程度、 科技英语翻译 480 句(七) 程度、度量
七, 程度、度量(321-3
  60) 3
  21. During the passage of a thunderstorm pressure has pronounced change. 在雷暴过境时,气压有着明显变化。 3
  22. Under conventional till, crop response to spring soil water content was considerably greater than under zero till. 在常规耕作条件下,春季作物对土壤水份含量的响应要比免耕地大得多。 3
  23. Evidently some of these questions are rather too difficult to answer. 显然,其中有些问题稍有点难以回答。 3
  24. The circulation of the free atmosphere is predominantly (largely) zonal and only to a slight extent (to a less degree) meridional. 自由大气中环流主要是纬向的,经向性很弱。 3
  25. These problems have been dealt with in considerable detail. 这些问题已相当详细地作了讨论。 3
  26. Surf height depends on the height and steepness of the waves offshore, and to a certain extent on the offshore bottom topography. 拍岸浪的高度取决于近岸的高度和陡度,另外,在某种程度上还取决于近岸的洋底地形特征。 3
  27. On the whole, marine organisms are cold-blooded, meaning that their internal temperatures are essentially uniform with the environment. 总的来说,海洋生物是冷血动物,即是说,它们的体温与周围环境基本上是一致的。 3
  28. It is important to bear in mind that the extreme temperatures are largely independent of advection, for they develop mostly in rather stagnant air. 重要的是要记住,极端温度与平流基本无关,因为它们主要是在相当静止的空气中形成的。 3
  29. The eigenperiods, for the most part, are influenced by the mean winds in the lowest three scale heights. 固有周期在最低的三个大气标高高度上多半会受到平均风的影响。
  30. His forecast of the event is found entirely successful. 他对这一天气事件的预报是完全成功的。 3
  31. In order to utilize heat to the best advantage, it is necessary to know the laws that govern heat transfer. 为了最大限度地使用热,有必要弄懂支配热传输的几条定律。 3
  32. A 10% reduction of wind speed was observed, however, the reduction is well within the natural wind variability of the storm. 曾观测到风速减小 10%的情形,然而这一减小量完全落在风暴中的风的自然变率范围内。 3
  33. Large temperature and salinity changes occur in shallow, partially isolated coastal waters, a degree of variability well beyond anything observed in the open ocean. 温度和盐度的显著变化出现在浅的、部分属孤立的沿岸海水中,它远远超过公海中观测到的任 何因子呈现的变化程度。 3
  34. These creatures travel in sea as fast as anything. 这些动物在海中行动极快。 3
  35. The idea here is to locate in the weather records conditions that are as analogous to the current conditions as possible. 这里的设想是,在天气记录中确定(找出)一些尽可能与当前条件相似的条件(指天气事件)。 3
  36. Accordingly, the owners of these machines have wanted to get as much computation done as possible. 所以,计算机的拥有者一直想进行尽可能多的运算。 3
  37. They needed high utilization to get as much as they could from their investment. 他们需要(使用其计算机达到)高的利用率,以便从他们投资中获得尽可能多的效益。 3
  38. A radiosonde is free to rise to as great an elevation as possible. 无线电探空仪可以自由地上升到尽可能高的高度。 3
  39. The time series of temperature are expected to be the longest possible so as to examine various modes of oscillation periods.
人们希望温度的时间系列尽可能地长,以便能研究各种波的振荡周期。 3
  40. That tsunami was so strong as to destroy a number of ships berthed and buildings ashore. 那次海啸如此之强,以致毁灭了若干停泊的船只和岸上建筑物。 3
  41. The temperature is so low that the greenhouse is to be heated to maintain the appropriate condition. 温度如此之低,以至温度需要加热才能维持合适的温度条件。 3
  42. After some time of uninterrupted fall, the body is moving so rapidly that the drag of the air is as great as the weight of the body, so that there is no acceleration. 经过一些时间的自由降落后,落体运动得很快,以至空气拽力(阻力)与落体的重量相等,于 是就没有加速度了。 3
  43. The plant is found at such altitude as to be within roughly 200 m distance of the snowline. 这种植物生长地如此之高,以至离雪线只有约 200 米。 3
  44. Even for the most simplified models there are such a vast number of calculations to be performed that they could only be used after the advent of high-speed computer. 即使对最简单的模式来说,也有如此大量的计算要进行,以至(因而)它们在高速计算机问世 后才能应用。 3
  45. Some of the air particles, particularly the atoms of the lighter gases, travel fast enough to escape from the air ocean. (在大气最高层) 有些空气微粒, 特别是较轻气体的原子, 运动足够快, 以至能从空气海洋 (大 气圈)中逃逸出来。 3
  46. The train is fast enough that we can cover the distance in less than one hour. 这班火车很快,所以我们可用不到一小时通过这段距离。 3
  47. These regions seem too dry to be suitable for farming. 这些地区看来太干燥而不适合农业。 3
  48. In figure 5, there is a total external fragmentation of 26K, a space that is too small for any request.
在图 5 中,有一个总数为 26K 的外存储残片,这是一个空间,它太小不能满足任何作业要求。 3
  49. To a greater extent than was formerly thought to be the case the monsoons appear to be in the nature of various kinds and degrees of modification of the general planetary wind system. 季风看来具有受行星总风系的不同性质和不同程度的影响,这比以往更为可信。 3
  50. When air is cooled to a point at which the air’s capacity to hold more water vapor is zero, saturation is reached. 当空气进一步冷却到容纳更多水汽的能力为零(的那一点)时,饱和状态就达到了。 3
  51. The applications of electricity have grown to the extent where most of us lead ‘electrified’ lives. 电的应用已发展到可使大多数人享受电气化的生活。 3
  52. The aim of the field experiment was to investigate to what extent such a system could prevent soil degradation resulting from very intensive crop rotations. 此次田间试验的目的, 是研究这一方法能在多大程度上防止由于精细的作物轮作所产生的土壤 退化。 3
  53. The sample temperature was controlled by a Chromel_Alumel thermocouple with a precision on the order of
  0.1℃. 样品温度用 Chromel-Alumel 热电偶控制,其精度在
  0.1℃左右。 3
  54. At present, even the actual line parameters of the individual absorption line can only be determined to within 10%. Hence, the values are not expected to be more accurate than 10%. 目前甚至个别吸收线的实际线参数精度也只能确定到 10%以内,因此不要期望这些值的精度优 于 10%。 3
  55. For the most part roads in the mountain area have a slope under 2 in
  7. 在大部分情况下,该山区道路在 16 度以下。 3
  56. The wind directed inward around the center makes angles of 20o to 40o with the isobars. 围绕中心向内吹的风与等压线构成 20o --40o 的夹角。
  57. A mercurial barometer has a glass tube a little more than 30 inches long.
水银气压表有一长 30 英寸多一点的玻璃管。
  58. On the average the continental shelf is about 70 km wide. One much of the Pacific Coast it is relatively narrows, only a few tens of kilometers across.
平均来说,大陆架约为 70 公里宽,在部分太平洋海岸其大陆架较窄,只有几十公里宽。 3
  59. During the course of a freezing season, sea ice may form at the surface up to thickness of 2 meters at the high latitudes. 在严寒季节,在高纬度可在海面形成厚度达 2 米的海冰。 3
  60. In typical cases the zone is about 3000 ft (1 km) in depth and 100 miles (100-200 km) in width, with a slop of approximately 1/1
  00. 在典型情况下,锋区大约 3000 英尺厚,100 英里宽,坡度大约是 1/10



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   6A 网络警察应保护网络吗? 网络警察应保护网络吗? 四个青少年发表了他们的看法 戈哈?盖尔扬,18岁,加利福尼亚州伯班克市 戈哈 盖尔扬, 岁 盖尔扬 因特网有着巨大的影响力, 因而各种群体都利用它来发表自己的观点。 诸如新纳粹主 义分子这样的团体, 利用万维网使成百万上千万的儿童和成人看到了他们有关白人种族优势论和 仇恨思想。 但是, 即使大多数人不同意他们在网上散布的信息, 也不应制定法律限制他们这样做。 人人都享有言论自由。 即使所散布的信息是有关仇恨思想的, 没有人有权来限制言论自 ...


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   一、Structure 部分:每四个一组,考查同一个词组,前后文没有打出,有些是根据前后文 的时态写的。U6 和 U8 没有翻译部分,所以 U5 和 U7 应该会每个单元出一个。 1.人们理所当然地认为:it was taken for granted 2.大多数年轻人都把自来水(tap water)看成是理所当然的:Most young people take t ap water for granted 3.就想当然地认为他们已经成婚:took it for granted that t ...


   通过交流阻抗谱表征锂离子电池的 老化效应 摘要 阻抗谱是最有前途的用来表征便携式二次电池的老化 效应方法之一, 因为它提供了不同的老化机制的信息。 然而, 阻抗谱“在这些领域“的应用具有一定的比实验室实验更高的 要求。它需要一个快速的阻抗测量过程,一个需要几节电池 精确的模型与应用和一个可靠的估计模型参数方法。 在本文中,我们提出了一个同时测量不同频率的阻抗方 法。我们建议使用复合电极模型,有能力来描述多孔复合电 极材料。 一个在结合进化策略和 Levenberg- Marquardt 法基 ...



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