1. 三班和四班将举行一场篮球赛. 三班和四班将举行一场篮球赛. A match will be held between Class 3 and Class
  2.难怪他今天没出席会议. 难怪他今天没出席会议. 难怪他今天没出席会议 It's no wonder that he didn't attend the meeting today.
  3.这个问题太难我回答不了. 这个问题太难我回答不了. 这个问题太难我回答不了 The question is too hard for me to answer.
  4. 他乐意帮助别人. 他乐意帮助别人. He is willing to help others.

  5.我们可以提前完成这项工作. 我们可以提前完成这项工作. 我们可以提前完成这项工作 We can finish the job ahead of time.
  6.所有的这些都表明,我们的国家越来越富强. 所有的这些都表明, 所有的这些都表明 我们的国家越来越富强. All these show that our country is becoming stronger and stronger.
  7.自从我离开家乡以后,家乡发生了巨大变化. 自从我离开家乡以后, 自从我离开家乡以后 家乡发生了巨大变化. (since) ) Great changes have taken place in my hometown since I left it.
  8.坐公共汽车去那儿需一个半小时. 坐公共汽车去那儿需一个半小时. 坐公共汽车去那儿需一个半小时 It takes one and a half hours to go there by bus.

  9.这台机器出了故障. 这台机器出了故障. 这台机器出了故障 There is something wrong with the machine./ The machine broke down.
  10.吸烟有害于健康. 吸烟有害于健康. 吸烟有害于健康 Smoking does harm to health./ Smoking is harmful to health.
  11. 努力工作,你就会成功. 努力工作,你就会成功. Work hard, and you will succeed.
  12.买这套衣服花了她 元. 买这套衣服花了她30元 买这套衣服花了她 The suit cost her 30 yuan.
  13.他的发音还有困难. 他的发音还有困难. 他的发音还有困难 He has difficulty in pronunciation.

  14. 他的叔叔过去住在乡下,现在住在城里. His uncle used to live in the country and now he lives in the city.

  15. 他把他的一生献给了宇宙飞船的研究.
He devoted his life to studying spaceships. 你最好现在不要把坏消息告诉他.
  16. 你最好现在不要把坏消息告诉他.(had better) You'd better not tell him the bad news now. 他是一位有经验的驾驶员,
  17. 他是一位有经验的驾驶员,他习惯于在各种各 样的天气情况下开车. 样的天气情况下开车.(used)
He is an experienced driver and he is used to driving in all kinds of weather.

  18. 到去年底,中国的人口是多少? What was the population in China by the end of last year?
  19.当我一到达机场时 飞机就起飞了. 当我一到达机场时,
  19.当我一到达机场时,飞机就起飞了.(Hardly) Hardly had I reached the airport when the plane took off. 如果你不努力学习,你不会取得成功.
  20. 如果你不努力学习,你不会取得成功. (unless) You will not succeed unless you work hard.
  21.虽然他是孩子,他知道怎样生活和学习. Child as he is( Though/ Although he is a child), he knows how to live and study. ,
  22.我走进他的办公室时,看见他正在写什么 我走进他的办公室时, 我走进他的办公室时 看见他正在写什么. Going into his office,I saw him writing , something
  23.由于刻苦学习,他们取得了很大进步. 由于刻苦学习,他们取得了很大进步. 由于刻苦学习 Having studied hard,they have made good , progress.
  24.如果给我更多的时间,我能把这工作做得更好. 如果给我更多的时间, 如果给我更多的时间 我能把这工作做得更好. Given more time,I can do this job better. ,
  25.老师走进教室,后面跟着一个学生.(伴随 老师走进教室, 伴随) 老师走进教室 后面跟着一个学生. 伴随 The teacher walked into the classroom, , followed by a student/ with a student following.

  26. 只要我们不失去信心,我们会找到办法克服 只要我们不失去信心, 困难的方法. 困难的方法.(As long as) As long as we don't lose heart, we'll find a way to overcome the difficulty.
  27. 无论谁做这事都没有什么区别.(whoever) 无论谁做这事都没有什么区别. Whoever does it makes no difference.
  28. 一旦她开始跳舞,她就忘记了时间.(Once) 一旦她开始跳舞,她就忘记了时间. Once she started to dance, she forgot about the time.
  29. 这座山是那么高以至于我不能爬到山顶上. 这座山是那么高以至于我不能爬到山顶上. so… (… so that) The mountain is so high that I can not climb up to its top.

  30.众所周知,指南针( 首先是中国制造的. 众所周知 首先是中国制造的 (As)
As is known to all, the compass was first made in China.

  31. 我们需要更多的练习是十分清楚的.(practice) 我们需要更多的练习是十分清楚的.
That we need more practice is quite clear./ It is quite clear that we need more practice

  32. 你没听李老师的报告真是太遗憾了.(miss) 你没听李老师的报告真是太遗憾了.
It is a pity that you missed the lecture made by Mr. /Ms.Li.

  33. 碰巧我那天晚上有空.(happen) 碰巧我那天晚上有空.
It happened that I was free that evening./ I happened to be free that evening.

  34. 直到昨天我才知道他要来.(not until) 直到昨天我才知道他要来.(not… It was not until yesterday that I knew he was coming./I didn't know he was coming until yesterday.
  35. 这城市不像三年前的那样子了.(used) 这城市不像三年前的那样子了. The city isn't what it used to be three years ago.
  36. 这正是你要寻找的东西.(look) 这正是你要寻找的东西. This is what you are looking for.
  37. 成功属于那些努力工作的人. 成功属于那些努力工作的人. Success belongs to those who apply themselves to work.

  38. 另一方面,45% (的同学 认为锻炼浪费时间而且使 另一方面, 的同学)认为锻炼浪费时间而且使 的同学 人疲累. 人疲累. On the other hand, 45% believe taking exercise is a waste of time and tiring.
  39. 随着计算机技术的发展,互联网越来越受欢迎. 随着计算机技术的发展,互联网越来越受欢迎. With the development of computer technology, the Internet has become more and more popular. 40许多年轻人对足球很狂热. 许多年轻人对足球很狂热. 许多年轻人对足球很狂热 Many young people are crazy about football.
  41.毫无疑问,人们越来越重视身体健康. 毫无疑问, 毫无疑问 人们越来越重视身体健康. There is no doubt that people pay more and more attention to health.

  42.学生们从他的讲课中受益匪浅. 学生们从他的讲课中受益匪浅. 学生们从他的讲课中受益匪浅 Students benefit much/a lot from his lecture.
  43.在过去的二十年中,中国一直在高速发展. 在过去的二十年中, 在过去的二十年中 中国一直在高速发展. In the past twenty years, China has developed at high speed.
  44. 现在,中国可以和世界上很多国家竞争. 现在,中国可以和世界上很多国家竞争. Now, China can compete with most countries in the world.
  45. 他发现要赶上物理学的发展很难. 他发现要赶上物理学的发展很难. He found it very difficult to keep pace with the development of physics.

  46. 作为一名护士,你应该对病人十分耐心. 作为一名护士,你应该对病人十分耐心. As a nurse, you ought to be very patient with your patients.
  47. 越来越多的人开始关心我们的自然环境. 越来越多的人开始关心我们的自然环境. More and more people are concerned about our natural environment. 他的外国朋友已经习惯了在中国的生活.
  48. 他的外国朋友已经习惯了在中国的生活. His foreign friend has become used to living in China. 请带把伞以防下雨.
  49. 请带把伞以防下雨. Please bring an umbrella with you in case of raining.

  41. 彼得一直没有来的原因是他没赶上这班火车. (catch)
The reason why Peter hasn't come is that he didn't catch the train.

  42. 他认为每次考试作好准备是重要的.(it) 他认为每次考试作好准备是重要的.
He thinks it important that he does full preparation before the examinations every time.

  43. 学好一门外语需要时间和努力.(effort) 学好一门外语需要时间和努力.
Learning a foreign language well requires time and effort.

  44. 如何解决这道难题将在明天的会上讨论.(solve) 如何解决这道难题将在明天的会上讨论.
How to solve the problem will be discussed at tomorrow's meeting.

  45. 对学生来说,把座位让给这位老年妇女 是最礼貌的.(polite) It is polite for the student to give up his seat to the elderly woman.
  46.据报道这个国家三分之一的城市缺水. (short) It is reported that one-third of the cities in the country are short of water supply.
  47. 我宁可失去这场比赛,也不愿意伤害他. (would rather) I'd rather lose the game than hurt him.
  61. 任何人都不能进入会议室,除非得到校长的 要求. 要求.(unless) Nobody can be allowed to enter the meeting-room, unless they are invited by the headmaster. 雨和雪都不能阻止孩子们上学.(Neither…
  62. 雨和雪都不能阻止孩子们上学.(Neither nor) Neither rain nor snow can prevent the children from going to school. 众所周知,近几年上海发生了很大的变化.
  63. 众所周知,近几年上海发生了很大的变化. (well known) It is well known to all that great changes have taken place in Shanghai in recent years.
  64. 自从进入高中以来,我们在学习上取得了 很大的进步. 很大的进步.(progress) We have made great progress in our studies since we entered the high school. 不管他说什么,做什么,我们都不相信他.
  65. 不管他说什么,做什么,我们都不相信他. (whatever) Whatever he says or does, we don't believe him. 电脑在现代科学研究中起着重要的作用.
  66. 电脑在现代科学研究中起着重要的作用. (part) The computer plays an important part in modern scientific research.
  87. 他又把邻居家的窗户打破了,这使他的父母 很生气. 很生气.(which) He broke his neighbour's windows again, which made his parents very angry. 良好的健康取决于好的食物,
  88. 良好的健康取决于好的食物,运动和充足的 睡眠. 睡眠.(depend on) Good health depends on good food, exercise and enough sleep.
  89.这个男孩别无选择,只好按照他父亲告诉他 这个男孩别无选择 的去做. 的去做. The boy didn't have any choice/had no choice but to do as his father had told him.
染上吸毒恶习是容易的,但要戒毒是很困难的. 染上吸毒恶习是容易的 但要戒毒是很困难的. 但要戒毒是很困难的 It's easy to get into the habit of taking drugs but hard to get rid of it. 如果你有什么要求,请告诉我 不要犹豫. 请告诉我,不要犹豫 如果你有什么要求 请告诉我 不要犹豫. Don't hesitate to tell me if you have any requests. 电视上的暴力节目会给儿童造成很坏的影响. 电视上的暴力节目会给儿童造成很坏的影响. Violent programs on TV may have a bad influence on children. 史密斯夫妇并不富裕,但他们还是设法送他们的两个女 史密斯夫妇并不富裕 但他们还是设法送他们的两个女 儿上大学. 儿上大学. The Smiths were not rich, but they managed to send their two daughters to colleges.
坏习惯一旦形成,就很难戒掉. Bad habits, once formed, are difficult to give up. 我们一定要防止疾病蔓延. We must stop the disease (from) spreading. As matter of fact,I don't agree with you. 实际上,我不大同意你的看法.



   Translation 1. If you had (听从了我的忠告,你就不会陷入麻烦). 2. With tears on her face, the lady (看着他受伤的儿子被送 进手术室). 3. After the terrorist attack, tourists (被劝告暂时不要去该国 旅游). 4. I prefer to communicate with my customers (通过写电子邮件而不 是打电话). 5. (直到截止日他才寄出)his applicati ...


   本文由寒林梦沙贡献 ppt文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 冯舟小组制作 版权没有 盗版不究 英语和汉语是两种差异比较大的语言,英语重形合,汉语重意合。 英语和汉语是两种差异比较大的语言,英语重形合,汉语重意合。有人 把英语句子比喻为“树木丛生、干枝纠缠的树林” 脉络难析, 把英语句子比喻为“树木丛生、干枝纠缠的树林”,脉络难析,主次难 而把汉语句子比喻为“枝干分明的竹林” 脉络清晰,主次易辨。 辨,而把汉语句子比喻为“枝干分明的竹 ...


   冯舟小组制作 版权没有 盗版不究 英语和汉语是两种差异比较大的语言,英语重形合,汉语重意合。 英语和汉语是两种差异比较大的语言,英语重形合,汉语重意合。有人 把英语句子比喻为“树木丛生、干枝纠缠的树林” 脉络难析, 把英语句子比喻为“树木丛生、干枝纠缠的树林”,脉络难析,主次难 而把汉语句子比喻为“枝干分明的竹林” 脉络清晰,主次易辨。 辨,而把汉语句子比喻为“枝干分明的竹林”,脉络清晰,主次易辨。 翻译时,根据表达习惯,英语、 翻译时,根据表达习惯,英语、汉语的句子结构有时需要进行相应的转 ...


   Unit1 Text A translation 1,:汤姆是一个十分好奇的男孩,他不仅对“是什么”感兴趣。而且也对“为什么”和“怎么样”感兴趣。 Tom, a very curious boy, is interested not only in whats but also in whys and hows. 2:据史密斯教授说,幸福就是你能充分利用的一切。 According to Professor Smith, happiness is the ability to make th ...

MTI 英语Terms Translation

   Household appliances 家用电器 External storage 外存 Environmentally friendly 对环境不造成伤害 Speech recognition 语音识别 Intellectual capital 智力资本 industry Information technology industry 信息技术产业 Alternative energy sources 替代能源 Artificial intelligence 人工智能 Attached ...

高中英语翻译默写ranslation unit 7

   1. 这个作家非常关心别人对他作品的态度。concern 2 公元五世纪罗马帝国灭亡了 see 3 In the fifth century 3 就服务来说, 这家餐馆是令人满意的 concern 4 2001 年中国加入(entry. n.)世贸组织 see 5 20 世纪上半叶这个城市发生过无数的战争与灾难 Concern Expect Place/ time see/ witness sth Sth happen in the place/time Sth concern sth St ...


   偶论 “ 翻译 英语 ” “ ! "" !"#" %& (") "#" & ” + 葛 传 梁 首先 要 过 , “ 正 名 ” 一下 ” “ , 。 我所 说 的 “ “ 翻译 英语 ” , , 并不 是 动宾 结构 ” 。 , 并不 是 “ 把英 语 译 成任 何别 种 语 言 可 以 说是 我 的 &" "# ” 而是 ” 从 别 种语 言译 成 的英 语 “ 这 个名称 以 前 似乎 没 有 人 用 创造 或 杜撰 “ ” 是 “ 自我 作古 、 ” 的产 物 ...


   Model Test Papers Compositions 1.You'd better take some more tablets with you(以防在旅行的路上生病). 2.(负责市场营销部的经理最近辞职了) , for he had a conflict with the boss over the marketing strategy. 3.Confused at the instructions on the bottle, (病人向大夫咨询每次服 药的剂量). 4.If ...

英语高考周周练Week One answer to dictation of__ words

   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. Week One: Dictation of Important Words and Phrases 突然大笑 burst into laughter/ burst ou ...

高中英语高二英语上册Unit 5 The British Isles words and expressions

   Para 1 1. The idea that …. is past. 用炸鱼土豆条,讲演角, 用炸鱼土豆条,讲演角,大本钟楼和伦敦塔象征英国的时 代已经过去了。 代已经过去了。 句中that引导的从句是同位语从句,它一般跟在某些 引导的从句是 句中 名词如belief, fact, hope, idea, news, problem…的后面, 的后面, 名词如 的后面 用以说明或解释前面的名词。 用以说明或解释前面的名词。引导同位语从句的连词在 从句中不充当句子成分.其引导词:连词that ...



   高考英语口试的一些应试技巧 一.第一部分 快速应答 此部分主要为考察日常生活中最主要的语言功能,在历届上海高考口试中其考点一般可分为12项,这12项为: Greetings问候 aking Introductions介绍 Saying Good-bye告别 Making Requests and Giving Instructions请求 Giving Thanks致谢 Asking for Permission允许 Showing Agreement or disagreement同 ...


   工作目标 有时候面试中招聘者会提问应聘者有关工作目标的问题, 目的就是了解应聘者做 事的风格,以及应聘者对这份工作的看法。当然由于应聘者还不是很了解自己所 应聘的工作,在回答问题时并不一定面面俱到,因为在实际当中会碰到自己计划 中所没有考虑到的问题,所以大致说明自己的计划目标就好了。 BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达 1) Are you a goal-oriented person? 你是一个目标明确的人吗? 2) Tell me about some of your re ...

2001年4月份全国高等教育自学考试自考英语二历年试卷试题真题 专注于收集各类历年试卷 更多试卷答案下载 免费试听网校课程 2001 年 4 月份全国高等教育自学考试自考英语二历年试卷 月份全国高等教育自学考试自考英语二历年试卷 自考英语二 试题真题 试题真题 第一部分(选择题, 第一部分 选择题,共 50 分) 选择题 I. Vocabulary and Structure(10 points, 1 point for each item) 从下列各句四个选项中选出一个最佳答案,并在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。 从下列各句四个 ...


   一.写作部分(9:00-9:30) 写作部分( 00- 30) Part Ⅰ Writing (30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write A Letter of Apology according to the outline given below. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given bel ...


   英语发音规则连读&爆破音 在英语的学习过程中,一定要注意英语发音的连读和爆破音现象,掌握了它了规律,对我们在发音和英语听力方面都会有很大的帮助。 ????那么,什么是连读呢?   在连贯地说话或朗读时,在同一个意群(即短语或从句)中,如果相邻的两个词前者以辅音音素结尾,后者以元音音素开头,就要自然地将辅音和元音相拼,构成一个音节,这就是连读。连读时的音节一般不重读,只需顺其自然地一带而过,不可以加音,也不可以读得太重。如:not at all这个短语。连读时听起来就像是一个单词。注意 ...