After I started selling traditional craft items on the internet last year, I have had a lot of success.

To run a successful internet business, it requires a little research and a relatively small investment.

  3、确定要卖的的产品之后,你就可以通过注册域名。建立网站,电子邮箱和寄 存服务来开个商店。
After you know what to sell, then you can set up shop by registering a domain name, creating a website, and email address, and a hosting service.

The only problem is, they may have trouble when they go to open up business here.

To have a successful internet business, you’ve got to have a good ’ idea of some kind of product that is in demand or would be popular.

  6、如果你想全力以赴把站点做好,你可以利用一下购物车技术,但开始时费用 会有点儿搞。
If you want to go all out on your website, you can put together shopping cart technology, but that be pricey to start out with.

  7、我打电话是想确认一下你明天商务 9 点与帕克医生的预约有没有问题。
I am calling to confirm your appointment for tomorrow morning at 9 am with Dr. Parker.

  8、我们现在正忙得很,但是如果您不介意等 10 分钟的话,我能安排您和苏珊谈 谈。
It is a busy time for us right now, but if you don’t mind waiting about ten minutes, I can arrange for you to talk with Susan.

Even if I don’t get a chance to travel on my personal time, at least I ’ can travel on company time

I wish our competition would quit poaching our people.

investment accounts with your company .

  12、近亲繁殖是公司发展的一大障碍,这是因为他们的大多数员工都是从一个或 是两个公司偷挖去的。
Inbreeding is a big drawback from snitching most of their employees from only one or two companies.

Have you ever considered that perhaps we have a morale problem among our employees?

I am afraid he left this office this morning and is not expected back until after 4 pm.

  15、如果他们因为这个女孩在一个临时的岗位的干了几个月就提拔她,这可能会 影响大家的士气。
If they promoted her for working in a temporary spot a few months, it would probably affect everyone’s morale. ’

  16、如果对你所看到的有什么问题,或者有什么特殊的需要或要求,他都能帮你 解决。
If you have any questions about anything you see, or if you have any special requirements or needs, she can accommodate you.

She is not only fabulous with a knife, but she’s also my business ’ partner and one of my nearest and dearest friends.

Mr. Tang is one of our foremost clients and will be visiting our factory this afternoon.

Mr. Tang, I would like to introduce you to Julia Gordon, our director in charge of marketing and distribution.

In my last position, I worked my way up to being director of the marketing department.



   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 第二章 涉外商务信函的翻译 第一节 商务信函简介 一 商务信函的 12 种要素 " " " " " " " " " " " 信头( 信头(letterhead) ) 案号 (reference) 日期 (date) 封内地址 (inside address 注意项 (attention line) 称呼 (salutation) " 事由栏 (subject) 信的正文 (body of letter) 信尾敬 ...


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   www.TopSage.com 大家网 1 / 19 全国英语等级考试三级全真模拟试题二 Public English Test System (PETS) Level3 姓名 准考证号 考生注意事项 1.严格遵守考场规则,考生得到监考人员指令后方可开始答题. 2.答题前考生须将自己的姓名和准考证号写在试卷和答题卡上. 3.一律用 2B 铅笔涂写,按照答题卡上的要求答题.如要改动答案,必须用橡皮擦干净. 4.答写作题时,必须用铅笔或圆珠笔在主观题答题卡上答题. 5.注意字迹清楚,保持卷面整洁 ...


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   Module 1 项目 语音 词汇 广州市小学英语四年级( 知识、 广州市小学英语四年级(下)知识、技能评价细则 Age 基本目标 1)知道字母 Aa 在开、闭音节的发音; 2)能用正确的语音语调朗读课文。 1) 按下面的要求掌握下面的单词: “三会” :holiday, blow, grandpa, forget, excited, truth, younger, secret, joke, blow out, candle, teenager; “四会” :photo, year, …y ...

英语语言学 Chapter 1 Introduction(2)

   Linguistics vs. Traditional Grammar A. Linguistics is descriptive, not prescriptive. A linguist is interested in what is said, not what he thinks ought to be said. He describes language in all its aspects, but does not prescribe rules of correctnes ...