Section 1 Before You Read
PAIRWORK 1a Tell your partner what you know about robots. Describe your idea of a robot. Say what it looks like and what it can do. 1b Read the title of the passage. Then circle the words and phrases you think you will read. Compare your predictions with your partner.
housework koalas America cars years ago less work piano bored will was buildings doctor swimming possible backpack
Do you think you will have your own robot?
In some science fiction movies, people in the future have
未来; 未来;将来
their own robots. These robots are just like humans. They help help sb. with sth. / help sb. (to) do sth.帮助某人做某事 sth.帮助某人做某事 with the housework, and do the most unpleasant jobs.
使人不愉快的 好几百的
Some scientists believe that there will be such robots in the future. However, they agree it may take hundreds of years.
Scientists are now trying to make robots look like people, and do try to do sth. 尽力去做某事 try doing sth. 尝试做某事 the same things as us. Japanese companies have already made robots walk and dance. This kind of robot will also be fun to watch.
可是; 可是;然而
早已; 早已;先前
make robots look like…使机器人看起来像 一样 使机器人看起来像…一样 使机器人看起来像
But robot scientist James White disagrees. He thinks that it will be difficult for a robot to do the it + be +形容词 (for sb.) + to do sth. (某人 做某事怎么样 形容词+ 某人)做某事怎么样 形容词 某人 same things as a person. For example, it’s easy for a same…as as… 一样的… the same as 同…一样的 一样的 child to wake up and know where he or she is. Mr White thinks that robots won’t be able to do this. But other scientists disagree. They think that robots will be able to talk to people in 25 to 50 years. Robot scientists are not just trying to make robots look like people. For example, there are already robots working in factories. These robots look more like factoryfactories 工厂 huge arms. They do simple jobs over and over again. 简单的; 简单的;简易的
People would not like to do such jobs and would 这样的; 这样的;这种 get bored. But robots will never get bored. 变得; get + 形容词 变得;觉得 In the future, there will be more robots everywhere, and humans will have less work to 人;人类 各地; 各地;到处 do. New robots will have many different shapes. 外形; 外形;形状 Some will look like humans, and others might look like snakes. 蛇
After an earthquake, a snake robot
could help look for people under buildings. That may not seem possible
看起来/似乎 看起来 似乎 可能的
now, but computers, space rockets and even electri toothbrushes seemed
电的; 电的;导电的 牙刷
impossible a hundred years ago. We never know what will happen in the future!
不可能的; 不可能的;不会发生的
3a Go through the reading again. How many words in 1b did you correctly predict?
3b Find examples of the following structures in the reading. Then make your own sentences. … the same as… … make do… … to help do… … to help with…
… to take…(period of time)
… the same as… … make do…
… to help do… … to help with…
… to take…(period of time)
Do they eat the same food as you? Can you make your pet talk? It will take me one hour to finish my homework. English movies will help learn English. Can you help me with my homework?
3c What things can robots do? Make a list. Are they useful or not? Discuss with your partner and give each item a rating from 1 (not useful at all) to 5 (very useful).
级别; 级别;等级
Robots can… help with the housework
Useful rating 3
What ways do you think a robot will help you and your family in the future? Write your ideas. I think we will need robots for: cleaning the house doing the homework
Will people have robots?
污染 n pollution 宇航员 n. astronaut 家务 n. housework 似乎;像是 v. seem 似乎; able such however alone 电的;导电的 adj. electric 电的; 不可能的 adj. impossible
单 词
重 点 记 忆 的
落下 v. fall 预言 v. predict 能够;有能力的 adj. 能够; 这样的;这种 adj. 这样的; 可是;然而 conj. 可是; 单独地;孤独地 adv. 单独地; 面试;面谈 n. 面试;
早已;先前 adv. already 早已; 使人不愉快的 adj. unpleasant 大概;或许 adv. 大概; 随意地 adv. probably
interview bored
厌烦的;厌倦的 adj. 厌烦的;
in the future
一张……的 一张……的 a piece of... 好几百的 hundreds of ……年之后 in…year ……年之后 能够…… 能够…… 最少 在周末 工作日 be able to... = can at least at/on weekends on weekdays
尽量干某事 尝试干某事
try to do sth. try doing sth.
帮助某人干某事 help sb. (to) do sth. 帮助某人某事 help sb. with sth. 某人做某事怎么怎么样 it's + adj. + for sb. + to do sth. 一遍又一遍 over and over again
让某人干某事 let/have/make sb. do sth. 某人正在干某事(状态) 某人正在干某事(状态) there be sb. doing sth. 更有, 更有,甚至 what‘s more 打扮某人 dress sb. 穿衣, 穿衣,打扮 dress up 许多 many=much = a lot 多得多 much/many/a lot more 十分…… 十分…… so + adj.
in future = from now on
犯错误 make mistakes 大量, 大量,许多
a number of = a lot of = many/much
……的数量 the number of... ……的数量 no more/longer 不再 = not... any more/longer 活到…… 活到…… live to be + 时间 度假 on vacation / holiday
爱上 fall in love with sb./sth. 热恋着某人 be in love with sb. 喜爱某事物 be in love with sth. 实现 come true 看见某人做某事的全过程
see sb. do sth.
see sb. doing sth.
好象干某事 seem to do sth. 没有一个 none of (强调) 某人自己的某物 强调)
one's own + n. = n. + of one's own
在不远的将来 in the near future 一天
one day
未来的某一天 some day 值得干某事 be worth doing sth.


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