在工业发达国很难找到这 种地方,比如日本。
The worst threat is Red Tide??a growing phenomenon worldwide, which contaminates or kills marine life and which now regularly occurs in area of Ago Bay.
最大的威胁是“赤潮”, 这是日趋严重的 全球性问题。它能污染甚至杀死海洋动物, 现在它也定期出现在 AGO BAY 地区。
Red Tide is usually caused by agricultural pesticides, detergents or conditions, which increase nutrients in the water. But with this type of Red Tide in Ago Bay, we unfortunately still don't know the cause.
赤潮通常是由于农业杀虫剂、清洁剂 引起的,或是因为营养增大的水域状况。 但对于 AGO BAY 的赤潮类型,我们还没 有找到原因。
Shigeru Akamatsu is the senior manager at Mikimoto's Pearl Research Lab. Long term problems with pollution has made Japanese scientists leading authorities on algal blooms. SHIGERU AKAMATSU 是 MIKIMOTO 珍珠研究实验室的高级主管。
长期的污染问题使日本科学家在研究海藻 Every day the laboratory collects samples to monitor the water quality in Ago Bay. 每天,实验室都要在 AGO BAY 收集 When dangerously high levels of plankton are detected, Mikimoto scientists alert government authorities who advise local farmers to evacuate their oyster. 当大量危险的浮游生物被发现时, MIKIMOTO 的科学家们告诫政府部门劝说 ???????ì??We experimented by forcing plankton into the oyster. Much to our surprise when the plankton entered the oyster tried very hard to expel the plankton. Within 3-5 minutes, the movement of the heart became very abnormal and the oyster died at once. So we know his plankton is very dangerous.?? (实验时我们把浮游生物注入珠蚌中。 意想不到的是当浮游生物进入蚌体时,珠 蚌的排异性非常强, 到 5 分钟之内, 3 蚌的 心脏运动异常并很快死亡。可见浮游生物 But Red Tide isn't the only problem. Ago Bay is now pushed to the limits, accommodating hundreds of small pearling companies. 但问题不只是赤潮。现在 AGO BAY ???????ì??Just in our area alone, there are over 130 companies. So overcrowding too has become a huge problem.?? (在我们这个区域,就有 130 多家公 On many farms the traditional 4-year growth cycle has been reduced to as little as six months. 海湾中密布的珠蚌养殖网,限制了海 As a result, nacre thickness is sometimes just a cosmetic layer that 潮的涌动,减少了食物的供给。 司。过度拥挤也是面临的一大问题。) 挤满了上百家小型珍珠企业。 是非常危险的。) 当地养珠人转移珠蚌。 样品,监测水质。 过剩方面居世界领先水平。
can wear thin over time. 在一些养殖场,珠蚌传统的 4 年生长 ???????ì??Several decades ago, in my father's time, almost all the pearls were a two-year crop, sometimes even 3 years. If we left these a year longer, they'd be of better quality. But to leave the oyster once more year is a costly gamble because they will probably die. That is our dilemma.?? (几十年前在我父亲的年代里,几乎 所有的珍珠都要养 2 年甚至 3 年。假如我 们让珠蚌多长一年,它们的质量就会更好。 ???????ì??Not only then are the smaller, less robust creatures but the pollution in the water changes the color of the nacre and changes the color of the pearl.If you look at the annual harvest, the overall look of an entire harvest is yellowish-green not an attractive colour and not a saleable color.?? (珠蚌不但更小,生命力更弱,受到 污染的水会改变真珠质和珍珠的颜色。如 Science may have unraveled the oyster's secrets. But the pearl remains an evocative symbol of nature's genius, and a haunting reminder that humans too often destroy what they treasure most. 果你看一下每年的采捞情况,整体上珍珠 看起来是微黄发绿的,没有诱人的色泽就 没有好价钱。) 但这也是风险极大的赌博,因为在这一年 中它们面临着死亡的威胁。真是进退两 难。) 期被缩短为 6 个月。所以真珠质的厚度就 像脸上化妆品,不久就会磨薄了。
科学还没有完全揭开蚌的秘密。但珍 珠却始终是大自然神奇的符号并时刻提醒 人们:人类总爱毁掉他们最珍视的东西。
The World of Toys
Toys are magical. They launch us into worlds of fantasy. But toys are more than just idle fun for children.
玩具是神奇的。它将我们带入梦幻世 界。而玩具带给孩子的不只是简单的娱乐。
(and on the back is the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty.)
Toys are a serious business…
(Works beautifully.)
And everybody wants to get into the game.
Toys captivate kids the world over and spark the child in all of us. They also fuel a mighty.
玩具迷住了所有的孩子,鼓舞过我们 每一个人。
23-billion-dollar a year industry. And everybody from jack-in-the-box to Wall Street is clamoring to get a piece of the action.
玩具业是一个年产值可达二百三十亿 美元的蓬勃产业。从玩偶盒到华尔街,谁 都想介入这个领域。
Every year new toys flood the market, and while most of the products that land on store shelves come from major manufactures, ideas can come from anywhere or anyone… 每年新玩具大量涌向市场,其中的大 部分产品出自主要的几个生产商,而创意 则来自四面八方,各色人等。 Inventor Judy Shackelford, has been dreaming up new toys for over thirty years. She has scored hits with everything from games to dolls, including Amazing Amy, A Virtual Girl with an International Clock who became a number one seller. 创意师 JUDY SHACKELFORD 已经 在这个领域工作了 30 余年。她的创意包括 游戏和玩偶,其中包括了神奇 AMY 和销 量第一的国际时钟女孩。 A: I like it when you brush my hair mommy. (广告) A:妈咪,我喜欢你给我梳 G: How does she know?
A: I just know! 头。 G:她怎么知道的? A:我就是知道!
Judy and the playmates toy company are bringing Amy's big sister, Ally, to life. Like all big sister, she'll be older, and more developed.
JUDY 和玩具公司的同事正在准备 AMY 的姐姐?ALLY 的问世。就像所有的 大姐姐一样,ALLY 要更成熟,更先进。
(Amazing Ally is the next generation, if you will, of Amazing Amy. She has a series of activities that she does with a child and each activity comes with a pair of magic shoes. And when she puts on these special shoes she suddenly has a whole new vocabulary about all the things that she and the little girl are going to do in a particular activity.) (神奇 ALLY 是继神奇 AMY 之后的第 二代产品,她和孩子在一起时有一系列的 动作,而每一个动作都和她的魔鞋有关。 一旦穿上魔鞋,她就可以用新?的词汇表 达对周围事物的看法。而且会和小女孩一 (Come on girlfriend, let's go on an adventure.) 起进行特别的活动。) (In a voice over session when we record and script dialogue for the (来呀朋友,咱们探险吧!) doll , we're searching to capture the personality of a little girl.) (在为娃娃编写录制对话时,我们尽 (Cool! I love the animal guessing the game.) 力抓住小女孩的特点。) (And she has to be full of mischief, if you will, a little fun.) (真酷!我喜欢动物猜谜游戏。) (I know, let's sing a song to make our sick doggy feel better…) (她应该非常调皮,有点爱开玩笑。) (And you're looking for something that has just that special quality (那咱们就给小病狗唱首歌,让它快 that will allow her to connect universally with a child and feel like a real 点好吧!) companion.) (你要找一种特别的感觉,能让孩子 (No way, that yellow barrette doesn't match! Use the purple one.) 完全接受它,就好像它是一个真的玩伴。) (Yeah, I thought that worked.)
(Hello my name is Ally. I just love making up stories telling jokes and playing games.) (我觉得就是这样。) Professional inventors know the nuts and bolts of bringing toys to (你好,我是 ALLY。我喜欢编故事, life. 讲笑话,玩游戏。) At play works studio, an amazing array of toys comes to life. From 专业设计师知道如何赋予玩具们生 Scooby Doo to Star Wars characters. 命。 But it's not all fun and games. 在游戏工作室,一群神奇的玩具即将 (When you see the toy business in the movies, everybody sings in toy factories, everything is dancing around. And I wish it was that way. But it really is a business. It's not something that's frivolous. ) 但做玩具并不总像玩玩具一样有趣。 (At Play works, we make every kind of toy that you could imagine. (你在电影里看到的玩具,都是人和 We make stuffed animals, we make bottles for shampoo. That doesn't 物又唱又跳。我也希望这都是真的。但这 really qualify as a toy but when we get through with it it's a toy.) 只是表演而已。没那么容易的事。) It may start with ideas and characters, but a toy is born from a (在工作室里,我们制作你能想到的 model called a prototype. 各种玩具。我们做填充动物玩具,也做洗 (When you make a toy of a character you have to first think about what's right for that character. Then you have to be an artist who can draw a portraiture because we need to draw what the character looks like from the front, the back the side. You need to be a master sculptor. You need to be able to take clay and shape it and pinch it and push it (如果想做一个有特点的玩具,你就 until it looks just like the actor. We take a rough wax cast that our mold 发水瓶子。本来那不能算玩具,但我们等 做完,它就是玩具了。) 制作玩具时首先 要有创意和特点,而玩具脱胎于被称为原 型的模具。 问世。既包括 SCOOBY DOO,也有星际 战士。 (没门! 黄发卡不好! 试试紫色的吧。 )
maker makes. And then we use dental tools to scrape down and sand the sculpture in places. And when we're done we have a sculpture that is very. Very detailed.) 要考虑如何正确地展示这种特点。然后你 要变成一个画肖像的画家,因为我们要从 前、后、侧面画出玩具特点。你要像个雕 塑大师,从和胶泥到雕塑,直到泥胚成型。 The toy will pass through an elaborate series of steps before it's 我们用模子制做蜡模,然后用牙医工具打 complete… from meticulous painting to manufacturing. 磨细节。一切做完之后,这个塑像就相当 Toys have become a wildly popular art form. And while their shapes constantly change, their magical appeal is timeless… 在最终成型前,玩具从上色到生产, For little boys, for centuries the great toy was the horse. Because the horse is the symbol of adventure. It's the symbol of going out into 玩具已经成为广为普及的艺术品。当 the world. It releases the imagination. And it was replaced by the steam 它们的造型在不断变化时,它们神奇的魅 train and then by the electric train and finally by the space ship. But it's 力却是永恒的。 still the same toy. 对于小男孩来说,马一直是几个世纪 The child doll and the baby doll that you nurse and put to bed is a 中的最佳玩具。因为马代表着冒险,代表 19th century invention. And what they do is they give the little girl a 着闯荡世界。它使人遐想无限。而后,蒸 dream into what she can become. 气机车、电动火车和宇宙飞船相继替代了 Though toys have been around for thousands of years, it is only in the past few centuries that children have had any real time to play. 让小孩子悉心照顾的洋娃娃是 19 世纪 As children's free time increased, so did the toy business… and in the second half of the 20th century, that business skyrocketed. 的发明。它使小女孩感受到自己在以后的 职责。 它。但那些仍是象征着开拓的玩具。 要经历一系列精细的步骤。 的生动了。)
Today, the business of toys is dominated by superpowers. But toy makers of all kinds continue to inspire us, as they reinvent the magic
尽管玩具已经有了几千年的历史,但 孩子们真正有时间玩它是从几个世纪前开
that makes us want to play. 始的。
随着孩子们空闲时间的增多,玩具产 业也开始兴旺。在 20 世纪的后半叶,玩具 业突飞猛进。
如今,玩具业受到了行业巨头的控制。 但各种玩具制造者仍在不断地创造着玩具 的魅力,来引诱我们玩耍。
The Nile Valley
The longest river in the world, the Nile, flows through the north-western area of Africa, and then into the Mediterranean Sea.
世界上最长的河流尼罗河,流经非洲 西北部,最终汇入地中海。
Great civilizations have always flourished alongside rivers, but the Egyptian civilization, which started on the Nile, is the most fascinating and mysterious in the history of mankind.



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