商务英语 Email 高手
高手-催款 一.商务英语 email 高手 催款
  1. 文体介绍 催收信是卖放在规定期限内未收到货款,提醒或催促 买方付款的函件。写此类信要求文字简练、意思清楚; 同时要求语气诚恳、体贴,彬彬有理。不可轻易怀疑 对方故意拖欠不付,以免伤害对方感情,不利于达到 索款的目的,或妨碍以后的业务。对于某些屡催不付, 故意逃款的客户,语气则要强硬,措辞坚决。总之索 款要把握一个原则:既要达到索款目的,又要与客户 保持友好关系。
  2。实用范例 。 (
  1)subject: Demanding Overdue ) Payment Dear Sirs, Account No.8756 As you are usually very prompt in settling your accounts, we wonder whether there is any special reason why we have not received payment of the above account, already a month overdue. We think you may not have received the statement of account we sent you on 30th August showing the balance of US$ 80,000 you owe. We send you a copy and hope it may have your early attention. Yours faithfully, xxx 主题: 主题:索取逾期账款 亲爱的先生: 第 8756 号账单 鉴于贵方总是及时结清项目,而此次逾期一个月仍未 收到贵方上述账目的欠款,我们想知道是否有何特殊 原因。我们猜想贵方可能未及时收到我们 8 月 30 日 发出的
  80,000 美元欠款的账单。现寄出一份,并希 望贵方及早处理。 你真诚的 xxx (
  2)Subject: Urging Payment Dear Sirs, Account No.8756 Not having received any reply to our E-mail of September 8 requesting settlement of the above account, we are writing again to remind you that the amount still owing is US$ 80,0
  00. No doubt there is some special reason for delay in payment and we should welcome an explanation and also your remittance, Yours faithfully, xxx 主题: 主题:再次索取欠款 亲爱的先生: 第 8756 号账单 未见贵方对我们 9 月 8 日来信要求结算一事之回复。 我们再次来函提醒贵方,欠款为
  80,000 美元。毫无 疑问,一定有特殊原因使贵方延误付款,我们期待贵 方说明原因并寄上汇款。 你真诚的 xxx (
  3)Subject: Insisting on Payment Dear Sirs, Account No.8756 It is very difficult to understand why we have not heard from you in reply to our two E-mail of 8th and 18th September for payment of the sum US$ 80,000 you are still owing. We had hoped that you would at least explain why the account continues to remain unpaid. I am sure you will agree that we have shown every consideration and now you fail to reply to our earlier requests for payment, I am afraid you leave us no choice but to take other steps to recover the amount due. We are most reluctant to do anything from which your credit and reputation might suffer and even now we prepare to give you a further opportunity to put the matter right.We therefore propose to give you 15 days to clear your account, Yours faithfully, xxx 主题: 主题:三度索取欠款 亲爱的先生: 第 8756 号账单 我们于 9 月 8 日及 9 月 18 日两次去函要求结付
  80, 000 美元欠款,单至今未收到贵方任何答复,对此我 们感到难于理解。我们希望贵方至少得解释为什么账 款至今未付。
我想你们也知道我们对贵方多方关照,但你们对我们 先前的两次询函不作答复。你们这样做恐怕已经使我 们别无选择,只能采取其他步骤来收回欠款。 我们极不愿意做任何损害你们信誉的任何事情。即使 现在我们还准备再给你们一次机会来挽回此事。 因此, 我们再给你们 15 天时间来结清账目。
  3.典型句型 典型句型 (
  1)The following items totaling $4000 are still open on your account. 你的欠款总计为 4000 美元。 (
  2)It is now several weeks since we sent you our first invoice and we have not yet received your payment. 我们的第一份发票已经寄出有好几周了,但我们尚未 收到你的任何款项。 (
  3)I’m wondering about your plans for paying your account which,as you know,is now over 40 days ast due. 我想了解一下你的付款计划,要知道,你的付款已经 逾期 40 多天了。
Yours truly, Xxxx 主题:汇票付款 亲爱的先生; 第 555 号合同项下的货物完好的运抵我处,我们对货 物甚感满意。 现寄去面额 80000 美元的银行汇票一张, 以结清贵方 航邮来的第 1223 号发票账款,请查收。 如若及时给 我方收讫通知,将不胜感激。 你忠实的 xxxx
  2)Subject: Asking for Deferred Payment
Dear Sirs, Your Invoice No.1223 for US $ 80,000 worth of goods supplied on 20th July is due for payment at the end of this month. Most unfortunately, a fire broke out in our warehouse last week and destroyed a certain part of valuable consignment. Our claim is now with the insurance company, but it is unlikely to be met for another three or four weeks and until then we are faced with a difficult financial situation. I am therefore writing for permission to defer payment of your invoice until the end of September. As you know, my accounts with you have always been settled promptly and it is with the utmost regret that I am now forced to make this request. I hope, however, that you will find it possible to grant it. In doing so you would render me a service I should never forget. Yours faithfully, xxxx 主题:要求延期付款
  4)We must now ask you to settle this account within the next few days.
请你务必在这几日内结清这笔账款。 二.商务英语 email 高手 延期付款
  1. 文体介绍 买方收到货物的时候也就是付款的时候,对外贸一种 付款的方式很多,用得比较多的基本上有三种,即汇 款、托收和信用证。 付款信是指买方在收到所订货物后,将收货情况、付 款方式及金额及时通知卖方。有时候买方因某种原因 无法及时付款,也可以写信给卖方要求延期付款,而 卖方则根据具体情况同意或拒绝。
  2。实用范例 。

  1)Subject: Bank Draft Payment Bank
Dear Sirs, The goods under Contract No.555 was delivered here in good order and condition and we are quite satisfied with it. Please find a Bank Draft to the value of US$ 80,000 for payment of your Invoice No. 1223 sent by airmail. An acknowledgement in due course will be appreciated.
亲爱的先生: 贵方 7 月 20 日所供第 1223 号发票项下货物之款项 80000 美元定于本月底结付。 非常不幸,上星期我方 仓库发生火灾,毁坏了一部分贵重货物。我们现在正 向保险公司提出索赔,但在三四个星期之内,不可能 会给予赔偿。在此之前,我方财务形势严峻,故此我 们写信请求贵方同意我们推迟到 9 月底付款。 贵方知道我们一向能迅速与贵方结帐。这次我们被迫 向贵方提出这个要求,实在抱歉。我们希望贵方能同 意这个要求。若是如此,我们将永远记住贵方给予的 帮助。
你真诚的 xxx

  3.典型句型 典型句型 a.I wonder if we can make payment for this order by documentary collection. 这份订单我么能否用跟单托收的形式付款? b.D/P will put us to great trouble while a L/C gives us protection of bank. 付款交单会给我们带来极大的麻烦,而信用证则可以 使我们得到银行保护。 c.The terms of payment we usually adopt are confirmed irrevocable L/C. 我们通常采用的付款方式时保兑的、不可撤销的信用 证。 d.We regret being unable to accept your terms of payment and therefore have to return the order to you. 很遗憾不能接受你方付款方式,现退回你方订单。 e.We have drawn on you at 50 days for US $ 5000 against your trial order. 对于你方订货,我们已向你方开出金额为 5000 美元 50 天见票即付的汇票。 f.This amount has been passed to your credit in settlement of your account. 该货款已汇入贵方账户,以结清账款。 g.Please understand why we have not found it possible to settle our account in full. 我公司不能一次付清货款,敬请谅解。

  3)内容必须准确、清楚。不论是商品的价格还是商 品的规格都应做到准确无误,否则会带来不必要的损 失与麻烦。 卖方收到订货电子邮件后必须进行确认。如果卖方无 法提供买方所需要的货物,则最好介绍一些合适的替 代品;如果买方所需货物的价格和规格发生了变化, 卖方则提出还价并劝买方接受,但要注意:写拒绝接 受订货的信时,必须非常谨慎,应为日后有可能的交 易留下余地。
  2。实用范例 。
  1)Subject: An order
Gentlemen: The price quotes contained in your E-mail of May 20,2002 gained favorable attention with us. We would like to order the following items consisting of various colors, patterns and assortments: Large 2000 dozen Medium 4000 dozen Small 2000 dozen As the sales season is approaching, the total order quantity should be shipped in July. At that time an irrevocable L/C for the total purchase value will be opened. Please confirm the order and E-mail a shipping schedule. Sincerely, Xxx 主题:订货 先生们: 2002 年 5 月 20 日电子邮件报价深受欢迎。 我拟选各种颜色、式样、品种的衬衫如下: 大号 2000 打 中号 4000 打 小号 2000 打 售季将至,全部货物应于 7 月登轮。届时全额不可撤 销信用证将予以开出。请确认订货,用电子邮件告知 装运时间表。 真诚的,xxx
h.I should appreciate an extension of one month for the payment of my bill of $6500 due April
我方应于 4 月 5 日付款 6500 美元, 如能延期 1 个月, 将不胜感激。 三.商务英语 email 高手 写订单
  1. 文体介绍 订货 (order)是买方为要求供应具体数量的货物而提 出的一种要求。此时,交易双方之间的陌生感已消除, 可以说已经度过了接触障碍和难关。写定货信时应注 意以下几点: (
  1)开头就直接说明订购的意图。 (
  2)订货信一般应包括:商品的名称、品质、数量、 包装、价格条件、支付条件以及需要对方提供的单据 等。
  2)Subject: Out of Stock
Dear Sir, We thank you for your Order No.222 received this morning for 8000 dozen cotton shirts, but regret to have to disappoint you. At present we have no stock of shirts in the size required and do not expect further deliveries for at least another five weeks. Before then you may have been to obtain the shirts elsewhere, but if not we will notify you immediately our new stocks come in. Yours faithfully, Xxx 主题;缺货 亲爱的先生: 我们今早接到贵方 222 号订单,定购 8000 打棉质衬 衫,十分感谢。但可能要使贵方失望了,十分抱歉。 目前我们没有贵方所需尺寸的衬衫存货, 而且至少在 5 个星期内亦不会有货。在此期间贵方可从别处购买衬 衫,如未能购到,一旦新货运到,我们定当立即通知 贵方。
  3.典型句型 典型句型 a.We have pleasure in sending you an order for Cosmetics. 我们愉快的给贵方寄去化妆品订单。 b.We want the goods to be of exactly the same quality as that of those you previously supplied us. 我们希望此批订货质量与以前供应的完全一样。 c.Please supply ... in accordance with the detail in our order No.. 请照我方第。。号订单供货。 d.This is a trial order. Please send us 50 sets only so that we may tap the market. If successful, we will give you large orders in the future. 试订 50 台,以开发市场。如果成功,随后必将大量订 购。 e.This order must be filled within five weeks, otherwise we will have to cancel the order. 此订单须在 5 周内交货, 否则我方将不得不撤销此单。
商务英语 email 高手 为你的产品做宣传
  1. 文体介绍 促销信是宣传产品或服务,以引起人们的注意,激发 人们的兴趣,增强人们的欲望,进而促使人们做出购 买行为的有力工具。从某种意义讲,促销信是一种广 告,但他比一般广告更具有针对性,因为促销信的读 者是与所宣传的商品或服务有紧密关系的人, 而不是 一般广告的公众。促销信可以写给自己的客户, 也可 以写给可能购买自己商品或服务的其他人。 写作促销信时, 可以采用一下的方法和技巧: (
  1)开头要能一下子引起读者的注意。为此,您可以 用重要的事实、惊人的现象、面临的问题、与读者有 切身联系的情况等开头。 (
  2)中间部分要清楚、生动、热情的描述商品或服务 的特性,介绍实用或经销改商品或服务所能带来的好 处。特性和好处应巧妙的融合在一起,一般是先说出 好处,然后再结合商品或服务特性展开论述。 (
  3)在介绍商品或服务的特性和好处之后,可以用事 实加以证实,如:权威机构的坚定结果、权威人士的 论证、用户的反馈等。 (
  2。实用范例 。
Subject: Welcome to Blue Sky Park
Dear Sir or Madam, A day out at Blue Sky Park is a real treat for the whole family! There is so much to see and do for all ages and it’s all in the perfect setting of Guangzhou’s finest landscaped gardens. Beautiful flowers



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