单词拼写: 单词拼写:
  1. He knew there was a speed limit but he just (忽视 it and drove very fast. 忽视) ignored 忽视
  2. He lost so much weight that his trousers were quite (松的 松的). loose 松的
  3. She has been working too hard. We are all concerned (担心 about her health. 担心 担心)
  4. (判断 from his accent, he 判断) 判断 Judging must be from Canada.
  5. Even (本地的 English speakers 本地的) native 本地的 can’t speak the same kind of English.

  6. All the people (出席的 at the 出席的) present 出席的 meeting were for the plan to set up a car factory in the village.
  7. His (态度 towards customers 态度) 态度 attitude was always cold and even rude.
  8. In the past, the villagers transported(运输) (运输 运输) their goods by goat not by truck.
  9. We found it too hard to persuade him to change his mind. He is too stubborn (固执的 固执的 固执的).
  10. The firemen (拯救 three 拯救) rescued 拯救 women from the burning house.

  11. All these difficulties were caused by natural (灾难 灾难). disasters 灾难
  12. The earthqake (毁坏 the 毁坏) destroyed 毁坏 whole city and shocked people very much.
  13. He has all the (品质 of a 品质) 品质 qualities successful businessman.
  14. He worked hard all his life but without much (报酬 报酬). 报酬 reward
  15. -Do you know who the first (总统 of the United States was? 总统) president 总统 -Washington.
关心, 关心,挂念 be concerned about 面对面地 face to face 一连串, 一连串,一系列 a series of 合计, 合计,达到 add up to 平静下来, 平静下来,镇定下来 calm down 对…狂热 be crazy about 狂热 爱上 fall in love with 躲藏 hide away 经历经受 go through 记日记 keep a diary 放下, 放下,记下 set down 故意 on purpose
中担任…的角色 中起…的作用 在…中担任 的角色,在…中起 的作用 中担任 的角色, 中起 play a … role / part in… 充分利用 make good / full use of 由于, 由于,因为 because of 信不信由你 believe it or not 走近,发生, 走近,发生,发芽 come up …为基础 以…为基础 base on / be based on 与…不同 be different from 不同 大量的, 大量的,许多的 a large number of 目前, 目前,现在 at present
梦想,梦见做某事 dream of / about doning sth 梦想, 说服某人做某事 persuade sb into doing sth 从…毕业 graduate from 毕业 坚持做某事 insist on doing sth 关心, 关心,忧虑 care about 决定干某事 be determined to do sth 改变主意 change one’s mind 下定决心 make up one’s mind 在海拔…处 在海拔 处 at an altitude of… 屈服让步 give in 和往常一样 as usual 举起,张贴, 举起,张贴,建立 put up 迫不及待要做某事 can hardly / not wait to do sth
立刻马上 right away 突然…起来 突然 起来 burst into sth / burst out doing sth 不重视 think little of 似乎好像 as if 结束 at an end 成为废墟 lie / be in ruins 对…感到震惊 be shocked at 感到震惊 来拯救某人 come to one’s rescue 挖出 dig out 专心致志于 bury oneself in / be buried in 祝贺某人某事 congratulate sb on sth 从 …来判断 judging from 来判断 为了纪念 in honor of
投身于, 投身于,献身于 devote oneself to 为…而死 die for 而死 与…斗争 fight against 斗争 信任, 信任,信仰 believe in 不受…的影响 的影响, 不受 的影响,摆脱 be free from 把某人投入监狱 put sb in prison 失业 be out of work 使充气, 使充气,爆炸 blow up 上台执政 come to power 丧失信心或勇气 lose heart 事实上 as a matter of fact 被判处…(徒刑 徒刑) 被判处 徒刑 be sentenced to

  16. The man was very ill, but he survived (活下来 活下来). 活下来
  17. It (使…惊讶 me to hear that 惊讶) amazed 使 惊讶 you were leaving.
  18. I (目睹 the traffic accident. 目睹) witnessed 目睹
  19. My handwriting cannot (竞 compete 竞 争)with him.
  20. He was (录取 as a member 录取) admitted 录取 of the baseball team.

  21. George (取代 Edward as 取代) 取代 replaced captain.
  22. We received 400 (申请 申请) applications 申请 for the job.
  23. The English in this story has been (简化 to make it easier to 简化) simplified 简化 understand.
  24. (就个人而言 I think he 就个人而言), Personally 就个人而言 isn’t honest, but many people trust him.
  25. Smoking (影响 health. 影响) affects 影响

  26. The hall will (容纳 3000 容纳) 容纳 contain people.
  27. This rare bird has become an (濒危的 species. 濒危的) endangered 濒危的
  28. His (热爱 to his wife 热爱) 热爱 devotion and family is touching.
  29. We are (熟悉的 with the 熟悉的) 熟悉的 familiar sportman LiuXiang.
  30. An artist is (敏感的 to 敏感的) 敏感的 sensitive beauty.
搜寻, 搜寻,寻找 in search of 对…感到惊讶 be amazed at 感到惊讶 为…而设计制造的 be designed for 而设计制造的 属于 belong to 作为回报 in return (for) 用作, 用作,充当 serve as 处于交战状态 be at war 毫无疑问 There is no doubt that… 值得干某事 be worth doing sth 而不是 rather than 用…来装饰 decorate with 来装饰 拆开 take apart 看重, 看重,器重 think highly of
参加…比赛 参加 比赛 compete in 与某人比赛 compete against / with 为争取…而竞争比赛 为争取 而竞争比赛compete for 参加 take part in 代表, 代表,象征 stand for 被录取 be admitted to 承认做某事 admit doing sth 也,和 as well 承担责任 take the responsibility 来代替A 用B来代替 replace A with B 来代替 与某人结婚 be / get married to sb 许诺干某事 promise to do sth 与某人讨价还价 bargain with sb 陆续地, 陆续地,一个接一个地 one after another
与…有一些共同点 have sth in common 有一些共同点 从…时候起 from…on 时候起 结果 as a result 在某种程度上 in a way 编造,弥补, 编造,弥补,化妆 make up 在某人的帮助下 with the help of sb 按某人的观点 in one’s opinion 处理, 处理,对付 deal with 看守监视 watch over 毕竟 after all
减少了 decrease by 减少到 decrease to 灭绝, 灭绝,灭亡 die out 处于和平状态 be at peace 渴望某事 long for sth 如释重负地 in relief 无情地, 无情地,残忍地 without mercy 保护…免受 免受…(伤害) 保护 免受 (伤害)protect…from 在危险中 in danger 注意 pay attention to 很久以前 long before 形成, 形成,产生 come into being 按照, 按照,根据 according to 成功地做了某事 succeed in doing sth
假装干某事 pretend to do sth 老实说 to be honest 重视, 重视,看重 attach (great) importance to 形成…的习惯 形成 的习惯 form the habit of 谋生 earn one’s living 用现金支付 pay in cash 和某人开玩笑 play jokes on sb 依赖, 依赖,依靠 rely on 对…熟悉 be familiar with 熟悉 为…所熟悉 be familiar to 所熟悉 驱散,解散,打碎, 驱散,解散,打碎,破裂 break up 对…有信心 be confident of 有信心 分类整理 sort out
坚持 stick to 最重要, 最重要,首先 above all 认真对待 be serious about 除此之外 in addition 精通, 精通,了解 have a good knowledge of 想出, 想出,提出 come up with 对…敏感的 be sensitive to 敏感的 变质 go bad
  1.这个年轻人被说服戒烟。 这个年轻人被说服戒烟 The young man was out persuaded . of smoking
  2.令我们惊讶的是 第二天他改变了主意。 令我们惊讶的是,
  2.令我们惊讶的是,第二天他改变了主意。 To our surprise, he changed his the next day. mind
  3.并非所有美国人都是富有的 并非所有美国人都是富有的。
  3.并非所有美国人都是富有的。 Americans are rich Not all

  5.这座旧的车站将被一座现代化车站所代替。 这座旧的车站将被一座现代化车站所代替 This old station will replaced be by a new and modern one.
  6.这两个男孩有许多相似之处 这两个男孩有许多相似之处。
  6.这两个男孩有许多相似之处。 The two boys have much in . common 对不起,我得和你面对面谈一谈。
  7. 对不起,我得和你面对面谈一谈。 Sorry, I have got to talk with you face . to face

  8.他时刻关心别人,和他们相处十分融洽。 他时刻关心别人
He is always ready to care others and them. get on well with

  9.他将在这场戏中扮演重要的角色。 他将在这场戏中扮演重要的角色
He will play an important role in this play.

  10.没有什么东西能让我改变主意,我绝不屈服。 没有什么东西能让我改变主意
Nothing can make me change my , I’ll never . mind give in

  11.他日日夜夜努力学习,结果通过了这次考试。 他日日夜夜努力学习
He studied hard , day and night , he passed the exam. as a result

  12.你应坚持你的计划并贯彻执行。 你应坚持你的计划并贯彻执行 You should your plan and stick to . carry it out
  13.我班大约有50个学生 我班大约有50个学生,
  13.我班大约有50个学生,其中有很多人是共青团 员。 There are fifty students in our or so class, and a large number of
them are League members.

  13.他救了他儿子,作为回报,她给了他一些礼物。 他救了他儿子
He saved her son, and she in return gave him some gifts.

  14.在老师的帮助下,我的英语有了很大进步。 在老师的帮助下 of the teacher, I have With the help in my English. made much progress
  15.他答应我从今以后要表现得好些。 他答应我从今以后要表现得好些
He has promised me to do better in the future.

  16.约翰已承认打碎了窗子。 约翰已承认打碎了窗子
John has the windows. admitted breaking

  17.这个年轻人去城里寻找一份好的工作。 这个年轻人去城里寻找一份好的工作
This young man went to town in search a good job. of

  18.请把这本书物归原主。 请把这本书物归原主
Please give back the book to the person it . to whom belongs

  19.爸爸告诉我任何时候都不要失去信心。 爸爸告诉我任何时候都不要失去信心
Father tells me not to lose heart anytime.

  20.这首英语歌曲为我们中学生所熟悉。 这首英语歌曲为我们中学生所熟悉
This English song is familiar to us high school students.

  21.你叔叔是特意来这里看你的。 你叔叔是特意来这里看你的 on Your uncle came here to see you . purpose
  22. 这里的人们都安详地生活着。
The people here live . in peace
  23. 我决心比迈克做得更好。 I determined to do better than am

  24. 一想到他的妈妈为他准备的可口的饭菜,他 一想到他的妈妈为他准备的可口的饭菜, 就迫不及待地想回家。 就迫不及待地想回家。
Thinking of the delicious meal his mother him, he prepared for can hardly . wait to go home
  25. 听!班会正在举行,让我们也参加吧!
listen! The class meeting is being held . Let’s too. take part
  26. 深呼吸,这将帮助你平静下来。
Have a deep breath, and it will help you . calm down

  27.在火灾中丧生的人数达到了三百多人。 在火灾中丧生的人数达到了



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