第一单元:our school
playground操场 teacher’s office办公室library图书馆 canteen食堂art room美术
computer room电脑室 washroom洗手间 music room音乐室 gym练操房TV room电视室
computer电脑 board黑板 fan电风扇 light电灯 teacher’s desk 讲台桌 wall墙
picture图片 floor地板
This is my computer. 这是我的电脑。 That is your computer. 那是你的电脑。
Is this a teacher’s desk? 这是讲台吗? Yes,it is. 是的。

  1.Where is the gym? It’s on the first floor.

  2.Is this the playground? No, it isn’t.

  3.Do you have a library? Yes, I do.

  4.How many desks are there in your classroom? There are forty-four.

  5.Look! This is our garden. Oh. It’sbeautiful.
Have some noodles. 吃些面条, Play football.踢足球 , Water the flowers.浇花,
Hand in the homework.交作业, Read the story-books.读故事书
五.能够正确朗读Pronunciation 中的单词,并能分析出读音规则。

  1.a cake snake grapes face
  2. a apple, bag cat hat

第二单元:What time is it ?
breakfast早饭 lunch中饭 English class英语课 music class音乐课 P.E. class体育课 get up起床 go to school上学 go home回家 go to bed睡觉
one , two ,three, four , five, six ,seven, eight, nine, ten
music 音乐, math数学, Chinese语文 , English英语, P.E体育.
What time is it? 几点了? It’s two o’clock.两点了。 It’s 9 :
It’s time for math class 。 到上数学课的时间了。

  1.What time is it? 几点了? It’s ...(o’clock ) . o’clock 点钟,可以省略。

  2.Hurry! 快点儿! let’s run/ go home! 让我们跑/回家!

  3.Oops, I’m ready.我准备好了。 Just a minute.等一会儿。

  4.Time for breakfast . 该吃早饭了. School is over. 放学了。

  5.It’s time to +动词...... It’s time to go home/watch TV. 该回家/看电视了。

  6.It’s time for +名词......例如It’s time for shool/lunch/dinner.该上学/吃午饭了。

  7.Let’s go home/go to the playground. -Ok 一起回家吧。/去操场玩吧。

  8.What time is it now? It’s five o’clock. 几点了? 五点了。

  9.It’s 6:00, it’s time for dinner. 六点了,该吃晚饭了。

  10.It’s 7:
  05. It’s time to go to school. 7:05了,改上学了。

  11.Breakfast is ready. 早餐准备好了。

  12.What time is it in Beijing/London/Sydney/New York? 几点了。

  13.Let’s …后面直接跟动词的原形。如:Let’s go! 让我们走吧!
Jump and run. 跑跑跳跳 Read and write .读读写写 Sing and dance. 唱歌跳舞
Drink some milk.喝牛奶 Have some chicken.吃鸡肉 Eat some rice.吃米饭
五.能够正确朗读Pronunciation 中的单词,并能分析出读音规则。
e发长音 we me he she e发小口音 egg bed desk pen

第三单元:Is this your skirt?
jacket(夹克衫) shirt(衬衫) skirt(裙子) dress(连衣裙) T-shirt(T恤衫) pants(长裤) , socks (袜子), shoes(鞋子) , shorts (短裤), jeans(牛仔裤) red(红色的) blue(蓝色的) yellow(黄色的) green(绿色的) white(白色的) no(不;不是) not(不;不是的) colour(颜色)
What colour is it? 它是什么颜色? It's white.它是白色的。
Is this your T-shirt? 这是你的T恤吗? No, it's not. 不,不是我的

  1. I like __yellow (colour) __sweater__ (clothes).我喜欢黄色的毛衣。

  2. These / those are __small sweater。. 这些是小小的毛衣。

  3. Where is my __skirt_? 我的衬衫在哪里?

  4. What colour is it? 它是什么颜色? It's blue.它是蓝色的。

  5. Is this your jacket? (clothes)? 这是你的夹克吗? Yes, it is. / No, it's not.

  6. Whose is it? 这是谁的? It's my T-shirt.这是我的T恤。

  7.What colour are your socks? 你的袜子什么颜色。 They are white. 它们是白色的。

  8. Where is my brown jacket? It is on the chair.我的褐色的夹克在哪里? 它在椅子上。

  9.What are they?它们是什么? They are skirt.它们是衬衫。

  10.I like the white sweater with the green skirt. 我喜欢白色的毛衣和绿色的短裙。

  11.Where is my skirt?
-What colour is it? ?It’s Blue.
-Is this your skirt? -Yes, it is./No, it’s not.
三.能够正确朗读Pronunciation 中的单词,并能分析出读音规则。

  1. I bike rice kite ice-cream
  2. I milk fish pig windows
Put on your T-shirt.穿上你的T恤。 Hang up your skirt。挂起你的短裙。
Take off your jacker。脱下你的夹克。 Fold your dress。折起你的裙子。
Wash your shirt.洗你的衬衫。 Put away your sweater.整理你的毛衣。

第四单元:Warm today
一、 能够听、说、认读主要单词:
warm(暖和的) cold(寒冷的) cool(凉爽的) today(今天) hot(炎热的)rainy 下雨的
sunny 晴朗的 windy 有风的 cloudy 有云的 snowy 下雪的jeans牛仔裤pants长裤 socks袜子 shoes鞋子 play football踢足球 It’s warm today. Let’s play football. Is it cold? It’s cool.

  1.Here’s the world weather. 这里是世界天气预报。

  2.This is weather report.这是天气预报。

  3.Can I wear…(new shirt) today? 今天我能穿新衬衫吗?No, you can’t. (否定会答)Yes ,I can. (肯定回答)

  4.It’s …(rainy) in …(London.)

  5.What’s the weather like in …(Sydney)? It’s …(warm).

  6.How about? 一般疑问句Is it …(cold)?
Open your umbrella. 打开你的伞。 Hold on to your hat.抓好你的帽子。
Put on your sunglasses/boots. 戴上你的太阳镜 / 穿上你的靴子。 Take your raincoat.带上雨衣。
五.能够正确朗读Pronunciation 中的单词,并能分析出读音规则。
o发 音 hole home nose rose o发音 box fox orange lock
第五单元:How much is it?
一.能够听?说?认读主要单词:colourful(色彩丰富的) pretty漂亮的 cheap便宜的
Expensive昂贵的 sneakers球鞋 slippers拖鞋 sandals凉鞋 boots靴子
how much(多少钱) big(大的) small(小的) long(长的) short(短的) apple(苹果) banana(香蕉) pear(梨) orange(橙子)watermelon(西瓜) are(是) they 它(他、她)们
How much is it? 它多少钱? It's ten yuan.十元钱。(单数)
How much are they?它们多少钱They're three yuan.三元钱。

  1.Can I help you ? 需要帮忙吗? Yes。We’ll tack them. 我们买这双。

  2.How much is this…? 这件…多少钱? It's …yuan.是…元(问一件物品的价钱时用How much is …?)  
  3.How much are they? 它们多少钱? They're30yuan.是30元。(复数)

  4.I want a pair of sneakers. 我想要一双网球鞋。

  5.What size ?几号? Size five .五号

  6.Are they nice/all right? 它们还好/不错吧? Yes,they are. 是的。

  7. Look at that dress. It’s colourful.看这条裙子,它很鲜艳。
Put on your sneakers.Run in the park.穿上网球鞋,在公园里跑步
Put on your sandals.Wiggle your toes.穿上凉鞋,摆动你的脚趾。
Put on your boots.Splash in the puddles.穿上长靴在水坑里戏水
Put on your slippers.Dance in your room.穿上拖鞋在房间里跳舞
u发 音 student cute music tube u发 音 bus umbrella toothbrush cup



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