Stock Ownership of a corporation represented by shares usually in the form of certificates. 股票 股份公司股份的所有权证明,通常为证书形式。
Dividend, Stock Money paid on a per share basis to shareholders from a company. 红利 公司按每股分配给股东的利润。
Stock, Common A class of stock which gives its holder the right to vote at shareholder meetings but does not guarantee payment of dividends. 普通股 赋予股东在股东会议上的表决权,但不保证支付红利的股票。
Stock, Preferred Pays a fixed dividend and has priority over common stock regarding claims to assets of a corporation in a liquidation or bankruptcy. 优先股 能够取得固定红利,并在公司破产或被清算时对剩余资产较普通股而言享有优先分配权的股票。
Stock, Cumulative Preferred Preferred stock whose dividends, if not paid for any reason, will accumulate until they are paid. 累积优先股 如果没有支付红利,那么红利将累计到下次分配时补足的优先股。
Stock, Non-cumulative Preferred Preferred stock whose dividends do not accrue until paid. If a dividend is missed for any reason, it will never be paid. 非累积优先股 如果公司没有分配红利,那么这些红利不会累积到下一次。
Voting Rights The right of common shareholders to vote for the election of officers of a corporation as well as on other issues regarding its operations. 表决权
普通股股东就公司管理人员选举和其它事项表决的权利。 Signature Guarantee Seal A raised seal affixed to the back of a certificate of stock to verify an endorsement signature when transferring ownership of shares. 签名担保印章 转让股份时盖在股票证书背面,用以证明背书签名的凹凸印章。 Mutual Fund A fund managed by an investment company in which investors pool their capital. 共同基金 由投资公司管理并由投资人共同投入资本的基金。
Fund, Open-end A mutual fund which continuously offers shares into the market. 开放式基金 向市场不断投放基金单位的共同基金。
Fund, Closed-end A mutual fund that offers a limited number of shares which are traded on an exchange. 封闭式基金 只投放一定数量基金单位,并在交易所交易的共同基金。
Net Asset Value The market value of a mutual fund. Used for determining the purchase and redemption price of shares of a fund. 净资产价值 共同基金的市场价值,用于确定某一基金的申购和赎回价格。
Fees, Front-end Load A sales charge paid by the investor at the time of purchase. 申购费用 共同基金投资者在购买基金时支付的销售费用。
Fees, Back-end Load A fee paid by an investor at the time of redemption or withdrawal. 赎回费用 共同基金投资者在赎回或撤出时支付的费用。
Fee, Management A fee paid by a mutual fund investor for management of the portfolio as well as for general administration of the fund. 管理费 共同基金投资者支付的管理证券资产和基金管理的费用。
Accredited Investor An individual with a net worth of at least $1 million and an annual income of at least $200,0
  00. 可信赖的投资者 净资产至少 100 万美元,年收入至少 20 万美元的个人。 Corporate Structure How authority and accountability are delegated within a company as well as how ownership is divided. 公司结构 公司内部权力如何分配,责任如何划分。
Certificate of Incorporation Issued by a state upon approval of articles of incorporation. Together they form the corporate charter which establishes a corporation. 开业证明 由州政府批准公司章程后颁发。它们共同组成公司成立的宪章。
Bylaws Rules governing the internal management of a company drawn up at the time of incorporation. 规章制度 公司成立时制订的内部管理制度。
Board Resolution Document recording a decision by the board of directors for action. 董事会决议 记录董事会行动决定的文件。
Board of Directors Persons elected to develop company policy and ensure that a corporation acts within the scope of its corporate charter. 董事会 被推选制订公司政策并确保公司按照其宪章运营的决策机构。
Checks and Balances System in which each level of authority is “checked” by the others to make sure that power is balanced between them. 制衡 权力互相受到制约,保证相互间权利平衡。
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Officer of a firm principally responsible for its day to day operations, usually the chairman of the board or president. 首席执行官(CEO) 对公司日常运营负主要责任的官员。通常为董事会主席或总裁。
Chain of Command A system wherein authority is passed down from top to bottom through a series of executive positions each of which is accountable to the one above it. 命令链 权力自上而下进行分配,下级官员对上级官员负责的体系。 Product A commodity offered for sale. 产品 用于销售的商品。
Reputation The good name of a company. The degree to which it is held in high regard by the public. 商誉 公司的名声。公司在公众中的声望度。
Packaging A container in which a commodity is displayed and offered for sale. 包装 盛放供销售的产品的容器。
Effectiveness The ability to produce a desired result or effect. 有效性 产生意图的结果或效果的能力。
Quality A characteristic of excellence that defines the nature of a product. 质量 显示产品本质的优秀性能。
Availability When a product is able to be purchased when needed. 可得性 需要时是否容易买到某一产品。
The early bird gets the worm Western saying that means that the first one to market with a product will get the biggest market share. “早起的鸟儿有虫吃” 西方谚语,指最早将产品投入市场的公司将取得最大的市场份额。
Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door Western saying that means if you improve the quality and function of an essential product many consumers will buy it. “酒香不怕巷子深” 西方谚语,指如果你提高关键产品品质或功能,消费者就会购买你的产品。 Company Partner An entity or individual affiliated with a company through partnership or contract to assist the company in its business. 合作伙伴 通过合作协议或合同与公司建立业务关系,为公司业务提供帮助的实体或个人。
Strategic Partnership An agreement with an individual or company that helps to raise capital or increase value through its industry and market connections. 战略伙伴 通过双方的产业和市场联系与个人或公司签署的协议,目的是帮助公司募集资本、提升价值。
Joint Venture Formal agreement between two parties to work on a project together. 合营企业 双方共同进行某项工作的正式协议。
Franchise An arrangement whereby a company allows another to distribute its branded product or service under its name, for a fee. 特许经营 公司收取一定费用,允许第三方以其名义分销品牌产品或服务的安排。
Proprietary Product A product owned by a company under a patent or copyright. 专利产品 公司通过专利或版权拥有的产品。
Licensing Granting use of a patented or copyrighted product for a fee. 授权 收取一定费用,授权使用专利或版权产品。
Royalty A share paid to an inventor or the holder of a proprietary right from the sale of their invention or services. 版税 投资者或专利产品所有人所抽取的销售其发明或服务的一定比例收入。
Value-added Service A service provided in connection with the sale of a product that increases the value or price of the product. 增值服务 与产品销售有关,能提高产品的价值或价格的服务。 Company Leader A top employee of a company who has a vision for the future and can communicate effectively inspiring others to work toward that vision. 公司领导 公司高级雇员,具有远见并能激励他人达到目标。
Vision Seeing where a company should be going and how to get it there. 远见 能够看到公司的发展方向和方式。
To entrust authority or tasks to capable co-workers or subordinates. 授权 将权力或任务分派给有能力完成的同事或下属。
Strong Personality Qualities that characterize a unique, self-assured individual. 个人魅力 独特的个人气质。
Inspire To stimulate the energy of people and move them to action. 激励 鼓舞人们的士气,鼓励他们行动。
Loyalty Devotion to a person or a cause. Dependability in action. 忠诚 忠于某人或某事业。完全可靠。
Big Picture The overall plan of a project or policy and how all of its numerous details and tasks fit together to make it successful. 大视野 项目或政策的整体方案,计划各种细节和任务如何衔接配合以成功实施。
Achieve Goals Perform necessary tasks and carry out policies which are determined by a company leader as essential to the success of a company. 实现目标 实施必要的任务,开展公司领导认为对公司成功所必不可少的政策。 Bond An interest-bearing government or corporate security that obligates the issuer to make specified payments on a specific schedule to the bondholder. 债券 政府或公司发行的计息证券,要求发行人按照一定的日期向债券持有人支付一定金额。
Face Value
The principal amount of a bond which is stated on its face and which the issuer is obligated to pay at the date of maturity. 票面价值 债券的票面价值是票面所列价值,代表发行人在到期日必须支付的金额。
Maturity, Date of The date the issuer of a bond is obligated to pay its face value. 到期日 债券发行人必须支付票面价值的日期。
Bond, Municipal Bond issued by a government or government agency to raise money for public works projects. 政府债券 政府或政府机构发行的债券,目的是为公共项目募集资金。
Discount The market value of a bond which is below its face value. 折价 债券的市场价低于票面价值。
Premium The market value of a bond which is above its face value. 溢价 债券的市场价超过票面价值。
Total Return Return on a bond investment including appreciation and dividends. 总收益 债券投资的收益,包括增值和红利。
Maturity, Yield to The total return on a bond investment realized if held to maturity. 到期收益 如果持有债券至到期日取得的总收益。 金融英语(FECT) 金融英语(FECT)综合考试疑难句解析 100 句 第一部分 中国金融业概述

  1.The past few years have seen a marked acceleration of China’s banking reform particularly significant strengthening of the central bank’s capacity for maintaining financial stability and macroeconomic management,substantial improvement in the management of the commercial banks, and greater openness of the banking industry. 结构剖析: 结构剖析:“have seen”是拟人化用法,指“见证”了……strengthening of the Central bank’ s capacity 增强了中央银行的……能力 of 是“动宾关系”的用法,这一类用法在金融英语中很常见。 译文: 译文:过去几年内,中国的银行改革近年内明显加快,特别是中央银行的管理和宏观调控能力明显增 强,商业银行的管理水平得到实质性提高,银行业的开放力度进一步加大。
  2.With its entry into the WTO,China decided to implement a phased reform of the wholly state-owned commercial banks,namely,restructuring their balance sheets,establishing corporate governance, transforming their operational mechanisms, inviting strategic investors, listing them in stock markets, making them internationally competitive financial institutions by subjecting and them to the discipline of the capital market. 结构剖析: 结构剖析:With the entry into the WTO 随着加入世贸组织;a phased reform of 对……分阶段性 的改革;restructuring their balance sheets 等六项改革措施,用“-ing”形式的短语并列加以说明。 这些短语的逻辑主语均是句子的主语 China;subject,动词,是受到限制,受制于。 译文: 译文:随着中国加入世界贸易组织,中国决定在国有独资商业银行中实行分阶段的改革,即重组银行 的资产负债表,建立公司治理机制,转换经营机制,引入战略投资者,在股票市场上市,使之接受资本市 场的检验,成为具有国际竞争力的金融机构。
  3.These challenges call for intensifying efforts on the part of the authorities in institutional building to facilitate greater enforceability of bank claims,faster market infrastructure development and better ownership structure. 结构剖析: 结构剖析:intensifying efforts 加大力度的措施,on the part of the authorities 站在当局的 角度,institutional building 制度建设,enforceability 执行力度,执行情况,bank claims 银行债权; 句中三个比较级词语表示三方面措施,与 intensifying efforts 呼应,翻译成汉语时,不必拘泥于原句式, 要意译。 译文: 译文:这些挑战促使当局在制度建设中加大银行债权



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   一般现在时 一般现在时态中,动词一般用原形。 表述事实讲真理,习惯动作常发生。 动词词尾加-s(es),只表单数三人称。 若变一般疑问句,得看句型是哪种。 系表结构和 there be, be 放句首可完成; 若遇实义动词句,do 或 does 莫忘用! 现在进行时 Look, Listen 是标志,现在进行正发生; 有时 now 在句中现,“be+v-ing”时态成。 若问 be 用何形式,须看主语数、人称。 He / She is, I am. We, you, they 后 are 紧 ...


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