Project Making a list of pros and cons
Language Points:
  1.pros and cons (Title) the various arguments in of favour and a motion(提议 动议 提议, 提议 动议) against
赞成者和反对者;正面和反面的理由 赞成者和反对者 正面和反面的理由
You must weigh the pros and cons.
你必须权衡正反两面意见。 你必须权衡正反两面意见。 权衡正反两面意见

  2. Does it matter how long you use them for? ( L
  2) 他明天是否去无关紧要 无关紧要。 他明天是否去无关紧要。 It doesn’t matter much whether he will go tomorrow. 我问他的姐姐出什么毛病了。 我问他的姐姐出什么毛病了。
I asked, “ What is the matter with your sister?”
I asked him what was the matter with his sister.
要紧的不是你的家庭而是你的工作能力。 要紧的不是你的家庭而是你的工作能力。 What matters is not your family but your ability to work. as a matter of fact 事实上; 事实上;其实 to make matters worse 更糟糕的是 What is the matter? 出什么事了? 出什么事了? It doesn’t matter 没关系; 没关系;不要紧

  3. The report is based on the findings of research that was carried out in Sweden…(L
  10) carry out: do sth. as required; fulfill sth. conduct / perform sth.
What do people usually carry out? a promise a threat a plan an order an experiment a test an investigation a survey a research a study
base vt. 以…为基础;以…为根据 (L
  10) 为基础; 为基础 为根据 base … on/upon … … be based on/upon … 根据…;基于… 根据 ;基于 Personal income tax is usually based income. on You should base your conclusion careful research. on/ upon

  4. In fact, another study conducted (carried out) in Australia suggested that digital mobile C phones an actual danger. (L
  29) A. should be B. be C. are D. were
  1) that the meeting should be called off.
  2) 他建议… 他建议
  1) He suggested
  2) He made a suggestion
  3) His suggestion is
  4) It is suggested (by him)

  5. expose (L
意为“使显露、使暴露于 有害或危险的环境中 有害或危险的环境中) 意为 使显露、使暴露于(有害或危险的环境中 使显露 揭露、 曝光”, 揭露、将……曝光 , 曝光
expose sb. / sth. / yourself to sth. Don’t expose it to the sunlight.
不要把它暴露在阳光下。 不要把它暴露在阳光下。 暴露在阳光下
The press exposed the terrible working conditions of the factory workers.
新闻界揭露了工厂里工人的糟糕的工作环境。 新闻界揭露了工厂里工人的糟糕的工作环境。 揭露了工厂里工人的糟糕的工作环境
作为战地护士, 她置身于各种各样的危险之中. 作为战地护士 她置身于各种各样的危险之中
As a nurse in the war, she was exposed to many dangers. (02上海 C (02上海) to sunlight for too much 上海) time will do harm to one’s skin. A. Exposed B. Having exposed C. Being exposed D. After being exposed

  6. equal adj. 相等的 同等的 平等的 (L
  41) 相等的;同等的 同等的;平等的 All men are equal before the law. Twelve inches one foot. is equal to 12英寸等于1英尺。 英寸等于 英尺 英寸等于 英尺。 It is equal to me whether he comes or not. 同样的;同等的 同样的; He is equal to (doing) the job. 胜任

  7. previous adj. 先前的;以前的 先前的; previous to … (L
  49) prep. 在…之前 之前 We must make full investigation previous reaching a conclusion. to

  8. link vt./vi. 连接、联系 (L
  50) 连接、 link … with … 连接/结合 将…同…连接 结合 联系起来 同 连接 结合/联系起来 link up with … 结合/连接 同…结合 连接 有联系 结合 连接/有联系 They always link theory practice. with His work links with the research I up am doing.
  1. The report is based on the findings of research that was carried out in Sweden, comparing 1,617 patients found to have brain tumours (cancer) between 1997 and 2003 with the same number of healthy people. (P
  1)句子结构分析:主句 句子结构分析: 句子结构分析 主句? The report is based on the findings of research 是主句
that ...为定语从句; 为定语从句; 为定语从句 comparing ... with ... 短语作状语, 为V-ing短语作状语,表伴随状况。 短语作状语 表伴随状况。
  2) 语言知识分析: 语言知识分析:
The report is based on the findings of research
意为“这个报告以研究发现为基础” 意为“这个报告以研究发现为基础”。 base ... on / upon ... 表示“把……建立 表示“ 建立 之上, 为基础” 在……之上,以……为基础”。 之上 为基础
carry out 意为“进行、完成” 意为“进行、完成” found to have brain tumours (cancer) 为动词过去分词短语作定语,修 为动词过去分词短语作定语, 饰名词patients,意为“被发现有 ,意为“ 饰名词 脑瘤的病人” 脑瘤的病人”。

  2. For this study, it was necessary to look at patients who had been using mobile phones for ten years or more, so the research concentrated on older types of mobile phones. (P
  1)句子结构分析: 句子结构分析: 句子结构分析 在此句中, 为形式主语 不定式to 为形式主语, 在此句中,it为形式主语,不定式 look at ...为真正的主语; 为真正的主语; 为真正的主语
who had been using ... 为定语从句,修饰前面的 为定语从句,修饰前面的patients; ; so the research ... 为结果状语从句。 为结果状语从句。

  2) 语言知识分析: 语言知识分析: it is / was necessary to do sth. “做某事是必要的” 做某事是必要的” 做某事是必要的
由于主语为一个很长的不定式短语, 由于主语为一个很长的不定式短语,为了 避免头重脚轻, 作形式主语, 避免头重脚轻,用it作形式主语,将真正 作形式主语 的主语置于句子的后面。 的主语置于句子的后面。 had been using为过去完成进行时,表示 为过去完成进行时, 在过去某时间前一直在发生的事情。 在过去某时间前一直在发生的事情。
concentrate on意为“集中于”。 意为“ 意为 集中于”
双向翻译: 双向翻译:
  1.科学家们最近向我们提供了一些令 科学家们最近向我们提供了一些令 人不安的发现。 人不安的发现。 Scientists have recently provided us with some worrying findings.(L
双向翻译: 双向翻译:
  2. 该报告是基于一项在瑞典进行的研 究的发现写成的。 究的发现写成的。 The report is based on the findings of research that was carried out in Sweden. (L
双向翻译: 双向翻译:
  3. 在澳大利亚进行的另一项研究表明, 在澳大利亚进行的另一项研究表明, 数字手机是一个实际的威胁。 数字手机是一个实际的威胁。 Another study conducted in Australia has suggested that digital mobile phones are an actual danger. (L
双向翻译: 双向翻译:
  4. This study was conducted with 200 mice, half of which were exposed to radiation while the other half did not receive any radiation. 该研究的实验对象是200只老鼠 只老鼠, 该研究的实验对象是 只老鼠,其 中半数暴露在辐射环境下,而另一 中半数暴露在辐射环境下, 半未受到任何辐射。 半未受到任何辐射。(L
双向翻译: 双向翻译:
  5. Children’s bones are not as thick as adults’ and they will be using mobile phones for longer over their lifetimes than adults.
孩子们的头骨没有成人的粗大, 孩子们的头骨没有成人的粗大,而他们一生 中使用手机的时间将比成人要长。(L1
根据句子及所给单词的首字母或汉语注释, 根据句子及所给单词的首字母或汉语注释, 写出各单词的正确形式(每空限填一词 。 写出各单词的正确形式 每空限填一词)。 每空限填一词

  1. Do you think this present is s for uitable a little boy?
  2. I s the newspaper when I was canned waiting for the bus.
  3. She is a as the best tenniscknowledged player in the world.
profit 利润
  4. There is very little (利润 in 利润) selling newspapers at present.
  5. Statistics should be treated with caution (谨慎 谨慎). 谨慎
  6. I’d like my clothes to be simple but elegant (雅致的 雅致的 雅致的).

  4. Men and women should have e qual rights.
  5. Is there a l between smoking and ink lung disease?
  6. It seems good in t, but it doesn’t heory work in practice.
  7. Oversleeping is not a v excuse alid for being late for school.

  8. We m the room and found it easured was twenty feet long and fifteen feet wide.
  9. To give a d of a word is more efinition difficult than to give an example of its use.
  10. It’s very foolish of the commander to 暴露 暴露) expose (暴露 his men to unnecessary risks.
M7 U1 Workbook
P103 B1
  1. Being exposed to… to…
  2. … the effects of tourism on… on… on…
  3. … be based on…
  4. … be associated with… with…
  5. … hold/have faith in… in…
  6. … concentrate on… on… to…
  7. … be equal to…
  8. … provide sb. with… with…
P103 B2
  1. theory
  2. Association
  3. acknowledged
  4. necessarily
  5. valid
  6. caution
  7. profit
  8. unwilling
  9. parallels
  10. terminal


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