选修 7 Unit 4 Sharing 单元测试题 第一节 单项选择(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)
  21. ? Could I have a word with you, mum? ? Oh, dear, if you . A. can B. may C. must D. should
  22. ? Can I look at the menu before I make an order? ? Of course. , madam. A. Take your time B. Don’t mention it C. Never mind D. Help yourself
  23. The criminal, as well as some people, was arrested by the police yesterday. A. relevant B. skilled C. released D. lucky
  24. Do you remember the chicken farm we visited three months ago? A. where B. when C. that D. what
  25. I my university professor in the supermarket near my house, which was out of my expectation. A. came out B. came across C. came about D. came along
  26. The plan has to be to meet the real situation. A. adjusted B. adapted C. produced D. refounded
  27. Students are encouraged to the design competition for robots at the university. A. take part B. operate C. join to D. participate in
  28. The man I yesterday in the street is my manager. A. paid a visit B. had a talk C. met D. dropped
  29. After Yang Liwei succeeded in circling the earth, Chinese astronauts walk in space. A. anxious to do B. eager for C. are dying to D. are longing to
  30. ? Why didn’t she ask for help at that time? ? You know, at such a midnight, there was no one . A. she could turn to B. for whom to turn C. who to turn to D. for her to turn
  31. In Chinese culture, marriage decisions were often made by parents for their children. A. historic B. remote C. traditional D. further
  32. A live program on TV is calling on people to money or some other things to the people who have suffered from the flood in Henan Province. A. donate B. lend C. put D. pay
  33. I was about to go to bed one of my old classmates made a call to me. A. when B. as C. while D. that

  34. With the guide the way, we finally got to the village which we were looking for. A. led B. leading C. to lead D. had led
  35. The reason at the meeting for being late was not reasonable. A. why he gave B. what he gave C. he gave D. on which he gave 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) The bell rang at four o’clock. All the children in Donna’s class 36 into the corridor and joined the masses rushing out of school because it was Friday and the 37 was here! Tonight was a football practice night and tomorrow there was a big match ? the semi-final of the Inter-school 38 . Donna got changed and went out onto the football pitch. A crowd of boys were hanging around the field, 39 for Mr. Jones, the sports teacher, to arrive. Just then, a tall, heavy man in sports kit 40 across the field. He came over to the football pitch and 41 to everyone. “Mr. Jones is sick,” he said. “I’m Mr. Stanley. From now on, I’m 42 the team.” Everybody looked unhappy. They knew Mr. Jones was a good teacher and he was always 43 . They had never seen Mr. Stanley before. “Right,” said Mr. Stanley. “ 44 and we’ll see what you can do!” The team made a line ready to 45 their shots at goal. Donna stood behind Stevie and waited for her turn. Then she heard Mr. Stanley shouting and 46 his arms. His face was bright red and he sounded really 47 . “Oh, you!” he shouted at Donna. “Clear off! We don’t want any girls 48 around here getting in the way!” Donna stared at Mr. Stanley. Stevie said, “But, Sir … Donna is 49 . She’s brilliant!” “NO GIRLS ON MY TEAM!” shouted Mr. Stanley even louder. “But that’s not fair!” “NO BUTS!” His face seemed about to 50 . Donna stood at the side of the field 51 watched her team during training. It started to rain and everyone got cold. By half past six it was raining so hard that they had to stop. “Bye, see you tomorrow at the 52 !” they shouted as they left. Donna walked slowly home in the rain. She felt sad and 53 . It just wasn’t fair. She always played for the team. Mr. Jones didn’t 54 . She had played in all the matches so far … 55 could she survive without football? It was her life.
  36. A. rushed through B. flowed away C. poured out D. ran over

  37. A. weekday B. holiday C. weekend D. rest
  38. A. competition B. performance C. presentation D. show
  39. A. playing B. practicing C. preparing D. waiting
  40. A. speeded up B. came up C. appeared D. walked
  41. A. yelled B. called C. screamed D. cried
  42. A. in the charge of B. on own responsibility C. in charge of D. on the duty
  43. A. fair B. even C. same D. flat
  44. A. Row in B. Mark with C. Sort out D. Line up
  45. A. cause B. practise C. prepare D. arrange
  46. A. waving B. lifting C. raising D. lowering
  47. A. calm B. noisy C. angry D. stormy
  48. A. hanging B. bringing C. getting D. coming
  49. A. in the line B. to the row C. at the place D. on the team
  50. A. violate B. break C. explode D. rush
  51. A. and B. or C. when D. as
  52. A. match B. school C. station D. game
  53. A. inconvenient B. troublesome C. unfavorable D. miserable
  54. A. like B. obey C. mind D. observe
  55. A. How B. What C. Why D. Where 第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A Dear Anne, I like your column very much. I met a girl four years ago at a gym. She was the one who originally approached me and we became good friends. Then one day, she made me really angry, so angry that I just left and we never saw each other again. Looking back, I really regret ending things that way. It was a cowardly act on my part, but I had a terrible temper at that time and let the smallest thing get to me. Recently, I’ve started thinking about her again and I looked up her e-mail address. I thought about writing to say “Hi” and apologize for what I did but I’m not sure. She could still be angry with me, or maybe she has forgotten me. I feel very lonely and I want to see her again. What should I do? Tom Dear Tom, She may still be angry with you, and she may have forgotten the friendship
between you, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve an apology. Tom, how many of us have wished for the day that someone who treated us badly saw the light and finally owned up? But we rarely get that kind of expected result. So sure, e-mail her and say “Hi”. Tell her you have been thinking about her and just want to apologize for getting angry and being a coward by walking out on her. But you should remember if she thinks you’re apologizing just because you are lonely, she might dismiss your sincerity. Therefore, don’t mention that. If she wants to see you again, she’ll make sure that happens. Even if she doesn’t want to be your friend, I can assure you, she’ll appreciate the gesture. And it might make you think twice next time you get angry. Anne
  56. In the letter, Anne is probably . A. Tom’s friend B. Tom’s teacher C. a woman reporter D. a columnist
  57. What is troubling Tom? A. He can’t get in touch with his former friend. B. He regrets letting his former friend leave him. C. He doesn’t know whether to apologize to his former friend. D. He is uncertain whether his former friend can forgive him.
  58. The underlined phrase “owned up” in the third paragraph probably means ”. “ A. returned one’s wealth B. admitted one’s mistake C. recovered one’s courage D. controlled one’s feeling
  59. Which of the following is what Anne advises Tom to do? A. Tell her that he expects to see her again. B. Express his sincere apology to her. C. Tell her that he is very lonely. D. Beg her to give him another chance.
  60. Anne wants to tell Tom that . A. an apology is better late than never B. he should think twice before he gets angry C. it’s no use crying over spilt milk D. he should answer for his wrong doings
B People often say, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” and “Behind every successful man there is a woman.” Both these sayings mean the same thing. Men rule the world, but their wives rule them. Most American women like making their husbands and sons successful, but some of them want more for themselves. They want good jobs, and when they work they want to be paid. They also want to be as successful as men. The American women’s liberation movement was started by women who didn’t want to stand behind successful men. They wanted to stand beside men and have the same chances for success. They didn’t want to be told that certain jobs or offices were closed to them. They refused to work side by side with men who did the same work for a higher pay. A liberated woman must be proud of being a woman and have confidence in herself. If somebody says to her, “You have come a long way, baby.” She will smile and answer, “Not nearly as far as I’m going to go, baby.” This movement is quite new, and many American women don’t agree with it. But it has already made some important changes in women’s lives and in men’s lives, too.
  61. From the first paragraph, we can learn that . A. American women usually take care of their children by themselves B. women in the United States are powerful C. women play a very important role in men’s lives D. if there is no woman, there is no man
  62. From the passage we know that most American women today are . A. fighting for their rights to work side by side with men B. working hard at home to help their husbands and sons be successful C. working side by side with men in all kinds of jobs D. very confident about their future
  63. The liberated women want to do all the following EXCEPT . A. stay at home to help their husbands be successful B. have the same chances for success as men C. get the same pay when doing the same work as men D. seek for office and do some important jobs as men
  64. By saying “Not nearly as far as I’m going to go”, a liberated woman is stating that . A. she has nearly got to her destination B. there is a little more than what she wants
C. she will never get to her ideal destination D. it is not far enough and she will go a lot further
  65. In this passage, the author suggests that in the United States . A. most women can’t get a good job B. many women still don’t want to go out of their home to work C. all families are still supported by men D. all liberated women have achieved a lot C There is an English saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Until recently, few people took the saying seriously. Now however, doctors have begun to look into laughter and the effects it has on the human body. They have found that laughter really can improve people’s health. Tests were carried out to study the effects of laughter on the body. People watched funny films while doctors checked their heart, blood pressure, breathing and muscles. It was found that laughter has similar effects to physical exercise. It increases blood pressure, makes the heart beat quicker and makes people breathe deeper; it also works several groups of muscles in the face, the stomach, and even the feet. If laughter exercises the body, it must be beneficial. Other tests have shown that laughter appears to be able to reduce the effect of pain on the body. In one experiment doctors produced pain in groups of students who listened to different radio programmes. The group that tolerated (忍耐) the pain for the longest time was the group which listened to a funny programme. The reason why laughter can reduce pain seems to be that it helps to produce a kind of chemical in the brain which diminishes both stress and pain. As a result of these discoveries, some doctors in the United States now hold laughter clinics, in which they help to improve their patients’ condition by encouraging them to laugh. They have found that even if their patients do not really feel like laughing, making them smile is enough to produce beneficial effects similar to those caused by laughter.
  66. According to the passage, which of the following statements is WRONG? A. Laughter is good for health. B. Laughter can make you become old quickly. C. Laughter helps to reduce pain. D. Laughter, just like physical exercise, is good for our body.
  67. The underlined word “diminishes” in the third paragraph means “ ”. A. delays B. prevents C. increases D. reduces

  68. Why do doctors hold laughter clinics? A. Because they want to earn more money. B. Because they think they will help the patients recover from illnesses. C. Because they want to improve their patients’ health. D. Because they want their patients to laugh more.
  69. According to the author, we should in our life. A. laugh as much as possible B. watch more funny films C. smile all the time D. spend time in the laughter clinics
  70. What would be the best title for this passage? A. Both laughter and physical exercise are good for health. B. Laughter clinics can help patients improve their condition. C. Laughter can reduce the effect of pain. D. Laughter is the best medicine. D Britain almost more than any other country in the world must seriously face the problem of building upwards, that is to say, of accommodating a considerable proportion of its population in high-rise blocks of flats. It is said that an Englishman objects to this type of existence, but if this is so, he differs from most inhabitants of the world today. In the past blocks of flats have been associated with the lower income groups, and many of them lacked the o


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