ces. 虽说浩瀚的大洋令人生畏,但它们向我们提供了丰富的资源。 2
  09. The chemical composition of water remains constant whether it is in solid, liquid or gaseous state. 无论处于固态、液态或气态,水的化学成份都保持不变。 2
  10. All substances on the earth, whether gaseous, liquid or solid, are made up of atoms. 地球上所有的物质无论它们是气态的、液态的或是固态的,都是由原子组成的。 2
  11. Even if our measurements show the same velocity over different sections, it may be asserted that the motion is uniform only with the degree of accuracy that the measurements were made with. 即使我们的测值表明在不同 区间速度相同,也许只能说只是在测值取得时所用的精度的条件下,这一运动才是匀速的。 212 No matter what direction we choose in order to obtain information about the large-scale structure of the universe, we obtain the same answer as for any other direction. 为了获得宇宙的大尺度结构的信息,无论我们选 择什么方向,我们所得到的答案对任何其它方向都是一样适用的。 2
  13. All bodies, no matter what their temperature, give off radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves. 一切物体,不论其温度高低,均要放出电磁波形式的辐射。 2
  14. The temperature is between 20--25℃ in the lab no matter when it is measured. 无论何时去测量,那实验室的温度都在 20--25℃之间。 2
  15. However small, a body has weight. 一个物体无论多么小都有重量。 2
  16. The up to data computer can process readily however large a volume of data. 无论资料的数量如何惊人,现代计算机都能容易地加以处理。 2
  17. Weak as it is, the disturbance in the wind field is discernible. 该风场的扰动虽然很弱,但是还是可以看得出来。 2
  18. Imagination, indispensable though it is, offers a poor substitute for information. 想象虽不可缺少,但提供的信息却很难作为依据。
  19. Be ever bulky, the sun does not look larger than the moon from the earth. 虽然太阳体积如此之大,但从地球上看它并不比月球大。 2
  20. Be that as it may, in practice these principles are likely to be interpreted so as to lead to the same ideas about the observed universe. 虽然如此,在实践中这些原理是可能解释的,从而使我们对观测的宇宙得出同样的认识。 2
  21. In spite of the disaster, typhoons are by no means entirely destructive. 台风虽然带来灾害,但决非完全是破坏性的。 2
  22. Despite an abundance of data, observations of wave height often leave much to be desired. 尽管有丰富的资料,但浪高的观测常常很不理想。 2
  23. Does a user access all the files in a system in the same manner, regardless of whether they reside at the same or different sites? 不管这些文件是储存在同一位置还是不同位置,用户是否可以用同一方式在系统中存取所有文件? 2
  24. Furthermore, all point of a conductor or inside a hollow conductor are at the same potential, irrespective of the shape of the conductor. 此外,不管导体的形状如何,导体或空心导体的内部各点都处于同一电势。 2
  25. Nevertheless we feel that the results may improve our knowledge of the atmosphere. 尽管如此,我们认为这些成果可能提高我们关于大气的知识。 2
  26. In any case the rainfall will stop sometime this week. 无论如何,降雨在本周某个时候会停止。 2
  27. Typhoon and hurricanes do not form exceptionally large waves, because their winds, although very strong, do not blow long enough from one direction. 台风和飓风并不会形成特大的巨浪,因为这些风虽然很强,但它们并不能沿着同一方向长时间的吹。 2
  28. Observations show that some sort of growth and development is occurring, though in rather complex fashion. 观测表明,某种生长和发育正在进行,不过(虽然)是以相当复杂的方式进行的。 2
  29. These experimental studies gave, if nothing else, a greater appreciation of the power and limitations of similarity methods in describing such flows. 这些试验研究即使没有给出其它东西,但却对相似方法在描述这类气 流方面的能力和局限给予了较高的评价。 2
  30. To raise the temperature of an object, it is necessary either to add heat to it from some source at higher temperature or to do work on it. 要提高一个物体的温度,必须从一个温度较高的热源给这一物体加热或者对它做功。 2
  31. In order for the tide waves to move fast enough at the equator to keep up with the moon, the ocean would have to be about 22km deep. 即使潮波在赤道上移动的速度跟得上月亮,海洋深度必须为 22 公里左右。 2
  32. In order that the crops in open field could survive safely the winter frost prevention operation is of paramount importance. 为了使这些大田作物能够安全越冬,防霜作业具有极端重要意义。
  33. However, the panel also recommended the early establishment of several carefully designed, randomized, seeding experiments, planned in such a way as to permit assessment of the seed ability of a variety of storm types. 然而,这个小组还建议及早确定几个精心设计的随机化的播种试验,以便可对风暴的可播撒性进行评估。 2
  34. With a view to investigating meteorological conditions a network of observing stations was established over the area. 为了研究那一地区的气象条件,一个台站网建立了起来。 2
  35. For specifying the value of the quantity Q we have to use Eq. (
  2). 为了确定量 Q 的值,我们得使用(
  2)式。 2
  36. For research purpose intensive observations were made for that period. 为了研究目的,在那个期间进行了加密观测。 2
  37. For this end a mesh with a 5ox5o spacing was used. 为此目的采用了格距为 5ox5o 的网格。 2
  38. A much higher temperature is required so that we could change iron from a solid state into liquid. 需要高得多的温度,以便我们能把铁从固态变成液态。 2
  39. Least Fig. 3 be interpreted as the signature of zonal propagating waves, it is worth recalling what is said in the preceding chapter. 为了使图 3 不被解释成纬向传播的波的特征,有必要回顾一下前一章所论述的。 2
  40. Thermometers are placed in shelters far away from obstacles so as to get free-moving air standard values. 温度表置放于远离障碍物的百叶箱中,以便取得自由运动空气的标准值。 2
  41. The change in pressure can be recorded by means of a pen arm on a rotating drum. 气压变化可以借助在转动的钟筒上移动的笔记录下来。 2
  42. Heat may be measured in terms of any unit that can be used to measure energy, such as the joule or the kilowatt-hour. 热可以采用任何可以测定能量的单位,例如焦耳或千瓦小时。 2
  43. Only in terms of the scheme have these results been obtained. 正是采用了这些方法才取得这些成果。 2
  44. In some countries air temperature is given in degrees of Fahrenheit. 在某些国家气温以华氏温标给出。 2
  45. Relative humidity is expressed as percentage. 相对湿度采用百分数表示。 2
  46. Tides can be resolved mathematically into several components and each treated separately. 潮可以用数学方法分解成几个分量,而每一分量均可单独处理。 2
  47. Attempt is made to solve the problem (in) another way. 尝试用另一种方法来解决这道题。 2
  48. The features are only marginally significant at 95% level on a statistical basis. 这些特征在 95%水平时刚好在统计上是显著的。 2
  49. Water enters air via evaporation. 水通过蒸发进入空气。 2
  50. Topographically, we may consider the coastal plain to be a terrestrial analog of the continental shelf.
从地形角度讲我们可以把沿岸平原看成是大陆架在陆上的类似构造。 2
  51. On the technical side, telegraph lines are hard to maintain. 从技术角度来说电报线路难以维修。 2
  52. In a sense the atmosphere bears resemblance to an ocean. 在某种意义上说大气和海洋相似。 2
  53. Thereby higher latitude are prevented from becoming increasingly colder and low latitudes from becoming increasingly hotter. 通过这种途径,使高纬地区不能变得越来越冷,而低纬地区不能变得越来越热。 2
  54. Not only must the absolute value of the parameter in question be considered, but also the method of test whereby this value is to be established. 不但必须考虑所讨论的参数的绝对值,而且还要考虑检验方法,通过它以 确定此值是否成立。 2
  55. In the subsequent experiments precision instruments were employed whereby good results were acquired. 在后来的几次实验中使用了精密的仪器,通过使用它们而取得了良好的结果。 2
  56. So far, there is no evidence that the experiment could be conducted any otherwise than is described here. 到目前为止,尚无证据可说明除这里给出的方法外还有别的任何方法可以完成这一实验。 2
  57. A single satellite can view a large part of the earth’s surface at least once daily, and hence observations can be made of areas that are otherwise inaccessible. 一颗卫星可至少每天一次扫视地球很大的一部分,因此可对其 它方法无法观测到的地区进行观测。 2
  58. Water vapor accounts for about 4% by volume in moist areas. 在气候潮湿地区,水汽按体积占(空气体积)4%左右。 2
  59. The hard rain lasted roughly half an hour without break. 那场暴雨持续约半小时而未有间歇。 2
  60. The data are employed in combination with cloud maps. 这些资料与云图结合一起使用。 2
  61. In a high, the usually gentle winds circulate clockwise around the center of the Northern Hemisphere. 在北半球高压中,常见的和风围绕中心顺时针地吹。 2
  62. Such waves occur most frequently at stormy latitudes, where the storms tend to come in groups traveling in the same direction, with only short periods separating them. 这样的波浪在风暴生成的纬度带出现极为频繁。在那 里风暴常常是成群出现的,它们沿着同一方向运动,彼此间相隔时间很短暂。 2
  63. The tube is placed open end in a cistern partially filled with mercury. 管子以开口一端插入部分装有水银的槽内。 2
  64. The results of the six cases will be presented in chronological order. 上述六种场合的结果将按时间顺序给出。 2
  65. Data are collected on a continuous and long-term basis. 资料是持续地长期收集的。 2
  66. These facilities can have weather maps analyzed in place of a forecaster. 这些设备可代替预报员把天气图分析出来。
  67. These new facilities will take the place of the old ones. 这些新设备将代替那些旧的。 2
  68. The scheme was designed after the manner of Smith (19
  76). 此方案是仿照 Smith(19
  76)的思路设计的。 2
  69. Materials are classified as magnetic or nonmagnetic on the basis of whether or not a force on the substance owing to the presence of a magnetic field. 根据由于磁场存在时是否有一个力对物体发生作用而把材料划分为磁 性材料和非磁性材料。 2
  70. Next, we shall introduce the parameter B, following Kuo (19
  74), such that R and M may be expressed by the relations. 其次按照 Kuo(19
  74)的方法我们引入参数 b,以便R和M能用以下关系来表示。 2
  71. By international agreement pressure is now expressed in hPa’s. 根据国际协议,气压现在用百帕为单位表示。 2
  72. In other words, the frequencies of those waves should be constant in time and space a priori. 换句话说,那些波的频率根据推断在时空上是常定的。 2
  73. Materials are partitioned into magnetic and nonmagnetic substance accordingly as they are likely to be affected by a force present in a magnetic field. 2
  74. The vertical velocity changes as a function of time and height above ground for the deep warm cloud. 在深厚暖云中,垂直速度随时间和高度而变化。 2
  75. The measurements were collected the way you did. 这些观测资料是按你曾进行的方式收集的。 2
  76. We shall follow the procedure for experiments as the book instructs. 我们将象此书所示,遵照规定步骤进行实验。 2
  77. But if the disturbance affects a large area, as a great earthquake can, the resulting seismic sea waves nay behave as if they had been generated along a line rather than at a point. 但是,如果扰动影响的地区很大,象强 烈地震所能做到的,那末所产生的地震海浪运动好像沿直线产生而不是在一点产生。 2
  78. If the disturbance, such as an explosion, affects only a small area, the waves will move away from that point, much as the waves move away from our pebble. 如果某种扰动(如爆炸)只影响一个小的地区,则波浪离开该点 (扰动源)非常象水波离开石子入水处。 2
  79. Just as linear momentum is the product of mass and velocity, so the angular momentum of a body is defined as the product of its moment of inertia and its angular velocity. 正如线性动量是质量和速度乘积一样,物体角动量 也定义为其惯性矩和角速度的乘积。 2
  80. Just as water will run downhill, so heat, if left to itself, flows down the temperat



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