Unit 6
Section A. Bribery and Business Ethics 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. II, p. 153
  1. Because they don’t know how serious the problem of bribery is.
  2. He will bribe the officials.
  3. Because these practices are likely to be morally wrong and may be certain forms of bribery.
  4. These companies may be required to reveal such information by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), whose duty is to collect certain information about enterprises so as to protect investors.
  5. They wanted to avoid an unfavorable conclusion drawn from the investigation of their possible violations of U.S. business laws.
  6. They might make large payments to ruling families or their close advisers, or make donations to party bank accounts.
  7. It refers to a rare edition of a book with $20,000 slipped within its page.
  8. It favors a code of conduct and has proposed a council for managing the code, which can distinguish between commissions paid for real services and exaggerated fees that really amount to bribes.
  9. No. Because its members have different opinions about the duties of the ICC.
  10. Yes, More than 300 U.S. companies, for example, admitted that they had made questionable payments. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. III, p. 153
  1. Substantial
  2. procedural
  3. negotiation
  4. rejected
  5. withdrawn
  6. commissions
  7. financed
  8. secure 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IV, p. 154
  1. by
  2. in
  3. of
  4. to
  5. up
  6. on/upon
  7. with
  8. in
《读写教程 IV》: Ex. V, p. 154
  1. commitment
  2. value
  3. regret
  4. implications
  5. strength
  6. oppositions
  7. decline
  8. sense 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VI, p. 155
  1. foresight/forethought
  2. forewarned
  3. foreground
  4. postgraduate
  5. post-race
  6. foresaw
  7. post-Christmas
  8. post-election 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VII, p. 156
  1. e-shopper
  2. e-merchant
  3. e-journal
  4. e-classroom
  5. e-commerce
  6. e-mail
  7. e-dictionaries
  8. e-cash 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VIII, p. 157
  1. It’s pointless to go there next Monday ? there’s a public holiday.
  2. It is probable that we’ll be late.
  3. It is interesting to see different cultures and ways of life.
  4. It is really astonishing that she refuses to talk to you.
  5. It is important that she comes straight to me when she arrives. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IX, p. 157
  1. Suppose you object to carrying out a particular management order and you are afraid of the manager, what would you do?
  2. Suppose you have just got married and you are employed for three years to work abroad, how would you explain it to your newly married wife?
  3. Suppose someone couldn’t understand why you didn’t arrest Harry, would you decide to remove the doubts?
  4. Suppose by accident your tenant fails to pay the rent, is it fair that
you would throw him out?
  5. Suppose you are a very heavy smoker and you are anxious to break the habit, where could you get the help? 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. X, p. 157
  1. We would not stand by and let bribery in various forms be on the increase.
  2. While lending you the substantial sum of money, I made it clear to you that if you couldn’t pay it off in time, you might be accused of taking bribes.
  3. Competition of financial power has become a fact of political life; but if you receive questionable political contributions for this reason, you will soon be under investigation.
  4. To secure major arms deal contracts, they have made a substantial donation to the bank account of the party in power.
  5. He hit upon a good method to speed up the progress of the experiment, but opinions differed among members of the group on it.
  6. It’s difficult to enforce the new law because people are not ready to act on it.
  7. We think it’s the business of the United Nations troops to enforce a ceasefire in that area, while the job of the local government is to prepare to restore law and order.
  8. Having made this decision, she joined the organization, which is in support of woman’s rights. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. XI, p. 158
  1. 他们通常没意识到在很多国家,形形色色的贿赂行为正日益增多。在某些国 家,这已成为人们几百年来的生活方式。
  2. 现在的问题是:你是被迫掏钱呢,还是坚持原则?
  3. 很容易产生这样的印象:贿赂以及其他可疑开支正日渐增多。的确,这似乎 已成为商界的一个事实。
  4. 这一事实的披露,使克莱斯勒与其他 300 多家美国公司一样,向美国证券交 易委员会承认自己近年曾有过某种形式的支出,像贿赂、额外打折等等。
  5. 据闻其他国家也是如此,向外国公司施压,要他们向党派组织的账户捐款。
  6. 第二大类包括为促使政府加快对某些工程项目的正式批准而作的支出。
  7. 这些准则试图区分真正为服务所付的佣金和事实上等同于贿赂的过高费用。
  8. 在一家知名英国报纸上,最近有位作者指出 “企业已陷入贿赂的蛛网”,人 人都 “贪赃枉法”。 Section B. The Biggest Threat to the Role of Police Officers XVI. Read the following statements carefully, and decide whether they are true (T) or false (F) according to the passage.
  1. F
  2. F
  3. T
  4. F
  5. F
  6. T
  7. F
  8. F 《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVII, p. 167
  1. tackle

imitated dimmed fake impressive encountered equivalent widespread
《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVIII, p. 168
  1. up
  2. away
  3. up
  4. up
  5. up
  6. out
  7. to
  8. on
Unit 7
Section A. Research into Population Genetics 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. II, p. 178
  1. The book concludes that despite surface features, the “races” are remarkably alike under the skin.
  2. Luca Cavalli-Sforza, a Stanford professor, and his colleagues.
  3. In human blood: various proteins that serve as markers to reveal a person’s genetic makeup.
  4. Because they share such superficial characteristics as skin color and body shape. But the discoveries indicate that Australians are most distant from the Africans and most closely resemble the Southeast Asians.
  5. It confirms that Africa was the birthplace of humanity and thus the starting point of the original human movements.
  6. Their genes show the Khoisan may be a very ancient mix of west Asians and black Africans, rather than being directly descended from the most primitive human ancestors.
  7. All Europeans are thought to be a mixed population, with 65% Asian and 35% African genes.
  8. It is the latest raw material of the medical industry. And in addition, it can be used to weaken conventional notions of race that cause racial prejudice. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. III, p. 178
  1. discounted
  2. biased
  3. variation

feature Confronted migrated descended exploiting
《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IV, p. 179
  1. The scientists announced last year that one of the genes that played a part in determining the intelligence had been identified, but to date the results have yet to be confirmed.
  2. They seem to think that building a new road will improve the traffic problem, but in effect, it will make it worse.
  3. It’s amazing that the scientists created nothing less than the first genetic map of the world.
  4. As of today Dr. Carey will be in charge of a long-term study of children who are unusually good at math.
  5. The best way to lose weight is proper diet in combination with regular exercise.
  6. Many women in the city have taken low-paid, so-called part-time work in addition to their child-rearing and community care activities.
  7. Their research into better parenting and educational techniques sheds new light on the fact that more boys have unusual mathematical abilities than girls.
  8. It is now known that this illness is not only confined to any one group in society. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. V, p. 179
  1. secret
  2. experiences
  3. characteristics
  4. idea
  5. information
  6. success
  7. prejudices
  8. equality 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VI, p. 180
  1. privacy
  2. intimacy
  3. frequency
  4. fluency
  5. secrecy
  6. urgency
  7. consistency
  8. dependency
《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VII, p. 181
  1. politics
  2. classics
  3. electronics
  4. economics
  5. psychology
  6. methodology
  7. technology
  8. biology 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VIII, p. 182
  1. Being healthy is more than a question of not being ill.
  2. I was more than a little put out; I was totally shocked.
  3. This story is more than interesting; it is educational, as well.
  4. Hepworth is much more than a filmmaker; he had learnt to find stories that would have genuine popular appeal.
  5. It was more than a misjudgment: it revealed the extent to which the religious intellectuals’ theory of the church was outdated. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IX, p. 182
  1. What was needed was nothing less than a new industrial revolution.
  2. This is nothing less than a call to arms to restore the vitality of the American dream.
  3. Their dream was nothing less than a revolutionary project to bring computers and ordinary people together.
  4. The experience of sightseeing in the wonderful island is nothing less than exciting and I am moved to tears.
  5. He was much concerned that she should not be tired, or bored and he wanted to make sure that the holiday would be nothing less than perfect for her. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. X, p. 182
  1. We have received three anonymous letters from Palestine to date, in addition to one suspicious package.
  2. Their dream was nothing less than a more equal society where there is no racial prejudice.
  3. He read more than Shakespeare’s plays; he liked modern music.
  4. His fate in the last election, she said, would serve as a reminder to all politicians that popularity does not last.
  5. In effect, only hard work in combination with proper methods will always give you an advantage over others in study.
  6. Technology itself, and its effective use, is not to be confined to the traditional science subjects.
  7. Since the truth of this report was discounted, I was not in a position to publish it for you.

  8. Many software companies have adapted general programs to the new operating system. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. XI, p. 183
  1. 它对人类在基因层面上的差异作了迄今为止最为广泛的调查。
  2. 实际上,那种认为某一种群比另一种群的基因更优越的理论是毫无科学根据 的。
  3. 为了确保种群的“纯正”,这项研究将对象限定于其目前的生活区域仍与 1492 年以来相同的那些群体,即在来自欧洲最初的大规模迁移之前。这实际上 就是一幅真实的哥伦布驶向美洲时期的世界人口基因分布图。
  4. 我们眼中看到的人种差异,例如欧洲人与非洲人的差异,主要是人类从一个 大陆向另一个大陆迁移时为适应气候所产生的。
  5. 结合对远古人骨的研究,这一图谱证实了非洲是人类的诞生地,因而也是人 类迁移的始发地。
  6. 这些发现,再加上现代非洲人与非非洲人之间的巨大基因差距,说明了从非 洲人种群开始的分支是人类家谱上最早的分支。
  7. 除了揭示人种的起源以外,基因信息也是医学界可用的最新原料。医学界希 望能用人类脱氧核糖核酸(DNA)制成特别的蛋白质,这些蛋白质具有某种抗病 药物的价值。
  8. 保护土著人权益活动家们担心科学家可能会利用土著人谋利:从当地人血样 中提取的基因物质可被用于商业目的,却不给 DNA 提供者以足够的报酬。 Section B. Geniuses and Better Parenting XVI. Choose the best answer to each of the following questions
  1. B
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. B
  7. B 《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVII, p. 193
  1. supervised
  2. fatigue
  3. guarantee
  4. explore
  5. sophisticated
  6. identified
  7. steer
  8. beneficial 《读写教程 IV》Ex. XVIII, p. 193
  1. up
  2. out
  3. up
  4. in
  5. over
  6. up
  7. in
  8. into

  8. C
Unit 8
Section A. Slavery Gave Me Nothing to Lose 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. II, p. 204
  1. They hid behind their curtains and looked through them at the travelers cautiously.
  2. The small town was a stage where actors were the different travelers who passed by and revealed themselves to the audience?villagers in different aspects. In a child’s eye, it was a play, bringing to her a lot of pleasure.
  3. Probably there were different ways of greetings between them, so there might be some misunderstandings or some inappropriate responses.
  4. She wanted to sing and dance so much that she thought the money should have been given as a discouragement rather than an encouragement.
  5. After she was thirteen and left her hometown of Eatonville, and then she experienced a huge change. She was aware that she was black.
  6. It expresses the author’s attitude or her state of mind that she was not emotionally disturbed by the fact that she was a descendent of slaves. She felt good about herself.
  7. The author felt like a brown bag of mixed items propped up against a wall.
  8. As is described, the contents revealed are nothing but common objects. It suggests that for ordinary people, no matter whether they are white or black, they share something in common. 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. III, p. 204
  1. cautiously
  2. bribing
  3. disapproved
  4. tendency
  5. registered
  6. depression
  7. propped
  8. guaranteed 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. IV, p. 205
  1. peering at
  2. be broken off
  3. disapproved of
  4. propping up
  5. In the main
  6. in company with
  7. in that
  8. at her elbow
《读写教程 IV》: Ex. V, p. 205
  1. experiencing
  2. resist
  3. advocate
  4. indicate
  5. notice
  6. undergo
  7. welcome
  8. caused 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. VI,



   Unit 6 Section A. Bribery and Business Ethics 《读写教程 IV》: Ex. II, p. 153 1. Because they don’t know how serious the problem of bribery is. 2. He will bribe the officials. 3. Because these practices are likely to be morally wrong and may be certain f ...


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