Unit 15 Destinations
Teaching Aims:
  1.Learn and master the following words and expressions: every now and then get tired of feast….
  2.Train Ss’ reading ability
  3. Get Ss to learn about some big cities in the world Teaching Important Points:
  1. Learn to use the following useful phrases every now and then get tired of feast….
  2. Train Ss’ reading ability Teaching Difficult Points: How to help Ss understand the text exactly Teaching Methods:
  1.fast reading to get a general idea of the text
  2.Careful reading to get the detailed information
  3. Asking ?and- answering to help Ss understand the text exactly
  4. Pair or group work to make every student work in class Teaching Aids:
  1. the multimedia
  2. the blackboard Teaching Procedures: Step 1 Lead-in Location: Along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil’s second lagest city Attractions: Beaches (Copacabana ), stores, Malls churches, theme parks, cafes&restaurants Scenery: Beautiful beaches, modern malls, old buildingsand churches,tall office buildings When to visit: June or July,but also March ( Carnival ) Step 2 Fast Reading Q1: Of the two places introduced, which is a summer resort to us, and which is a winter resort? Rio de Janeiro /summer; Kitzbuhel/winter Q2: What is Carnival in Rio de Janeiro? Carnival is a four-day festival to celebrate the sun Q3: Where is Alps? Alps stands around Kitzbuhel in southern Austria,in Europe Step 3 Careful Reading Destinations Para1 Rio de Janeiro Kitzbuhel Wanderlust: the urge/itch to travel Para2-3 Location along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil in South America People Cariocas: big hearts/friendliness Places worth visiting modern malls, theme parks ,beautiful beaches, downtown Rio cultural/historical commercial (old buildings/churches) (dance halls/talloffice buildings) Para4-5 Q1: Which of the following is true? A. Copacabana is close to a century old. B. All beaches are not far away from downtown Rio. C.To take a bus back to downtown Rio is not a good idea after a long time in the sun on the beach of Princess of the Sea
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Q2: The best time to visit Rio de Janeiro is .is also good because of . A. in June and July because it is the summer time in Rio; March; Carnival B. in June and July because it is winter in Rio;March; a festival in celebration of the sun. C. in June and July because it is cold in Rio; March; a famous festival Para6-7 Q1: What can tourists do in Kitzbuhel? go skiing; try downhill slopes; watch downhill race; enjoy a variety of entertainment take a walk around Q2: What kind of place is Kitzbuhel? a paradise for skiers;good weather and breath-taking scenery ; a lively mix of old village culture and the excitement of an international tourist area. Step 4 A comparison of the two cities Items Rio de Janeiro Kitzbuhel Country Brazil Austria Location On the coast of Atlantic Ocean In southern Austria People Big hearts and friendliness Friendliness Attractions Downtown Rio, Copacabana, World-class ski resort, old Carnival Village culture Best time to visit June or July winter Step 5 Answer the following questions:
  1.What is wanderlust? It is the urge to explore the world, or to travel.
  2.Where is Rio de Janeiro? It is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil.
  3.What does Cariocas mean? It refers to the people of Rio.
  4.What is the best way to see downtown of Rio De Janeiro and what can you see? On foot. You can see old and modern buildings which tell you Rio is an important commercial city.
  5.Where is Kitzbuhel? It is located in southern Austria.
  6.What is Kitzbuhel famous for? Good weather, breathtaking scenery and world-class ski resort.
  7.What else can you do in Kitzbuhel besides skiing? It offers a wide variety of entertainment and you can experience old village culture mixed with the excitement of international tourist area.
  8.What is Rio de Janeiro famous for? Rio de Janeiro is famous for its modern malls,theme parks and beautiful beaches.
  9.What does the word “Cariocas” mean? “Cariocas”means the people of Rio de Janeiro.
  10.Why do people visit Kitzbuhel? People visit Kitzbuhel because it is a world-class ski resort,a paradise for skiers Step 6 Re-read the text carefully and further understand it(Can you explain the following in English)
  1.Kitzbuhel is a paradise for skiers. It means that Kitzbuhel is a wonderful place for people who ski.
  2.A walk through downtown is a history lesson. Walking through downtown can help to learn about the history of Rio from what you see.
  3.…a feast for the eyes. A lively mix of old village culture and excitement of an international tourist area.
  4.Should you have enough energy left,… If you should have enough energy left,… Step 7 Post-reading: Area Key information in the text
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Food Only mention some cafes, restaurants Transportation Walking in downtown can be great fun. Attractions Theme parks, museums, historical sites, shopping malls, important buildings Scenery Beaches. Step 8 Language points
  1.Every now and then,we get the itch to travel.我们时不时会有去旅行的强烈渴望。 Itch 原意是“发痒”,现为“渴望”,是可数名词 Many people have an itch for excitement. They have an itch to travel abroad.
  2.Should you feel the urge to pack your bags and explore what the world has to offer,you may want to consider one of the destinations below.如果你感到有迫切的愿望去打好行李,探索世界所能提供给你的事物。你可能会考 虑下列目的地中的一个
  1)Should 用于条件句,表示可能性,“万一”前省略 if. Should you run into Sunny,tell her she owes me a letter. Should you have any difficulty in getting tickets,ring this number. 万一你买不到票,打这个电话。
  2)what the world has to offer 作 expore 的宾语,其中 what 作 has 的宾语,to offer 作 what 的定语。 如:the world has what to offer.
  3.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s second largest city, stretches itself lazily along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. 里约热内卢,巴西的第二大城市,沿着大西洋海岸自然延伸。 stretch v. 变长,拉紧,伸开,张开,延伸。例如:In some tropical regions small boats used to be made of skins stretched over a wooden frame. 过去有些热带地区小船是用兽皮绷在一个木头框子上造成的。 He stretched his legs in front of him.他往前伸腿。
  4.A trip to Rio will also give you a glimpse of the happy lifestyle of the cariocas-the people of Rio-who are known for their big hearts and friendliness.一趟里约之旅还会给你带来里约热内卢人愉悦生活的一瞥,他们以宽阔的 胸怀和友好的态度而著称于世。
  5.Copacabana, also known as the “Princess of the Sea” , has just celebrated its one hundredth birthday and is more beautiful than ever. 刚刚庆祝了它的第一百周岁生日的,以“海之公主”而闻名的科帕卡巴纳,也比以往更美丽了。 hundredth 第一百个(序数词) 。例如: In order to celebrate the one hundredth birthday of our school, every class will hold a party. 为了庆祝我校第一百周岁生日,各班都将举行一个庆祝会。 hundredth 序数词一般在词尾加-th,但有些词 例外,例如: first 第一 second 第二 third 第三 twenty-first 第二十一
  6.Located in Southern Austria, Kitzbuhel is a paradise for skiers.坐落在奥地利南部的基茨比厄尔是滑雪者的乐 园。 located in Southern Austria,是过去分词短语在这儿作状语,表示地点。过去分词除了作状语以外,还可以 作定语、表语、补语。例如:Moved by what she said, he could hardly calm down.由于被她那些话所感动他很 难平静下来。 He promised to keep me informed of how project was getting along. 他许诺随时告诉我工程的进展情况。 He suggested that the murderer referred to be sentenced to death at once.
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  7.Even though the altitude of the city and its surrounding alps isn’t enough to guarantee snow,the good weather and breath-taking scenery make Kitzbuhel a world-class skiresort.尽管这座城市的海拔高度和周围的高山不足 以保证降雪,晴好的天气和令人叹为观止的景色,使得基茨比厄尔成为世界级的滑雪胜地。
  8.Should you have enough energy left after a day on the slopes,you can take a dip in the pool,work out at the gym or go dancing in one of the city’s many hotels and clubs.如果在山坡上玩了一天后, 你还有足够的精力。 就可以 去游泳池里泡泡,去体育馆里锻炼一下,或者到城里找个宾馆或俱乐部去跳舞。 take a dip=have/go for a dip 短时的游泳或洗澡 work out 进行锻炼,训练 Integrating Skills Teaching aims: Get the students to be familiar with some travel tips. Enable the students to write a travel brochure about their hometown. Help the students to consolidate their reading skills like skimming for main ideas. Step 1 Warming up (listening):
  1).What are they talking about? They are talking about what they will do during the summer’s break( vocation).
  2). Why does the man probably go to the beach? It would be nice to get away from this cold weather and just lie down in the sun and relax after working so hard. Step 2 Background knowledge:
  1) Why do so many people like to travel? enrich one’s mind …broaden one’s view(widen one’s vision)…become knowledgeable …make friends …improve one’s life quality
  2) While going on a trip,what kind of places would people usually like to go to? abroad beautiful scenery cultural sites historical sites cities countries seas mountains The West Lake Niagara Waterfalls
  3) If you are offered an opportunity to go on a trip, what place would you like to go to? And why? Venus Sydney I suggest that you should…
  5) I will travel abroad, what should I get ready? What travel tips and practical advice are suggested before going on a trip to a faraway destination? First,find out more about the destination you have chosen. Second, consider when and how you want to travel. Third, have a good preparation of the trip, e.g. make a list of what you want to bring (such as visa, credit card, cheque, foreign currency and backpack and so on) before you start packing. Step 3 Scanning :
  1.) Why is it necessary to find out more about the destination before you go on a trip? It is not only a good way to save money and avoid problems, it can also be a lot of fun. For example,…
  2.) Why do travel agents play an important role in your trip? Travel agents can help you to find out about package trips that include hotel costs,tours and entrance tickets and choose between different alternatives, they may also help you with travel documents such as passports and visas.
  3.) far as money matters are concerned, what are mentioned in the paragraph? Credit card, cash, cheque, foreign As currency.
  4)Why is it suggested that you never change money on the street or with strangers? Because you may be cheated.
  5) How to pack your things before the trip? Make a list of what you want to bring before you start packing.
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Seasoned travellers have learnt what they must bring. Travel light if possible and bring a smaller bag or backpack .
  6) Which travel tip do you think is the most useful? Why? In my opinion,it just depends. If you want to go abroad, the most useful and important is visa and passport, which you can’t go without. But if you go sightseeing in your home country, money matters like credit cards, cheques and cash are useful, without which you can do nothing. Step 4 Post ?reading
  1.Dialogue-making: Work in pairs. Imagine that your friend has just returned from abroad, and you want very much to know about his(her) trips to these exotic places. Your friend will tell you what should be well prepared before going on a trip and also something about the transportation, accommodation, his impression of the place and so on. A: So you’ve come back from abroad… B:
  2. Writing(your homework): Imagine some foreign guests will pay a visit to Taizhou for the first time.You are asked to write a travel brochure in which you describe the place, suggest activities and provide travel tips. Step 5 Language points
  1.Most hotels have websites where you can view rooms and rates and find answers to your questions. 大多数宾馆都有自己的网站,你可以比较一下房间和价格并从中找到有关问题的答案。view vt. 观看;仔 细看,认为;把……看作是。例如: Several possible buyers have come to view the house. 几个可能是买主的人来看过房子。 The plan was viewed favorably. 这项计划受到称赞。 view n.视野;景色;风景; 风景照片;见解。例如: The house has a view over the sea. 这座房子面向大海视野开阔
  2.Experienced travelers may prefer to make their own arrangements, but the advice of a travel agent is always helpful. 有经验的旅游者喜欢自己安排自己的旅游,但是旅游代理人的建议总是有些帮助的。 prefer vt. 宁愿(选择) ,更喜欢。例如: I should prefer you not to stay (that you did not stay) there too long. 我希望你不要在那儿呆得太久。 Do you prefer coffee or tea?你喜欢咖啡还是茶? prefer to do … rather than do …“与……


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