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南京九中 张茹芳
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  1. A stand-up comedian may make fun of an audience member, or he or she might decide to tell different jokes in response to the reactions of an audience. 取笑 People made fun of her because she wore such a strange hat. 取笑 She was made fun of by the other children because she was always serious.

  2. A stand-up comedian may make fun of an audience member, or he or she might decide to tell different jokes in response to the reactions of an audience. In response to complaints, the company reviewed its safety procedure. in response to Ronnie only nodded my questions.

  3. He has hosted the show eight times.
host I don’t know who will the show tonight. Next week’s show will be hosted by Sarah Cox. was hosting She a radio cookery programme at that time.

  4. Each time, he performs his stand-up routine in front of millions of people when the show is broadcast live on TV. The landing on the moon was live telecast , and people all over the world watched this. The concert was not a recorded show; it was . live The football match tonight will be live covered .

  5. Instead of telling the joke he had planned, Crystal made up a new one.
have made up I doubt they the whole thing. was made up The whole story ! Don’t believe it.
make up
making 打扮 She never goes out without up herself first. made up 配制 The chemist a bottle of medicine. 组成 make up Farming and mining most of the country’s industry. 制成 She the material into a made up dress.
make up
made up 组成 The four of them a team. make up 还钱 You must what you owe before the end of the month.
make up; take up; put up; come up;
made up He some excuse about the dog eating his school uniform. The grass in the garden to came up her knees. took up Chris smoking when he was at school. putting up John was in the garden a fence.

  6.Crystal’s popularity with all age groups and his ability to amuse people all over the world prove that stand-up can be enjoyed by everyone.
They will prove to you that I’m not lying. Can you prove you were at home on 3rd May? Vasco da Gama proved that the world was round.

  7.Whatever the reason, research shows that in the end, the English saying ‘ Laughter is the best medicine’ may be true after all. Whatever the reason may/might be… No matter what reasons there may/might be…
Research shows that in the end, the English saying ‘ Laughter is the best medicine’ may be true after all. I thought I wouldn’t need to study for the test, but it seems my teacher was right. after all Though it was raining hard, we chose to take a plane after all . Don’t be too hard on Tim. After all , he is only fifteen.
after all; at all; above all; in all at all Did you sleep on your flight ? In all , there are over 120 languages spoken in London’s schools. He will be remembered above all as a loving husband and family man. She shouldn’t be working so hard--after all she is 70, .
Choose the correct answer.

  1.Stand-up comedy is because the comedian is right there in front of the audience and may talk directly to audience members. A. special B. particular C. especial D. unusual

  2. A stand-up comedian might decide to tell different jokes reactions of an audience. A. as a result of B. in response to C. according to D. referred to

  3. In observational comedy, the comedian makes jokes about humorous things he or she in everyday life. A. watches B. sees C. observes D. looks

  4. Each time, he performs his stand-up routine in front of millions of people the show is broadcast live on TV. A. if B. when C. as D. during

  5. One little known fact is Crystal is the host of the Academy Awards, he always keeps a toothbrush in his pocket for good luck. A. that B. when C. that when D. when that

  6. You can to hear a lot more from Billy Crystalhe has no plans to stop making films, or to stop telling jokes. A. promise B. wait C. hope D. expect

  7. Laughing helps your body stay healthy and can help you fight pain. A. even B. ever C. just D. still

  8. Whatever the reason, research shows that in the end, the English saying ‘ Laughter is the best medicine’ may be true . A. after all B. at all C. above all D. all over
Fill in the blanks using the verbs given. telling
  1.If you hear a comedian jokes about the way people behave when asking they queue up in lines, or why it only rains when you forget your umbrella, you are listening to an observational comedian. (tell; ask) Put the above sentence into Chinese. 如果你听到演员就人们在排队时的行为
方式开玩笑,或者演员问为什么偏偏在 方式开玩笑, 你忘记带雨伞时开始下雨呢,你是在听 你忘记带雨伞时开始下雨呢, 一个观察评论类单口喜剧演员在表演。 一个观察评论类单口喜剧演员在表演。

  2. Prop comedians use things, called to tell props, jokes.(tell)
  3. When he started practising stand-up as a child, he told himself jokes while standing in front of the mirror, brushing his teeth. (stand; brush)
  4.He is very good at thinking quickly and making new jokes about the people and things around them.(make)
  5. They could only see him moving there his lips. (stand; move)
  6.Crystal’s popularity with all age group to amuse and his ability people all over the world prove that stand-up can be enjoyed by everyone. (amuse)
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Fill in the blanks.
have been playing
  1. I tennis every day for a month. I don’t understand why I’m not losing weight. (play)
  2. Like other stand-up comedians who have gone on act in films, Crystal to still enjoys stand-up. (go on)
  3. Instead of telling the jokes he had planned Crystal made up a new , one. (plan)
Fill in the blanks.

  1. Only a few stand-up comedians have become famous as television on and film actors later in life. with
  2. The audience howled laughter.
  3. Doctors have been researching what effect stand-up and other on forms of comedy have us.
Fill in the blanks.
  4. He hopes to follow the footsteps of other famous comedians, such as Bob Hope and George Burns, who lived to be 100 until years and kept working the end of their lives.
喜剧明星,这两位著名演员都活到了一百岁, 喜剧明星,这两位著名演员都活到了一百岁, 而且生命不息,工作不止。 而且生命不息,工作不止。
他希望效仿鲍勃?霍普和乔治?伯恩斯等单口 他希望效仿鲍勃 sentence into Chinese. Put the above 霍普和乔治
? A1;A2 on page 100 in Workbook ? B1; B2 on page 101 in Workbook ? Relevant exercises in Assessment book.


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