朗文少儿英语单词表 预备级 U1 Boy girl teacher school book chair crayons door glue paper pencil scissors shelf table circle one two three red yellow good bye hello no yes U2 Baby brother father grandfather grandmother sister family bathroom bedroom kitchen living room apartment building car house window yard blue green four square U3 Arm body ear eye feet finger hair hand head knee leg mouth nose shoulder toe clown black brown triangle five happy mad sad big little see U4 Dress hat jacket pants sandals shirt shoes shorts skirt socks sweater umbrella orange purple long short cold hot rainy thank you you’re welcome U5 Airplane ball block boat car doll game teddy bear toy truck whistle pink white six seven want here please thank you you’re welcome U6 Bus car fire truck taxi street bus driver dentist doctor firefighter nurse police officer salesperson taxi driver want eight nine U7 Ball children jungle gym playground slide swing bouncing(a ball) catching (a ball) climbing jumping rope playing (catch ,hopscotch) running sliding swinging throwing (a ball) ten U8 Animal pet bear bird cat dog elephant fish lion monkey seal tiger zoo zookeeper baby mother bow wow meow tweet tweet eating standing walking U9 Apple banana cake cookie drink fruit grape ice cream ice cream cone lemonade orange sandwich balloon candle party cup fork glass knife plate spoon man woman drink eat
入门级 U1 关键词汇 ?book, bookbag, chair, desk, marker, pencil, table, teacher ?circle, color, name ?one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten ?a the ?good-bye, good morning, hello ?no yes ?what, what color
?am, is ?I’m , it’s, what’s ?Get the book; Open/close your book; raise your hand; sit down; stand up ?it ?your, this ?blue, green, red 图片字典 Book, pencil, desk, marker, chair, table, book bag U2 关键词汇 ?boy, girl, man, woman ?baby, brother, family, father,mother, sisiter ?zero ?goodbye, hello ?how many, who’s this ?do ?is ?have, see ?he’s, I’m, she’s ?come here. Go to (your desk). Jump. Point to(the chair). Sit. Show me(the book). walk ?you ?my, this 图片字典 boy girl man woman baby brother and sister brothers’ family U3 关键词汇 ?arm, body, ear, eye, face, finger, foot(feet), hair, hand,head, knee, mouth, nose, shoulder, thumb, toe ?clown, monster ?how many, what color ?are, have, move, pick up, put down, touch ?they, they’re ?her, his ?big, little, long, short ?brown, color, orange, purple, yellow 图片字典 hand, leg, foot, finger, eye, ear, nose, clown, face U4 Clothes dress hat jacket pants shirt shoe skirt sock sweater what what color what’s wearing put on your (hat) take off your(shoes) hang up the (dress) fold the (shirt) put the (shirt) away
He it she these this black pink white U5 Bathroom bathtub bed bedroom bookcase chair closet dining room house kitchen lamp living room sofa stove table TV circle rectangle square triangle how many what what’s where who are do put see cooking doing eating playing reading sleeping watching TV he’s she’s they’re in U6 Bird bug cat cow dog duck fish frog hippopotamus horse worm what say see crawling doing eating flying jumping running sleeping swimming it’s they’re big little U7 Cake hamburger hot dog ice cream milk pizza balloon birthday candle children hat kite party present fish Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday day week how old have want eating opening saying hello singing please happy U8 Ball bike block boat car doll kite marble plane skate toy toy box eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty please thank you I’m it’s want moving in on under U9 Ball bike car jump rope kite puppet skate clap catching dancing doing eating flying a kite jumping jumping rope kicking reading riding a bike running singing throwing watching TV wearing turning on the lights you’re welcome happy sad
基础级 U1 Coloring reading singing skating talking writing black blue brown green orange purple red white yellow eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty my your U2 Ball balloon bench flower kite shoe slide swing table tree bug cat dog frog climbing hiding jumping sliding swinging talking How many ten twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety one hundred behind in in front of on under U3 Bathroom bedroom dining room kitchen living room brother father grandfather grandmother mother parents sister bed blanket bookcase chair clock curtains dresser lamp phone radio refrigerator rug sink sofa stove table toilet tub TV window our U4
Bank building fire station hospital movie theater park police station post office school street supermarket toy shop video shop where between next to on but not
U5 Bus driver doctor firefighter mail carrier nurse police officer salesperson teacher waiter fire station hospital police station post office restaurant school shop toy shop bus fire truck jeep police car Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday to be does drives want work/s what when where who between in front of next to on U6 Morning afternoon night bed clock o’clock time watch face hair teeth jeans shirt shoes socks breakfast lunch dinner brush comb eat get up get dressed go to bed/school/work put on take a bath shower wash watch U7 Apple banana bread cake carrot cheese chicken cookie fish hamburger hot dog ice cream lettuce orange pizza potato pudding rice sandwich soup tomato juice milk water drinks food menu do don’t drink eat like want a an some U8 Animal near bird camel elephant giraffe hippopotamus kangaroo lion monkey seal ears eye feet legs neck nose tail zoo zookeeper can can’t does doesn’t climb feed fly have/has jump run sing swim swing walk its their big little long short tall U9 January February march April may June July august September October November December day month year new year birthday cake candle celebration game parade party picnic present shoe blow out (candles) celebrate clap dance eat get give go on a picnic open sing take a swing watch me always never for
巩固级 U1 ?brush (my) teeth, comb (my) hair, do (my) homework, eat (breakfast), get dressed, get up, go to bed, go to school, go to sleep, play soccer, read, take the bus, watch TV ?breakfast, dinner, lunch ?after, before ?every day ?fifteen, forty-five, o’clock, thirty ?how many, what, what time, who ?go ahead (one) space, go back(two) spaces 图片字典
bed toothbrush and toothpaste wristwatch
soccer ball
U2 关键词汇 ?aunt, cousin, father, mother, uncle ?barber, coach, dentist, doctor, firefighter, mail carrier, nurse, pilot, secretary, teacher, waiter ?bring mail, cut hair, do(my)homework, drive a (car), eat (breakfast), fight fires, fix teeth, fly planes, go for walks, go shopping, play(games), serve food, take the bus, teach(sports), type letters ?always, never, sometimes, usually ?do, does ?what, who ?with ?How about ?; Let’s go to the . 图片字典 Scissors nurse cap toothbrush envelope bag game
food tray
fire hat
U3 关键词汇 ?关于城市的词汇: apartment, building, car, city, department store, movie theater, museum, restaurant, skating rink, town ?关于乡村的词汇: barn, country, farm, fence, field, grass, house, lake, pond, town, tree ?bird, cat, chicken, cow, dog, duck, fish, horse, sheep ?snow ?coat, sandals ?cold, hot, small ?has to, have to, like, live, love ?there are, there is ?clean (my)room, cut the grass, do(my)homework, feed the (bird),get up, go to (the supermarket), paint (the fence), take the bus, water the plants 图片字典 Traffic light farm building duck restaurant tree cow chicken horse sheep bus stop fence U4 关键词汇 ?bear, bird, camel, chimpanzee, crocodile, deer, elephant, fish, kangaroo, lion, monkey, ostrich, parrot, penguin, polar bear, whale, zebra ?desert, forest, ice, jungle, lake, ocean, plain, river, snow ?climb, crawl, fly, jump, run, swim, walk ?can, can’t 图片字典
Lion, dog, elephant, zebra, camel, whale, kangaroo, penguin, owl, dolphin, cat, snake U5 关键词汇 ?cloudy, cold, cool, hot, rainy, snowy, sunny, tropical, windy ?beach, jungle, summer, winter ?today, yesterday ?boots, coat, gloves, hat, jacket, jeans, raincoat, sandals, scarf, shorts, sneakers, sunglasses, sweater, T-shirt, umbrella ?skies, snow, sunshine ?gray, happy ?carry, fly a kite, go to the beach, love, play in the snow, play (soccer), skate, take away, watch TV 图片字典 Sun moon stars wind cloud rain snow storm T-shirt hat umbrella U6 Band carnival clown hot dog ice cream lamb lemon lemonade noise park popcorn seal thunderstorm zoo delicious good happy hard loud nice rainy sad salty sofa sour sunny sweet feel hear look see smell sound taste touch was went were today yesterday ears eyes fingers nose tongue 图片: Onion bunny candy cactus drum flowers lemon U7 Apple banana bread butter cake candy cheese chocolate cookie egg fruit grapes ice cream jam juice lemonade milk olives onion orange orange juice pear pop rice strawberries sugar toast tomato water watermelon yogurt salty bottle bowl box bunch can cup dish glass jar piece slice spoon breakfast dinner lunch any some often usually drink eat enjoy mix put want I’d like I like/don’t like Would like U8 Award bedtime candy cheese exercise food fruit habit health homework ice cream juice nightgown pop rule salad sandwich sleep vegetable drink/drank eat/ate brush(your)teeth feel finish get get up go to bed knock scare shout sleep stay up take a bath wash (your)hands watch TV did/didn’t do/don’t any enough late right too much all the time every day yesterday downstairs upstairs bad good happy healthy hungry sick tired past through U9 Action bed channel character everything movie opinion review reviewer schedule show story three stars time title TV show type week cartoon comedy game show movie nature show news sports favorite boring exciting funny interesting scary last night clean(my) room do(my)homework happy hurry up let’s go like make(my)bed take(me)out watch did, didn’t don’t Was what kind of ? What’s on ? Why because



   朗文少儿英语单词表 预备级 U1 Boy girl teacher school book chair crayons door glue paper pencil scissors shelf table circle one two three red yellow good bye hello no yes U2 Baby brother father grandfather grandmother sister family bathroom bedroom kitchen livi ...

朗文少儿英语市场支持及管理指 南

   市场管理手册 朗文 BACKPACK 少儿英语 朗文 BACKPACK 少儿英语 市场支持及管理指南 北京环球亚太教育咨询有限公司 Beijing Global Asia Pacific Education Consultation Co.,Ltd 1 市场管理手册 朗文 BACKPACK 少儿英语 前 言 本手册为朗文 BACKPACK 少儿英语总部提供给各“朗文 BACKPACK 少儿英语” 培训中心,以指导各培训中心进行市场推广的指南。 目前,我国中小学在校生有 2 亿多,在今后 10 ...


   英语单词表 《小学英语》(第一册) ID 6971 a 6929 am 6953 and 7046 and 6901 are 6954 aunt 7047 aunt 6866 bag 7048 bag 6980 be 7049 be 6867 bed 7050 bed 6981 beside 7051 beside 7052 bike 6888 bike 7053 birthday 7032 birthday 7054 black 7020 black 7055 blue 7021 blue ...


   免费人工/手工翻译--思马德工作室 免费人工/手工翻译--思马德工作室 -欢迎访问我的博客:http://hi.baidu.com/owenzhangcool 篮球英语单词表 A: Agent 经纪人. Air ball:投出的球什么都没碰到,三不沾. All-Defensive Team :最佳防守阵容. Alley-oop:空中接力.一个运动员把球抛向空中,另一个队员在空中接住球 把球扣入篮筐. All-NBA Team:NBA 最佳阵容. All-Rookie Team:最佳新秀阵容. ...


   Unit 1 n. 2 flashcard n. (上面有单词或图画,用于教学的)抽认卡 2 vocabulary n. 词汇 3 aloud adv. 出声地;大声地 3 pronunciation n. 发音;发音法 4 specific adj. 明确的;具体的;特定的 4 memorize v. 记住;熟记 4 grammar n. 语法;语法规则 4 differently adv. 不同地;有区别地 4 frustrate v. 使失望;使沮丧;使厌烦 4 frustrating ...


   第一册词组(共26个) 1.in English 用英语 2.how many 多少 3.a piece of bread 一片而包 4.four cups of tea 四杯茶 5.a pair of shoes 一双鞋 6.play chess 下棋 7.run after 追逐 8.play football 踢足球 9.be good at 擅长 10.on the basketabll team 在篮球队 11.scoot at the basket 投篮 12.the first ...


   新目标、仁爱教材公用词汇表 词 汇 词 性 词 义 a art. 一(个,件……) able adj 能、能够 about prep. 关于;大约 accident n 事故 across prep. 横过; act n 表演 action n 行动,动作 active adj 活跃的;积极的 activity n. 活动 actor n. 演员 add v. 添加;增加 address n. 通讯处;地址 adult n 成年人 advantage n 有利条件;优点;好处 advertis ...


   八年级上册 Module 1 v.翻译 n.翻译 v.改正;纠正 v.将……配对 v.给……标号码 v.重复 n.语法 n.语音;发音 n.写作;文章 n.标点符号 n.拼写 n.学期 n.建议 n 写下,记下 n.错误 n.笔记本 adv.其他 n.收音机 n.报纸 n.(书面或口头的)信息,信 笔友 pron.各个,每个 pron.不同的人(或物) 互相 adj.<口>好极了;卓越的, n.管弦乐队 v. 发送;寄 n.语言 v.提高 adj.主要的;最重要的 v.看;注视; ...


   人教版初中英语单词表 第一册词组(共 26 个) 1.in English 用英语 2.how many 多少 3.a piece of bread 一片而包 4.four cups of tea 四杯茶 5.a pair of shoes 一双鞋 6.play chess 下棋 7.run after 追逐 8.play football 踢足球 9.be good at 擅长 10.on the basketabll team 在篮球队 11.scoot at the basket 投篮 ...


   英语 汉语 (not)...any more .再也不;不能再 100-metre race .100 米赛跑 a a bit(of) a few a glass of a kind of a little a lot a moment ago a moment later a pair of a piece of a place of interest a shop assistant a TV set a waste of time a.m. able about about above ...



   1.描述你的朋友 描述你的朋友 I have got a good friend. Her name is Wu Ming. She is tall with dark eyes, dark hair and white ski n. She looks like her mother. She likes walking, talking, and discussing life with her father. She also likes looking after animals. ...


   英语已成一个巨大的考试毒瘤(朱鲁子)【推荐】 英语已成一个巨大的考试毒瘤(朱鲁子)【推荐】 )【推荐 [转者按] 当下的外语(特别是英语)教育和考试制度,就像政治腐败一样已对中华民族造 转者按] 成巨大的灾难,现在,是到了彻底反省并做出修正的关键时刻了.英语对于中华民族的灾难 性后果,已有很多有识之士进行了深刻的反思,但,最有深度和说服力的当为我所转来的这 一篇.我衷心地感谢作者!??希望所有关心我们民族前途和命运的人士做出充分的讨论, 并希望最终能够影响我们国家的政策.补充一句,多年来,本 ...


   如何进行小学英语片段教学 ? 厦门市思明区教师进修学校 康彩虹 一,为什么进行片段教学? 二, 什么是片段教学? 三,如何进行片段教学? 一,为什么进行片段教学? 提高教师的口语能力,特别是课堂话语能力. 提高教师在一定教学思想指导下的教学设计能力. 二,什么是片段教学? (一),片段教学的定义 1.片段教学的定义 2.片段教学 VS 课堂教学 3.片段教学 VS 说课 4.片段教学 VS 教学片段 (二),片段教学的类型 1. 节选与专题 2.实境与虚境 3.自定和他定 三,如何进行片 ...


   化妆品英文扫盲 护肤:skincare 洗面奶:facialcleanser/facewash(Foaming,milky,cream,Gel) 爽肤水:toner/astringent 紧肤水:firminglotion 柔肤水:toner/smoothingtoner(facialmist/facialspray/complexionmist) 护肤霜:moisturizersandcreams 保湿:moisturizer 隔离霜,防晒:sunscreen/sunblock 美白:whi ...


   饭店英语 刘桂秋 "Hotel English" 《饭店英语》 饭店英语》 学会用英语点菜; 学会用英语点菜; 了解西洋名酒 "Hotel English" 《饭店英语》 饭店英语》 你将学习怎样用英语入住酒店和结账; 你将学习怎样用英语入住酒店和结账; 怎样兑换钱币;怎样用英语预定客房…… 怎样兑换钱币;怎样用英语预定客房 如果有一天你走出国门,你会入住酒店吧? 如果有一天你走出国门,你会入住酒店吧? 你会和外国朋友一起吃饭聊天吧? 你会和外国朋友一 ...