如果优秀工人经常得到加薪和提级,他们就会有更大的生产积极性。 The actor thinks that if excellent workers get frequent pay increases and promotions, they will have greater incentive to produces.


Spoken English(英语口语)

   1.I’m an office worker. 我是上班族。 2.I work for the government. 我在政府机关做事。 3.I’m happy to meet you. 很高兴见到你。 4.I like your sense of humor. 我喜欢你的幽默感。 5.I’m glad to see you again. 很高兴再次见到你。 6.I’ll call you. 我会打电话给你。 7.I feel like sleeping/ taking a walk. 我想 ...

各行日常生活英语daily english

   Agriculture 农业 Beans 豆类 Fruit 水果 Frozen & Dried Fruit 冷冻水果 Fresh Preserved Fruit 新鲜水果 Grain 粮食 Plant & Animal Oil 食用油 Vegetable 蔬菜 Dehydrated Vegetables 脱水蔬菜 Fresh Preserved Vegetables 新鲜蔬菜 Frozen & Dried Vegetable 冷冻蔬菜 Salted Vegetable ...


   牛津小学英语5B 牛津小学英语 Unit 4 An English friend ( Part A) a small town 一个小镇 a big city 一个大城市 What subjects do you study at school ? We study Does he study… ? Yes, he does./ No, he doesn’t. Wang Bing’s English friend, Tom What subjects does Tom study at sc ...

englishpod_D0170 英语口语 英语交际

   Daily Life - Wedding Doubts A: B: (C0170) Man, I’m freaking out! You gotta help me! Whoa whoa take it easy, relax. Geez, you’re sweating like a pig! What’s going on? I can’t go through with this! I just can’t! I’m not ready for marriage! What was I ...

新概念英语第三册(讲解)new conceptenglish 3

   新概念英语第三册 $课文 1 逃遁的美洲狮 1. Pumas are large, cat-like animals which are found in America. 美洲狮是一种体形似猫的大动物,产于美洲。 2. When reports came into London Zoo that a wild puma had been spotted forty-five miles south of London, they were not taken seriously. 当伦敦动 ...


   下面就是这些 Chinglish 说法,其中每行第一部分是汉语说法,第二部分是 Chinglish 说法, 第三部分则是英语的标准说法。 ① 欢迎你到... ② wele you to ... ③ wele to ① 永远记住你 ② remember you forever ③ always remember you(没有人能活到 for ever) ① 祝你有个... ② wish you have a ... ③ I wish you a ... ① 给你 ② give you ③ he ...

电子信息工程专业英语翻译清华出版社English for IT and EE-09

   信息科学与电子工程专业英语 Technical English For Information Science and Electronic Engineering 信息科学与电子工程专业英语 Unit 9 Electronics: Digital Signals and Signal Processing 信息科学与电子工程专业英语 Part I Digital Signal Processing New Words sub-field 分领域,子领域 sub分领域, sensor arr ...


   汤姆去年转来我校。他全神贯注地听杨小姐上课并很快成了她最喜欢的学生。 汤姆去年转来我校。他全神贯注地听杨小姐上课并很快成了她最喜欢的学生。 Tom ( was ) transferred to our school last year. He hung on Miss Young’s every word in class and soon became the apple of her eye. 2. 看到女儿高中毕业,他感到一阵难以用语言表达的爱和骄傲。 看到女儿高中毕业,他感到一阵难以 ...

English 900 句学会英语

   English 900 英语九百句(美音版) English 900 英语九百句(美音版) 第一册 一、 Greetings 问候语 1. Hello! / Hi! 你好! 2. Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早晨(下午/晚上)好! 3. I'm Kathy King. 我是凯西?金。 4. Are you Peter Smith? 你是彼得?史密斯吗? 5. Yes, I am. / No, I'm not. 是,我是。/ 不,我不是。 6. Ho ...


     English 900 英语九百句 (美音版) 第一册 一、 Greetings 问候语 1. Hello! / Hi! 你好! 2. Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早晨(下午/晚上)好! 3. I'm Kathy King. 我是凯西?金。 4. Are you Peter Smith? ...



   本文由905251135贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试(英语二) 2010 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试(英语二)试题 Section I USE of English Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word(s)for each numbered blank and mark A,B,C or D on ANSWER ...


   2010-10初一年级期中考笔英语笔题 2010-10-29 姓名 I. . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. . (25 ) ,应 你 five this 11 car face us ,应 与 你 (满 120 ) 得分 句 A. A. A. A. A. A. 句 到 称词, B. B. B. B. B. B. 句 内 句读 读 fine that 12 bus feet yours 图 .(6 .(6 ) C. C. C. C. C. C. ) nine it 13 truck he ...


   英语口语 8000 句-3 生病、受伤时 ●请医生看病 用叫医生吗? Do you need a doctor? Do you need a doctor? (用叫医生吗?) Yes, I think so. (是的,请叫医生吧。) Do you want me to get a doctor? Do you need any help? (需要帮忙吗?) 请叫救护车。 Please call an ambulance. *ambulance“救护车”。 We need an ambulan ...


   arrest 逮捕,阻止(ar+rest 休息→不让动→逮捕) arrive 到达(ar+rive 河→到达河边→达到目标) assault 进攻(as+saul 跳→跳起来→进攻) 第一部分 通过词缀认识单词 assiduous 勤奋的(as+sid 坐+uous→一再坐着[学习] →勤奋) (常用前缀一) assist 帮助(as+sist 站→站过来→帮助) 1,aassociate 联合,结合(as+soci 社团+ate→结成团队→联合) ① 加在单词或词根前面,表示"不 ...


   资料由大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com 2008-2009 学年度第一学期 恩平市八年级英语期中检测题 分钟, (考试时间为 90 分钟,满分 120 分) 题 号 得 分 听力理解(20) 一、 听力理解(20) A B C D 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 合计 一、听力理解。(20 分) A、听句子,根据句子意思和所给问题选出正确的图画。(5 分) 听句子,根据句子意思和所给问题选出正确的图画。 听句子 ( )1. What’s the man going to do ...