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He would be quite a likeable fellow if only he wouldn’t act the goat so much The management instituted a system of consultation with the staff so that any grievances might be aired Wherever she went she was attended on by a large number of followers and servants.
You never realize how fortunate you are to have good health until it is suddenly brought home to you by the sight of suffering He burned his fingers badly, though we warned him against it. He lost nearly all his money he had invested He is the kind of person who will always butter up those who he thinks can be of use to him
The employees complained that the supervisor always took notice of the least mistakes they made, and cast it in their teeth
寻找对等词语和结构 对等词语和结构: 寻找对等词语和结构:简单语句的译文虽 然生硬, 然生硬,但基本可读
I can see three different types of composers in musical history, each of whom creates music in a somewhat different fashion. 我发现音乐史上有三类作曲家,他们各自的音 乐创作方式有所不同。
较复杂语句的译文似通非通, 较复杂语句的译文似通非通,甚至不知所 云。
The traditionalist type of composer begins with a pattern rather than with a theme. The creative act with Palestrina is not the thematic conception so much as the personal treatment of a well-established pattern. 传统型作曲家是从形式出发而不是从主题出发 进行创作的。帕莱斯特里纳的创作不是主题的 构思,而是对固定形式的个性化处理。
典型的英语表达形式在汉语无法找到对等 形式, 形式,翻译无从着手
Find yourself. Be yourself. Popularity will come -- with the people who respect you for who you are. 发现自我,如实地表现自我,你自然会为人们 所喜欢--为那些尊重你的真正个性的人们所 喜欢。
Where do you expect Shanghai to be in five years? 你预计今后五年上海的发展目标如何? How are you? How old are you?
一种语言中的词语和语句结构到另一种语言的 词语和语句结构的简单转换 × 一种语言中寻找与另一种语言中对等的词语和 语句结构然后将其串接成句的过程。× 翻译是语义 语义的翻译,不是语言形式 不是语言形式的翻译, 语义 不是语言形式
运用另一种语言的适当方式来表达一种 语言所表达的内容
译即易,谓换易言语使相解也。 唐朝(618-9
夫翻译者,谓翻梵天之语转成汉地之言。 音虽似别,义则大同。 宋代(960-12
源出语(the source language) 目的语(the target language)或接受语(the receptor language) 意义保持或大抵保持不变 to translate is “ to change into another language, retaining the sense” Dr. 1709Dr. Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784
Translation consists in reproducing in the receptor language the closest natural equivalent of the source language, first in terms of meaning and secondly in terms of style. Eugene A. Nida 所谓翻译, 所谓翻译,是在译语中用最切近的自然的对等 语再现原语的信息,首先是意义,其次是文体。 语再现原语的信息,首先是意义,其次是文体
就所涉及的语言来分 : 语内翻译(intralingual translation)-同一语言的各个语言变体之间的翻译 同一语言 语际翻译(interlingual translation)-不同语言之间的翻译活动 不同语言
就其活动方式而言 口译(interpretation) 连续翻译(consecutive interpretation) 同声传译(simultaneous interpretation) 笔译(translation)
就翻译材料的文体而言 应用文体 科技文体 论述文体 新闻文体 艺术文体
就处理方式而言 全译 节译 摘译 编译
翻译原则,即指导翻译实践,评价译文质量的 尺度
亚历山大?F?泰特勒( 亚历山大 泰特勒(Alexander Fraser 泰特勒 Tytler, 1749-18
  14) )
三原则 : (
  1) That the translation should give a complete transcript of the ideas of the original work. (译者应完全复写出原作的思想) (
  2) That the style and manner of writing should be of the same character with that of the original. (译作的风格和手法应和原作属于同一性质) (
  3) That the translation should have all the ease of original composition. (译作应具备原创作品的通顺)
严复( 严复(1853-19
  21) ) Faithfulness Expressiveness Elegance
“译事三难:信达雅。求其信已大难矣,顾信 译事三难:信达雅。求其信已大难矣, 译事三难 矣不达,虽译犹不译也,则达尚焉。 矣不达,虽译犹不译也,则达尚焉。信、达而 求其尔雅。 外,求其尔雅。”

忠实首先指忠实于原作的内容。译者必须把原 作的内容完整而准确的表达出来,不得有任何 篡改、歪曲、遗漏、任意增删的现象。 忠实还指保持原作风格,即原作的民族风格、 时代风格、语体风格、作者个人风格等。
Jane does not work hard because she wants to earn money. 误译:因为简想赚钱,所以才不下力。 推荐:简并不是因为想赚钱才下力干的。
For Nat Nakasa the pledge he was required to sign -- to leave his country and never return proved too much; he committed suicide in New York. 误译:纳特?纳卡萨不得不发誓离开祖国,不 管情况如何永不返家,并自杀于纽约。 推荐:对纳特?纳卡萨来说,要他签字保证离 开祖国永不返回是难以接受的:他在纽约自杀 了。

语言必须通顺易懂,符合规范。译文必须是明 白通常的现代语言,没有文理不通、晦涩难懂 等现象。
Pindus Road was a long, wide, straight street that ran parallel with Bread Road. 原译:平得斯路是一条与布莱德路平行的、 长长的、宽宽的、笔直的大街 推荐:平得斯路与布莱德路平行,是一条又 长又宽又直的大街。
She not only laughs a lot but has a heart of gold 原译:她不近常常大笑,而且还有一颗黄金之 心。 推荐:她不仅笑口常开,而且还有一颗金子般 的心。

look into the distance and you will have a nice view of the White Swan Pond in the Pearl River and boats up and down the river with the bright moon and twinkling stars in the sky 夜晚,凭栏远望珠江上的白鹅潭,皓月当空, 繁星闪闪,舟楫如梭,鹅谭美景,一览无遗。
理解阶段 整体 词语 深层 风格 表达阶段 恰当的译文语言 规范的译文形式 核校阶段 人名 地名 日期 方位 数字 段句词 标点 陈腔滥调 冷僻罕见的词汇

  1. She couldn't have come at a better time.
  2. She has been a widow only six months.
  3. I believe the speech was needlessly stubborn.
  4. The Macedonian argument has a Greek dimension too.
  5. The Englishman feels no less deeply than any other nationality.

  6. From a physical standpoint, there ought to be as many colours as there are different wave lengths。
  7. But the next century we'll be able to alter our DNA radically, encoding our visions and vanities while concocting new life-forms.
  8. As a human being, we should demonstrate our intellectual and moral superiority by respecting others for who they are -- instead of rejecting them for who/what they are not.

  1. 她来得正是时候。
  2. 她的丈夫去世至今不过半年。
  3. 我认为那篇讲话口气强硬,大可不必。
  4. 马其顿之争同希腊也有关系。
  5. 英国人同其他民族一样,也有丰富的感情。
  6. 从物理学的观点来看,不同的波长有多少种, 颜色就有多少种。

  7. 但下个世纪我们将能根本改变DNA,能在 构建新的生命时把我们的种种想象、种种出于 虚荣的要求,都编入遗传密码。
  8. 作为人,我们应该不问他人的身份如何都尊 重他们,从而显示出自己高超的智慧和道德, 而不要因为他们没有某种身份或地位而去卑视 他们。
Translation is first a science, which entails the knowledge and verification of the facts and the language that describe them ? here, what is wrong, mistakes of truth, can be identified; Secondly, it is a skill, which calls for appropriate language and acceptable usage; Thirdly, an art, which distinguishes good from undistinguished writing and is the creative, the intuitive, sometimes the inspired, level of the translation; Lastly, a matter of taste, where argument ceases, preference are expressed, and the variety of meritorious translation is the reflection of individual differences. (Peter Newmark)
首先,翻译是一门科学,它需要对事实的认知、核查, 需要懂得描述这些事实的语言 错误的内容,错误 的事实,应该得以鉴别。 第二,翻译是一种技巧,它需要恰当的语言和约定俗 成的用法。 第三,翻译是一门艺术,它识优辨劣,是一种创造性 的、凭直觉的,有时是闪烁灵感的翻译。 最后,翻译是一种风格,它弥合了分歧,显示了个人 的偏爱,形形色色精彩纷呈的译文折射了译者的特点。



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