Lecturer: Liu xiao-dong from Zhang Jiakou No One Middle school
A truly healthy person is eat wellKeep active touch who you are What keep trulyaccepthealthy others is a in healthycare for in person? someone who is both body and mind
askhavehelp for a break talk aboutdrink feelings sth. your good at do sth. you’re sensibly
Adolescents often start smoking by … Adolescents often start imitating. stress. because of… smoking “cool”. to be “cool”. …
James is one of the adolescent smokers addicted to cigarettes.
Skim the passage and find out how many parts the text consists of. and what each part is mainly about .
parts One is to help James give up smoking. The other is an which gives advice on how to quit smoking.
A Para. 1 Para. 2 Para. 3 Para. 4 Para. 5
a. b. c.
B Grandad talks about James’ problem of smoking. The harmful effects of smoking. Grandad tells about the life he is living and the importance of healthy life. Grandad’s hope for James and his advice on stopping smoking. The three different ways of becoming addicted.
I Look at the questions bellow. Read para.1-2 carefully, and find out the answers to the questions.
  1. What kind of person do you think James’ grandad is ?
  2. What makes him a long and active person ?

  2. What makes him a long and active person ? The healthy life he lives.

  3. Why does Grandad mentioned his experience during his adolescence ? To encourage James to quit smoking.
II. Go through Para. 3, and fill in a chart.
Different ways
information from the reading passage
  1. addicted to physically nicotine.
  2. addicted through habits mentally
people can become addicted to cigarettes
III. Read Para.4 and do the “True or false”
IV. Read the second part and list the six suggestions
Step IV. Post reading
Advice from Grandad grandad lives an active and healthy life now,once addicted to smoking grandson Became,addicted,to cigarettes now
ways to be addicted to smoking physically addicted habitually addicted mentally addicted ways to give up smoking realize the harmful effect of smoking bad for hard to heart and become lungs pregnant affect smell yellow terrible finger nonsmoker can’t run fast
Some people say that smoking is relaxing, and some people are more confident with cigarettes in their hands. Even some people can't live without them. But do you know that smoking might cause various types of cancers?
How to ask for advice What should I do? Could you tell me what to do? Can you give me some advise?
How to give advice You’d better… I think you ought to.. Perhaps you should… I suggest that you…
Suppose you were James, what would you say in your reply to your grandad?


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