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  1.Excuse me. May I see Mr. John Smith, the manager? 劳驾。请问我能见经理约翰?史密斯先生吗?
  2. It's me. What can I do for you? 本人就是。你有什么事?
  3. May I help you? 你有什么事吗?
  4. I have come at your invitation for an interview. Nice to meet you, Mr. Smith. 我是应你之邀来参加面试的。见到你真高兴,史密斯先生。
  5. Please sit down.
  6. Please take a seat.
  7. I’ve come to apply for the position as office clerk. 我是来应聘办公室文员一职的。
  8. I am very glad to know that my letter and resume have been received. 我的信和简历贵公司已收到,本人感到非常荣幸。
  9. It is a great pleasure for me to have this opportunity for interview. 我能有机会来参加面试感到非常荣幸。
  10. I am very happy that I am qualified for this interview. 我非常高兴能获得这个面谈机会。 关于地址和籍贯
  11.What's your address? 你的住址是哪里?
  12.What's your present address? 你现在的住址是哪里?
  13.What's your permanent address? 你的永久性住址是哪里?
  14.Could you tell me your telephone number? 能告诉我你的电话号码吗?
  15.Give me your telephone number please. 请告诉我你的电话号码。
  16.What is your birthplace? 你出生在哪里?
  17.Where is your hometown? 你的籍贯是哪里?
  18.My birthplace is Shanghai. 我的出生地是上海。
  19.Where is your domicile place? 你的户籍在哪里?
  20.My domicile place is Tianjin. 我的户籍在天津。 关于家眷
  21.Have you got married? 你结婚了吗?
  22.Are you married?
  23.Yes, sir. I'm married. 是的,先生,我结婚了。
  24.No, sir. I'm still single. 没有,先生,我还是单身。
  25.I'm planning to get married. 我正打算结婚。
  26.Do you have a large family? 你有很多小孩吗?
  27.How many dependents do you have? 你有多少家眷? 关于教育背景
  28.Would you tell me what educational background you have? 请告诉我你的学历好吗?
  29.Which school or college did you attend? 你上过哪个专科学校或大学?
  30.Which university did you graduate from? 你从哪个大学毕业?
  31.I am a college graduate. 我是大学毕业生。
  32.I have a B. S. degree. 我获得理学士学位。
  33.What's your major in university? 你在大学主修什么?
  34.Economics. I'm especially interested in "Economic Development of China". 经济学,我对“中国经济发展”一科特别感兴趣。
  35.What are your major and minor subjects? 你的主修课和副课都是些什么?
  36.My major subject is Economics and my minor subject is French. 我主修经济学,副课是法语。
  37.What course do you like best? 你最喜欢什么课程?
  38.I was very interested in Business Management. And I think it's very useful for my present work. 我最喜欢企业管理,我觉得它对我现在的工作很有用处。
  39.What degree have you received? 你得到过什么学位?
  40.When and where did you receive your MBA degree? 你的工商管理硕士学位是什么时候,在哪里授予的?
  41.I received my MBA degree from Beijing University in 19
  94. 我于 1994 年在北京大学获得的工商管理硕士学位。
  42.How are your grades all college? 你读大学成绩如何?
  43.They are above average C. 平均在 C 以上。

  44.Did you get a good record in English? 你的英语成绩好吗?
  45.Which band did you pass in College English Test? 你通过了大学英语考试几级?
  46.In what subject did you get the highest marks? 你哪门科目得分最高?
  47.I have already learned a lot in the classroom and I hope to be able to make practical use of it in business in your company. 我在课堂上学了很多东西,我希望能在贵公司把它实际运用到商务活动中。
  48.Did you get any honors or rewards at your university? 你读大学时有没有获得过什么荣誉或奖励?
  49.Yes, I got the university scholarship in 19
  92~1995 academic year. 有,我在 1992 到 1995 年度获得了校奖学金。
  50.Yes, I won the first place in the English Oratorical Contest of our university in 19
  95. 有,我于 1995 年获得校英语演讲比赛第一名。
  51.Were you involved in any club activities at your university? 你在大学有没有参加过什么社团活动?
  52.Yes, I was on the college basketball team. 有,我曾担任学校篮球队队员。 关于工作经验
  53.Have you got any experience in sales? 你有销售方面的经验吗?
  54.Do you have any practical experience as a secretary? 你有秘书工作的实践经验吗?
  55.Yes, I have been working in the Public Relations Section of a company in the past two years. 是的,我在过去的两年中一直在公关部门工作。
  56.Yes, sir. I have been a secretary in an insurance company. 是的,先生,我一直在一家保险公司担任秘书工作。
  57.Although I have no experience in this field, I'm willing to learn. 虽然在这方面我没有经验,但是我愿意学习。
  58.Would you tell me the essential qualities a secretary should maintain? 你能告诉我,作为一个秘书须具备什么样的重要素质?
  59.Well, to begin with, I'd say she needs to be diligent, and the second point is that she has to do a lot of things on her own initiative. Finally, she can make report writing, summary writing, keep minutes at meetings, and so on. Most important of all is that she seems to have a better memory than average. 好的。首先,我认为她必须勤奋。其次,她必须主动做许多事情。再就是,她应会速记和打字,并 具有书写报告、提要以及控制和掌握会议时间的能力。其中,最重要的是比常人更强的记忆力。
  60.What work were you responsible for at your previous work unit? 你在原来的单位负责什么工作?
  61.I was responsible for advertising designs. 我负责广告设计。 ##关于工作成就
  62.Would you talk about your merits? 你能谈谈你的工作业绩吗?

  63.Now please tell me something about your achievements in your work unit. 现在请你谈谈你在工作单位的业绩。
  64.I got a second-class prize for my scientific research from Hebei Provincial Government last year. 我去年获得了河北省政府颁发的科研三等奖。 关于语言能力
  65.Do you read and write English? 你阅读和写作英语能力如何?
  66.Do you think your English is good enough to do desk work? 你认为你的英文程序可以做文书工作吗?
  67.Yes, I do both well. 是的,我读写都会。
  68.I think so. I used to be an interpreter. 我想可以,我以前做过译员。
  69.I can speak Mandarin fluently. 我能说流利的普通话。
  70.I majored in English at college. 我上大学主修的是英语。
  71.I got a high score on TOEFL. 我托福考试成绩很高。
  72.I can communicate with foreigners easily. They say my English is quite good. 我能轻松地与外国人沟通,他们都说我的英语相当好。 关于辞职原因
  73.What position have you held before? 你以前担任过什么职务?
  74.What was your reason for leaving? 你为什么要离开呢?
  75.Do you enjoy your present job? 你喜欢目前的工作吗?
  76.Yes, I find it interesting. 是的,我发现它很有趣味。
  77.I am working in a small company where further promotion is impossible. I am capable of more responsibilies, so I decided to change my job. I'd like to find a job which is more challenging. 我在一家小公司工作,所以晋级不大可能。我完全能够承担更多的责任,所以我决定换工作。我希 望做一个更有挑战性的工作。
  78.I would like to have a job that is more lively than my present one. Besides, I would like to practise my English in my work. As my present employer deals with China trade only, there isn't much chance to speak English. 因为我希望找到一份较有活力的工作。此外,我想在工作上多用英语。但我现时的雇主主要发展中 国市场,所以很少会使用英语。
  79.The work is not bad. Yet the salary is too small. 那份工作倒是不错,不过薪水太少了。
  80.To speak frankly, I did not enjoy the work very much because these was not much for me to do at my post. 坦率地说,我不是很喜欢那份工作,因为我在这个职位上没有多少事可干。
  81.Thank you for your interest in this position. Why do you consider yourself qualified for this job? 谢谢你对本公司的兴趣,为何你认为自己符合这职位的资格?
  82.I speak fairly good English and I enjoy meeting different kinds of people, so I think I could handle the work of a receptionist. 我能说流利的英语,而且我喜欢接触不同的人,所以我认为我能胜任接待员一职。
  83.I hope to have a job which offers me an opportunity for advancement. 我希望有一个提供升级机会的工作。
  84.What interest you most about this job? 你对这份工作最感兴趣的是什么?
  85.What do you think you would bring to the job? 你认为你将能为这份工作带来什么?
  86.Did you choose this company on account of high pay? 你是因为薪水高才选择本公司的吗?
  87.I have the educational background and relevant experience required by the job. Besides, I am a very good team player and have the desire to make a thorough success. 我有为工作有关的教育及工作经验。 此外, 我是一个很好的群体工作者并有把工作做到最好的信念。
  88.My past work experience is closely related to this job. I am confident of doing the job well. Therefore I am desirous to get this position. 我过去的经验同这项工作密切相关,我有把握把这项工作做好,因此,我想得到这份工作。
  89.My educational background and professional experience make me qualified for the job. 我的教育背景和工作经验使我能够胜任这项工作。
  90.What do you consider important when looking for a job? 你选择工作时主要的考虑是什么?
  91.I think the most important thing is the nature of the job. One should never do anything one is not interested in. 我认为工作的性质最重要,千万不要做你没有兴趣的工作。
  92.What's your career objective? 你的事业目标是什么?
  93.I hope I could be a leader of an energetic and productive sales team. 我希望成为一支有活力及高生产率的销售队伍的主管。 关于所谋之职
  94.This job is not in Shanghai. Are you willing to work in other places? 这个工作地点不在上海,你愿不愿到其他地方去工作?
  95.When will you start to work if you are employed? 如果你被录用,你什么时候可以上班?
  96.If we decide to hire you, we will notify you by mail. 如果我们决定雇用你,就写信通知你。
  97.I hope to have a job which offer me an opportunity for advancement. 我希望有一个提供升级机会的工作。
  98.I learned about it from your advertisement in the newspaper. 我是从报纸上你们的广告中获知的。
  99.I think I can, and I don't mind hard job. 我想我能做到,我不怕工作艰苦。
  00.No problem for me. I believe I can do anything for you. 对我来说毫无问题,我相信我能为您做任何事情。 1
  01.What section would you like to work in if you enter this company? 如果你被本公司录用,你希望在哪一部门工作? 1
  02.I expect to operate computers. 我希望操作电脑。 1
  03.I'd rather work in the business department if choices may be given. 如果可以选择,我愿意在营业部工作。 1
  04.I wish to move up to higher positions with acquisition of more experience in the future. 我希望将来随着我工作经验的增加而逐步提升。 1
  05.Do you have any particular conditions that you would like the company to take into consideration? 你有什么特殊情况需要公司加以考虑吗? 1
  06.No, nothing in particular. 没有,没有什么特别的情况。 关于个人能力 1
  07.What is your greatest strength? 你的最大长处是什么? 1
  08.I manage my time perfectly so that I can always get things done on time. 我极懂分配时间,因此总能准时完成任务。 1
  09.I suppose a strong point is that I like developing new things and ideas. 我想我有一个优点就是喜欢创新。 1
  10.I can take on jobs that bother other people and work at them slowly until they get done. 我能承担别人认为烦恼的工作,然后慢慢努力,直到把工作完成为止。 1
  11.What are your weak points? 你的缺点是什么? 1
  12.When I think something is right, I will stick to that. Sometimes it sounds a little stubborn but I am now trying to find a balance between insistence and compromise. 若我认为某件事情是对的,我会坚持到底。有时候,这显得有点顽固,因此我正努力在执着与妥协 之间寻求平衡。 1
  13.As a young girl, I'm a bit shy around



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   英语语法专项练习二 名词 ( ) 1 She was very happy. She in the maths test. A. makes a few mistake B. made a few mistakes C. made few mistakes D. makes few mistake ( ) 2 We need some more. Can you go and get some, please? A. potato B. potatos C. potatoes D. pota ...


   The Success and Life in University " The four-year university is approaching the end of life. This is a short span of four years, but my life is precious four years. The main line " The four-year university study and life is the main line. Univer ...


   形容词 定义: 一 .定义: 定义 用来修饰名词,表示人或事物的性质、状态和特征的词,叫形容词。 形容词的作用,见下表: 二. 形容词的作用,见下表 作 定 表 用 语 语 例 Your coat is too small. The old woman keeps everything clean and tidy. 句 You can see a lot of beautiful flowers in the garden. 宾语补足 语 注意: 有些形容词只能作表语, 有些形容词只能作表 ...