考研英语复试口语经典话题整理 风声子
  1. Describe a good thing that can help improve your health Honestly speaking, I have a great affection for mastering a musical instrument, especially playing the cello. Compared with doing sports activities, playing the cello does not enhance my physical health, but it is a good thing that can cultivate my soul, another way to improve my health. To tell you the truth, when I was a kid, I always attended training classes to learn the skills of play the cello. Thus, playing the cello gradually became one of my hobbies, then a habit. Whenever I play it, it will calm me down and let me to a world out of this world. I easily carry away without trace. Personally speaking, I believe, relaxation is what I could get out from such a habit. Well, you see, I am only a student, and I have to cope with all sort of hard work or even trial things, but whenever I pick up the cello, I could feel much more soothed and relieved.

  2. Describe your favorite season or time in the year Well, the four seasons are distinct in most regions of China. And among them, autumn is my favorite season. There are many reasons I like it. Firstly, it is temperate season, that’s to say, it is neither too hot nor too cold in autumn. Since Wuhan City is famous for its sweltering weather in summer, this makes autumn precious and pleasant. Secondly, it is a good time to do some outdoor activities or sightseeing. Many people in Wuhan make full use of this golden season to go camping and hiking. Beside, autumn is also a colorful season with harvest, so I can enjoy so many tasty pineapples and grasps. To tell you the truth, at this time every year, I will go to the orchard to pick apples, pears and oranges. Most people always keep in good mood in this season. Actually, it is the most popular season in our city.

  3. Describe an electrical appliance you want to buy I want to have an MP3, coz I think it will be the most functional electric
equipment. At first, I can use it to listen to music. Since I am crazy about hip-hop, I have downloaded many songs from the website and store them in my MP
  3. When I have free time, I’d like to listen to them. Later, I will utilize some other useful functions of the MP
  3. Since it can record and play the voice. I can use it to record my spoken English. And then, I listen to it frequently to identify the grammatical mistakes I have made in my oral English. By doing this, I think I will achieve a great improvement in my English. Besides, I can also use it as a removable disk. Thus, I can copy some of the useful documents in my study from school computers. Based on the above benefits I have mentioned, I am eager to own an MP

  4. Describe a famous person that you admire I would like to talk about the late Mr. Qian Xuesen. He was honored the father of rockets and missiles in China, coz he had made great contributions to the development of modernization, especially in the field of aerospace and national defense. It was in the history class when I was a pupil that I learned of him. From then on, he became a hero in my heart. Well, you see, when the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949, our motherland needed plenty of talented people to afford the burden of construction. Under this circumstance, Qian Xuesen immediately made up his mind to come back to devote what he had learnt abroad to the construction of new China. But American made every effort to prevent him going back, and provide him with a lot of material conditions, so as to persuade him to remain in America. Due to his determination, he tried his best and finally succeed in coming back, and made much contribution to the research on rockets and missiles.

  5. Describe the ideal home that you would like to live in My ideal house is one located in the countryside, and it would be just like an average house, nothing too fancy. I want to live close to the nature coz I can enjoy fresh air and feel relaxed in that environment. It would be a two-storey
house built along a smooth blue lake, sometimes with gentle waves. Inside, there are a couple of cozy bedrooms, a bright living room, a well-furnished kitchen, and some bathrooms. I will equip the kitchen with a lot of modern appliances, such as a fridge, a dishwasher and a microwave. In the living room, there are some armchairs, a sofa ,a table and something like that. And TV is a must in the living room. Then the bedrooms is furnished with beds, desks and stereo system. So, it is the one have been dreaming of.

  6. Describe a life change you would like to make to your job of study No doubt about it, everyone of us may experience some changes in his or her life. It seems to me that the most unforgettable change happened 4 years ago. At that time, I just completed my senior high school and was admitted into a university far from my hometown. To be frank, my parents did not want me to study in other cities, coz I was the only child in my family. They worried whether I could live independently. They kept on persuading me to choose one close to my home. But I though I was cohered and just need some challenges. I told them that I was fully confident with myself. After many talks and even arguments, I really convinced them by my strong mind and selected a university far from my hometown.

  7. Describe a library Although I have been to many libraries, the one that has given me the deepest impression is Wuhan Library. Wuhan Library is located in the heart of downtown of Hankou.
The library contains a large amount of books, approximately 5 million. It is regarded as the largest library in China. According to the latest report, the books there can be classified for 5000 categories. Many of them are extremely rare and out of edition. I have been to Wuhan Library for several times when I was a freshman. The library is supposed to be a perfect combination of
modern technology and traditional culture. You may find modern computer equipment around each corner of the library. They are designed for people who’d love to check the latest information.
I especially enjoyed the comfortable seats there, and the reading conditions are very desirable. But it is too far away from my home.

  8. Describe your favorite type of clothing or jewelry I still remember a suit of school uniform, which is indelible in my memory. When I was in the kindergarten, there was a primary school near it. Every day, when I played with other kids I could see many students wearing in uniform studying in the school. The uniforms looked like sport suits. The upper was of blue with some white stripes on the sleeves. The trousers were in white. It seemed to me that the uniform was very attractive and I always dreamed to be one of the pupils and wore the same uniform as them. Then, two years later, I really became one of the primary school students and got a suit of uniform. I dressed in it every day no matter in school or home. To me, it was not just clothes but a kind of indication, which showed that I was a formal students in an academic school. And I could always feel that I was growing up with it.

  9. Describe a traditional Chinese festival Just like you have Christmas in western countries, we Chinese hold spring festival to celebrate our Chinese new year. It takes place on the first day of our lunar calendar, and the most exciting night is the Eve. On the Eve, there usually is a family reunion, and all families will be sitting around the same table in our grandpas’, feasting, toasting and chit-chatting. We will all be watching TV waiting for the coming of the New Year. At 12 sharp, we Chinese “guonian”. ”guo” in English means to drive away, and “nian” is the name of a horrible creature in our Chinese fairy tale that visits our land once a year destroying our homes devouring our crops. That’s the main reason why we
Chinese will let out fire works and crackers. Later on after that, we visit our friends and fellow workers, to send our best regards for the coming New Year. The old will seal money into red pockets making “lucky money” and hand out the kids to make their growing up one year older.

  10. Describe your hometown Well, I was born in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, which is situated in central part of China, and is divided by the nationality famous Yangtze River into three districts, namely Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang.
Education is well-developed in Wuchang, as you may find most of universities and colleges, such as Wuhan University, Huazhong Normal University, Huazhong University of Technology and Science and Wuhan University of Technology.
Hankou is the most prosperousand bustling of the three, if you are a new comer here, a shopping nut, Hanzheng Street and Jianghan Road would be my first and foremost recommendation.
While, Hanyang used to be the centre of assembly industry in central China, but nowadays, IT industry and antipollution industry are developing at a fancy speed.

  11. Describe a small shop Recently, I have seen a very unique shop. It is a bookshop located in a small street near Zhongnan Road. From the outside, it looks like other houses near it. Inside the shop, is there an altogether world. The ceiling and the walls are painted in light blue with some white circles as decoration. There are some shelves along each side of the wall. While, in the middle of the room, there lies a big desk, and some chairs are put around it. Customers are free to read
books there even if they buy nothing. The classical music is played from an old gramophone. If requested, the assistant will offer you a glass of mineral water. I especially like this shop because of its peaceful environment. Besides, its good treatment to customers also attracts me a lot.

  12. Describe a river/lake When I was studying in Harbin at the age of 11, I used to go to Songhua River for relaxation on weekends. Songhua River is named for the beautiful pines and flowers along either bank of it. In different seasons, the river shows varied characters. Spring is a comfortable time for people living there. Trees turn green and the river is peaceful. People would like to fly kites, read books and go boating there. Summer is full of passion. Many people swim in the river and enjoy sunbath on the bank. Autumn is a beautiful season. In the middle of the river, there lies an island named Sun Island. People can fish there and have barbeques. The most attractive season for the river is winter. After heavy snow, the whole river will turn white. At the temperature falls below zero, the water may freeze, which enables people to skate on the ice. I have really experienced good time there.

  13. Describe a trip Last month, together with some of my classmates, I went to Suzhou City. On our way there, we were of great excitement because that was our first trip to that renowned city. We have made a perfect plan on where to go sightseeing and what local snacks to taste. On arriving at the city, we drove directly to the most famous garden of the city, Zhouzheng Garden. We spent the whole morning there and took many photos. At lunch time, we went to a local restaurant and tried traditional Su dishes. During afternoon, we climbed a little hill named Huqiu. It was very peaceful and beautiful. Each of us couldn’t help sitting on the grass and experienced the gentle breeze. After the sunset, we were reluctant to leave. On the way back, none of us felt tired and compared
our feeling about the day. Each of us dreamed about another trip in the near future.
  14. Describe your living place My ideal house is one located in the countryside. I want to live close to nature, because I can enjoy fresh air and feel relaxed on weekends. I want it to be a two-storey house built on a green-covered mountain, facing a blue lake. A path lined by bushes and flowers leads the way to the front door. And around the house there are apple and cherry trees. I really care about my bedroom, where I am going put in a king size bed. The sitting room was on the second floor with a balcony facing the sea. I fancied that house at the first sight, and it was the one I had been dreaming of.

  15. Describe your study room In my home, my preferable room is the study room. I painted my study room in light green which is seen as good to eyesight. I use a red carpet to decorate the floor, because red is my favourite colour. It represents passion and youth. At one corner, there is a piano. In my spare time, I always like to play it and refresh myself. A bookcase made in wood is placed right beside the piano. I put nearly 200 books on the shelf in the order of alphabetical order. By reading them every night, I have greatly enhanced my knowledge. As well as reading books, I’d like to play some light music with m stereo which is put on the floor directly. I have a three-dimensional CD rack sent by my friend. It can take as many as 100 CDs, I especially enjoy picking up new CDs from the CD shop to cram it. Now, I have nearly 80 CDs. Well, that’s my study room, not very large but gentle indeed.

  16. Describe a restaurant My favourite restaurant is named Jiulong, which is located in the heart of downtown Wuchang. Since it is not very far from my home, my family usually goes there for special dishes. Honestly speaking, I have a great affection for
Chinese traditional dishes. And the restaurant is famous for Chinese traditional dishes. Among them, I admire well-done duck with bean sauce best. E



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