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2010年上海世界博览会 年上海世界博览会
World Expo 2010 Shanghai China
Group 2 Class 081 Software Technology
Fangyu Shi Zhangyang Liu
Brief Introduction of World Expo Shanghai
Full Title: The world Exposition Shanghai China 2010 Short Title: Expo 2010 Shanghai China Site(地点 : Spanning(横跨 both shores of the 地点) 横跨) 地点 横跨 Huangpu River, between the Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge in Shanghai(上海市中心黄浦江两岸, 上海市中心黄浦江两岸, 上海市中心黄浦江两岸 南浦大桥和卢浦大桥之间的滨江地区) 南浦大桥和卢浦大桥之间的滨江地区 Type: A Registered International Exhibition to Bureau International des Expositions(国际展览局 国际展览局 注册类世界博览会) 注册类世界博览会 Time: From May 1, 2010 to October 31, 2010 Theme(主题 Better City , Better Life (城市 让生 主题): 城市, 主题 城市 活更美好) 活更美好 Expected Visitors: 70 million
The main site of Shanghai Expo can be summarized as "one Axis and four Pavilions", these are: the Expo Axis, the China Pavilion, the Theme Pavilion, the Expo Center, and the Expo Performance Center. 上海世博会主要场地可以概括为“一轴四馆”,分别 为世博轴、中国国家馆、世博主题馆、世博中心、世博 演艺中心。
the Expo Axis
The Expo Axis, the main traffic hinge in Pudong Site, also connects with the Elevated Pedestrian’ Walk. This Axis will guide visitors to different pavilions in Pudong Site.
世博轴是浦东世博园区的主轴线,从空中平台和 地下联通上述四大世博重要建筑。世博轴还与高架步 道连通,是园区内的交通枢纽,参观者进入浦东园区 后可由此通达不同的场馆。
The contour design of the pavilion is based on the concept of "Oriental Crown, Splendid China, Ample Barn, and Rich People," to express the spirit and disposition of Chinese culture.
展馆建筑外观设计基于“东方之冠,鼎盛中华, 天下粮仓,富庶百姓”这一概念,表达中国文化的精 神与气质。
the China Pavilion
The pavilion will have a core exhibition area on the top floor, an experience area on the second and a functional area on the first. China's achievements in urban development from ancient to modern times will be the core theme of the pavilion.
展馆将核心展区设置在顶层,第二层为体验 区,第一层为功能区。表现从古至今,中国在城 市发展方面取得的成就是展馆的核心主题。
the Theme Pavilion
Urbanian City Being
Urban Planet
The Theme Pavilion of Expo 2010 Shanghai China consists of five pavilions??"Urbanian","City Being","Urban Planet" "Footprint“ and "Future”. 上海世博主题馆包括五个主题馆??城 市人馆 、城市生命馆、城市星球馆 、城市 足迹馆和城市未来馆。
the Expo Center
The Expo Center is the largest of all the permanent(永久的) Expo buildings. It stretches 350 meters from east to west and 140 meters from north to south, and covers an area of 140,000 square meters. One of the most important buildings, the Center will host the Expo’s major ceremonies(典礼), conferences(会议) and forums(论坛).
The Expo Performance Center has the shape of seashell and is located on the north side of Huangpu River.
世博演艺中心位于黄浦江南岸的世博核心区, 其造型犹如黄浦江畔的“艺海贝壳”。
Expo Performance Center
The Center will accommodate a large central stage. Auditorium volume could be shifted between 4,000, 8,000, 12,000, and 18,000 seats as required by performances.
  1.8万座,舞台也可根据演出 要求调整大小、形态。
The name of the mascot of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is Hai Bao, which means the treasure of the sea. The name of Hai Bao is easy to remember, echoes with the color of its body and is a typical lucky name in Chinese tradition. Hai Bai is the good well ambassador of Shanghai Expo. He is embracing friends from all over the world with his arms and confident smile. He also interpretates the theme "Better City, Better Life " of the Shanghai World Expo.
世博会主题: 世博会主题
Expo Theme :
The theme of Expo 2010 is "Better City, Better Life," standing for the common wish of the whole humankind for a better living in future urban environments. This theme expresses a central concern of the international community for future policy making, urban strategies and sustainable development.
Blending of diverse cultures in the city Economic prosperity in the city Innovations of science and technology in the city Remodelling of communities in the city Interactions between urban and rural areas
城市多元文化的融合 城市经济的繁荣 城市科技的创新 城市社区的重塑 城市和乡村的互动
Expo emblem
The emblem, depicting the image of three people-you, me, him holding hands together, symbolizes the big family of mankind. Inspired by the shape of the Chinese character"世"(meaning 世 the world), the design conveys the organizers' wish to host an Expo which is of global scale and which showcases the diversified urban cultures of the world.
volunteer logo(标志 标志) 标志
The volunteer logo includes the Chinese character for heart,the letter "V" and a dove of peace carrying an olive branch. The character "心" is to reflect the warm-hearted spirit of the volunteers who will serve the participants and visitors ,and the letter V stands for "volunteer." The dove and the olive branch convey a message of peace,friendship,sustainable development and hope, an extension of the "Better City, Better Life" theme.
volunteer slogan(口号 : 口号): 口号
Similar to how 2008 Beijing Olympic Games put the Chinese capital in the international spotlight, Shanghai's hosting of the World Expo has given the city of 20 some million people and China a chance to showcase its emergence as a global economic power. Shanghai's hosting of the World Expo is not just about showcasing China's national power and image. More important than that, it is a chance for China to step up its interaction with the rest of the world,
In my opinion,I think that the World Expo is a great stage because it allows countries from the globe to showcase their achievements and to interact with other countries.
Thank you for listening!
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