5) This research is concerned primarily with prevention of the disease. 【译文】 这项研究主要和预防这一疾病有关。
  16) In his dreams, the mountains assumed enormous importance. 【译文】 在他的梦里,山脉显得极为重要。
Part Three Further Development
  1. Enriching Your Word Power
  1) C
  11) A
  2) B
  12) C
  3) B
  4) C
  5) A
  6) B
  7) C
  8) A
  9) C
  10) B
新编大学英语第二版第五册第五课练习答案 Post-Reading
  1) speculations
  2) exploded
  6) personal control
  10) genetic makeup
  7) optimistic
  3) sex/gender
  8) extroverted
  4) economy
  5) typical

  9) fluctuates/changes

  11) close relationships

  12) marriage

  2. Key: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10

  1) C

  2) B

  3) A
  4) C

  5) A

  4. (略)
  1. Directions: Match each word in Column A with its synonym in Column B. Column A extroverted rage competing mythical gloom preserve prejudiced alternative changeable reveal reflection explode Column B conflicting depression biased variable thought fury disprove fictitious option maintain outgoing show

  2.Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word Directions: Fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate word from the box. Change the form if necessary. restraint preserve undertake illusion exceed intimate indulge 【译文】我和我的好朋友探讨毕业后是否要深造。
  2) The book describes a young man whose relentless (坚持不懈的) pursuit of excellence is conducted with single-minded determination. 【译文】 该书描述了一个一心一意追求卓越的年轻人。
  3) Paul had been wondering what research he should undertake in order to get his doctorate (博士学位). 【译文】 保罗在想为了拿到博士学位,他应当做哪方面的研究。
  4) They have been deprived of the fuel necessary to heat their homes. 【译文】 他们用于家庭取暖的燃料被拿走了。
  5) If you use the method with great care and restraint, you will always be able to get the same results. 【译文】如果你能小心翼翼地、有限制地使用这种方法,你总能得到同样的结果。
  6) Our capacity for giving care, love and attention is limited. 【译文】我们给予关心、爱和注意的能力是有限的。
  7) The president says he is optimistic that an agreement can be worked out soon. 【译文】总统说他对达成协议持乐观态度。
  8) The representatives of the citizens suggested preserving the character of the town even if the facilities are improved. 【译文】民众的代表建议即使改善城镇的设施,也应当保留 城镇的特色。 pursuit capacity deprive ground (v.) optimistic

  1) I discussed with my intimate friends whether I would further my studies after graduation.

  9) In the hot sun the surface of the road seems wet, but that is only a(n) illusion. 【译文】在烈日下,路面看起来有点潮湿,但那只是幻觉。
  10) Their fears are grounded in superstition. 【译文】他们的恐惧植根于迷信。
  11) He returned to Britain so that he could indulge his passion for football. 【译文】他回到了英国,又可以重温对足球的热爱。
  12) The success of our campaign has exceeded our wildest expectations. 【译文】我们的活动的成功超出了我们最大的期望。

  1) B

  2) A

  3) C

  4) C

  5) A

  6) B

  7) A

  8) C

  9) B

  10) A

  4.Choose an appropriate word to complete the following sentences Directions: The prefix “out-” is used in the following ways: a. with verbs and nouns, forming transitive verbs, meaning: to a greater extent; surpassing b. with nouns, meaning: outside; beyond c. with verbs, forming nouns, adjectives and adverbs Choose an appropriate word from the box to complete each of the following sentences. Change the form if necessary. outlet outweigh outnumber outset outlook outgrow outspoken outgoing outbreak outcome
outstanding output

  1) She outgrew her clothes so rapidly that her mother was always having to buy new ones. 【译文】她长得很快,衣服总是小。所以她妈妈就总得给她买新衣服。
  2) David is a(n) outstanding athlete and deserves to win. 【译文】戴维是一个出色的运动员,应当取得成功。
  3) From the outset he had put his trust in me, the son of his old friend. 【译文】从一开始,他就信任我??他的一个老朋友的儿子。
  4) The employment outlook for the next year is based in part on contracts signed this year. 【译文】明年的就业前景部分地取决于今年签订的合同。
  5) She has a lot of friends because she’s got a warm, outgoing personality. 【译文】她有许多朋友,因为她为人热情、开朗。
  6) Government statistics show the largest drop in industrial output for ten years. 【译文】政府的统计数字显示工业总产量出现了十年来最大的跌幅。
  7) In the end, ten votes determined the outcome of the election. 【译文】最后,十张选票决定了选举的结果。
  8) Some leaders have been outspoken in their support for political reform in the country. 【译文】一些领导人明确表示了他们支持在这一地区实行政治改革。
  9) The benefit of the project to humans or animals must be shown to outweigh the cost in terms of the suffering of experimental animals. 【译文】必须要让人们看到该项目对人和动物的益处胜过实验的动物遭受的痛苦。
  10) He left the country three days before the outbreak of the war. 【译文】战争爆发前三天,他离开了那个国家。
  11) Her work provided no outlet for her energies and talents. 【译文】她的工作无法为她提供施展才华和精力的途径。
  12) The depressing bottom line (结果) for the economy is that window shoppers outnumber actual shoppers.

Choose an appropriate word to complete each of the following sentences
Directions: The prefixes “en-” and “em-” can be used before a noun or an adjective to form a verb, meaning “cause to be, provide with, or put into or onto”. Add “en-” or “em-” to the following words. Decide what the new words mean and then choose an appropriate word to complete each of the following sentences. Each word can be used only once. Change the form if necessary. power-empower title- entitle courage-encourage body-embody rich-enrich able-enable force-enforce large-enlarge

  1) To me, she embodies all the best qualities of a teacher. 【译文】在我看来,她身上体现了老师的最好的品质。
  2) Computerization (计算机化) should enable us to cut production costs by half. 【译文】计算机化能让我们降低一半的生产成本。
  3) The course is designed to encourage students to broaden their historical interests and to deepen their insights. 【译文】该课程的目的是激发
  4) His latest novel, entitled The Runaway Jury, will be out this week. 【译文】他最新的一部小说??《逃逸的陪审团》 ,本周出版。
  5) His assistant will be empowered to act on his behalf in less important matters. 【译文】他的助手将被授权在一些次要的问题上代表他做决定。
  6) The company is looking for new ways of enlarging its market. 【译文】公司正在探求新的方法来扩大市场。
  7) It isn’t always easy for the police to enforce speed limits. 【译文】警察实施时速限制并不总是一件容易的事。
  8) American culture has been enriched by immigrants from many other countries. 【译文】外来移民大大丰富了美国文化。
新编大学英语第二版第五册第六课练习答案 Post-Reading
  1. Understanding the Main Idea of the Passage Directions: Work in groups to understand the organization of the passage and complete the outline with what you get from the passage.
  1) Introduction (Para.1-
  6): Showing off is quite common: A. A young woman criticizing poverty, war, injustice and human suffering; B. A scholarly fellow using “angst”, “Kierkegaard” and “epistemology” in the same sentence; C. Our resident expert in wine pushing away a glass of perfectly good French wine; D. We complaining about how tired we are today.
  2) Showing off can be nasty, trashy and offensive, but there are times when showing off may be forgivable and acceptable. (Para.7-
  23) Different groups of showoffs, from less forgivable to more forgivable. A. Competitive showoffs who want to be the best of every bunch; B. Narcissistic showoffs who want to be the star while everyone else is the audience;
C. Insecure showoffs whose behavior is understand-able. D. Acceptable showoffs who have the overwhelming need to exult.
  3) Conclusion (Para.24-
  25) Showing off can range from very gross to very subtle, and the purpose of showing off can be nasty, needy or nice. A. Modesty is the only sure bait when you angle for praise. B. Let’s try to forgive each other for showing off.

  2. Understanding Specific Information
  1) F
  2) F
  3) F
  4) T
  5) F
  6) T
  7) T
  8) F
  9) T
  10) F

  3. What Are They Showing Off? Directions: Work in pairs to explain what the following people are showing off.
  1) The young woman who expressed her concern for the anguish of mankind, Sample: Her kindness and humanity.
  2) The scholarly fellow who used “angst, Kierkegaard and epistemology” in one sentence, Sample: How knowledgeable he was.
  3) The couple who complained about how tired they were, Sample: Their rich and meaningful life.
  4) The person who talked about what her daughter did for her on her birthday?a birthday card, a beautiful scarf and breakfast service, Sample: She was a much more beloved mother.
  5) The person who left the room because, he said, the talk started getting superficial, Sample: He was superior to others and deserved all the attention.
  6) The author’s husband who believed that he could make the greatest fried egg for her. Sample: He is an excellent cook.
  1. Decide the appropriate prefix or suffix Directions: Work in pairs to study each of the following groups of words and decide which prefix or suffix can go with all the words in the group. Each prefix or suffix can be used only once. in-y
  1) enim-sive rage en-ment list justice gloom over-able act non-ed roll dependence

  2) in- competence
  3) -y trash
  4) -ment assess
  5) im- modest need
convenience fault
amuse moral
astonish patient
accomplish mature

  6) over- work
  7) non- sense
  8) -able forgive
  9) -sive express
  10) -ed addict
do fiction accept offend restrain
load stop desire impress concern
flow violence notice exclude commit

  2. Choose an appropriate explanation STEP ONE Work in pairs to choose an appropriate explanation from Column B for each of the words in Column A. Column A brag offensive triumph fierce addicted concern restraint eventually motivate relate Column B a. in the end b. say or declare in a proud way c. highly irritating or annoying d. physically and mentally dependent on e. tell or describe f. worry or anxiety g. cause to feel determined or willing to do something h. outstanding success or achievement i. calm, controlled and unemotional behavior j. very intense, great and strong
Key: b, c, h, j, d, f, i, a, g, e
STEP TWO Now complete each of the following sentences with an appropriate word from Column A. Change the form if necessary.
  1) He didn’t talk about his top exam results in case people thought he was bragging.
  2) Witnesses to the same crime related the events completely differently.
  3) There is fierce competition to join the Special Branch, which investigates terrorist and political crimes.
  4) It is said that at the start of the broadcast the interview contained language that some viewers might find offensive.
  5) He insists there is no cause for the growing public concern for the nation’s poor economic performance.
  6) Eventually he realized he was in the wrong and had to eat his words.
  7) The director, with characteristic modesty, does not see the film as a personal triumph.
  8) I know that if I start watching a soap opera I immediately become hopelessly addicted.
  9) He was angry but managed, with great restraint, to reply calmly.
  10) More than half of those interviewed said that their bosses were unable to motivate them or solve their problems.

  3. Filling the blanks with an appropriate word Directions: Complete each of the following sentences by choosing an appropriate word from the box. Change the form if necessary. Each word can be used only once. scholarly angle (n.) overwhelming blaze expert entitle admiration outshine allowance detain immune confess gross

  1) This dictionary was compiled by a group of scholarly people.

  2) Parents usually want their child to outshine his or her fellow pupils.
  3) The bait contained a kind of poison, which rats in this area are mostly immune to.
  4) A new device is used to detect the movement of any animal within an angle of 110 degrees at up to 10 meters.
  5) This article is very touching and I have great admiration for the author.
  6) Their educational qualifications entitled / entitles them to a higher salary.
  7) We were forced to use special powers to detain him when it became clear that he was out of control.
  8) Your managers reported that the reforms in the company are an overwhelming success.
  9) The ringing bells proclaimed the news of the birth of the prince.
  10) To my delight, the rooms were all heated by blazing log fires.
  11) I confess that I have not completely realized what this means to me.
  12) Most peopl



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