Topic: A Lousy Morning 一个糟糕的早晨 Hosts: Chris (上海浦东中心)
I have had a lousy morning. 我有一个糟糕的早晨。
First of all I didn't get enough sleep last night. I stayed up late working on a report and didn't get to bed until three in the morning. 首先我昨晚就没有睡足。我熬夜忙着一份报告,直到三点才去睡觉。
The alarm woke me at six-thirty as usual. I turned it off and immediately went back to sleep. 闹钟照常在 6 点半把我叫醒。我把它关了,马上又回去睡觉了。
At seven the noise from my upstairs neighbours woke me up again. It sounded like a herd of elephants was in the flat above. 7 点楼上邻居的吵闹声再一次把我吵醒了。听上去就像一群大象在楼上那么吵。
I got out of bed, walked into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face to wake me up. 我离开了床,走近浴室,在脸上洒上一些水让自己醒过来。
I went into the kitchen to make a much-needed cup of coffee. I turned on my coffee-maker. Suddenly there was a flash and the coffee-maker exploded. The lights went out too. 我走进厨房,做了一杯此刻十分需要的咖啡。我打开了咖啡机。突然之间,有一道闪光,咖啡机爆炸了。灯也 跟着暗了。
"Oh great" I thought "Just what I need!" “太好”我想着“这就是我需要的!”
To cut a long story short, every fuse in the place had blown. I had to get in an electrician to fix it. It took him all day, plus $400, to fix the wiring. 简而言之,房间里的每根保险丝都断了。我必须找个电工来修好。他花了一天,外加 400 美元,修好了电缆。
Of course that meant nothing worked all day- my computer, my TV, my stereo. I couldn't even cook anything to eat - I have an electric stove, not a gas one. 当然这意味着一整天什么都不能工作了??我的电脑,我的电视,我的立体声。 我都不能做东西吃??我有一个电磁炉,而不用煤气。
Boy, what a great start to a birthday! 天哪,这就是一个生日的伟大开始! Let’s go over some phrases now. 让我们一起来回顾一下有用的短语吧! 让我们一起来回顾一下有用的短语吧! lousy - bad, terrible alarm - alarm clock sounded like a herd of elephants - was very loud herd - a group of animals (sheep, cows, elephants) flat - apartment splashed/ to splash - to throw or hit water (or any liquid) in a careless way much-needed - something greatly wanted
flash - a short, fast light exploded - blew up, like a fire cracker or a bomb to cut a long story short - don't give all the details or tell every piece of the story, just the ending blow a fuse - a fuse is an electrical safety switch that turns off the electricity when there is a problem. It "blows" or turns off the power to protect the wires and equipment. stove - the gas or electric equipment we cook on “oh great a great start”, “just what I needed” - used here in a negative or sarcastic way - it wasn't great (good), it was very bad - I didn't need it, I needed it not to happen (we often say "it was the last thing I needed") Topic: Discussing Study Plan With A Professor 和教授讨论学习计划 Hosts: Raymond and Maxwell (上海虹口四川北路中心)
ERRY: Have you decided what you are going to take next semester? 特里:你决定下学期上什么课了吗?
LISA: Well, I'm an English major, you know. So I came here to make sure I'm taking the right things. 利萨:我现在是英语专业,你知道。所以我来这里来确认自己一切做的妥当。
TERRY: Good. I think it's a good idea. Our department should require meetings like this. 特里:好,我觉得这是一个好主意。我们系需要像这样的见面。
LISA: I want to finish my degree in four years. So I don't want to forget to take classes I need. I have a friend who has to stay in college another year. She didn't know until recently. There were some classes she needed to take to graduate. She didn't know about them. 利萨:我想在四年里面完成我的学业。所以我不想忘了上那些我需要上的课。我有一个朋友,必须在大学里多 待一年的。她直到最近才知道。她还有一些课程要去上才能毕业。她过去都不知道这事。
TERRY: Yes, that happens. 特里:是的,这种情况是会发生。 LISA: I brought my transcript(学生成绩报告单) from my first year. Here. And here is the list (学生成绩报告单) of courses I plan to take in the fall. 利萨:我带来了我第一年的成绩单。给你。这是我准备在秋天要选的课程。
TERRY: Alright. Good. I see you've already taken six credits of your breadth requirements. You have one botany(n.植物学 class and one chemistry class. And political 植物学) 植物学 science. So that's nine credits. Did you take English Composition 201? 特里:好的。很好。我看到你已经获得了注册课程要求之外的 6 个学分。你上了一节植物学课和一节化学课。 和政治科学。所以一共是 9 个学分。你有上过英语作文中级课吗?
LISA: No, I don't need to. I took Advanced Placement English in high school. So I'm not required to take composition. 利萨:不,我不必上。我在高中时后上过 AP 英语课。所以我无须再上作文课。
TERRY: Excellent. I see you have the 18th century poetry class for modern novel class. You haven't taken a Shakespeare class yet.
next semester. And the
特里:很好。我看到你下学期有选 18 世界诗歌这门课。还有现代小说课程。你还没有选莎士比亚的课。
LISA: No, I thought I would take it later. 利萨:没有,我想我会后面去选。
TERRY: Actually, I recommend you take Shakespeare sooner rather than later. 特里:事实上,我推荐你尽快去选莎士比亚课。
LISA: Well, I suppose I could cross out the 18th century poetry class. I have to see when the Shakespeare class meets. 利萨:我想我可以注销 18 世纪诗词课程。我必须去看莎士比亚课程什么时候开始。
TERRY: Let me look at the timetable. Shakespeare meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 AM. 特里:让我看一下时间表。莎士比亚课程在周一,周三和周五的上午 11 点。 LISA: I can take it then. I have that time slot(时间空档)free. ( 时间空档) 利萨:我能选。我那段时间空着。
TERRY: Good. I recommend it. Shakespeare is of course enormously important. 特里:好的。我推荐它莎士比亚当然是非常重要的。 Let’s go over some phrases now. 让我们一起来回顾一下有用的短语吧! 让我们一起来回顾一下有用的短语吧! breadth requirements 美国大学中要求学生注册的专业课以外的课程 Advanced Placement Course AP 课程是大学先修课,即在高中修读大学一年级课程。 上海四川北路中心:四川北路 1689 号嘉杰国际广场商场 3 楼 上海四川北路中心 【百科】你的音乐,你的个性 Your Music, Your Personality Just as a glimpse(n.瞥见 inside a bedroom or office provides clues about someone's character, 瞥见) 瞥见 so can a peek(n.瞥,偷看) at his music collection. 瞥 偷看 The question "What kind of music do you like?" is so revealing (adj.能透露内情的,有启发的 it is 能透露内情的, 能透露内情的 有启发的), the number one topic of conversation among young adults who are getting to know each other, according to psychologists Jason Rentfrow of the University of Cambridge in the U.K., and Sam Gosling at the University of Texas at Austin. What do your tunes(n.曲调, 曲调, 这里泛指音乐 曲调 这里泛指音乐) say about you? Smart Sounds Fans of jazz, classical and other "complex" music typically have above-average IQ scores. Easy Listeners Fans of country and Top 40 hits tend to be more conventional(adj.传统的 honest and 传统的), 传统的 conservative(adj.保守的 compared with fans of other genres(n.类别 "People who like 保守的) 类别). 保守的 类别
country and pop might be more simpleminded (adj.率真的,头脑简单的), and that's not 率真的,头脑简单的 率真的 necessarily bad," says Rentfrow. "They just avoid making things unnecessarily complex." Brain Invasion(n.入侵 入侵) 入侵 Whether you can study or work efficiently while listening to music may depend on how outgoing you are. Background music can help extroverts (n.外向的人 focus, but tends to torment (v. 外向的人) 外向的人 折磨) 内向的人). 折磨 introverts (n.内向的人 内向的人 Motormouths (n.说话快并且交谈 说话快并且交谈) 说话快并且交谈 Fans of energetic music like dance and soul are more likely to impulsively(adv.冲动地 blurt out 冲动地) 冲动地 (突然说出口)their thoughts, compared with fans of other styles. 突然说出口)
参考翻译: 参考翻译: 向一个人的卧室或者办公室瞥一眼就能透露出一个人的一些性格特点。同样,看一眼他收集的音乐也是如此。 根据英国剑桥的 Jason Rentfrow 和美国奥斯汀德克萨斯大学的 Sam Gosling 的研究,“你喜欢哪种类型的音 乐”这种问题能够揭露本质,这是年轻人中互相了解彼此时最爱问起的一个话题。 聪明的声音 爵士音乐、古典音乐和其它“复杂”音乐的爱好者们通常有高于平均水平的智商。 简单的听众 喜欢乡村音乐和排名前 40 流行音乐的爱好者与其他风格音乐的爱好者相比,要更为传统、诚实和保守。“喜欢 乡村音乐和流行音乐的人可能更加的单纯些,但这并不一定是坏事,”Rentfrow 说,“他们只是避免把事情弄得 不必要的复杂。” 大脑干涉 当听着音乐时,你是否还能有效地学习或工作可能取决于你有多外向。背景音乐可以帮助外向型的人集中精力, 但对内向型的人来说是一种折磨。 健谈的人 相比其他音乐爱好者,喜欢动感音乐如舞曲和灵魂音乐的人更容易不假思索地说出他们的想法。 今日话题: 今日话题:Going to the Night Club 赴约 今日新词:dress code 着装要求 今日新词 Topic: Going to the Night Club 赴约 Hosts: Barry & Sofie (上海人民广场中心)
Barry: Good evening, Sofie. You look really pretty tonight. 晚上好,索菲亚。你今晚真漂亮。
Sofie: Thanks, Barry. I’m going to the night club. 谢谢,巴里。我准备去夜总会。
Barry: A night club? Really? What kind of night club are you going to? 夜总会?真的吗?你去什么样的夜总会?
Sofie: One where they play really loud music and everyone dances and really closes to each other. 那里会放把音乐放得很大声,每个人都在跳舞,和每个人都很亲近。
Barry: I see. What is the name of this night club? And where is it? 我知道。夜总会名字叫什么?在哪里?
Sofie: The name is EasyBaby and it’s in Shanghai. 叫 EasyBaby。在上海。
Barry: Shanghai? Which part of Shanghai? 上海?上海的哪里?
Sofie: It’s in JinAn temple. 在静安寺那里。
Barry: Is there an entrance fee or dress code for EasyBaby? EasyBaby 有入场费和着装要求吗?
Sofie: No, there’s no entrance fee. But the drinks are 150yuan. 不,没有入场费用。但是饮料是每个人 150 元。
Barry: I see. What kind of drinks do they have? 明白。他们有哪些饮料?
Sofie: Well… they have happy hour between midnight and 2 am. And we can get two for one shot of Tequila. 他们在午夜到凌晨 2 点有快乐时间。我们要了两杯一饮而尽的龙舌兰。
Barry: Cool. I’d like to come and join you guys. But I have to teach at Web. Maybe next time. 好。我想去加入你们。我要韦博教书。下次吧。
Sofie: Yes, Barry. You should come with us next time. See you then. 好的,巴里。你下次可以一起来。好的。再见了。
Barry: Cheers. Bye. 再见。
as poor as a church mouse 穷得叮当响/一贫如此 得叮当响 一贫如此
If you say that you are as poor as a church mouse, you are emphasizing that you have very little money. 教堂是教徒们进行宗教活动的地方,没有人在这里吃东西。教堂里的老鼠 ( a church mouse ) 是 非常穷的,所以就有 as poor as a church mouse 的说法,指某人一贫如洗。
Examples: I suspect we’ll continue to be poor as church mice. 我猜想我们又要继续一贫如洗下去了。
I don't know how they manage to bring up four children?they're as poor as church mice. 我不知 道他们如何设法养育 4 个孩子??他们一贫如洗。 今日话题: 今日话题:In The Church 在教堂 今日新词:songbook 歌集、歌谣集 今日新词 Topic:In The Church 在教堂 : Hosts: Michael & Colin (上海虹口四川北路中心)
RYAN: I am kind of nervous. 我有一点紧张。
SARAH: Nervous? Why? 紧张?为什么?
RYAN: I don't know. I never went to a church before. I was not raised as a Christian, so I don't know what to do. 我不知道。我之前没去过教堂。我不是基督教徒,所以我不知道该做些什么。
SARAH: Don't worry. You don't have to do anything. All you have to do is listen. You will enjoy it. 别担心。你不用做什么事。你只需去听。你会很享受的。
RYAN: Maybe. I know I



   你可能不会说的十种蔬菜 1. broccoli n. 甘蓝;花椰菜 就是俗话说的绿菜花,学名是花椰菜。白色的菜花是 cauliflower;卷心菜是 cabbage, 洋白菜的学名,这可是在市场上随处可见的品种了吧。 2. asparagus n. 芦笋 经常能在菜市场或是餐馆里见到这种菜, 绿色的茎状物, 我印象最深的是在全聚德烤鸭 店吃的“鲍贝龙须” ,龙须指的就是芦笋。 3. celery n. 芹菜 就算前两种不是很熟悉,这种总算吃过吧 4. bean sprout n. 豆芽,豆芽 ...


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   英语语法手册 在实用英语备受青睐的现在,大家在学习英语和准备各种考试时,总是把 听说读写放在首位,诚然,学习语言重在实践。但是,请不要忽视语法的作用, 特别是在阅读和写作中, 他能帮助你分析清楚句子结构, 准确抓住句子的要点, 更能帮你写出复杂而优美的长句。 以下为你整理《英语语法手册》全集,不需背诵记忆,只要静下心阅读一 遍,就能有所收获! 宝宝更希望你能把他们融在平时的阅读写作里. [英语语法手册]关于词类和句子成分 根据词的形式、意义及其在句中的功用将词分为若干类,叫做词类。一个 句子 ...


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