外研版 高一 (
  1) Module 4
Cultural corner
山东 王红燕

  1. What’s the name of this song? Country road, take me home.
  2. Can you guess who sing this song? It is sung by John Denver. John Denver is a very famous singer of country music all over the world.
Countryside in western Europe
Brain storm
  1. Can you give a description to the countryside in western Europe using only two words? beautiful, quite
  2. What do you know happens to the countryside now? They are changing now.
Listen the text and answer the following questions.
  1. In which countries is the countryside changing? In some countries in western Europe, such as France, Spain and Britain

  2. Why do some villages remain? Because people from the cities have bought a “second home” in the village.
Read again and answer the following question.
  1. What are the problems?
  1) Young people move to towns for a livelier life and for work.
  2) People can’t afford village house because city-dwellers buy them up.
  3) Farmers sell their land and stop farming.

  2. What will be resulted in by these problems? Many villages in western Europe will have to fight to survive. The countryside will be a sadder and uglier place.
  3. What can you do to save the countryside in western Europe?
Language points

  1. There are a number of reasons for this. reason for… 表示“ 的原因 的原因” 后接名词/代词或 表示“…的原因”,后接名词 代词或 形式。 者v-ing形式。 形式 reason why 也可以表示“…的 原因” 也可以表示“ 的 原因” 后面跟句子。 后面跟句子。 This is the reason for his being late. This is the reason why he is late.

  2. The price of homes goes up and people from the area cannot afford to buy a house there. go up 表示“(价格等)上涨” 表示“ 价格等)上涨” The price of these villas by the sea has been going up. 这些海滨别墅的价格一直在上涨。 这些海滨别墅的价格一直在上涨。 对比: 对比 The price of fresh vegetables has been brought up.
afford 表示“买的起; 付得起 (有足够 表示“买的起 付得起; 有足够 的时间和金钱) 做某事” 通常与can, 的时间和金钱 做某事”, 通常与 could, be able to 连用。 连用。 I can’t afford to buy such an expensive necklace. 我可买不起那么贵重的项链。 我可买不起那么贵重的项链。
I’d love to go on holiday with you, but I can’t afford the time. 我很想和你一起去度假, 可抽不出时间。 我很想和你一起去度假 可抽不出时间。

  3. Remain vi.
  1) 留下 遗留 留下, I went to the city, but my brother remained at home.
  2) 继续 仍然是 继续, The deaths of the innkeeper still remains a mystery.

  3) remain to be done 尚待 留待 尚待, Come on! A lot f work remains to be done. 快点吧,还有许多工作要做呢! 快点吧,还有许多工作要做呢!

  4. such as 与 for example such as 往往不能把事物全部列出 可 往往不能把事物全部列出,可 以以 “名词 (,) +such as +被列举的事 被列举的事 名词+as+被列举的事 物” 和 “such+名词 名词 被列举的事 物”形式出现。 形式出现。
for example 可以用于句首 句中 句 可以用于句首, 句中, 末。往往用逗号与被列举的事物隔开。 往往用逗号与被列举的事物隔开。 e.g. 我喜欢喝茶和果汁类的饮料。 我喜欢喝茶和果汁类的饮料。 I like drinks such as tea and juice. = I like such drinks as tea and juice.
Important phrases in Module 4: 到目前为止 修建 许多, 大量 许多 上升 仍然漂亮 听起来像 up to now put up a great many go up remain pretty sound like
饿死 例如 加入委员会 购物中心 买得起房子
starve to death for example join a committee shopping mall
在地震中幸存 survive an earthquake afford to buy a house
Work in groups and discuss if villages in your area have similar problems with countryside in western Europe.


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