Unit 3
A young man is running toward the end of a race,sweating , all over.The end line leaves a deep impression on us,for it is both , “finish line” and “starting line” if we look at it from a ” ” different angle.
Achievement calls for celebration.But life is just like an endless race.An ambitious person will well realize that his success is the starting point for a new race. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文? 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文? 120词左右的小短文
短文填空 根据课文WHO AM I? 完成下列短文。 完成下列短文。 根据课文 The history of computer began in 1642 in France. It was first built only as a calculating machine,and later as an Analytical , Machine that followed instructions from cards with holes. Still later, , to (solve) mathematical solve the “universal machine” is built ” problem,and this made computer huge! It was thought to , be until/before simpleminded people discovered it had “artificial As the years have gone by,computer has been in?telligence”. , ? ” and made smaller,quicker cleverer. Later,computers were , , into ’ connected by network and brought common people’s homes to deal with information and help communication between people around the world. Since its birth,computer , has always been designed to serve the human race.
Ⅰ.单词拼写 单词拼写 flower looks exactly like a real one.
  1.The a rtificial .
  2.She’s got the job because she had the a dvantage of . ’ knowing many languages.
  3.God is believed to have made the u niverse . .
  4.The invention of the television caused a r evolution in our . daily life.
  5.Plastic is a widely used m aterial . .
  6.He was wandering (徘徊 about in the forest when a tiger 徘徊) . 徘徊 came out. ? 头脑简单)
  7.He is a simple?minded (头脑简单 person,who has not . 头脑简单 , much intelligence.
  8.This dish cannot truly (正确地 be described as Chinese food. 正确地) . 正确地
  9.You have no other choice (选择 but to obey. 选择) . 选择
Ⅱ.短语填空 短语填空
  1.,elementary schooling is more important than .In a way , secondary schooling.
  2.She some excuses about her daughter being sick. . made up
  3.They use specially trained dogs to watch over their sheep at night. . goes by
  4.As far as I’m concerned,things will get easier as time . . ’ ,
  5.I think we should work out a plan to deal with this situation. .
  6.Christmas is a special holiday when the whole family are supposed . get together to .
  7.I hear you’re looking for a student to a volunteer, . ’ work as , aren’t you? ’
  8.Don’t blame him for breaking that vase; he is a child. . ’ ; after all
  9.There is a dramatic drop in sales.,profits have greatly . As a result , declined.
  10.As grown?ups,they should learn to take responsibilities . ? , share rights in life. as well as
Ⅲ.完成句子 完成句子
  1.And my memory became . so large that I couldn’t believe it ’ (如此之大,连我自己都不能相信).(so) 如此之大,连我自己都不能相信 . 如此之大
  2.Personally,I think the team (获得第一 . , who won the first place 获得第一 名的) cheated.(win) 名的
  3.She programs me with all the possible moves she has seen . while watching human games 在观看人类比赛时 (在观看人类比赛时 .(while) 在观看人类比赛时).
Ⅳ.模仿造句 模仿造句
  1.I developed very slowly and it took nearly two hundred years . before I was built as an analytical machine by Charles Babbage. [翻译 三个月后他才病愈恢复健康。 翻译]三个月后他才病愈恢复健康 翻译 三个月后他才病愈恢复健康。 It took three months before he recovered from his illness.
  2.By the 1940s I had grown as large as a room,and I wonder if I . , would grow any larger. [翻译 到2003年,那家公司已经发展成为一个跨国公司。 翻译]到 翻译 年 那家公司已经发展成为一个跨国公司。
By 20
  03,that company had developed into a multinational company. ,

  3.As time went by,I was made smaller. . , [翻译 随着时间的推移,她越来越想家了。 翻译]随着时间的推移 她越来越想家了。 翻译 随着时间的推移, As time went by,she became more homesick. ,

  4.I have also been put into robots and used to make mobile phones . as well as help with medical operations. [翻译 你不可能叫她既照顾孩子又做家务。 翻译]你不可能叫她既照顾孩子又做家务 翻译 你不可能叫她既照顾孩子又做家务。
You cannot expect her to do the housework as well as look after the children.

  5.In this way I can make up new moves using my “artificial . intelligence”. ” [翻译 我们通常用手机保持联系。 翻译]我们通常用手机保持联系 翻译 我们通常用手机保持联系。 We usually keep in touch using mobile phones.

  1.common adj. 普通的,一般的,常见的;共同的,共有的 . 普通的,一般的,常见的;共同的, It’s a mistake quite common among students. ’ 这是一个学生常犯的错误。 这是一个学生常犯的错误。 Britain and America share a common language. 英美使用共同的语言。 英美使用共同的语言。 共有; ……有共同之处 搭配 in common共有;和……有共同之处 共有 in common with和……一样 和……一样
辨 析 common/ordinary/usual/general/average/universal/normal common含有经常发生或经常见到的事情,又指普通事物,但并 含有经常发生或经常见到的事情,又指普通事物, 含有经常发生或经常见到的事情 不含有多数的意思,可用于平常的意思,常用于习惯,经验, 不含有多数的意思,可用于平常的意思,常用于习惯,经验,生 意为“ ”“普通的”“一般的 活,意见。ordinary意为“平常的”“普通的”“一般的”,是 意见。 意为 平常的”“普通的”“一般的” 依照一般标准来判断,含有平淡无奇的意味。usual“平常 依照一般标准来判断,含有平淡无奇的意味。 “ 的”“通常的”,强调习惯性,符合规章制度的或一贯如此的。 ”“通常的” 强调习惯性,符合规章制度的或一贯如此的。 通常的 general指“普通的,一般的”与particular相对;average作“普 指 普通的,一般的” 相对; 相对 作 通的”讲时,强调“一般水平” 通的”讲时,强调“一般水平”;universal指“普通的”时意为 指 普通的” “全然,没有例外”。 全然,没有例外” normal指正常的,规范的。 指正常的,规范的。 指正常的
选词填空 general , (
  1)In ,the northerners are keen on dumplings. (
  2)He was asked the questions by the police. usual (
  3)Smith is a very name in English. common (
  4)His novel describes the people. ordinary (
  5)The doctor said the child’s temperature was . ’ normal (
  6)He is a boy of intelligence. average
完成句子 (
  7)You know,Dorothy,you and I have , , one thing (有一点是相同的 . 有一点是相同的). in common 有一点是相同的 (
  8)We just had (一点共同点都没有 一点共同点都没有) nothing in common 一点共同点都没有 and I couldn’t communicate with his dull friends. ’ (
  9)I suddenly felt we had __ (有许多相似之处 有许多相似之处) a lot in common 有许多相似之处 (
  10)They can treat most of the (常见病 . 常见病). common diseases 常见病

  2.advantage [C] 优点;好处,[同] benefit 优点;好处, 同 There is little advantage in buying a dictionary if you can’t read. ’ 如果你不识字,买字典也无用。 如果你不识字,买字典也无用。 利用;欺骗;占便宜。 搭配 (
  1)take advantage of 利用;欺骗;占便宜。 (
  2)have (gain,win) an advantage (over) 占优势 , (
  3)have the advantage of sb. 知道某人所不知道的事 (
  4)to sb.’s advantage 对某人有利 ’ 完成句子 the advantage of (
  1)He has (有……有利条件 a steady job. 有利条件) 有……有利条件 took advantage of (
  2)She (利用 my generosity. 利用) 利用 派生 advantageous adj.有利的 有利的 disadvantage n. 不利条件,不利地位 不利条件,

  3.choice n. [C]选择,挑选;[U]选择权 选择, 选择 挑选; 选择权 Have I any choice but to do as you tell me? ? 除了依你的话外,我还有什么选择? 除了依你的话外,我还有什么选择? 别无选择只能…… 搭配 (
  1)have no choice but to do...别无选择只能…… 别无选择只能 (
  2)make a careful choice细心选择 细心选择 take your choice随你选择 随你选择 It has no choice but to lie down and sleep. 于是它别无选择,只好躺下睡觉。 于是它别无选择,只好躺下睡觉。 翻译句子 (
  1)他除了辞职别无选择。He had no choice but to resign. 他除了辞职别无选择。 他除了辞职别无选择 (
  2)我们面临着困难的抉择。 我们面临着困难的抉择。 are faced with a difficult choice. 我们面临着困难的抉择 We

  4.total adj. 完全的;总的 vt.总计 n.合计 . 完全的; 总计 . I’m afraid that the performance was not a total success. ’ 在我看来,这次演出恐怕不能算是完全成功。 在我看来,这次演出恐怕不能算是完全成功。 We have debts totaling 5,000 dollars. 我们的债务总计为五千美元。 我们的债务总计为五千美元。 If you add 30 to 45 the total is
  75。 加 是 。 总共; 联想 in total总共;总计 总共 total up把……相加起来 把……相加起来 total up to合计是;总计是 合计是; 合计是 完成句子 (
  1)There were probably about 40 people there . in total 那里总共可能有40人 那里总共可能有 人。 (
  2)At the end of the game everyone’s score to see who ’ total up has won. 在游戏结束时,把每个人的总分加起来,看看是谁赢了。 在游戏结束时,把每个人的总分加起来,看看是谁赢了。

  5.result n.结果;成果;成绩 . .结果;成果;
v.导致;结果是 .导致;
因此; 联想 as a result 因此;作为结果 as a result of作为……的结果 作为…… 作为……的结果 result from因……造成 因……造成 result in导致;结果是 导致; 导致 完成句子 (
  1)He runs every day. As a result 结果 , he has lost weight. (结果 结果), (
  2)She was late (作为结果 作为结果)snow. as a result of 作为结果

  6.anyway adv.无论如何,反正(转换话题、结束谈话或回到原话题 无论如何, 无论如何 反正(转换话题、 时说) 即使如此,可放在句首或句末。相当于 时说);即使如此,可放在句首或句末。相当于anyhow。 。 不知怎么地; 提示 somehow (someway) adv.不知怎么地;不晓得什么缘故;以 不知怎么地 不晓得什么缘故; 某种方法;以某种方式。 某种方法;以某种方式。 翻译句子 (
  1)He may not like my visit,but I shall go and see him anyway. , 尽管他或许不喜欢我的到访,我还是要去看他。 尽管他或许不喜欢我的到访,我还是要去看他。 (
  2)Her father objected,but she went abroad anyway. , 她父亲反对,然而她还是出国了。 她父亲反对,然而她还是出国了。 (
  3)Anyway,I will phone you later. , 不管怎样,我一会儿给你打电话。 不管怎样,我一会儿给你打电话。 (
  4)You may do it anyway you like it. 你可以用任何一种你喜欢的方法去做。 你可以用任何一种你喜欢的方法去做。

  7.goal n.目标;球门;得分 . .目标;球门; 搭配 achieve one’s goal实现目标 ’ 实现目标 set a goal设定目标 设定目标 score a goal进一个球;得一分 进一个球; 进一个球 完成句子 (
  1)我们已经实现了为无家可归者建庇护所的目标。 我们已经实现了为无家可归者建庇护所的目标。 我们已经实现了为无家可归者建庇护所的目标 We’ve of building a shelter for the ’ achieved our goal homeless. (


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