24. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. 世界上没有任何东西可以取代坚持不懈!
  25. Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world. 与世上任何事物相比,恐惧更能击溃人类。
  26. There is no such thing as a great talent without great will-power. 没有伟大的意志力,便没有雄才大略!
  27. A goal is a powerful tool in your subconscious mind which drives you all the time to achieve what you want! 目标是你潜意识里的有力工具,
  28. Keep pushing forward. Once you start moving,keep moving.Don't stop.继续前 进。一旦开始,就一直前进。不要停止!
  29. Be Thankful 懂得感激 Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire. If you did, what would there be to look forward to? Be thankful when you don't know something, for it gives you the opportunity to learn. 当未能得到你渴望的所有东西时, 要懂得感 激。 如果你都得到了,那还有什么东西让你期 待? 当不明白某些事情时,要懂得感激, 因为它给予了你学习的机会。 Be thankful for the difficult times. During those times you grow. Be thankful for your limitations, because they give you opportunities for improvement. Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your strength and character. 面对困境时,要懂得感激,因为你会在困境 中成长。 面对自己的缺点时,要懂得感激,因为它们 给了你改进的机会。 面对每一个新的挑战时,要懂得感激,因为 它们会锻造你的意志和品格。 Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons. Be thankful when you're tired and weary, because it means you've made a difference. 面对自己的错误时,要懂得感激, 因为它们会让你得到宝贵的教训。 当你感到疲惫和厌倦时,要懂得感激,因为
这说明你已经作出了努力。 It's easy to be thankful for the good things. A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks. Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, and they can become your blessings. 对好的事情懂得感激是很容易的。 但那些懂得感激挫折的人会迎来硕果累累 的人生。 学会对自己的烦恼感激, 它们就会变成你的 祝福。
  30. The road of justice is rugged and only welcomes brave people. 正义的路是崎岖的路,它只欢迎勇敢的人。
  31. 学习英语的过程就是锻造意志的过程! 而意志是一个人最大的财富。The process of learning English is the process of building willpower.
  32. Smiles [1] Smiles send us light in the darkness. Smiles bring us warm sunlight on a cold winter day. Smiles can break the ice. Smiles are like rainbows. Rainy days end and the sky is beautiful again. [2] Smiles show love and friendship. Teachers' smiles encourage us. Mothers' smiles warm us. Friends' smiles make us feel closer. [3] We welcome smiles from others. And we should give others our smiles too. No one is richer than a man who often smiles at others. If a man doesn't smile at you, just smile at him. Smiles help you forget your sadness. Life is a long road. Why not cover it with smiles?
【李阳疯狂英语 “三最” 口腔肌肉训练记录: 23 秒】 【李阳疯狂英语“一口气”训练记录:
  1.5 口气】 微笑 [1]微笑在黑暗中给我们送来光明。微 笑在寒冷的冬日带给我们温暖的阳光。 微笑 能打破坚冰。微笑犹如彩虹。雨天结束,天 空重现美丽。 [2]微笑体现着爱和友谊。老师的微笑 激励着我们。母亲的微笑使我们感到温暖。 朋友的微笑使我们更加亲密。 [3]我们欢迎别人的微笑。我们也该向 别人微笑。 没有谁会比一个经常向别人微笑 的人更富有。如果一个人没有对你微笑,就 向他微笑吧。微笑让你忘却悲伤。生活之路 很漫长。我们为什么不微笑着一直走下去 呢?
  33. Success is never a destination, it is a journey.成功不是终点,而是旅程。
  34. Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. 成功不是自燃的结果。 你必须点燃自己。
  35. Hello Dear Friends! Today I accompanied some family and friends from America to the Palace Museum in Beijing (The Forbidden City). I decided to hire an official guide because I wanted my guests to have the best, most accurate and informative tour possible. I was deeply impressed by the talented young woman who was our guide. I prepared a copy of Blurt Out as a thank you gift for her and she became very passionate when talking about Crazy English and Li Yang. She told me the following: "We (guides) don't just admire Li Yang
because he speaks and teaches beautiful English, we admire him because he is really doing something great for China. He cares about China. He cares about Chinese people. I want to do something great for China, too. That is why I love my job. I love to share the splendid history of China with people from all over the world." Part of the interesting history that she shared with us was the salon where Emperor Pu Yi studied English. She called it "Beijing's first English corner". There was also a point in our tour where someone asked a question about the large metal vats used to hold water in the event of fire. My friend used the word 'urn' instead of 'pot' or 'vat' when he asked his question. Tian Xiang Yuan (田 向媛) was not familiar with this word and immediately asked about it. After he told her 'big metal pot' she eagerly asked for us to spell the word. She repeated it to herself many times, then told me earnestly, "I want to learn every word that I can to help me do my job better!" This is crazy spirit! A professional guide is expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for! It is not easy to accurately convey so many things about Chinese culture in a short time. It is also challenging to answer so many questions correctly. Tian Xiang Yuan did a fantastic job. She was knowledgeable, well-spoken and had a good sense of humor. I know that many Crazy English learners aspire to being professional guides. I agree that this is a great way to do something for your country! The more eloquently you speak
English, the more effectively you can spread Chinese culture throughout the world! 亲爱的朋友们,你们好!今天,我陪同我从 美国来的亲友去游览故宫(紫禁城)了。我 决定给我的客人们请一个专业的导游, 因为 我想让他们拥有一次完美的、 能够让他们增 长见识的旅行。 我们的导游是个聪颖的年轻 女孩,她给我留下了非常深刻的印象。我给 她准备了一本《脱口而出》,作为答谢她的 礼物。当我们说到疯狂英语和李阳老师时, 她马上变得热情起来。她对我说:“我们做 导游的尊敬李阳老师, 不仅仅是因为他能够 说一口漂亮的英语、 能够教会别人说一口流 利的英语,更重要的是,李阳老师是真的在 为中国作出伟大的贡献。他关心中国、关心 中国人民!我也想为中国作些贡献,这也是 我热爱我的工作的原因。 我喜欢与来自世界 各地的游客一起分享中国灿烂的历史文 化。” 她给我们介绍了的一个很有趣的地方, 那是清朝末代皇帝溥仪学习英语的大厅, 她 把那里称为“北京的第一个英语角”。 在游览故宫时,有一次,我的一个朋友 问了一个问题, 是关于火灾时用来盛水的金 属大缸的。我的朋友没有用“pot”或是 “vat”,而是用“urn”来称呼这种金属缸。 田向媛(导游)不熟悉“urn”这个单词, 就问这个单词是什么意思。 我的朋友告诉她 “urn”就是“大的壶状金属缸”时,她立 刻问我们这个单词如何拼写, 并且自言自语 地把这个单词重复了好几遍, 然后真诚地对 我说: “我想要学会所有能让我的工作做得 更加出色的词汇!”这真是疯狂的精神呵! 请一个专业的导游花费是很大的,但 肯定物有所值! 要用寥寥几句把这么多关于 中国文化的东西准确地传递出去并不是一 件简单的事, 要准确地回答这么多问题同样 也是极具挑战性的。田向媛做得很棒!她知 识渊博,口齿伶俐,并且富有幽默感。我知 道, 有很多疯狂英语学习者都渴望成为一名 专业的导游。 我觉得这是为你的祖国作出贡
献的一个好办法!你的英语说得越好,你就 能更有效地向世界传播中国文化!
  36. A good speech has the power to change the course of history or affect an entire generation to change their lives. 一场好的演讲可能改变历史进程, 或改变整 整一代人的命运。
  37. The world is focusing on China.China needs strong and skilled young leaders. 全世界都在关注中国。 中国需要有力的青年 领袖。
  38. Never underestimate your power to change yourself! 永远不要低估你改变自我的能力!
  39. The best way to predict your future is to create it! 预测未来最好的方式就是制造未来!
  40. Success depends only on the strength of our will. 成功只由我们的意志决定。
  41. Thank a mentor. If there’s someone whom you owe a debt of gratitude for guiding you at one of life’s crossroads, don’t wait to express your appreciation in detail and, if possible, in person. 感谢你的良师益友。 如果有个人曾经在人生的十字路口给过你 指导,值得你感激,要立刻表达你的谢意, 要详细说明,有可能的话,面对面地说。
  42. English can never be learned, it can only be lived. You can master English only through using, speaking, and writing.
英语是永远学不出来的! 英语是练出来 的! 你只有通过用、 说和写才能真正精通英 语!
  43. Never stop thinking about tomorrow! 永远不要停止对明天的梦想! Never think about giving up! 永远不要有放弃的念头!
  44. Achieving success is a constant process, never a destination in itself. You should always keep trying to improve and strive for excellence. 获得成功是一个连续的过程, 永远不是目的 地。 你应该坚持不懈地提高自己,努力追求卓 越。
  45. Fight your natural inclination to dislike yourself, and start to appreciate your unique and special look. 和你讨厌自己的倾向做斗争! 开始欣赏自己独特的形象吧!
  46. Winning is not always about being first,but it is about always giving your best in every situation.赢并不代表着拿 第一,赢代表着在任何情况下都全力以赴!
  47. There will never be another person on the planet who is just like you.在 这个地球上, 将没有任何一个人和你完全一 样!
  48. Keep believing in life and keep believing in yourself. 相信生活,相信自己! Put a smile on your face, go for laughter and put even more positive energy out into the world. You will feel fabulous
and so will everyone around you. 笑起来,追求快乐, 给世界更多正面的能量! 你会感觉更棒, 周围的人也会受你影响!
  49. Push yourself. Be courageous and move forward, even if it feels uncomfortable. Sacrifice is necessary for success. 严格要求你自己。 勇敢前行,即使你感到不舒服! 牺牲对于成功是必要的。
  50. We learn by encouragement and not by criticism. 我们是通过鼓励,而不是批评学习的!
  51. Don't be shy. Now this I've learned from LiYang. I used to go to I used to take walks along the little river behind our university. And every morning I would hear a young man shouting something. I couldn’t hear clear at first, so I went closer and I listened hard. And I found that he was shouting, “Don't be shy! Just try! Don't be shy! Just try...” I thought why did he shout like that. I didn’t know this came from LiYang’s class. Is that right? That’s right, later I found in CCTV program that LiYang told people, “Don't be shy! Just try!” So here I’ve learned from LiYang, don’t be shy. Take the initiative to communicate with people. Don’t worry about your “face”, and learn to speak in public. 不要害羞, 这是我从李阳那里学的。 我以前经常沿着我们大学后面的小河散步, 每天早晨都会听见一个年轻人在那喊着什 么。开始的时候我听不太清,所以我走近一 点,努力地听。我发现他嘴里喊的是 “Don’t be shy! Just try! Don’t be shy! Just try...”。我想,他为什么这 样喊呢?我不知道这种方法来自李阳的课 堂。这种方法对吗?完全正确!后来,我在 中央电视台的节目中看见李阳告诉人们,
“Don’t be shy! Just try! ”所以,在 这儿我要向李阳学习:不要害羞。主动去和 别人交流,不要顾虑你的“面子”,要学会 在公众面前说话。
  52. Accept yourself! 接受自己! Value yourself! 珍视自己! Take care of yourself! 照顾好自己! Love yourself! 爱好自己!
  53. You're a unique and amazing person. Live like one! 你是一个独特和了不起的人! 像这样生活吧!
  54. Kids are natural language-learning geniuses. 孩子是天生的语言学习天才!
  55. Always remember that whatever you believe to be true becomes true for you. 记住:无


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