新目标 七年级(上 七年级 上) Unit 9
Unit 9 Do you want to go to a movie? Self check
Revise the kinds of movies.
Write down five kinds of movies.
纪录片 documentary comedy 喜剧 恐怖片 thriller 动作片 action movie 京剧
Beijing Opera
documentaries comedies thrillers action movies Beijing Opera
写出本单元中所学的形容词, 完成句子。 写出本单元中所学的形容词 完成句子。 funny interesting scary exciting successful sad favorite boring
1 2 3 4 5
Comedies are. funny I think thrillers are . scary It’s an exciting football match. Jet Li is a actor. successful That movies makes people . sad

  6.My favorite song is My Heart Will Go On.
  7.That TV is . Nobody likes it. boring
  8.Children like to listen to interesting stories.

  1. 动作片
  2. 京剧
  3. 想干某事
  4. 学习关于 的 学习关于…的 知识
  5. 中国历史 action movies Beijing Opera want to do… learn about… Chinese history

  6. 去看电影
  7. 最喜欢的演员
  8. 在周末
go to see a movie favorite actor on weekend
1 She wants to see a comedy.(变成 ( 否定句) 否定句) She doesn’t want to see a comedy. 2 Peter likes action movies because he thinks they’re interesting. (划 线提问) 线提问) Why does Peter like action movies?

  3. He often goes to see Beijing Opera on weekend.(划线提问 划线提问) 划线提问 When does he often go to see Beijing Opera?
  4. June likes Chinese action movies. (划 划 线提问) 线提问 What kind of movies does June like?
Fill in the blanks with and or but.
  1. My father likes apples, my but mother doesn’t.
  2. I like my father my mother. and
  3. The boy likes thrillers action and movies, he doesn’t like comedies. but
  4. I think my notebook is in the drawer, I can’t find it. but

  5. She buys a dictionary, she but doesn’t need it.
  6. Thanks for your yellow shirt and the white socks.
  7. Sally wants to go to a movie, but Ben doesn’t.
  8. They like playing basketball, but they don’t like playing soccer.
Write a movie review about your favorite movie.
My favorite movie is Rush Hour. It’s a……
What kind of movies we should see? Tell us the reasons. We are students now. I think we should see cartoons and documentaries. Because they are nice and great. We can learn a lot of good things. We can’t see thrillers. I think they are scary and boring. In a word, we should see great and famous movies.



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