42. I'll have the same dish as that person.
  43. How do you like your steak?
  44. I like it medium well.
  45. Will you be having soup with that?
  46. No,not this evening.
  47. Permit me to pour you a glass of champagne.It's on the house. 再给你倒一杯香槟,本店请客.
  48. If you have any questions about the dishes,please ask me.
  49. Would you like a refill? 再来一杯好么?
  50. I'm ful.I can't eat any more.
  51. Do you have any vacancies tonight?(Do you have a room available for tonight?)
  52. I don't make the reservation.
  53. What type of room would you like?
  54. Do you have a single room?
  55. I'm sorry,but we are fully booked.
  56. Could you recommend another hotel?
  57. How about the Holiday Hotel?It's only one block(街区) from here.
  58. I'd like a twin room with a bath.
  59. Sorry,only a single room is available.
  60. I want a room with a nice sea view.
  61. Could you give me a bigger room,please?

  62. I'd like to make a reservation for the day after tomorrow.
  63. I made a reservation and I'd like to check in.
  64. I called this morning to make a reservation.
  65. Is the room ready now?
  66. I'll look for your reservation on our computer.
  67. How long will you be staying here?
  68. Just for one night.
  69. I'll be staying for three nights.
  70. What is the rate for a double room per night?
  71. Does the room rate include meals?
  72. The hotel charges 45 dollars for an overnight stay.
  73. Does the price include tax(税)?
  74. The service charge and tax are not included.
  75. Do you offer discount rate for a week or more?
  76. Sorry,we don't have such arrangement.
  77. Yes,we offer 15% discount for one week and over.
  78. Please fill out the registration card with your name,address,passport number,and be sure to sign it.
  79. Give me one more registration card,please.
  80. How much are the deposit and the handling charge?
  81. Here's your receipt (收据),and your room key.
  82. Your room is 2
  14.This bellboy will show you to your room.
  83. Do I have to leave the room key here when I go out?
  84. You may leave your baggage here,a porter will bring your baggage to your room later.
  85. Could I have a wake-up call at six tomorrow morning?
  86. I'd like to have dinner in my room.
  87. Charge it to my room. 记在我账上.
  88. The toilet overflowed.My bathroom floor is a mess. 抽水马桶堵塞了, 我的洗手间里面乱七八糟的.
  89. Please send another blanket to my room.
  90. Your laundry service did a terrible job.My shirt came back and it looked awful. 你们的洗衣服服务真糟糕, 我的衬衫洗完后变
Date. .
Live beneath your own means.

得很难看. I'm so sorry.Would you like we take it back and clean it again? What's the check-out time,please? I'm checking out now.Would you get my bill ready? Sure,may I have your name and the room number,please? Would you mind coming to the front desk to check out? Could I have a porter help me with my baggage? I'll send a man right away. 我们马上派人去.
make up 化妆 manicure 修指甲 maintain 保养 moustache (长在嘴唇上边的)胡子 part (给头发)分缝 perm 电烫的头发 roller 卷发用的发卷 shave 刮胡子,修脸 shampoo 洗头,洗发水 trim 修整,使整齐 wave 波浪式的发型 句子
  1. Could I make an appointment for a haircut?
  2. I'd like a haircut and a shave.
  3. I'd like it washed and then tidied up a bit. 先洗再做头发.
  4. I'd like my hair cut short,but don't take too much off.
  5. Please take a bit more off at the temples,but not so much at the back. 两边再多剪一点,后面别剪太多.
  6. Don't touch the sideburns and give my moustache a good trim. 不要动鬓角,请好好修一下胡子.
  7. I don't like my hair parted in the middle.Please part it on the right side. 我不喜欢中分的头发.请偏右边分.
  8. I'd like my hair done in a bun. 我喜欢把头发盘成一个小圆髻.
  9. I want to restyle my hair today.Please do it in big permanent waves and set them a bit looser.
  10. An ordinary perm will do. 普通的电烫就行.
  11. Please give me a facial and manicure my nails . 请给我做个脸部按摩,还要修一下指甲.
  12. I want to have my hair dyed.How about you? 我想染头发,红色怎么样?
  13. No hairspray.Just a little hair-cream will do. 不用发胶,擦点发乳就行.
  14. How would you like your hair made?
  15. Would you like some hair tonic?It's good for the scalp,and it prevents dandruff. 要搽点护发素么?对头皮有益,还可以防止
美容美发,邮政, 美容美发,邮政,银行和旅游业行业词汇和句子 美容美发词汇 美容美发词汇 bang 将(额前发)剪成刘海式 barber (给男士理发的)理发师 beard 胡须 beauty parlor 美容院 beautician 美容师 bob 剪短(头发) bun 圆发髻 clipper 推子 cold wave 冷烫 comb 梳子 conk (发型)直发式,波浪式 cosmetics 化妆品 curl 卷发 dandruff 头皮屑 dye 染色 fringe 刘海 facial 脸部按摩 facial wash 洗面奶 lipstick 唇膏 hair cream 发乳 hair-dressing salon 理发店 hair tonic 护发素 hairspray 发胶 hairstyle 发型 hair stylist 发型师
Date. .
Live beneath your own means.
  16. You've got a nice face for a perm. 你的脸型很适合烫发.
  17. Shall I neaten up the sides? 要不要把两边修齐?
  18. Can you make it look like this photo?
  19. The fringe is too long.Please take a little more off. 刘海太长了,请再剪掉一点.
  20. Please have my hair dried.
  21. I'd like my hair bobbed.
邮政词汇 邮政词汇 addressee 收信人 air mail 航空邮寄 confidential 密件 C.O.D. (cash on delivery)货到付款 commemorative stamp 纪念邮票 consignee (包裹)收件人 deliver 送(信) extra postage 附加邮资 exemption from post charges 邮资总付 envelope 信封 express cable 加急电报 EMS (express mail service) 邮政特快专递 express mail 快件 fax 传真 first day cover 首日封 glue 胶水 GPO (general post office) 邮政总局 insure 为…保价 insured letter 保价邮件 line 排队 mailbag 邮袋 mail order 邮购 money order 汇款单 ordinary mail/surface mail 平信 overweight 超重 overweight charges 超重收费 parcel 包裹 paste 浆糊 payee (汇款)收款人 photo enclosed 内有照片
post 寄 post office 邮局 post office box 信箱 postage 邮费 postage due 欠资 postage paid 邮资已付 postal deposit 邮政存款 postcard 明信片 postmark 邮戳 postpaid 由收件人付费的 pinted matter 印刷品 rgistered letter 挂号信 rmittance 汇款 rturn address 寄信人地址 seal (给信)封口 sender 发信人 service charge 手续费 souvenir card 小型张 sub-post office 邮政支局 wrapping 包装材料 writing paper 信纸 zip code/postcode 邮政编码
  1. I'd like to send this parcel to Shanghai by air-mail.
  2. May I know the rate of sending a telegram to Nanjing as "urgent"?
  3. How long would it take to post a letter off special delivery?
  4. Can I send it as printed matter?
  5. Please send these by ordinary mail.
  6. What's the postage on this letter to Germany?
  7. I come to pick up my parcel.I got a parcel arrival notice.
  8. I'd like to cash this money order,please.
  9. I want to buy ten yuan's worth of stamps.
  10. Please weigh this letter to see what the postage is.
  11. In that case,you'd better have it registered.
  12. You can post this letter at the mailbox by the gate ,there to your right.
  13. How long will it take to Guangzhou by airmail?
  14. Do you put a return address on the other side of the parcel?
  15. There is a slight overweight.
Date. .
Live beneath your own means.

  16. Have you got any parcel wrappings?
  17. Stamps must be pasted on the upper right corner of the envelope.
  18. I'm sorry,but we don't sell stamps here.Please go to the next window.
  19. Can I get a money order? 能给我一张汇款单吗?
  20. The letter was returned.What's wrong with it?
  21. Is fax service available here?
  22. What are the contents of the parcel?It is not permitted to enclose letter in it.
  23. Please handle the parce carefully.It's fragile(易 碎).
  24. Do you have a packing service?
  25. Would you like to insure it against damage or loss?
  26. You will have to pay extra. 你得付超重费.
  27. How much is the stamping?
  28. 12 yuan,exactly. 正好 12 块.
  29. What time does the postman pick up the mail in the afternoon?
银行词汇 银行词汇 account 帐户,户头 apply 申请 ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) 自动柜员机,自动取款机 balance 结余 bank clerk 银行工作人员 bank draft 银行汇票 cardholder 持卡人 cash 现金 cash 兑付,兑现 change 零钱 check/cheque 支票 checking-savings account 支票存储帐户 clear 兑现(支票) close 结清/终止 (帐户) coin 硬币 credit card 信用卡 current account 活期存款帐户
debit card 借记卡 denomination 面值 deposit 存款 deposit account 定期存款帐户 depositor 储户 dishonor (a check) 拒付支票 exchange 兑换 exchange rate 汇率 foreign exchange 外汇 fund 资金 interest 利息,利率 invoice 发票 loan 贷款 mortgage 抵押 note 纸币,钞票 overdraft 透支 passbook(bankbook) 存折 payroll check 薪金支票 receipt 收据 to report the loss of 挂失 safe deposit box 银行保险箱 save 储蓄,存款 secret code 密码 signature 签名 teller 出纳 transfer accounts 转账 traveler's check 旅行支票 withdraw 取款,提款 withdrawal/deposit slip 取(存)款单 句子
  1.I have a current account/deposit account/checking-savings account with the bank. 我在这家银行有一个活期账户/定期帐户/支票 储蓄帐户.
  2.What's the procedure for opening a savings account? 开储蓄帐户要办些什么手续?
  3.This ATM card requires a minimum balance of 10 yuan. 这台自动取款卡需要有 10 元最低余额.
  4.Would you please break this 100-yuan note for me?I'd like them in 10-yuan bill.
  5.Interest is now paid at the rate of
  1.0% per annum
- 10 -
Date. .
Live beneath your own means.
at present.
  6.Can you tell me the exchange rate between RMB and Japanese yen?
  7.My fixed savings certificate is due yesterday.I want to cash the money now. 我的定期存款昨天到期了,我想把钱取出来.
  8.Please fill out a withdrawal form. 请填一张取款单.
  9.I'd like to cash this check,please.
  10.I want to deposit some money.Can I have a deposit slip?
  11.Please enter your secret code.
  12.I've come to close my account with you. 我来清户.
  13.I'd like to apply for a credit card.
  14.I received a note the other day from you .It says my account is oveerfrafter. 那天我收到你们的通知,说我的帐户透支了.
  15.I want to exchange some francs for RMB.
  16.What are your baking hours? 你们银行的营业时间是几点到几点?
  17.How much do you want to pay into your account? 你想在帐户上存多少?
  18.I come to report the loss of my credit card. 我还挂失信用卡.
  19.Your deposit has exhausted.
  20.In what denominations? 你要多少面值的现金?
  21.Please sign this check.
  22.Is there any minimum for the first deposit? 第一次储蓄有最低限额吗?
  23.What's the service charge? 手续费是多少?
  24.Can I rent a safe deposit box?
  25.It is payable within one month. 一个月内有效.
  26.I'm expecting some money from Tianjin.Is it in yet? 我在等天津来的汇款,到帐了么?
旅游业词汇 旅游业词汇 admission fee 门票费 airbus 空中客车
airline company 航空公司 amusement park 游乐园 attraction 旅游胜地 berth ticket 卧铺票 boeing 747 波音 747 飞机 business class 商务舱 cable car 缆车 coach 长途旅游汽车 conducted tour 配导游的旅游 day trip 一日游 destiny 目的地 difference in time 时差 downtown 市中心,商业区 economy class 经济舱 first-class stateroom 头等舱 flight 航班,班机 gallery 美术馆 guide 导游 hiking trip 徒步旅行 information counter 服务台 itinerary 日程安排 lodging/accommodation 住宿 luggage/baggage 行李 museum 博物馆 off-season(low-season) 淡季 one-way ticket 单程票 organized tour 组团旅游 package trip 包办旅行 passport 护照 peak season 旺季 the Potala Palace in Lhasa 拉萨布达拉宫 reserve 预订(票) return ticket 往返票 round-trip 往返旅程 scenic spot 旅游景点 shopping 购物 sightsee 观光 sightseeing bus 旅游观光车 sleeper 卧铺 souvenir 纪念品 subway 地铁 temple of Heaven 天坛 ticket counter 售票处 tip 小费
- 11 -
Date. .
Live beneath your own means.
token 代币 top hotel 高档酒店 tourism 旅游业 tourist 旅游者 tourist information center 旅游资讯中心 transfer 转机 travel agency 旅行社 traveling bag 旅行包 travel tip 旅行指南 vacation 假期 visa 签证 句子
  1. I like going on package tour because I don't need to worry about accommodation and meals.
  2. The Great Wall is a "must".I have been looking forward to seeing it for ages.
  3. I'd like to book a one-week Jiuzhaigou package for three.
  4. I want to get some information about your Zhouzhuang package.
  5. Have you packed your bathing suit? 带游泳衣了没?
  6. I'd like to book two train tickets from Hangzhou to Beijing.
  7. Are you going on vacation?
  8. How long do you plan to stay in Kunming?
  9. Do you have a discount for business traveler?
  10. And is transport to Dali provided?
  11. Do I have to change? 我要转车么?
  12. Were you thinking of a morning or evening departure? 你想早上还是晚上出发?
  13. Shall we go alone or as part of a group?
  14. Can you tell me where to buy some s



   A Analog 模拟 A/D Analog to Digital 模-数转换 AAC Advanced Audio Coding 高级音频编码 ABB Automatic Black Balance 自动黑平衡 ABC American Broadcasting Company 美国广播公司 Automatic Bass Compensation 自动低音补偿 Automatic Brightness Control 自动亮度控制 ABL Automatic Black Level 自动黑 ...


   电子行业从业人员 专业英语必备教材 该顾客对商品评级 此书以部门为主线,对不同部门资材部同采购部、制造部、品保部、工程部、人资部、财务部、业务部、资讯部等等所涉及的英语作了全面、系统的讲述。 #61656资材部 如:物流logistics、申请报价RFQ、订单PO、最小经济订购量MOQ、交货delivery、生管productioncontrol、主生产排程MPS、物料清单BOM、物料评审委员会MRB、先进先出FIFO、预定出发时间ETD等等。 #61656 制造部 如:车间worksh ...


   第一段翻译(2): what is the exact value of the number pai?a mathematician made an experiment in order to find his own estimation of the number pai.in his experiment,he used an old bicycle wheel of diameter 63.7cm.he marked the point on the tire where the ...


   Specialized English Ⅱ for 专业英语Ⅱ Optoelectronics Information Engineering 光电信息工程专业教研室 讲教师: 讲教师:刘 Specialized English Ⅱ 简历技巧 六 避 免 一、避免冗长。 避免冗长。 " 应聘者撰写简历形成了这样的现象:博士生一张纸,硕士生几页 纸,本科生一叠纸,中专生一摞纸 文凭越低,简历越厚。 " 记住YRIS --Your resume is scanned, not read. ...

机械专业英语 13章 A

   PNEUMATIC AIR 气压 1The earth is surrounded by a blanket of air called the atmosphere. 地球是被一条毯子的空气被称为氛围。 because air has weight,the atmosphere exerts a pressure at any point due to the column of air above the point. 因为空气有重量,大气压力对任何点由 于以上的空气柱的观点。 the ...


   常见计算机专业英语词汇 计算机知识 2007-08-26 08:39 阅读 160 评论 1 字号: 大 中 小 常见计算机专业英语词汇 access arm 磁头臂,存取臂 access time 存取时间 adder 加法器 address 地址 alphanumeric 字母数字的 analog computer 模拟计算机 analyst 分析员 area 区域 array 数组,阵列 assembler 汇编程序 automation 自动化 band 区 batch proces ...


   《土木工程专业英语》参考译文 Lesson 1 第一课 土木工程学 土木工程学作为最老的工程技术学科,是指规划,设计,施工及对建筑环境的管理。 此处的环境包括建筑符合科学规范的所有结构,从灌溉和排水系统到火箭发射设施。 土木工程师建造道路,桥梁,管道,大坝,海港,发电厂,给排水系统,医院,学校, 公共交通和其他现代社会和大量人口集中地区的基础公共设施。 他们也建造私有设施, 比如 飞机场,铁路,管线,摩天大楼,以及其他设计用作工业,商业和住宅途径的大型结构。此 外, 土木工程师还规划设计及建 ...


    1. That'll be the day。   那绝不可能/哪有这样的事!   这句话表示的意思类似于“That's impossible!”或者“It can't be true!”,说话人在说这句话时表达的是一种强烈的否定。   2. How about that!   那可太好了,太棒了!/真是令人难以置信!   很多人理解这句话的意思就是“what do you think of it?(你觉得怎么样?)”。其实,“how about it”的意思才是“你觉得怎么样”。当你听到一些 ...


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灰姑娘 英语剧本

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   英语作文常用写作句式句型汇总 良好的开端等于成功的一半.在写作文时,通常以最简单也最常用的方式开门见山 法.也就是说, 直截了当地提出你对这个问题的看法或要求,点出文章的中心思想. 一.开头用语: A. Just as every coin has two sides, cars have both advantages and disadvantages. B. Compared to/ In comparison with letters, e-mails are more conven ...


   初二英语必背短语 how often 多久一次 as for 至于;关于 go to the movies 去看电影 twice a month 一月两次 the result of… …的结果 junk food 垃圾食品 of course 当然 want sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事 try to do sth. 尽力做某事 have a stomach 胃疼 see a dentist 看牙医 have a toothache 牙疼 have a cold 患感冒 l ...


   餐饮服务英语 第二课时 数字的正确读法 及 时间的英文表达 第一部分: 第一部分:数字的正确读法 " 在我们酒店工作中,每时每刻都与 各种数字打交道。从价格、毛利率、 营业额、斤两、时刻、年代、日期 到比例、温度、银行账号、电话号 码,工作中充满了数字,正因为如 此,数字与计算在英语教学中占有 相当的比重。所以我们应从学习数 字的正确读法开始,以便能流利地 读出各种数字并形成记忆。 1.基数词的读法 (1)我们把100以内的基数词分为四类。 我们把100以内的基数词分为四类。 100以内的 ...