Unit 5
  1.classical adj. 古典的 classical music pop music
  2.roll vi 滚动 The ball rolled down the hill. The dog was rolling in the mud. Rolling stone Company vt. (使)摇摆 I rolled the baby over. n. 卷;卷形物; 面包圈 a roll of bread

  3. orchestra: 管弦乐队 symphony orchestra 交 响 乐团
  4. musician: 音乐家 He is a jazz/ rock musician.
  5. dream of/about doing sth: 梦想做某事 I dreamt of you last night. He never dreamt of being a pilot.
  6. pretend:假装 (
  1)pretend to do sth( to do 有时态的变 化) He pretends to know a lot
about arts. He pretended to be reading when I went in (
  2) We pretended that nothing had happened.
  7. honest: 诚实的 He is an honest boy. to be honest 老实地说 To be honest, it is the last place that I want to visit. (独立分词结构作状语) To be frank, you have little chance of passing the exam. To tell (you) the truth, I fell
asleep in the middle of her talk.
  8. attach sth to sth: 把…附 加在…之上 Please attach the paper to the cover of the book. ( 引 申 : attach importance/ value /weight to sth 认为… 重要,有价值,有分量) I attach great importance to this research.
  9. form: v. 组成,形成 Storm clouds are forming in the sky.
A plan formed in my mind form the habit of doing sth. He has formed the bad habit of smoking. n. 形式 Help arrived in the form of two policemen. n. 表格 Please fill in the application form first.
  10. fame:名声 win fame He went to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune. adj. famous: be famous for;
be famous as
  11. passer-by:过路人 The policemen asked the passers-by if they had seen the accident looker-on 旁观者
  12. earn; 赚,挣得 He earned about 1,000 dollars a week. He earned a living by selling newspapers. As a teacher, he has earned the respect of her students.
  13. instrument: 器械,工具
surgical instrument 外科器 械 musical instrument 乐器
  14. perform: v. (
  1)表演 The play was first performed in 19
  75. (
  2) 履 行 , 执 行 perform / do/carry out an experiment; She performs an important role in this organization. n. performance [c] n. a wonderful performance/ put on performances

  15.pub 酒 吧 =public house=bar They went to the pub for a drink.
  16. cash:现金[u]n How much cash do you have on you? The payments can be made in cash.
  17. studio: 工作室, 演播室 a television studio/ a recording studio She works for a big Hollywood studio.她为好莱
  18.millionaire.百万富翁 He is not a millionaire, so don’t rely on him.
  19. play a joke on sb 戏弄某 人=play a trick on sb=play tricks on sb 捉弄某人 tell jokes/tell a joke 开玩笑 make a joke of sb 开某人的 玩笑 vt. Are you joking?
  20.actor 男演员 actress 女 演员
  21.rely on/upon:依靠,信赖
These children rely too much on their parents. You can rely on me to keep the secret. depend on/upon : He was the kind of person you could depend on
  22. broadcast: 播 音 broadcast The football match will be broadcast live on TV. n. There will be a live football broadcast on TV.
  23. humorous:幽默的
Humor is a good quality of a man.
  24. familiar:熟悉的 sb be familiar with sth 某人对.. 熟悉 sth be familiar to sb 某东西对…熟悉 The smell is very familiar to everyone living around. People living around are very familiar with the gas.
  25. or so 放在句末=about 大约 It will cost $100 or so. = It will cost about $1

  26. break up:打碎,分裂(
  1) (
  1)The ship broke up on the rocks. (
  2) Their friendship has broken up. (
  3) The meeting broke up at 11 o’clock. (
  4) They decided to break up their relationship. (
  5) Police were called in to break up the crowd.
  27.attractive; 诱人的 This is a house with an attractive garden.

  28.in addition 而且,另外, 也 besides We’d better stay at home. It’s raining outside. In addition, we have a lot of housework to do.
  29. sort out: 分类 These books need sorting out. You have to sort out all these magazines before you leave.
  30. excitement: 兴奋 His face turned red with
  31.overnight:一夜之间 We stayed overnight in London after seeing the play
  32. dip:蘸 dip sth in/into sth 把…蘸到…里面 He dipped his hand in (the water) to see how hot the water was.
  33. confident:自信的 The team feels confident of winning. The teacher wants the children to be confident
about themselves. The teacher wants the children to have self confidence.
  34. brief: 简洁的,简短的 Mozart’s life was brief In brief, the meeting was a failure.
  35. devote: devote oneself/ one’s time/energy/sth to sth/ doing sth He devoted all his life to the science work. The mother devoted too
much of her time to her children. be devoted to: 致力于,献 身于 They are devoted to the research. The computer is our devoted helper.
  36. afterwards:然后,后来 Afterwards, she felt sorry for what she said.
  37. invitation: (口头/书面 的邀请) v. invite
He received an invitation to the party but he didn’t accept it. I went to the party at the invitation of my best friend.
  38.beard: 络腮胡子 He has decided to grow a beard and a moustache
  39. sensitive:敏感的 She is very sensitive to other people’s feelings. My teeth are sensitive to cold food. She is very sensitive about
his weight.
  40. painful: 痛苦的,疼痛 的 My ankle is still too painful to walk on.
That is a painful experience.
  41. above all: 最重要的,首先 Above all, make sure you keep in touch. first of all: First of all, tell me your name. after all; in all; at all



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   本文档由本人手打输入,经过了拼写和汉译的校对,基本无误 注:1.有两种词性或两种词性以上的,第一种词性的英文缩写加上了[ ] 2.两种词性为同一意思的用[ / ]表示 3.几种常用词性的缩写在这里列出:n-名词,v-动词,vi-不及物动词,vt-及物动词,adj-形容词,adv-副词,pron-代词,prep-介词,pl-复数或单数 4.△的为不要求掌握的词 5.名词,形容词,副词的词性一般不予打出 UNIT 1 △cultural 文化的 △relic 遗物;遗迹;纪念物 ...

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   1. 邀请 2. 向……道谢 3. 心烦的 4. 傻的 5. 担心的 6. 微笑 7. 歌剧 8. 京剧 9. 无任何东西或人 10. 失望的 11. 不 高 兴 的 12. 不受欢迎的 13. 富裕的 14. 感动人的 15. 骄傲的 16. 骄傲 17. 似乎 18. 品尝 19. 闻起来 20. 摆放 21. 摆放餐具 22. 能够 23. 有能力做 (某事) 24. 惊奇的 25. 奥地利 26. 活泼的 27. 戏剧 28. 使振作起来 29. 发疯的 30. 开始 31. 使人高 ...

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