What’s a healthy life? A healthy person is someone who is healthy in both body and mind.
Read the passage for five minutes then answer the following questions:

  1. What kind of person do you think James’ grandfather is? He is fit and healthy and leads an active life. He takes an interest in his daughter’s and grandson’s well-being. He is knowledgeable. He reads the internet. He appears to love his grandson.

  2. What are the suggestions James’ grandfather gives to quit smoking?
Suggestions to quit smoking

  2. Be determined

  1. Prepare yourself
  3. Break the habit
  4. Relax
  5. Get help if you need it
  6. Keep trying

  3. Do you think the information and advice on the Internet page that James’ grandfather sent is useful for someone who is trying to give up smoking? It’s a good summary but a person wanting to give up should probably look for more information than what is presented here.

  4. What else could have been included?
  5. What information could have been left out?
Fill in the chart on the next page with information from the reading passage.
Information from the reading passage. Different ways people can become addicted to cigarettes
  1. physically addicted to nicotine
  2. addicted through habits
  3. mentally addicted
Harmful physical effects for smokers

  1. do terrible damage to heart and lungs
  2. have difficulty in becoming pregnant
  3. can not run fast
Effects that a person’s smoking can have on other people Effects that smoking can have on sporting performance

  1. other people dislike the smell
  2. The cigarette smoke may do harm to other people near the smoker.
be unable to enjoy sport
Make a summary of the advice on how to stop smoking. Be sure to use your own words and no more than five sentences.

  1. Make sentences with the following words and phrases: due to addicted to accustomed to automatically mentally manage pregnant quit decide on eventually
  2. Search on the Internet or other sources for information about how to stop smoking.


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