新标准外研社英语八(下)词组和句型 标准外研社英语八( 外研社英语八 Module 1 Hobbies take up 占用 a bit untidy 有点零乱 tidy up 收拾 collect stamps 集邮 collect tickets 收集车票 all the time 一直,总是 listen to him play the violin. 听他拉小提琴 bring you to China 带你来到中国 at the end of this term 在这个学期末 Radio Beijing 北京广播电台 give an interview on Starsearch 在明星大搜索节目中作访谈 play music 演奏音乐 such as 例如 for example 例如 grow vegetables in their gardens 在花园里种蔬菜 look after animals 照看小动物 make you grow as a person 使你长大 develop your interests 培养兴趣 learn new skills 学习新的技能 as well as 并且,还,也,除了 a writing wokshop 一个写作研习班 a prfessional writer 一个职业作家 in senior high school 上高中时 a story about teenage life 一个有关青少年生活的故事 be interested in 对……感兴趣 come out 出版,出现,传出,结果是 as a result 结果 bring him enjoyment an success 给他带来快乐和成功 many other things 许多其它的东西 in life 在一生当中 try to do something new or different 尝试做些新的或不同的事情 in the way 以……方式 groups of 一群群 find out 找出,查出 dress in the clothes 穿着衣服 in the past 在过去 at the weekend 在周末 句型:
  1. You’ve got a wonderful collection.
  2. Do you collect anything? 你收集什么东西吗?
  3. I have a collection of dolls. 我收集洋娃娃。
  4. Do you really? 真的吗?
  5. My real hobby is music. 我的爱好是音乐。
  6. What made you so interested in musie? 什么使你对音乐如此感兴趣?
  7. What’s happening on Friday? 在星期五要发生什么事?
  8. Some hobbies are relaxing and others are creative. 有些爱好令人放松,而另外的则是有创造性的。
  9. Some …others … 一些……另一些……
  10. During the summer of 2000, he spent four weeks on a summer camp. 在 2000 年的夏季,他在夏令营度过了四个星期。
  11. I spend some of my free time playing volleyball for my school team. 我将我的大部分空闲时间都花在为我的校队打排球上。
  12. We shouldn’t spend all our time on our favourite hobby. 我们不应该做我们的爱好上花费太 多的时间。
  13. I’m not sure. 但我不知道。 Module 2 Friendship personal questions 私人问题 record your answers 录下你的回答 in fact 事实上 school orchestra 校管弦乐队 our last public concert 我们的最后一场公众音乐会 on Starsearch 在明星大搜索节目 in a couple of months 在几个月之后 close friends 亲近的朋友 be different from 与……不同 their own tcountries. 他们自己的国家
feel like 觉得 part of the programme 节目的一部分 by the way 顺便说一下 bring sb. for a visit to sp. 带某人参观某地 bring all your friends for a visit to Radio Beijing. 将你所有的朋友带来参观北京广播电台 sometime next week 下周的某个时候 the early autumn 早秋 a junior high school 一所初中 far away 遥远的 as a result 结果 be afraid to do sth. 害怕做某事 be afraid of sth. 害怕某物 make friends 交朋友 worry about 担心 sit at my desk 坐在桌旁 as usual 像往常一样 at that moment 在那时 turn back 转身 without a word 一句话也没说 feel the touch of something bright and friendly 感到一种明朗又友好的东西的触动 make me feel happy, lively and warm 使我感到高兴、有活力和温暖 change my life 改变我的生活 day by day 一天天的 become closer to everyone 变得更亲近每个人 the boy with lucky smile 那个带着幸运笑 容的男孩 remember smiling at me. 记着向我微笑过。 have gone 消失 smile at sb. 朝某人微笑 smile back 笑回去 so that 以便,为了 句型:
  1. Yes, that’s right. 对
  2. Welcome to China. 欢迎到中国
  3. I know that foreigners find China very different from their own countries. 我知道外国人发现中国跟他们自己的国家是很不同的。
  4. find sth. + adj. 发现某物怎么样
  5. My visit here is all about making friends. 我在此处的拜访完全是交友
  6. Good luck with the concert. 祝音乐会好运。
  7. Good luck with sth. 祝某事好运。
  8. Good luck to sb. 祝某人好运。
  9. Every time I heard the other students talking and laughing, I felt my heart break. 每次我听到其他学生又说又笑,我的心都碎了。
  10. It doesn’t matter because all the dark days have gone. 没关系因为所有的黑暗的日子都已经 过去了。
  11. Now I believe that the world is what you think is. 现在我相信这个世界正如你想的一样。 Module 3 On the radio thank you for doing sth. 谢谢你做了某事 take us around Radio Beijing 带领我们参观北京广播电台 show visitors around 带领游客参观 look out for the red light 小心红灯 the latest news 最新的新闻 write the reports 撰写报道 become a news reader 成为一名新闻播报 keep studying 继续学习 join us 加入我们 the weather reports 天气预报 scored two goals 进了两球 win the match 赢得比赛 start raining 开始下雨 look down at me 俯视着我 the living room 起居室 in person 个人的 at the age of nine 九岁时 ask for jobs 求职
as I grow older 随着我的长大 once a week 每周一次 close down 关掉 weekly programmes 每周节目 by looking out of the window 通过朝窗外看 come with me 跟我来 the glass wall 玻璃墙 do a sound check 做音质调试 begin with 以……开始 句型:
  1. Don’t mention it. 不客气
  2. Come this way. 这边请
  3. We decide what to listen to…and who to see. 我们决定听些什么以及去见谁
  4. That’s over there. 在那儿
  5. I’d like to be a sports reporter. 我想成为一名体育播报
  6. I hate losing 我讨厌失败。
  7. That’s the end of the six o’clock. 那是六点新闻的结尾。
  8. Me, too. 我也是。
  9. How could I explain? 我怎么解释啊?
  10. This was how my first real job in radio began. 这就是我的第一份在广播电台的工作怎么 开始的。 Module 4 New technology save the video 保存录像 play back the video 回放录像 how to use the computer 如何使用电脑 turn on 打开 come on 开始出现 come on 快点,加油 connect …to … 连接…和… Ladies and Gentlemen 女士们,先生们 save one’s life 拯救生命 the surprising advice 令人惊奇的建议 pick (it) up 捡起来 bite him on the hand 咬在他的手上 a few days earlier 几天前 climb out of the box 爬出盒子 stay cool 保持冷静 take a photo of … 给…拍照 the right medicine 恰当的药 the next day 第二天 people travelling on business 出差在外的人们 people travelling on holiday 在外度假的人们 get information 获取信息
  1. How does it work? 它是怎么工作的?
  2. Is it working? 有用吗?
  3. It’s important for her. 对她很重要
  4. How do I turn on the recorder? 我该怎么打开录音机?
  5. If you want to turn on the recorder, press the blue button. 如果你想打开录音机,按蓝色按钮
  6. What kink of snake it was? 是什么种类的蛇?
  7. Don’t worry. 别担心 Module 5 Problems all together 一起,总共 play a solo 独奏 at the end of 在……的末尾 in front of 在……的前面(外面) in the background 在后台 warn her about her schoolwork 警告她注意功课 be proud of 以……为自豪 send her away 将她送走 refuse to play 拒绝演奏 keep my best friend 留住我最好的朋友 ask for her advice 征求她的建议 warn sb. (not) to do sth. 告诫某人(不要)做某
事 use sth. to do sth. 利用某物做某事 use sth. for doing sth. 利用某物做某事 use sth. for sth. 将某物用于某物 go wrong 出毛病 copy it onto the computer 将它复制到电脑上 take it off the computer 将它从电脑上卸 载下来 make sure 保证,确信 offer to pay 主动提出赔偿 make two mistakes 犯了两个错误 tell the truth 说真相,讲实情 be angry with 生某人的气 at least 至少 pocket money 零花钱 after all 毕竟,终究,到底 help him with his work 帮助他做功课 truly sorry 实在抱歉 next time 下一次 feel terrible 感觉很糟 save up a lot of money 节约许多钱 on my way home 在我回家的路上 sound serious 听起来很严重 even angrier 甚至更生气 instead of 代替,而不是 feel sorry for sb. 为某人感到遗憾 get into trouble 陷入困境
  1. Tell me about … 告诉我有关……
  2. You mean…. 你的意思是……
  3. Yes, but actually, … 是的,但是事实上
  4. Rather you than me.
  5. That’ a shame. 宁可是你而不是我
  6. That’s such a pity. 真遗憾
  7. How honest you are! 你 是多么诚实啊!
  8.What an honest boy you are! 你是一个多么诚实的男孩啊!
  9. What’s up? 怎么啦?
  10.That was nice of her. 她真好! Module 6 Entertainment be awake 醒着 be asleep 睡着 be sleepy 困乏的,欲睡的 talk about sth. 谈论某事 close friends 亲密朋友、好朋友 play the recording 播放录音 clap and cheer 鼓掌欢呼 worry about 担心 be worried about 担心 sail around 围绕……航行 face to face 面对面 come face to face with 遇到 fight sb. 跟某人打架 fight against sb. 跟某人打架 fight with sb. 与某人并肩作战 in my opinion 在我看来 too much fighting 太多的战斗 except for + 缺点 除了…… come out 出版、发行、上映 plenty of + 不可数名词 许多 She was fantastic! 她太棒了 That’s us. 那是我们 Ah, that’s nice! 那真好 Was that it? 就那些吗? And finally, … 最后,……
  1. Her visit was about making friends. 她来访的目的就是交友
  2. She’s among friends. 她处在朋友当中。
  3. Here’s my culture report for today. 下面是我今天的文化报道
  4. It’s a fantastic adventure film. 这是一个精彩的历险电影。
  5. They both act well in this film, make their characters believable.
他们俩在这部影片中表演非常成功,使得他们的角色形象逼真/ 真实可信。
  6. The story is about an old ship. 这个故事讲的是有关一艘旧船的故事
  7. She plays Ellisabeth. 她扮演伊丽莎白。
  8. The film isn’t true to life. 这部影片不是反映现实生活的
  9. advise sb.(not) to do sth. 建议某人(不要)做某事
  10. I advise you to go and see it now. 我建议你们现在就去看看
  11. It’s showing all week. 整个星期它都在上映。
  12. So come and join us. 所以快来加入我们 Module 7 Time off hear the birds singing 听见鸟儿正在唱歌 hear sb. do sth. 听见某人做了某事 hear sb. doing sth. 听见某人正在做某事 protect the environment 保护环境 all over China 全中国 walk around the lake 绕湖走走 cross the bridge = go across the bridge 穿过桥 climb up to Baita 登上白塔 the whole park = all the park 整个公园 in the final practice 在最后的练习中 the rest of the orchestra 乐队的其余成员 play the solo 独奏 tell the truth 说真话 practise too much 练得太多 May Day Holiday 五一假期 spend some time off 休假 have a wonderful time 玩得很愉快 square kilometers 平方公里 a magic land 一块神奇的土地 be famous for 因……而著名 the strange shape 奇形怪状 look like 看起来像…… know about = learn about 了解…… camp by a small lake 在湖边宿营 during the night 在夜晚 a loud noise 一声很响的噪音 as if 好像 wake up 醒来,叫醒 find out 查出 after a few minutes 过了几分钟 come out 出来 jump up into the trees 跳起来爬上树 go back into the forests 回到森林中 take a cable car 乘缆车 hope for 希望 through the clouds 穿过云层 walk down the path 沿小径而下 pull a leaf off a plant 从树上摘下一片叶子 the second largest fresh water lake 第二大淡水湖 top of the mountain 山顶
  1. Welcome to Beihai Park. 欢迎到北海公园
  2. I can hardly hear… 我几乎听不见……
  3. My hand and arm hurt. 我的手和手臂都很疼
  4. She asked me what was the matter. 她问我什么事。
  5. I told her not to worry. 我告诉她别担心
  6. She told me to look after myself. 她告诉我好好照看自己
  7. She told me to rest and get better soon. 她告诉我好好休息,快点好起来
  8. Wish you were here! 多么希望你们在这儿。 Module 8 Public Holidays New Year’s Day 元旦 New Year’s Eve 新年前夜 Women’s Day 妇女节 Tree Planting Day 植树节 April Fool’s Day 愚人节 May Day 五一节 Labour Day 劳动节 Mother’s Day 母亲节 Children’s Day 儿童节 Father’s Day 父亲节 Army’s Day 建军节 Teachers’ Day 教师节
National Day 国庆节 Thanksgiving Day 感恩节 Christmas Day 圣诞节 Spring Festival 春节 Lantern Festival 元宵节 Tomb-sweeping Festival 清明节 Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 Mid-autumn Festival 中秋节 the Double Ninth Festival 重阳节 the May Day holiday 五一假期 the closest Monday to 1st May 离五月一日最近的星期一 have one day off 放一天假 on a different date 在一个不同的日期 on the same date 在相同的日期 the new school year 新学年 do anything special 做些特殊的事情 somewhere nice 好地方 go camping 去野营 go to the beach 去沙滩 the end of the vacation season 假期的结束 get cooler 变得



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   中考英语试题分类汇编专题一 " 中考英语试题分类汇编专题一 "词汇运用 专题一 考点一、单词拼写 考点一 (2010 江苏省宿迁市 A) 根据句意及所给中文提示或英文解释,写出句中所缺单词。每小 每小 题 1 分) 46. My neighbours are very ▲ (友好的) to us. 47. Do you ▲ (同意) with what I say? (冬季) last year. 48. We had a very cold ▲ 49. Are you ▲ (有空的) th ...


   第一册上 一、 Greetings 问候语 1. Hello! / Hi! 你好! 2. Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早晨(下午/晚上)好! 3. I'm Kathy King. 我是凯西?金。 4. Are you Peter Smith? 你是彼得?史密斯吗? 5. Yes, I am. / No, I'm not. 是,我是。/ 不,我不是。 6. How are you? 你好吗? 7. Fine, thanks. And you? 很好, ...


   英语四级考试 英语四级考试也称为 CET-4,它是英文 College English Test Band 4 的简写, 中文全称是"大学英语四级考试".英语四级考试是国家教育部主管的一项全国性的教 学考试,是用来测评大学生英文能力的一项非常重要的指标,通常在大学生就业的时 候也是一个至关重要的因素. 一般而言我们说的英语四级考试都指的是英语四级的书面测试,而四级的口语考 试则是一个更高的要求,它需要书面测试的分数达到 80 分以上才可以参加. 考试和报考时间:四级考试的 ...